Often outside the city, and often in the city, there is no direct access to the central water supply system. Because of this, the owners of summer cottages and private houses are forced to resort to the use of alternative options, in most cases they are wells or wells. In order to transfer water from them for irrigation or to the house, it is necessary to install special pumping equipment. In the past few years, surface pumps have become quite widespread in this regard.

They have a number of advantages in comparison with classical submersible devices. First of all, such equipment is out of the water. Usually it is a stationary structure or a device that can be transported if necessary. Using the pumps is quite easy — just lower the hose connected to the product and turn on the equipment in the mains, after which it will immediately begin to supply water. With the help of such pumps, it is possible not only to fully provide households with the necessary volume of water, but also to remove storm or sewage from the site.

In specialized stores there are a large number of various products of this type. So that you do not get confused in this diversity, we decided to devote our today’s review to an analysis of the characteristics of surface pumps. However, before proceeding to a direct consideration of the models, let’s give a classification of this equipment and talk about the principles of its selection. This is where we will probably start.

What do you pay attention to when buying a surface pump?

In the field of domestic use, vortex and centrifugal models are most widely used, which differ from each other in the principle of operation and in the design of the impeller. In a centrifugal product, the impeller is located on a shaft, the rotation of which is carried out using special bearings. Today on sale you can find products that are a rather complex system that includes several impellers at once — the more there are, the more pressure can be obtained at the outlet of the apparatus.

The impeller of the vortex unit is equipped with inclined or radial blades. Other things being the same parameters, such pumps are capable of delivering significantly more pressure than centrifugal equipment. However, there is one important nuance: such products are able to function normally only in clean water, as they are subject to significant abrasive wear. This means that a special filter will have to be installed before entering the pump, on which particles of various sizes will settle.

Choosing the right surface pump

There are designs of surface pumps that are able to take water only if the pumping part and the riser pipe are preliminarily filled with water. Such products are called normal suction pumps. They are filled with a special hand pump. Before proceeding with filling the system, a special plug is unscrewed in the upper part of the device to nullify the action of the check valve, as it will prevent the filling of both the pump itself and the suction pipe.

Self-priming pumps are equipped with a special ejector, which during operation creates an area of ​​​​low pressure, due to which water is drawn. This allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of the equipment. Recently, pumping stations have become widespread. If they are planned to be used year-round, then it is necessary to consider their installation in such a way that the equipment is warm at optimal air humidity. The design itself includes four main elements: the pump itself, a hydraulic accumulator, a mechanical type pressure switch and a pressure gauge. Completely different types of pumps can be used in such equipment, but it is better to give preference to a self-priming apparatus, which greatly facilitates the operation of the system.

When compiling our ranking of the best surface pumps of 2020, we took into account all the above points, as well as user and professional reviews, the price-quality ratio of the model. In the review, you will not find overly expensive products. Now is the time to start directly analyzing the performance of such equipment.

Best Conventional Pumps

3. JILEX Jumbo 60/35 N-K

JILEX Jumbo 60/35 N-K photo

It has a fairly simple design and, as a result, good reliability, so it can be repaired if necessary. The device includes a pump part and an electric motor equipped with a flange, which is made of aluminum. There is a special plastic box on the motor housing, where all the electrical elements are located, the supply wire is suitable there. On the side of it is the switch of the device, well protected from moisture. Inside the box itself there is a capacitor and a contact group. The main driving force of the equipment is an asynchronous squirrel-cage motor equipped with a cooling fan. It is worth noting that it has a thermal relay that turns off the power in case of overheating of the winding, preventing the motor from burning out.

The body of the pump part is made of glass-filled polypropylene. Inside there is an impeller and a flow block — both of these elements are made of wear-resistant polymer materials. They are not affected by corrosive processes, so even with prolonged downtime of the equipment, rust will not form. To prevent leakage in the pump part, a mechanical seal made of graphite-ceramic materials is used. The pump part has filler and drain holes, as well as fittings. If necessary, such a pump can be connected to a hydraulic accumulator. The device takes water well from a depth of 8-9 meters.


  • A fairly powerful device — the engine is designed for 600 W;
  • Productivity is high — up to 3.5 cubic meters of water is pumped per hour;
  • The greatest pressure is 35 meters, if necessary, adjustable;
  • The kit comes with all the necessary automation;
  • It can work with water, the temperature of which is only 1 degree.


  • Quite noisy;
  • Elements such as a check valve and a pressure gauge are not provided — they will have to be purchased and installed separately.

JILEX Jumbo 60/35 N-K

2. Wilo PB-088EA

Wilo PB-088EA photo

It is an inexpensive, but high-quality and functional design that can be used both separately and in combination with another pump, thereby significantly increasing the water pressure. It can be installed both in a private house and in an apartment building, since there are also quite often problems with water pressure. The warranty period for this product is 2 years, while the manufacturer claims that the device can last at least 10 years. The pump comes with nuts and gaskets for high-quality and quick installation. The design is made of a reliable cast iron alloy with a cataphoretic coating, which further increases the resistance to corrosion processes.

The equipment operates in two modes — manual and automatic, it is equipped with a special flow sensor that will automatically turn the pump on and off. The design provides protection against idling and overheating, which can significantly extend its service life. The throughput of the pump is 2.2 cubic meters per hour, while it does not consume too much energy — 140 watts.


  • Able to create a good pressure of water;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Protection against idling and overheating is provided;
  • Long service life and warranty service.


Wilo PB-088EA

1. Grundfos MQ 3-35

Grundfos MQ 3-35 photo

It has small overall dimensions — 570x218x320 mm, thanks to which this device can be installed even in a limited space, for example, under a bathtub or sink. The power cable is long enough — you do not have to think about connecting or using extension cords. For its type of equipment, the pump has an acceptable weight, which is 13 kg. This allows you to install it both on the floor and on various brackets or platforms. The main requirement is that the device is located in a horizontal plane. The pump is manufactured in Denmark, the manufacturer provides a warranty period of 24 months. If the water quality is quite acceptable, then the product will last much longer.

The system is fully automatic — the user only needs to press the power button. On the control panel, in addition to it, you can find several LED-type indicators that report either the normal operation of the system or a malfunction. The design of the pump is quite simple, so if necessary, a breakdown can be repaired on your own. The design has a pressure tank of a membrane type, which reduces the number of on and off pumps even if there is a leak in the system. Such an element contributes to good protection of electrical parts from premature wear. Noise is not very strong thanks to a special cooling system — the engine is cooled by the water pumped by it, which reduces the level of noise load.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Relatively quiet operation;
  • Creates stable water pressure, no water hammer is observed;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Not detected.

Grundfos MQ 3-35

The best sewer installations

3. UNIPUMP Sanivort 605M

UNIPUMP Sanivort 605 M photo

It is a special equipment, the main purpose of which is to remove wastewater from the sink, toilet, shower and other equipment, if they are located lower in comparison with the sewer system. In addition, such a pump will be very suitable for areas where it is not possible or reasonable to organize a sewer drain by gravity. The case of the product is made of high-quality plastic, if necessary it is easy to wash. Inside the device is a pump with a grinder, which perfectly copes with the passage of fecal matter, toilet paper, food debris, and so on.

The design provides for three entrances: one of them has a diameter of 100 mm and is designed to connect to the toilet, two more of 40 mm each — to connect the sink, shower, and so on. All the mass passed through the grinder will be forcibly discharged through the outlet, the diameter of which can be 23, 28 or 32 mm. At the outlet of the station there is a check valve that prevents the return of wastewater back to the pump. The engine of the device is equipped with a reliable thermal protection system that will turn it off if the temperature rises above the critical one. This can happen due to jamming of the blades, the passage of too hot water, and so on. The model is designed for toilet bowls equipped with a horizontal outlet with a drain tank capacity of 6 liters or more.


  • Very easy to install and operate;
  • Works absolutely silently;
  • Takes wastewater from three points at once;
  • Good value for money product;
  • Equipped with check valve.


  • The float mechanism needs regular maintenance.

UNIPUMP Sanivort 605M

2. Grundfos Sololift 2 C-3

Grundfos Sololift 2 C-3 photo

This is an automatic sewer-type pumping unit, characterized by small overall dimensions. It can be used in absolutely any buildings, however, most often, owners of private houses or cottages purchase such a device for themselves. The product is used for pumping gray water that does not contain feces. Developed on the basis of modern European standards. The manufacturer installed a rather powerful and durable engine here, which is reliable at water temperatures up to 90 degrees. The inlet and outlet connections can be adjusted in height, which greatly facilitates installation, operation and replacement. The design provides for two levels of inclusion at once — the user has to choose the optimal one from them.

Overall dimensions are small, so such a pump can be installed even in fairly narrow places. The motor and pump assembly is not only compact, but also removable, so maintenance of the equipment does not take too much time. In addition, you do not have to disconnect the outlet or inlet line for this. Best of all, this pump has shown itself to work with washing machines and dishwashers, as well as with showers. The motor has a special thermal switch with reset, which is activated when the motor temperature drops to the required parameters. A long period of operation is guaranteed largely due to the presence of three sealing shafts and an additional chevron collar. A vortex pump is used here, through which particles up to 2 cm in diameter can pass.


  • Very easy to maintain — no need to completely disassemble during cleaning;
  • It pumps quite large volumes well;
  • Occupies a minimum of free space in the room;
  • Doesn’t make much noise.


  • Can’t connect to toilet.

Grundfos Sololift 2 C-3


SFA SANIVITE Silence photo

This model went on sale just a few months ago, but has already gained popularity among ordinary users due to its high quality and reasonable cost. This sewage pump may be connected to a sink, washing machine or dishwasher, shower, bidet and other plumbing fixtures with the exception of the toilet. The design is made of high quality materials, has an attractive appearance and high performance. Works almost silently, you can safely operate. The case has excellent acoustic insulation, due to which the transmission of sounds is much weaker, which allows it to be installed even in the kitchen itself.

The pump is manufactured according to the most modern technologies and fully complies with Russian, European and international standards. The system works as efficiently as possible throughout its entire service life. The power of the product is 400 W, it is capable of pumping up to 6 cubic meters per hour — quite enough even for a large family. The model is able to work even with heavily polluted water, the maximum temperature of which can reach 60 degrees. The design is equipped with a check valve, so unpleasant odors will not enter the room.


  • Good reliability of work;
  • Operates almost silently;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Does not require special maintenance;
  • The presence of a check valve protects against unpleasant odors;
  • Small overall dimensions.


  • Except for the relatively high price found.


The best pumping stations

3. VORTEX ASV-1200/24N

VORTEX ASV-1200/24N photo

It is a model of domestic production, which can be used to supply drinking or industrial water in a summer cottage or in a private house. The design is equipped with a very voluminous hydraulic tank, the capacity of which is 24 liters. This prevents the pump from constantly turning on and off. The body is made of high quality stainless steel. The maximum pressure is 40 meters, the performance reaches 70 liters per minute. The design is very stable largely due to special legs. A manometer is provided, due to which it is possible to regulate the pressure in the water supply system.

There is a pressure switch, the station has a power of 1.2 kW and is capable of lifting water from a depth of up to 9 meters. To control the equipment, the latest developments in the field of electronics are used, which allows you to optimize the functioning of the pump and reduce the amount of electricity consumed. Users in their reviews note that the device is unpretentious, does not need special maintenance, which makes it possible to significantly extend the life of the structure.


  • Very reliable engine with a carefully thought-out overheating protection system;
  • Volumetric expansion tank, which greatly extends the life of the equipment;
  • Excellent pump build quality.


  • Spare parts are not as easy to find as it might seem at first glance, even though the products are of domestic production.



DENZEL PSD800C photo

Equipped with a centrifugal type electric pump, which is additionally equipped with an external ejector. The station is designed for pumping water, in which there are no large abrasive particles and various kinds of long-fiber inclusions. This model is perfect for domestic water supply of private houses, cottages and so on. It is capable of lifting water from a depth of up to 20 meters. This product can be used as part of automatic pumping stations. The design has a mechanical type pressure switch that will operate, including the pump, as water is consumed by consumers. The volume of the accumulator is 24 liters.

The body of the device is made of cast iron, the impeller is made of brass. Moving electric, asynchronous, has an external ventilation system. On its surface is a plastic terminal box, in which you can find a capacitor and terminals for connecting the motor to the power cable. The ejector is designed to create an additional vacuum in the supply pipeline — this allows you to raise water from a fairly large depth. Inside the accumulator there is a membrane made of food rubber, and a pneumatic valve is also provided in the design, which allows air to be pumped into it.


  • Excellent build quality;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Unpretentiousness in service;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Can take water from a fairly large depth;
  • Long warranty period — 2 years;
  • With not too high power, it is able to provide a good set;
  • Works stably, the engine has reliable protection against overheating.


  • It is strictly forbidden to use for pumping water if it contains mechanical inclusions.


1. JILEX Jumbo 50/28 Ch-14

JILEX Jumbo 50/28 Ch-14 photo

Another model of domestic production, and, according to user reviews, this design is the best surface pump designed to create an autonomous water supply system. The volume of the expansion tank is 18 liters — quite enough for domestic needs. It is quite enough so that the pump does not turn on after spending two or three liters of water from the system. If necessary, the operation of the device can be adjusted by creating a higher pressure in the pipes or, on the contrary, lowering it. Able to lift water from a depth of more than 6 meters. Even if the suction pipe is at the bottom of a well or well, no sand or other abrasive particles will be drawn in, since the power of the device is only 500 W, although experienced users recommend installing a coarse filter at the inlet to protect the motor blades from mechanical damage.

According to the manufacturer, this model is able to function normally even in the case of using dirty water or water containing a large amount of dissolved gases or salts. Careful protection against leakage is provided by seals made of graphite-ceramic materials. Experienced plumbers separately note the short-circuited system on the basis of which the electric motor works. This allows not only to save on electricity, but also to extend the life of the equipment.


  • It starts smoothly, there are no water hammers in the water supply system;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • There is also a reliable protection against idling;
  • The unit has high-quality protection against voltage surges;
  • Minor power consumption.


  • Not detected.

JILEX Jumbo 50/28 Ch-14

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, that ends our review of the best surface pumps of this year. We have tried to collect as much information as possible for each model so that you can choose the most suitable product for yourself. If you already have experience using such equipment or if you want to ask us a question on this topic, then welcome to comment on this article. We will try to give you an exhaustive answer and clarify all incomprehensible points.


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