A lot of people in our country are fond of such outdoor activities as hunting. Often go to the beast in the winter. However, it should be remembered that the winter months, as a rule, are fraught with severe frosts and dense snow cover. This means that you need to select the appropriate equipment that can provide comfort of movement, will keep you warm even at very low temperatures. Shoes play an important role in this regard.

When hunting in winter, it is best to give preference to boots. They are quite high — it will not be possible to scoop up snow, they are distinguished by good thermal insulation, they are not too expensive, in any case, most models. The assortment in specialized stores is quite wide, so there is plenty to choose from. Unfortunately, not all consumers are well versed in the characteristics of hunting shoes, so it can be quite problematic for them to choose the best option. We decided to help our readers in solving this problem and developed a rating of the best winter boots for hunting of the year. In the review, we will talk in detail about the useful qualities of the most popular models, and also give you some tips on choosing these products that will definitely come in handy when buying.

How to choose the right winter boots for fishing and hunting?

When hunting for an animal, it is often necessary to overcome considerable distances during the day. Accordingly, shoes should be comfortable for long walks. In particular, it should tightly fit the leg and securely fix the ankle. Otherwise, you can get a sprain, and far from civilization, it is unlikely that you will be able to get qualified help for such injuries. Be sure to pay attention to the weight of the boots — it is best to purchase not too heavy products. In this case, the legs will not get tired for a long time.

Due to the fact that you have to walk a lot during the hunt, your feet will probably start to sweat. To ensure good thermal insulation and at the same time remove the resulting condensate, it is advisable to give preference to products made on the basis of natural materials — fur, leather or wool insulation. Often, hunting boots are made from high-quality polymeric materials, such as neoprene or polyurethane. Such shoes will only be effective if you use socks made of cotton or wool.

Choosing winter boots for hunting and fishing

If the boots are made of genuine leather, then before the first hunting trip, they should be thoroughly soaked with water-repellent agents. Be sure to pay attention to the protector. It should be dense and corrugated — in this case, the hunter will not slide on the crust or ice, which will help to significantly increase the speed of movement. Accordingly, it will be possible to bypass a large area and find more game.

When we chose products to include in our ranking of the best winter boots for hunting, we relied mainly on all those points that we talked about a little earlier. The following factors were also taken into account: value for money, and we also paid attention to user reviews. The review includes not too expensive products so that our readers can choose the best products for themselves without compromising their budget.

10 best winter boots for hunting and fishing

10. All-terrain vehicle

ATV photo

Among the range of these products of domestic production, you can find both male and female models, and at a very reasonable cost. Boots for men and women differ in design and, needless to say, in appearance. There are even boots for children. Production facilities are located in many regions of the country, thanks to which the cost of production can be kept at an affordable level.

Boots are made of reliable materials of polymeric type. They will serve more than one season, withstand low temperatures well. Reinforced protector. With its help, it will be possible to walk on a dense crust, to overcome ice-covered reservoirs. Thermal insulation is very high quality — even after a whole day spent in the cold, the feet will not freeze. Boots are made on modern equipment from leading German and Italian companies.


  • The product line includes models for women, men and children;
  • Boots provide a comfortable microclimate for the feet;
  • Large selection of design solutions;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Reliable aggressive tread.


  • Withstand temperatures only up to -50 degrees.


9. CHF

CHF photo

Very practical and beautiful products that can be used not only during hunting trips, but also for everyday wear. The designers did a good job on each model, giving the boots a rather interesting appearance. Such products are perfect for hunting, fishing, skiing, in general, for everything related to outdoor activities during the winter months.

The products are of high quality. It is made from natural materials that can reliably protect the legs from the penetration of cold, snow and moisture from the outside. The boots breathe, that is, they are able to remove the resulting condensate, preventing the feet from sweating excessively. They are manufactured in strict accordance with state and international standards.


  • Well thought out ergonomic side of the product;
  • The boots were originally designed for hunters and fishermen, but many people buy them for daily use;
  • A very interesting look.


  • For domestically produced products, they are quite expensive;
  • It is not so easy to meet in free sale.

Winter boots HSN


woodline photo boots

The company produces not only boots for winter fishing and hunting, but also the most ordinary everyday shoes. The company is known far beyond the borders of our country due to the high quality of products and many other factors. Boots are not made from rubber, but from a unique EVA material. It is absolutely environmentally friendly not only during production, but also during operation. In particular, it does not have any foreign smell at all, therefore, even when moving against the wind, the game will not be able to feel the approach of a person, which will help to sneak up on it not only at the distance of an aimed shot, but also much closer.

The height of the boots reaches almost to the knee, so the probability of scooping up the snow mass with the bootleg is reduced to zero. The sole is securely glued to the toe and shaft. The toe itself is reinforced here, which reduces the possibility of injury, especially when moving through deep snow, when the hunter does not see exactly where he is stepping.


  • Found in almost every specialized store;
  • Quite a wide range;
  • In the manufacture of most natural materials are used.


  • All models are unisex — there is no division into products for men and women.

Boots Woodline

7. Torvi

Torvi photo

The boots of this Russian company are specially designed taking into account the peculiarities of our winter. They were developed taking into account not only the climatic, but also the financial realities of consumers. In this regard, the output turned out to be high-quality and quite affordable products that will be affordable for most hunting enthusiasts. Just a few years ago, the company was engaged in the production of only standard rubber boots, but in the future it decided to re-profil a little.

The Italian equipment of the latest generation is involved in the manufacture. The outer shell of the boots is made on the basis of reliable artificial rubber, which perfectly withstands low temperatures, while maintaining its elasticity. The exterior design is standard, no original design chips were noticed here. In the assortment you can find models for men and women, but all the difference lies only in the size range and color palette.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Boots are made on the basis of the most modern equipment;
  • Made from durable synthetic rubber that can withstand extreme cold temperatures with ease.


  • The lineup has hardly been updated since the start of production;
  • Women’s models differ from men’s only in color and size.

Boots for winter hunting and fishing Russian production Torvi

6. MuckBoot

muckboot photo

At this point, this is the first model in our review of the best winter boots for hunting, made by an American enterprise, and not a domestic one. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of rubber boots, designed exclusively for rural areas. At first, hunters and fishermen bought products for the summer and autumn months, when there was a lot of mud under their feet, but at the same time they wanted to keep their feet dry.

The company’s marketers took this factor into account and launched specialized footwear designed for use in conditions of very low temperatures. Among American hunters, the boots of this company are the most common; they are also gaining popularity among Russian buyers. Models are made in Chinese factories, which helps to significantly reduce the price. The products are of high quality — the legs can breathe freely, there is no constraint in movement.


  • Increased strength indicator;
  • High quality production;
  • Quite adequate cost;
  • Long period of operation.


  • Shaft height is small.

Muckboot boots


 Polyver boots photo

The Swedes know firsthand how harsh winters can be, so they produce their products to match their climate. The outer shell of these boots is not standard rubber, which can crack in the cold, but polyurethane. This material is able to withstand fairly low temperatures, easily retains its qualities. Polyurethane withstands sudden changes in temperature. Boots are characterized by an increased level of thermoregulation — it is very comfortable to walk in them for a long time, besides, they are practically not felt on the feet.

A hunter in them can walk more than a dozen kilometers in search of an animal and at the same time not get tired at all. The inner sock allows condensation to pass through well, while preventing it from accumulating on the boot itself. Models differ in excellent quality and very long period of operation.


  • Very high quality production;
  • In the manufacture, the original temperature control technology is used;
  • Stylish, but at the same time neutral appearance, which allows you to disguise yourself well from the beast;
  • The Swedish company is well aware of what low temperatures are.


  • They are expensive, but they last a very long time.

shoes for winter fishing and hunting Polyver

4. Rapala

Rapala boots photo

Before you this time products of Finnish production. In terms of quality and cost, it is practically in no way inferior to Swedish models, however, such boots are produced in a number of countries — among the Finns, in our country, in Chinese, Estonian and French factories. The company has been manufacturing hunting boots since 1936, during which time the products have managed to win the preference of many outdoor enthusiasts. It is ideal for winter hikes, walks and hunting itself.

The boots are very warm, equipped with a lining, they do not stand out in terms of design and gender. In other words, they are suitable for both women and men.


  • The lining is made on the basis of natural wool;
  • Suitable for both men and women;
  • The brand is widely known all over the world;
  • Pretty big production.


  • Discreet design;
  • They are quite expensive.


3 Nordman

Nordman photo boots

In third place in our review of the best winter boots for hunting is another brand of a domestic manufacturer. She has been manufacturing such models for over 20 years, although initially she produced only galoshes and the simplest rubber boots. With the purchase of modern Italian equipment, the company changed its profile to the manufacture of warm products for outdoor activities. The main production facilities of the company are located in the Pskov region, where very severe frosts are observed almost every winter.

Products are made from natural materials of the highest quality. The boots are equipped with a reinforced toe that helps protect your feet from possible injuries. The protector is soft, but very serious, so it will adhere tightly to any type of base, and will not slide on it.


  • One of the most affordable options in the entire review;
  • In boots, the feet are not cold even in very severe frosts;
  • Reinforced tread will not allow you to slide on the surface;
  • The sock is additionally protected, which minimizes the likelihood of injury.


  • The exterior design is below average;
  • The collection has a limited number of options.

Boots for fishing and hunting Nordma


Aquatic photo boots

Boots sell well in northern European countries as they retain heat well and do not allow the feet to sweat. All products are characterized by a rather attractive appearance, which, moreover, is able to easily merge with the surrounding landscape. Such a decision will help to quietly sneak up on the prey and make a well-aimed shot.

The products are of excellent quality — one pair is enough for at least five seasons, given that the models are not too expensive. As a lining, natural softened wool is used, which will not prick the skin of the legs. In boots, the feet will not be covered with perspiration and freeze. The boots themselves weigh very little, so you can easily overcome dozens of kilometers in a day in them.


  • Several design options;
  • The lining is made of natural wool;
  • New models are released regularly;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • The products are designed exclusively for men.

Winter boots Aquati


Norfin boots photo

The leader of our rating of the best winter boots for hunting, we decided to make products manufactured by a well-known Latvian company. The price range is quite wide, the company has been counting its history since 1988. Outside, the boots are made of polyester, which even at very low temperatures retains its elasticity, does not tan and does not begin to crack.

This solution ensures a long service life of the shoe. High tops prevent snow from getting in. Heat exchange is one-way — excess heat goes into the environment, but cold does not enter the legs.


  • Prices affordable for most consumers;
  • When developing models, the wishes of experienced hunters were taken into account;
  • High tops allow you to move even in deep snow;
  • Unilateral heat exchange.


  • Not detected.

Norfin warm boots

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best winter boots for hunting has come to an end. We tried to tell in detail about all the products popular with the Russian consumer. We hope that after a careful study of the rating, you will be able to choose the best option for outdoor activities in the winter months. If you still have questions regarding the presented products, then you can always ask us in the comments. We will answer them as soon as possible.


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