Parktronic is a rather useful accessory for motorists, however, only experienced drivers who regularly have to park their vehicle in low light conditions can fully appreciate all the advantages of this device. In automotive stores, you can find a fairly large number of similar products — they differ from each other in terms of the installation principle, the way data is displayed, and a number of other parameters.

In our today’s ranking of the best parking sensors, we will not only consider the useful characteristics of the selected models, but also analyze the factors that directly affect the choice of such products. This will help our readers to get the best product for themselves, which will greatly facilitate parking and will serve for many years.

How to choose a parktronic?

In this equipment, you can find a large number of various ultrasonic sensors that are located both in the front and rear bumpers. In addition, a special electronic unit is provided in which the received data is processed regarding the presence of obstacles in the path of the vehicle. Another element is an indicator device, which is an LED or liquid crystal display. Instead, in the cheapest models, there is an audible warning system, thanks to which the driver immediately learns about the presence of an obstacle and is able to quickly stop.

Most of these devices have a similar configuration. In stores, you can find both traditional mortise sensors and tape sensors that are installed directly on the bumper. One of the most important factors when choosing such products is sensitivity. The higher this indicator is, the greater the efficiency of the device becomes, which allows you to determine the distance between the obstacle and the bumper with an accuracy of a millimeter.

How to choose the best parking sensors for cars

It is also advisable to pay attention to the total number of sensors supplied with the parking sensors themselves. Usually there are two to eight. As experienced drivers recommend, it is best to give preference to models equipped with as many of these devices as possible, as this helps to greatly increase the efficiency of the product, therefore, the likelihood of a collision becomes much lower.

An important point is the method of installation on the car body. In this regard, you can give preference to overhead or tape devices, since they do not affect the efficiency of the product at all, but the vehicle body will remain intact. It is very convenient if the parking sensors are equipped with a display that will display data regarding the remaining distance to the obstacle. Ideally, you can buy a model with a built-in camera that will show a picture in real time — the user will be able to independently assess how much free space is left. When buying parking sensors, you will also have to take into account climatic conditions — the level of dust, dirt, humidity. Products that are reliably protected from the influence of various external factors will be optimal.

When choosing models for inclusion in our rating, we took into account all the points that were discussed above. In addition to them, feedback from experienced users and the price-quality ratio of products were taken into account. We hope that after carefully studying our review, you will be able to decide on the purchase of the most suitable products.

Models with multi-segment bar indicators

4. BlackView PS-4.1

BlackView PS-4.1 photo

A fairly simple product, which is characterized by the small dimensions of the presented sensors, and all of them are mortise. In order to correctly install them on the car body, there is a corresponding instruction and a special drill that exactly matches the diameter of the sensors themselves. It is well sharpened, so it can handle both plastic and aluminum or galvanized steel well. To reliably protect the body of the vehicle from the occurrence of corrosion processes, there are special rubber rings here, which also additionally seal the installation site of the sensors — they will not start to hang out even after driving on a bad road. The wires going from the sensors to the information processing unit are removed into the corrugation, which will have to be purchased separately.

The display, where the main information regarding the location of obstacles will be displayed, is made in the form of a multi-segment linear scale, in the central part of which a digital indicator can be found. The sensitivity of all available sensors is very high. According to manufacturers, obstacles are detected at a distance of 0.1 to 2.5 meters. In total, there are three modifications of this product on the market, which differ from each other in the appearance of the display, as well as in the overall dimensions of the sensors.


  • Sensors are able to detect obstacles over a fairly wide area;
  • You can choose the model that best suits the interior of the car;
  • The sound notification, if necessary, is configured.


  • Only the rear bumper protects against damage;
  • The driver still has to be a little distracted.

Black View PS-4.1



The first model of domestic production included in this review. It is equipped with a special LED indicator that can be installed directly in the vehicle interior. However, according to manufacturers and confirmed by users, this design can be placed almost anywhere on the machine due to the presence of an original function that allows you to program the display. The kit comes with metal brackets made of stainless steel. The overall dimensions of the indicator are 120x55x25 mm. Together with the data processing unit, four sensors are supplied at once. Mortise sensors, however, during installation they do not create any difficulties. All the necessary information is brought to the driver by a three-color LED display, which displays data regarding the indication of the distance and indication of the direction of obstacles.

The display can be placed on the instrument panel, above the rearview mirror. This device has an interesting Blind Zone control function. It will detect obstacles hidden from the driver’s view. This moment will be very useful not only in the process of parking, but also while driving. With its help, you can timely detect interference when changing lanes to an adjacent line. The parking sensors have a learning mode that provides system settings within a fairly wide range.


  • Able to work in dead zones;
  • It is made in several color options;
  • The kit comes with sensors, the radiation pattern of which is different;
  • The display modes can be customized according to your needs.


  • When working in dead zones, there is no sound indication.


2. SteelMate PTS410M8

SteelMate PTS410M8 photo

Thanks to this model, the driver of the vehicle will receive timely information about the approaching obstacle and the exact distance left to it. This product is produced by a Chinese corporation that has been in the automotive accessories market for over 20 years. Products are characterized by an elongated display, all information is read quite quickly — you do not have to be distracted from the road or the parking process to get the necessary information. If you wish, you can install the products directly on the ceiling of the car, and the display will automatically turn over. Some users find it not very convenient that the case covers the display, and special windows are cut for all indicators. The front panel, if necessary, can be changed depending on the style of interior design.

All sensors are mounted on the rear bumper and are installed on it not by classic spring latches, but thanks to damper rubber bands. If desired, the driver can use special compensation rings. With their help, even on an inclined bumper, the sensors will be located in a horizontal plane. They come with the device. Connectors for connecting sensors are equipped with threads with careful sealing, which allows you to carefully protect the ingress of dust and moisture under their housing.


  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • The panel is available in several colors;
  • If desired, the device is fixed on the ceiling of the car;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • You will have to tinker a bit to properly install the sensors.

SteelMate PTS410M8

1. AAALINE LED-14 inside

AAALINE LED-14 inside photo

Many motorists are confused when installing parking sensors by the need to drill a bumper. If the vehicle is painted in some non-standard color, then for sure there will be a need to either put up with the circles of sensors that will catch your eye, or paint them over by specialists. In the manufacture of these products, an original technology is involved, which involves the internal installation of sensors. At the same time, placing them is quite simple — they will not snap into the drilled holes, they will need to be screwed into the threads of a special platform, which is installed on double-sided tape under the bumper. Outside, nothing will be visible. All sensors have a sensitivity adjustment function.

Largely due to this design solution, the sensors will not be damaged even during high-pressure washing. Even with a strong impact, the adhesive tape will simply come off the bumper, keeping the device in working condition. However, you will have to install these products without removing the bumper, which can cause some inconvenience during the installation process. In addition, its inner surface will have to be washed and degreased. Otherwise, the tape will not hold very securely.


  • Sensors are installed hidden, there is no need to drill into the bumper or car body;
  • The sensitivity of each of them can be adjusted depending on the needs;
  • Compact overall dimensions of the display;
  • Sensors can be placed both in front and behind the car.


  • There are some difficulties during installation.

AAALINE LED-14 inside

Devices equipped with a graphic display

3. ParkCity Kiev 818/302L

ParkCity Kiev 818/302L photo

In the kit of this parking sensors, you can immediately detect eight fairly sensitive sensors, a display, a unit that processes the incoming signal. In addition, there is a complete set of wires for connecting all elements, as well as all the necessary parts for a complete installation of the device. The minimum measurement accuracy is 10 cm — this parameter is quite enough for the timely detection of both small and fairly large obstacles. All wires are equipped with a double system of soft insulation, which will not stiffen even under the influence of low temperatures. The alert volume level can be adjusted depending on the needs of the motorist. The display is quite informative, bright — all data is read very quickly, the driver practically does not have to be distracted from the traffic situation. Parktronic performs automatic diagnostics of the state of all elements every time it is turned on.

This product is capable of operating in the temperature range from -40 to +80 degrees. The display module is equipped with a universal mount, so it can be installed, for example, on the dashboard or on the windshield, say, in the area of ​​​​the rear-view mirror. The screen displays the location of the obstacle relative to the location of the vehicle in space. There are several operating modes here — exclusively visual, with voice messages or equipped with sound alarms.


  • There is a voice notification about the presence of obstacles;
  • The device performs self-diagnosis each time it is turned on;
  • Sensors can be selected depending on the color of the bumper.


  • The minimum obstacle detection distance is only 10 cm.

ParkCity Kiev 818/302L

2. Parkmaster 27-8-A

Parkmaster 27-8-A photo

The latest parking assistance system for both the front and rear bumper. The design is equipped with a system of eight sensors, four of which are located in front, and the same number in the back. These products are able not only to provide maximum assistance in the process of parking a vehicle, but also for various maneuvers in cramped urban conditions, as well as with a lack of visibility in bad weather. It also provides special supersonic sensors that are able to detect obstacles in the path of the vehicle if they are located in blind spots. The distance to the obstacle is calculated automatically. The device is able to function stably in a wide temperature range.

The display here is flat, liquid crystal type, equipped with a bluish backlight, which is not very conspicuous, so it will not distract the driver’s attention from the traffic situation. The edging of the edges of the display is made of high-quality aluminum. This look is perfect for almost any vehicle interior. The indicators located on the rear bumper turn on immediately after the reverse gear is activated. Obstacles are detected from a maximum distance of 2.5 meters. A voice alert is provided that will tell the driver about the remaining space to the obstacle. The indicator is located in any place convenient for the user — on the windshield, dashboard or on the dashboard.


  • Excellent information content;
  • Products are ideally combined with indoor sensors;
  • High-quality aluminum case of informative liquid crystal display;
  • There are many options for coloring sensors.


  • It will take quite a long time to set up.

Parkmaster 27-8-A

1. AAALINE LCD-18 inside

AAALINE LCD-18 inside photo

One of the most advanced systems in our review. This model is equipped with eight ultrasonic rather than infrared type sensors, which are designed for interior installation under the front and rear bumpers. The parking sensors kit comes with an LCD type liquid crystal display, which displays information regarding each sensor, as well as information about an approaching obstacle. It has a special rubber button that disables the front sensors, it also has everything you need to adjust sound alerts. In the functionality of the model, it is possible to select the response distance of all available sensors, the angle of their inclination is also electronically regulated. The front sensors will also transmit information to the control unit when reversing.

All external elements are painted black, placed in a dust- and moisture-proof housing. Voice guidance and the interface are completely Russified, and the language can be changed. It provides a digital indication to the obstacle. The kit comes with an adapter for mounting the display directly on the windshield. The display brightness can be adjusted both manually and automatically. The sensor’s response distance is also set by the user, the sensitivity changes smoothly. The sensors have an original design, thanks to them the original appearance of the bumper is preserved. O-rings are made from high quality silicone.


  • Advanced functionality that allows you to manage all the features of the parking sensors yourself;
  • Alerts are configurable by the user;
  • All sensors are placed under the bumper, which does not spoil its appearance at all.


  • To place the sensors will have to make a decent amount of effort.

AAALINE LCD-18 inside

Built-in mirror or rear view camera

3. Incar PT-1044B

Incar PT-1044B photo

This product will be optimal for vehicles that are not equipped with a multimedia screen in order to be able to install a rear view camera. With the help of this model, it will be possible to keep the trajectory of the vehicle under full control, and such a solution will be very budgetary. The parking sensors do not have a simple segment-type screen, but a full-fledged display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches. In general, the indicator is not too large, but it is quite enough for comfortable parking with a lack of natural light. It will fit well into the interior of the dashboard, takes up a minimum amount of free space. If necessary, you can connect not only the rear view camera, but also the front camera.

Directly above the display, you can also find a standard display system that displays the approach to an obstacle. It is represented by LEDs showing segments and numbers. This product is fully compatible with any rear view cameras, regardless of their type.


  • The ideal solution for installation in a car without a multimedia display;
  • If there is no need to use this gadget, then the display has a special folding mechanism;
  • The product is characterized by extended and universal functionality.


  • The sensors have an average sensitivity, but this disadvantage is easily compensated by the presence of a rear view camera.

Incar PT-1044B


SPARK 6M photo

The parking sensors are available in 12 different colors at once, so you can choose the optimal product that will perfectly match the color of the car itself. If desired, the user can purchase additional sensors. All their connectors, as well as the sensors themselves, are placed in sealed cases, so they will feel great even in aggressive road conditions. The wires designed to connect to the control unit are quite long, so this model is perfect even for very large machines. The instruction is completely Russified, and it is translated qualitatively and presented in an understandable language. The parking sensors themselves have three modes of operation — forward, backward and stop. This allows not only to largely ensure the safety of the vehicle when parking in reverse, but also to calculate the distance to the nearest cars in traffic.

The information transfer delay is only 0.25 seconds. The indicators are customizable, the system itself produces its own diagnostics. The operating modes of the indicators change, ignoring the towbar, spare wheel is turned on. Angle sensors perfectly catch obstacles. The indicator is fixed on the driver’s panel, it is a luminescent graphic type. All information is clear. The indicator itself turns on when reverse gear is engaged.


  • The system works quickly enough;
  • All parts that protrude outside the vehicle are taken into account when the sensors work;
  • The minimum distance is 16 cm.


  • Voice notification is not provided;
  • Relatively expensive product.


1. ParkMaster 22-4-A

ParkMaster 22-4-A photo

The display is built into the rear-view mirror, so this parking sensor will not occupy free space on the driver’s panel of the car at all. All sensors are compatible with sensors, they can even be placed inside a bumper made in AX format. The new mirror does not replace the old one, but is superimposed directly on top of it. In inactive mode, the liquid crystal display, located in the center, does not catch the eye at all, and after turning it on, it will be no worse than designs equipped with a remote display. Multi-channel warning system — sound, light and voice information. Such a gadget will be very useful when parking at night or in adverse weather conditions. All components are of very high quality, able to maintain their performance in the temperature range from -40 to +80 degrees.

If necessary, the user can change the volume of the sound, adjust the sensitivity of the sensors, and also set the optimal definition of the reaction distance to an obstacle. All sensors go through a self-test procedure when the product is turned on. They turn on when you switch to reverse. If a malfunction was detected during the diagnostic process, the user will be immediately informed about this. The sensors are equipped with the latest piezoelectric elements. If necessary, they can be placed in the metal frame of the license plate holder. They have a system for adjusting the angle of inclination. The hole diameter is 19mm. All sensors are carefully waterproofed, they are able to withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter — this moment is very useful when driving through deep puddles.


  • Very informative display;
  • It is possible to additionally connect hidden sensors;
  • Installation versatility;
  • The user is able to independently set all the parameters he needs.


  • Can’t adjust brightness
  • Not a very good quality mirror.

Park Master 22-4-A

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best parking sensors is over. We would like to believe that the information we have collected will be more than enough for you to be able to purchase the most suitable product for yourself. If you still have some questions about the devices you like, feel free to ask us in the comments to this article. We will promptly respond to each comment and try to collect additional information, presenting it to our readers in the most accessible form.


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