The vast majority of motorists have encountered such a widespread problem when they need to urgently go somewhere by car, but the engine cannot start. The problem here is usually related to a dead battery. Often this happens in the winter months, when the temperature outside drops to -15 degrees.

There are several ways out of this situation, but the simplest and most widespread is the so-called lighting from another vehicle. This is done with the help of special wires thrown over the battery terminals. They are sold in specialized stores, their range is huge, but choosing the best products is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. We decided to make it a little easier for you to purchase such products and developed a rating of the best wires for lighting. If you are going to purchase such wires for the first time, then our article will be very useful for you. In it, we will examine in detail the main qualities of these products, as well as give some useful tips that will surely help you when buying.

How to choose the right wires for lighting?

Their main name is start wires, they can be connected not only to the battery of another vehicle, but also to a charged battery. Many motorists treat their purchase carelessly, considering such products to be a real trifle. However, they do not take into account the fact that there are a huge number of low-quality products on the market today that can cause serious damage to the battery itself.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the length of the wires. The shorter they are, the lower the resistance to the passing current, moreover, with an increase in length, voltage losses increase. However, it is far from always possible to put cars with hoods to each other, so experienced motorists still recommend giving preference to products with a length of two to five meters.

You will also have to take into account the maximum current and voltage that are permissible for the wire. The first parameter is considered in amperes and directly depends on the type of engine and its volume. When starting, the starter consumes a fairly large current — about 200 A, the voltage is not too high: most cars will fit the parameter 12 V. The thickness of the cables plays an important role — the larger the cross-sectional area of ​​u200bu200bthe wire, the more current it can withstand. The optimal diameter is 9.5 mm, the wire must be made of copper. The clips or crocodile clips that will be attached to the battery terminals must be strong, with good springs — this will ensure the tightest possible contact between the surfaces.

When we selected products to include in our ranking of the best cigarette lighter wires, we analyzed all the points considered and studied many reviews from real users. The review includes only the highest quality products, which are distinguished by a long service life and good reliability. Too expensive options were not included in the article — we tried to make a rating based on materials with the best value for money so that our readers would not be disappointed in the purchase.

Budget options


AUTOVIRAZH AV-911200 photo

They differ in low price, but quite decent quality. With their help, you can almost instantly start a car engine from the battery of another car, simply from a charged battery, or start it through a start-charger. The maximum value of the starting current is 200 A. The length of the wires is significant — as much as 32 m. On the one hand, this is very convenient, because the cars can be at a decent distance from each other, but the voltage losses are quite large.

The wires are supplied with a storage bag made of synthetic materials. This solution is very convenient — the wires will not be scattered throughout the trunk. The operating temperature of these wires is in the range from -25 (at lower rates, the likelihood of damage to the wire insulation increases) to +60 degrees.


  • The cable is flexible;
  • The product has a decent length;
  • Included is a synthetic case;
  • Acceptable price.


  • The wire is not very thick, so it cannot withstand too high a current.

Starting wires AUTOVIRAZH AV-911200

3. Airline SA-150-07S

Airline SA-150-07S photo

At the ends there are very reliable and tight crocodile clips. They come into the most intimate contact with the battery terminals, start the engine literally within one or two seconds. The length of the wires is only 2 meters, so the cars should be as close as possible to each other, the highest forward current parameter does not exceed 150 A, the cables are designed for a voltage of 12 V. The products are optimally suited for use in extremely cold winter conditions. Conductive wires are placed in frost-resistant insulation, which can withstand temperatures up to 40 degrees below zero.

The wires are made on the basis of copper stranded cores — there are as many as 80 of them in the structure. Their total cross-sectional area is 6.6 square meters. mm, which is quite a serious parameter.


  • Very high quality cable insulation, which can easily withstand even fairly severe frosts;
  • The clamps are reliable, they contact the terminals very tightly;
  • Provide fast ignition.


  • Able to withstand a small amount of current, so these wires are only suitable for relatively weak motors.

Starter wires Airline SA-150-07S


AUTOSTART AS-P200-22 photo

Although this product belongs to the budget price category, many users praise it in their reviews, as it clearly exceeds its cost in terms of quality and capabilities. First of all, the wires are placed in insulation made of polyvinyl chloride materials with the addition of silicone. These substances are able to easily endure very low (up to 50 degrees below zero) temperatures without deformation, and cracks do not appear on the insulation even after a few years. The conductive element is 80 copper wires, which are intertwined with each other.

Crocodiles are quite tight — in order to unclench them, you will have to make a decent effort. They are securely attached to the battery terminals. The maximum starting current reaches 200 A, the cable is designed for 12 V, but the length is insignificant — only 2 m.


  • Wire insulation can withstand severe frosts;
  • Able to pass through itself the optimal current;
  • The clamps are of good quality, they connect tightly with the terminals.


  • The length of the wires is small — you have to put the cars literally close to each other.

Jump leads AUTOSTART AS-P200-22

1. Airline SA-200-02

Airline SA-200-02 photo

These wires are able to instantly start the engine, regardless of weather conditions — they are designed for use at temperatures from -40 to +80 degrees. The starting current is 200 A. The terminals are compact in size, as well as conductive elements, they are made of high-quality copper — a material with minimal resistance to electricity. The small dimensions of the terminals help to get close to the battery, which is located in a hard-to-reach place under the hood of the car.

The operating voltage is quite standard — 12 V, the length of the wires is small (2 m). The set of wires is supplied in a reusable silicone case — it is convenient to store these products in it. The instruction is detailed, it tells in an understandable language how to use these cables correctly. The cross section of the conductive wires is 8.5 square meters. mm.


  • An excellent option for car engines, the volume of which does not exceed 2 liters;
  • Crocodiles are made of high quality copper;
  • The insulation is very soft — it can easily withstand very low temperatures.


  • The zipper of the cover quickly fails;
  • At maximum current, the wires heat up excessively, which eventually leads to a voltage drop.

Starter wires Airline SA-200-02

Average price category

4. MegaPower M-30030

MegaPower M-30030 photo

The main point that immediately catches your eye is the length of the wires — 3 meters. The delivery set is quite standard, it includes the starting wires themselves and a compact bag for storage and carrying. It is quite comfortable, with a zipper, equipped with a nylon handle. The wires themselves, together with the clamps, are made of copper and have a rather interesting external design. The clamps are quite large, their handles are multi-colored: they connect the negative terminal to each other with black, the red ones are used for the positive one. The handles are made of high quality rubberized materials, do not fall off even after several years of use.

The springs of the clamps are reliable and elastic, made of high-quality steel. The insulation is made of silicone, which allows the use of wires at temperatures up to -40 degrees. The maximum starting current is 300 A.


  • The braid withstands low temperatures well;
  • Quality clips;
  • Sufficiently long cables;
  • The wires are capable of withstanding currents up to 300 A.


  • The quality of the cover leaves much to be desired.

Starting wires MegaPower M-30030

3. Airline SA-400-01

Airline SA-400-01 photo

It features even more power compared to the previous model — the cables are able to withstand a maximum current of 400 A, and even in this case they will not heat up excessively, the products are designed for a completely standard voltage — 12 V. The cables retain their performance characteristics in the temperature range from — 35 to +80 degrees.

The length of the wires is 2.5 m, the clamps are made of durable steel, covered with a layer of copper. They are compact in size — they can crawl even into the most inaccessible places. Their handles are plastic, but soft enough, they do not slip off conductive elements, which minimizes the likelihood of electric shock when working with wires. Conductive elements have a cross section of almost 16 square meters. mm, cable diameter is 9 mm.


  • The braid is quite soft, it does not become wooden in the cold;
  • Crocodiles have elastic plastic linings;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


  • Crocodiles are not completely copper, but only copper-plated;
  • The cores are carefully crimped, but not soldered.

Starter wires Airline SA-400-01

2.AVS BC-500

AVS BC-500 photo

In use, this model is characterized by reliability and durability, the wires can be used alone if you have a charged battery at hand. For greater safety, the wire clamps are qualitatively insulated — even careless touching of conductive parts is completely excluded. The contact connection areas are well thought out by the manufacturer, so the recharging process will become even simpler and easier.

Cables are able to work even at very low temperatures: from -40 to +80 degrees. The maximum inrush current that can pass through such cables is almost a record 500 A. A convenient zippered bag is supplied with the wires. Each wire contains 210 copper wires, which in total give a cross section of 16.88 square meters. mm. The wire winding is made of thermoplastic rubber. Even if the conductive elements get very hot, the braid will not melt and retain its basic qualities.


  • Excellent production quality;
  • Powerful and carefully isolated crocodiles;
  • Decent section;
  • Passes through itself current up to 500 A;
  • Reliable braid that can withstand both low and high temperatures.


  • Crocodiles are made from copper-plated aluminum.

Starting wires AVS BC-500

1. Airline SA-500-04

Airline SA-500-04 photo

Equipped with compact clamps that provide secure fastening and the tightest possible contact of the wires with the battery terminals. The product is fully insulated to prevent electric shock. The highest starting current is 500 A at an operating voltage of 12 V.

The braid is 9 mm in diameter and is made from high quality silicone, which allows the wires to withstand very low temperatures. The cores are made of copper, the length of the cables is as much as 5 m, and even in this case, voltage losses will be minimal, and the lighting process itself will become even more convenient. The set is packaged in a bag with a zipper. In wires of 270 cores, they give a combined cross section of 19.1 square meters. mm. Operating temperature range from -40 to +80 degrees.


  • Decent length of conductive cables;
  • Significant throughput current;
  • Crocodiles are compact, but very reliable;
  • The insulation is soft but quite durable.


  • Some users still find the price a little high, despite all the advantages of these cables.

Starting wires Airline SA-500-04

Premium cigarette lighter wires

2.AVS BC-700

AVS BC-700 photo

A very important distinguishing point is the possibility of using these wires to start the engines of trucks. The cross-sectional area of ​​the cable is very large — 28.13 square meters. mm, it is made from 350 wires made of copper-plated aluminum. The maximum starting current can reach 700 A, while the winding is made of thermoplastic rubber. It retains its qualities even at very high temperatures, does not begin to melt or burn.

The length of the wires is 5 meters, the terminals are also made of copper-plated aluminum. They are reliable in terms of ensuring contact density, have high-quality insulation that excludes contact with live areas. The temperature range is quite standard — from -40 to +80 degrees.


  • Sufficiently long wires;
  • Very soft braid;
  • Alligators provide a tight and secure grip.


  • High price;
  • Manufactured from copper plated aluminium.

Starting wires AVS BC-700

1. Airline SA-1000-06E

Airline SA-1000-06E photo

These starter wires, like the previous model, can also be used for both cars and trucks, as well as special purpose vehicles. The power system of the machine starts up almost instantly. The wires are stranded, made from high-quality copper, which ensures minimal loss of electricity. The clamps provide a tight contact, although you can open them without any serious effort.

The length of the wires is 5 meters, the maximum starting current can reach 1000 A, they are designed for a voltage of 12 or 24 V. The wires remain operational from -40 to +80 degrees. Insulation in the cold does not burst, remains flexible, they are sold in a black case that closes with a zipper.


  • The wire is quite thick and long;
  • Crocodiles are equipped with rubberized handles;
  • Products can withstand significant current;
  • Can be used for trucks and cars.


  • Wires are much more expensive than other similar products.

Starter wires Airline SA-1000-06E

In conclusion, a useful video

Our ranking of the best cigarette lighter wires is over. We have tried to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can choose the most suitable option for your car. We recommend that you treat this purchase as responsibly as possible, since the condition of the battery largely depends on it. If you have questions and suggestions for the authors, then state them in the comments to this article.


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