When working with a material such as wood, you need to be as careful and attentive as possible. Wood is a soft and pliable material from which almost anything can be made. Crafts of the highest quality are assembled without the use of screws, bolts or nails. It is optimal to assemble using spiked joints, and all elements are glued to each other using special compounds. The result is a tight joint of parts that will not loosen for many years.

In order to achieve this effect, you need to choose the right glue. Today, in building stores there is a huge selection of such products, in which it is very easy to get confused. We decided to clarify this issue and made a rating of the best wood adhesives. Here, the most popular compositions among users will be analyzed, which will ensure high quality connections, will not dry out over time, and so on. First, I would like to give some useful tips regarding the choice of such products.

How to choose the right glue for wood?

A reliable composition is able to resist moisture, easily tolerates temperature changes. Quality products are distinguished by good fluidity and viscosity. If the glue is too thick, then it will be quite problematic to evenly distribute it over the surface of the wood. Parts often have to be handled indoors, so it is not superfluous to check whether the products emit harmful substances into the environment. There are times when it is necessary to glue an element of a different kind to wood — plastic, ceramics, metal. This point must be taken into account.

Until now, on sale you can find products that are made on the basis of polyvinyl acetate dispersion or PVA. This adhesive has been on the market for a long time. First of all, these products are absolutely harmless to the human body. A similar moment allows it to be used in rooms that are not equipped with exhaust ventilation. The composition sets quite quickly, if it is well dried, then it can withstand decent static loads. However, the adhesive does not tolerate exposure.

Polyurethane adhesives will cost a little more. A layer of such a product can withstand significant loads. The material perfectly resists the negative effects of moisture, ultraviolet rays, easily tolerates temperature changes, so that the products can be used in difficult and even extreme operating conditions.

Resin-based compounds are especially popular with professional woodworkers. Adhesives are not afraid of water, they successfully resist oil products, but they are quite toxic — they should be used in rooms with good ventilation, you also need to take care of the protection of the respiratory system and skin.

When we selected products to be included in the ranking of the best wood adhesives, we took into account all the analyzed factors. User reviews were also taken into account, as well as value for money. We tried to compile a review of not too expensive products so that each of our readers can choose the best option for themselves.

Glue for wood based on PVA

3. Moment Joiner PVA Universal

Moment Joiner PVA Universal photo

Products of domestic production, and it has a minimum cost. This adhesive is suitable for working with various types of wood. In addition, it can be used with building materials such as plywood, MDF, fiberboard, chipboard, laminate and even veneer. The elements to be glued are pressed tightly against each other for approximately 20-25 minutes, preferably with clamps or a vice. The glue completely hardens within a day. The glue is completely colorless. If the parts are tightly fitted to each other, then the seam will be almost invisible. It is necessary to work with products in the temperature range from +5 to +30 degrees.

Often even experienced carpenters prefer such glue. They in the reviews note the excellent quality of the composition, fast setting time. The seam is strong, colorless. However, the glue is afraid of moisture and low temperatures.


  • Quite low cost;
  • Suitable for various building materials;
  • Optimal consistency;
  • Does not stain wood.


  • Afraid of low temperatures and moisture.

Moment Joiner PVA Universal

2. Krass PVA PVA D3

Krass PVA PVA D3 photo

The products are produced at a Polish enterprise and are supplied in plastic buckets, the volume of which is 500 ml. The glue is quite cheap, it is absolutely transparent, so the appearance of the glued elements will not deteriorate. It is optimally suited for various types of wood. It is often used in the process of making kitchen, garden furniture, in the process of laying parquet or laminate. Glue is used, among other things, in the production of windows, doors, plywood and veneer.

A key distinguishing feature of this product is its water resistance, which is completely uncharacteristic of PVA-based glue. After drying, it becomes completely transparent. The performance is unique — it can even be used to glue raw wood. The composition does not contain organic solvents, so the products are absolutely environmentally friendly.


  • Well resists the negative effects of moisture and low temperatures;
  • After drying it becomes absolutely transparent;
  • Glue is elastic;
  • It doesn’t cost too much.


  • It takes quite a long time to dry.

Krass PVA PVA D3

1. Kleiberit 303.0

Kleiberit 303.0 photo

It has the highest performance compared to other products made specifically on the basis of PVA glue. Today, this product rightfully occupies one of the leading positions in the market. The build quality is very high and the price is quite reasonable. With the help of the product, you can glue any type of wood, various types of wood-shaving products, veneer, and so on.

One of the unique characteristics of this German-made glue is the ability to glue elements made of hard or exotic wood. The parts are pressed tightly against each other during operation and held for 6-10 minutes. You can work with glue, provided that the ambient temperature is not lower than +10 degrees. After the product is completely dry, it acquires a white color, the glue is able to withstand fairly low temperatures — up to -30 degrees.


  • High strength composition;
  • Good resistance to low temperatures and moisture;
  • Sets up in just a few minutes.


  • In order to achieve the declared characteristics, it is necessary to strictly comply with all the requirements given in the instructions.

Kleiberit 303.0

Adhesives based on polyurethane

3. Akfix PA370 D4

Akfix PA370 D4 photo

The product is completely ready for use, it is a one-component adhesive composition based on polyurethane. With the help of this composition, materials of other origin can be glued to wood — metal, concrete, polystyrene, various kinds of plastics. This composition is perfect for repair work on yachts, wooden boats, boats. Glue feels great in an aqueous and even aggressive environment. When working with the material, it must be taken into account that when it dries, it slightly increases in volume. With the help of this distinctive feature, the quality of the connection of porous materials becomes higher.

The composition has proven itself in the manufacture of various joinery products — furniture, doors, windows, and so on. To make the connection of the elements as strong as possible, the ambient temperature must be at least +5 degrees, the elements to be connected must be slightly moistened before applying the glue. The glue is removed with a cloth soaked in acetone. The composition retains its performance in the temperature range from -40 to +100 degrees.


  • Feels good in any conditions;
  • Significant temperature range;
  • It is used both in household, and in industrial conditions.


  • Not everyone takes into account the moment that the glue expands somewhat when it dries.

Akfix PA370 D4


SOUDAL 66A photo

It is characterized by an increased level of adhesion. This polyurethane adhesive is able to withstand even very harsh operating conditions. With its help, it is possible to glue any wooden elements, including those that are not completely dried. With it, wood can be glued to any materials. During drying and hardening, the adhesive begins to foam, due to which irregularities and cracks are fully filled. The seam ultimately turns out to be quite durable, it retains its basic performance for a long time, withstands temperatures from -30 to +110 degrees.

A high degree of adhesion allows the use of such glue in the process of the most difficult and complex joinery and carpentry work. Glue is intended both for internal, and for external works.


  • Very high level of strength;
  • Withstands both high and low temperatures, which allows it to be used for outdoor work;
  • Good resistance to moisture.


  • Expands quite a lot;
  • Very expensive compared to other types of adhesives.


1. Kleiberit 501.0

Kleiberit 501.0 photo

In the first place in this part of our ranking of the best wood adhesives was a well-known German product. The product is produced on the basis of a polyurethane composition, due to which the product acquires such important characteristics as heat resistance and moisture resistance. Using glue is quite simple, besides, it has universal qualities. A variety of combinations of materials are possible — ceramic products, concrete, PVC products, mineral and mineral wool boards. It is allowed to use glued knots not only indoors, but also outside them — the glue withstands heavy rain, scorching sun, snowfalls and frosts.

The adhesive fully complies with the most stringent international standards. The consistency is quite thick, but the composition is superimposed easily, does not slip. The glue dries completely over the next day.


  • Increased bond strength;
  • Optimal consistency;
  • Long service life;
  • Withstands any negative atmospheric phenomena.


  • Washing hands from glue is very problematic;
  • It is necessary to work only in rooms with a good ventilation system.

Kleiberit 501.0

Compositions based on resins and synthetic materials

4. Forbo 650 Eurostar Fastcol

Forbo 650 Eurostar Fastcol photo

Before you is a dispersed contact adhesive composition, which is able to easily withstand even very serious dynamic loads. Professionals note that the glue is suitable for complex surfaces such as stairs or walls. The glue is quite versatile, it is optimally suited for carpentry. Wood can be glued to absorbent or non-absorbent substrates.

There are no solvents in the composition, it is also characterized by minimal emission. After the surface is treated with glue, the second element is leaned against it and kept for about an hour. The maximum quality of adhesion is ensured by the amount of adhesive applied. In order for the products to evenly lay on the base, it is advisable to use a special structural roller, which is supplied in the kit.


  • Suitable for any work;
  • Environmentally friendly composition;
  • Dries within just one hour;
  • You can work not only with wood, but also with other bases.


  • Quite expensive.

Forbo 650 Eurostar Fastcol

3. EDP epoxy adhesive

Glue EDP epoxy photo

Another very reliable universal composition made on the basis of epoxy resin. It is often purchased by both professionals and amateurs — they all claim a low price and high quality products. Glue is often used to make new products or to repair old ones. It is optimally suited for repairing any piece of furniture, from tables or chairs to cabinets. After drying, a very strong seam is obtained, the glue itself does not shrink, has increased adhesive characteristics. The product is highly resistant to moisture.

It is not recommended to use such glue when working with objects in contact with food — usually they include dishes or countertops. Glue has been produced for a long time. If necessary, various types of fillers can be added to the composition.


  • Acceptable cost of the product;
  • Increased level of strength;
  • Durable seam.


  • Freezes over time;
  • The seam becomes cloudy when dried;
  • It is not always convenient to work.

Glue EDP epoxy

2. Uhu plus endfest 300

Uhu plus endfest 300 photos

It has a very high cost, but it is still regularly purchased by both home craftsmen and people professionally engaged in woodworking. After drying, it becomes extremely durable. It is made on the basis of epoxy resin, so a variety of materials can be glued to wood. The exception to this rule is glass — organic and inorganic. The adhesive hardens within 90 minutes after application. Fully gaining strength in a day.

As a result, the seam perfectly resists impact loads, is not subject to aging, and is not sensitive to moisture. The glue is two-component, therefore, before starting work, the substances must be mixed in the proportion recommended by the manufacturer. It is necessary to mix the compounds thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained.


  • Resistance to mechanical and shock influences;
  • Good resistance to moisture;
  • Increased strength.


  • For a small volume, a high price;
  • Before starting work, you will have to prepare the appropriate mixture.

Uhu plus endfest 300

1. Titebond Original Wood Glue

Titebond Original Wood Glue photo

Professional adhesive, which is made on the basis of aliphatic resin emulsion. After hardening, a strong seam is obtained, which has a transparent yellowish color. The glue is insensitive to water and water vapor, it can easily withstand even very strong shock loads.

The main function of this composition is to connect various products made of wood. Best of all, it shows its qualities when connecting elements according to the thorn-groove type. The glue is made in the form of an emulsion that penetrates deeply into the wood structure, regardless of the species. The composition can be used when working with parquet, chipboard, fiberboard and even plywood. When pressed, the product hardens almost instantly.


  • Well absorbed into the wood;
  • Insensitive to moisture;
  • The adhesive is suitable for various materials;
  • Excellent impact resistance.


  • Except for the high price is not found.

Titebond Original Wood Glue

In conclusion, a useful video

The rating of the best wood adhesives is coming to an end. We have tried to give as much detail as possible about each composition presented here. If some points seemed unclear to you, then tell us about it in the comments — we will provide additional information as soon as possible.


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