Despite the fact that every year various portable gadgets — laptops, tablets, smartphones — are becoming more widespread, many people still prefer a classic TV. Unlike the Soviet era, it has ceased to be an indispensable attribute of only the living room — it is installed in bedrooms, children’s rooms, in the kitchen and other similar premises. However, too large a design will look ridiculous in a small room: watching such a TV near is not very convenient, pixels can be seen, the picture starts to blur, and this negatively affects vision. In this regard, manufacturers have released a line of TVs with a small diagonal, which are designed specifically for such cases.

We want to dedicate our today’s rating to the best 32-inch TVs of 2020. We will try to tell you everything we know about this product. Still, modern TVs are very different from devices that were common only ten or twelve years ago. In this regard, we first want to give you a few recommendations regarding the choice of these devices — let’s start with that.

What do you pay attention to when buying a TV?

It is quite natural that when purchasing a modern model, people pay attention to the screen resolution and strive to get a device with the highest parameter. However, this rule does not apply to 32-inch TVs. The fact is that, giving preference to 4K format products, there will not be much difference from Full HD, but a device with a lower resolution will cost much less.

Be sure to look at the type of matrix and the technology by which it is made. You should no longer save on this parameter — the best option would be an OLED or QLED matrix. With these elements, it will be possible to provide excellent picture quality, clear reproduction of even the most dynamic scenes, as well as reduce power consumption. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the picture will appear.

How to choose a 32 inch TV for home

Of course, attention should also be paid to sound quality, especially if the user does not plan to connect an audio system to the TV. The total power of the speakers of a small model should be at least 10 watts — such a volume will ensure clarity of dialogues, even a quiet whisper will be heard. All modern products are equipped with various connectors that allow you to connect various external devices to them. The more there are, the better.

TVs may have one of the newest features — Smart TV, thanks to which the product turns into some analogue of a computer or tablet. Typically, such devices operate on the basis of the webOS, Android, Tizen platforms. With the help of Smart TV, you can watch movies directly via the Internet, visit various virtual resources, play games, and so on. The presence of wireless modules such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi will make controlling the TV more convenient: you can download a special application to your mobile phone and use it as a remote control, connect wireless headphones, keyboard, mouse and other peripheral devices.

When choosing TVs to be included in our rating, we were guided, first of all, by the parameters discussed above. However, we have not bypassed a number of other important points: the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as user reviews. We hope that after carefully studying the review, you will be able to decide on the most suitable product.

Inexpensive price segment

4.BBK 32LEM-1045/T2C

BBK 32LEM-1045/T2C photo

This model fully complies with all modern standards that apply to similar products. In particular, thanks to modern technologies, it is possible to ensure stable reception of both analog and digital signals and its subsequent amplification and retention. This can be achieved thanks to specially built-in DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C tuners. If necessary, the user can write the program of interest to a flash drive using the PVR function. Devices such as a game console, receiver, laptop, players of various kinds, a personal computer can be connected to the TV — this is done using the HDMI connector. There is also a USB 2.0 port, which provides support for working not only with traditional flash drives, but also with hard drives, and their volume can reach 1TB. You can control the TV both from the remote control and through the menu by using the physical buttons located on the bottom of the panel.

It reads information from external media at a consistently high speed even if the film is of very high quality and, accordingly, weighs quite a lot. The panel itself is made of high-quality plastic, the frames are thin, the view does not spoil at all. The remote control is also made of plastic, the surface is rough, so it will not slip out of your hands. It’s pretty easy to use.


  • Quite affordable cost;
  • Easy to set up and use;
  • Acceptable picture quality;
  • Clear sound, the entire frequency range is heard.


  • At first, some extraneous odor may be felt, but in the future it disappears;
  • The panel gets slightly warm during operation.

BBK 32LEM-1045/T2C

3.Olto 3220R

Olto 3220R photo

Another fairly budget option, which has quite decent characteristics. Color reproduction is as close to natural as possible, the operating system works stably — no slowdowns were found during use. There is everything you need to work with both analog and digital signals. The resolution is quite sufficient for a TV with such a diagonal — HD Ready, in its format it is a little short of Full HD, but still quite decent. The body of the TV is plastic, reinforced with stiffeners, the assembly is reliable: no extraneous squeaks, backlashes and other manufacturing defects were found even with slight pressure on the structure. The set of connectors is good — there are three jacks for HDMI cables at once.

The TV has a fairly nimble media player that can work with all the most common music and video playback formats. Viewing angles are wide enough so colors won’t be distorted no matter what angle the viewer is viewing the screen from. Channels switch instantly, using the USB connector, you can work with flash drives and large-capacity hard drives. The built-in tuners have a decent level of power — this allows you to catch analog and digital channels even far outside the city, so the TV is perfect for a country house.


  • Quite democratic cost;
  • Decent picture and sound quality;
  • Wide viewing angles;
  • Powerful tuners;
  • Ability to work with a large number of external devices.


  • When installed on the stand that comes with the kit, it staggers a little — it is better to purchase a new one, and right away.

Olto 3220R

2. Samsung UE32N4010AU

Samsung UE32N4010AU photo

The aspect ratio of this TV is 16:9 — quite a traditional indicator for products with a similar diagonal. The image resolution is 1366×768 pixels, which fully corresponds to the HD image quality format, the image refresh rate is 50 frames per second. It is worth noting that the TV has an LED backlight, and the LEDs are located only on the sides of the matrix. This may result in slight glare, especially if the product is used in a darkened room or in a room with little sunlight. The total sound power is 10 W, it is achieved due to the installed two stereo speakers of 5 W each. In order to make the sound as voluminous as possible, a special signal processing system is installed here.

An interesting feature is the presence of a light sensor on this TV. Thanks to this element, the brightness of the picture will be adjusted depending on the intensity of lighting in the room, which helps to further reduce the amount of electricity consumed, and the picture itself is made more comfortable for the eyes. The set of interfaces is slightly different from the standard one — there are only 2 HDMI ports and one USB jack, the developers also provided connectors for component and AV input. The set comes with a stand, if necessary, the TV can be hung on the wall.


  • Quite an attractive appearance;
  • Decent functionality;
  • Ability to work with outdated technicians such as VCRs;
  • The menu design is clear and very attractive.


  • It takes some time to figure out the control panel.

Samsung UE32N4010AU

1. LG 32LJ500V

LG 32LJ500V photo

This is the first model in our today’s review, which allows you to get a fairly high detail of the picture. This effect was achieved thanks to the Full HD format. The device is able to work with almost all known audio and video formats. It is equipped with an LCD display, which is equipped with LED backlighting around the entire perimeter, which allows you to completely get rid of light at the edges of the screen. The colors are quite natural, no distortion of the picture was noticed. As a stand, two metal legs are used here, placed along the edges of the structure, they provide good rigidity and stability. The interface is standard — an HDMI jack, a USB port, «tulip» connectors that allow you to connect a DVD player, VCR and other outdated equipment.

There are modules that allow you to work with analog and digital television, a shutdown function is provided, which is designed for a maximum of 2 hours. The body of the product is made of matte plastic: it will practically not be noticeable dust, and fingerprints will not be seen at all. The control panel is very convenient — the buttons are large, they can be easily found by touch. They are made of rubber, with the corresponding pictograms applied with indelible paint.


  • Decent image quality;
  • Responds to the remote control signal almost instantly;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Good volume and sound quality;
  • Can work with almost all video and audio formats.


  • There are no control buttons on the case.

LG 32LJ500V

Best Value TVs

3. BBK 32LEX-5045/T2C

BBK 32LEX-5045/T2C photo

It has fairly thin bezels and wide viewing angles, so that the viewer is completely immersed in what is happening on the screen. The speakers are located on the rear panel, in its lower part, which is why some users think that they sound a little muffled. In fact, this was done in order to better sound the frequencies related to the low range. The sound of the TV itself is not very loud — the speaker power is only 10 watts, but they are quite high-quality, so the sound will not be distorted even at maximum volume. The developers have taken care to place the connectors for connecting external devices as conveniently as possible for the user. There are much more of them here than in the models that we reviewed before — 3 USB ports, 2 HDMI jacks, a 3.5 mm jack for connecting speakers, headphones or an external audio system. The physical TV control buttons are located on the right side of the bottom edge.

The remote control is made in the same strict style as the TV itself. The buttons for working with content are not very convenient: due to their small size, it is not very convenient to hit them. The operating system of the TV loads within three to four seconds. In general, users recommend updating the software immediately after purchasing the TV, after which the menu will start working much faster, and the TV itself will boot in just 1-2 seconds. The response to the actions of the remote control is quite fast, the channels switch immediately.


  • Very reliable equipment that will last more than one year;
  • Interesting appearance and high build quality;
  • Pretty handy remote;
  • Good for any channel.


  • The native firmware is a bit damp, so it is recommended to update it immediately.

BBK 32LEX-5045/T2C

2. LG 32LJ510U

LG 32LJ510U photo

The design of the products is consistent with the style of the manufacturer. The back panel is made of black matte plastic, the screen frame is metal. Such an interesting appearance will allow the products to organically fit into any interior of the room. On a horizontal surface, the TV is fixed by two legs installed along the edges of the model, if desired, it can even be hung on the wall, but even in this case, the user will have free access to all connectors — he will be able to easily connect an antenna, a USB flash drive and all other equipment . The digital tuner is universal, it is capable of operating in the DVB-C, DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 bands, so the design can receive broadcast signals from terrestrial, satellite and cable broadcasts. The picture quality is quite high. In particular, users note excellent color reproduction, natural contrast, and the TV chooses the brightness on its own, depending on a number of parameters.

The resolution of the picture is 1366×768, so it turns out to be carefully crafted and quite detailed, the refresh rate is 50 frames per second, so the TV reproduces even the most dynamic scenes well. There is support for HDTV and HD Ready format, which is provided with progressive scan, which eliminates the occurrence of any noise. Even if the received signal is rather weak, then the Resolution Upscaler function is specially provided for it, which will amplify it and translate it into a high-definition format.


  • The picture is of very high quality and excellent clarity;
  • There are a large number of fine adjustments to the image;
  • Works with absolutely all formats;
  • A weak TV signal amplifier is provided.


  • Still, some users note the not very convenient location of some connectors.

LG 32LJ510U

1. Polarline 32PL13TC-SM

Polarline 32PL13TC-SM photo

The best in this section of our rating was the model of domestic production, in addition, this design is equipped with the Smart TV function, but at the same time it does not have a very high cost, which is not very typical for products with such wide capabilities. In general, the functionality of the product is really on top. First of all, the TV has a powerful digital tuner with support for DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C, with which you can work with paid and free channels broadcast over the air or via cable. The interface has a special CI slot that supports CI+; a CAM module with an access card installed in it is installed in it. It will open access to pay TV channels broadcasting on digital technology. The model supports a large number of various resolutions — 480, 576, 720, 1080 pixels. An original feature is the presence of a built-in high-definition cinema called USB CINEMA HD. It can work with absolutely any extensions.

The Smart TV function is based on the Android 4.4 operating system. The TV has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. There are relatively powerful Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules, but you can also access the Internet using a cable connection via a standard Ethernet connector. Programs can be installed both using the Play Market app store and via a flash drive. The TV has two speakers that are capable of delivering a maximum power of 16 watts — enough for use in an apartment or home. The sound is voluminous, the frequency range is heard very well. The balance of high and low frequencies can be adjusted if necessary.


  • democratic value;
  • Availability of Smart TV function;
  • High speed of the operating system;
  • Decent build quality;
  • Good sound power.


  • Some channels may ripple slightly.

Polarline 32PL13TC-SM

Full HD TVs

3. Kivi 32FR50BR

Kivi 32FR50BR photo

This TV boasts not only a sufficiently high-quality and clear image, but also a good sound that covers the entire range and at the same time no extraneous backgrounds begin to appear even at full volume. It has been developed using HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, which delivers excellent levels of detail and superior brightness in every scene on the TV screen. The refresh rate of the picture is 60 frames per second — one of the highest rates that are found in our review. This setting ensures that the image is reproduced smoothly and believably.

The TV is produced using the latest Advanced Color Engine technology, which achieves natural color reproduction, and due to the processing of brightness, the picture really turns out to be vivid and almost real. The remote control is characterized by an original form and increased functionality. In particular, on the reverse side there is a small keyboard that makes it easier to find the desired document, media content or program. If desired, the user can download a special Kivi Remote application to their smartphone, with which viewing programs will become even more convenient.


  • Sufficiently powerful iron;
  • Decent amount of built-in memory;
  • There is support for Smart TV;
  • HDR function provided;
  • A long period of warranty service — as much as three years.


  • Weak viewing angles in the vertical plane.

Kivi 32FR50BR

2. AVEL AVS320SM (Magic Mirror)

AVEL AVS320SM (Magic Mirror) photo

A unique product that rightfully ended up in our rating. First of all, I would like to note the originality of the production of the device. The TV has an updated design — by and large, this is a real built-in technology. It is able to optimally fit into the interior of the kitchen, bedroom, living room and even the bathroom. The fact is that the device is placed in a completely waterproof case, so it can be installed even in pools. The TV is placed in the wall using a special installation box, and the connectors for connecting it to the mains and other equipment are located under a separate cover. The model has a system of built-in vibration-type speakers, so you do not have to install an additional speaker system. They are behind a special glass and provide the viewer with high-quality and clear sound, while they will remain completely invisible.

If desired, the user can still connect a soundbar, external speakers or an amplifier — HDMI ARC support is provided for this. The remote control also does not allow water to pass under its body. Despite the fact that this is inherently built-in technology, it has retained all the functionality of an ordinary TV — there are connectors for connecting external equipment: laptops, players, set-top boxes, and so on. Even if a jet of water hits the screen, nothing terrible will happen: there will be no short circuit, and everything will be in order with the TV. In addition, this model is covered by a rather long warranty of 2 years. In the off state, most people will confuse this TV with an ordinary mirror.


  • The presence of a waterproof case;
  • Wide viewing angles;
  • Perfect image quality;
  • Attractive and original appearance.


  • Very high cost.

AVEL AVS320SM (Magic Mirror)

1. Sony KDL-32WD752

Sony KDL-32WD752 photo

In the first place, we decided to place a liquid crystal model from another world-famous company. This TV went on sale back in 2016, but to this day, other products have not been able to get around it in many ways. When developing the appearance, the creators decided to stick to the classic design with elements of a futuristic style, which allows the device to look optimal in any interior design. Overall dimensions practically do not differ from other designs — 717x429x61 mm with a mass of about 6.5 kg. It is not necessary to place it on a stand, as it is provided for fastening to the wall, but it looks very original. The back panel is plastic, the frames framing the screen are stylized as metal, although they are also made of plastic. These frames are quite thin, which makes the design even more attractive.

Viewing angles both horizontally and vertically are the same — 178 degrees. The refresh rate of the picture is very high: it is as much as 400 frames per minute, so absolutely all scenes are smooth. It uses Edge LED backlighting, and the LEDs are located under the screen around the entire perimeter, so there will be no light at the edges. The aspect ratio of the display is 16:9. High sound quality is ensured by the presence of two stereo speakers, the power of which is 10 W each. The balance of high and low frequencies is optimal, however, if necessary, the user can adjust this parameter to his liking. There are quite a lot of interfaces, there is a socket for an Ethernet cable, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules.


  • Quite adequate cost for such a wide functionality;
  • Interesting and stylish appearance;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Wide viewing angles;
  • High volume, clear sound;
  • Multiple wired and wireless interfaces available.


  • Not detected.

Sony KDL-32WD752

In conclusion, a useful video

That concludes our review of the best 32-inch TVs. If you have any wishes or questions — feel free to send them to us in the comments to this article. We will try to promptly respond to your comments, collect and provide all additional information and do it, if possible, in the most accessible form.


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