Analog TV is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and the modern digital TV format is coming in its place. Many people do not have TVs that support this broadcast technology, but they have a way out of this situation: either purchase a more modern model (however, this will be quite expensive), or buy a special digital receiver that will receive a television signal, recode it and display the existing device.

By themselves, television receivers have been on the market for quite a long time, but recently they have become simply wildly popular in many respects precisely because of the transition from analog to digital broadcasting. The advantages of the latter are undeniable in many ways — it is a higher image quality, clear sound and a number of other features. However, not all people imagine what a receiver is, what elements it consists of, and what points you will have to pay attention to when buying it.

It is for them that we have written this review of the best digital receivers of 2019. Before proceeding to the consideration of specific models, let’s first understand the main performance qualities of such equipment.

What exactly affects the stable operation of the receiver and the basic rules for choosing a TV tuner

Absolutely all set-top boxes of this type include three fundamental elements — the body of the structure, the board responsible for receiving and processing the signal, and the remote control. As mentioned earlier, the set-top box works according to the following method: a digital signal is received, then it is processed and converted to analog and displayed on the TV display via RCA or VGA connectors. If the TV has an HDMI cable jack, it’s easier to connect through it. With the help of such a set-top box, it will be possible to significantly improve the quality of broadcasting, regardless of how modern the TV is.

There are a lot of models on the market, so you should approach the purchase as responsibly as possible. First of all, be sure to pay attention to the types and number of connectors. If the set-top box you like does not have the corresponding socket, then it is better to immediately purchase a special adapter in addition. Almost all models broadcast a signal in HD or Full HD formats, there is another definition standard — SDTV, but it has long been recognized as obsolete, and today it is practically not found anywhere.

Digital receiver operation

The consoles also have a number of additional features. Modern devices are equipped with a delayed viewing function; you can also record a television broadcast on an external media that is connected to one of the corresponding ports of this set-top box. Standard and inexpensive receivers, as a rule, are not equipped with Internet access, so the signal comes to them either through an external antenna or via an antenna cable. However, there are models that still have access to the network, so access to IPTV is opened. This feature is provided for modern designs that usually work on the Android platform, activate it using a special application. They are connected to the network through a Wi-Fi module or an Ethernet socket.

When choosing digital receivers for inclusion in our rating of the best similar products, we, first of all, relied on the information given a little earlier. However, the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as user reviews, were also taken into account here. We tried to compile a review of models that are not too expensive, so that most readers can afford the products.

Best Digital Receivers / TV Tuners


D-Color DC1002HD photo

The manufacturer of this model has been producing similar devices for quite a long time and is constantly improving its products. Thanks to this, the device fully complies with the latest requirements that consumers place in relation to such products. The set-top box is capable of working with DVB-T and DVB-T2 formats, it has a fairly powerful tuner MaxLinear MXL608. With the help of such a receiver, you can record your favorite television programs, play content located on external media. The product software has a built-in media player that works with the most common formats. The warranty period is quite long — it is as much as 2 years.

Due to the installation here of a modern processor of the combined type, the number of radio elements on the board was significantly reduced. Accordingly, she herself became smaller in size, which could not but affect the dimensions of the entire device. In general, the model turned out to be very compact. The base and top panel are made of metal, equipped with slots for fresh air access. The front panel is made of plastic with a matte finish and glossy inserts. On the front side there is a segment digital display: in the operating mode, the channel number is shown here, in the standby mode — the clock. There are also three physical buttons and a slot for connecting a USB drive. Jacks for connecting to a TV are located at the back — there is an antenna input, image and sound outputs (standard «tulips») and an HDMI connector.


  • Sufficiently stable catches signals;
  • Easy to set up and manage;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Original and attractive appearance;
  • Good quality workmanship and assembly.


  • Sometimes the picture may freeze slightly.


9. HARPER HDT2-1202

Harper HDT2-1202 photo

A fairly compact product with which you can easily expand the functional side of your TV. The product is capable of working with DVB-T/T2 formats. Important points are the support of the so-called teletext, there is also a parental control system: it allows you to protect children from watching unwanted TV channels or programs. There is also a composite connector, so the set-top box is perfect for fairly old TV models that are already 20 or more years old. The remote control has an ergonomic shape. The location of the buttons is very convenient — a person with both large and fairly miniature hands will be able to reach them. The software interface is very simple, so even a person who has not encountered such products before will be able to figure out how to connect and configure this equipment. It should be noted that the interface is completely Russified.

If desired, you can record the transfer to external media without losing quality, there is a built-in player that allows you to work with images, music tracks and video files of various quality, extension and duration. This receiver is based on a fairly fast MSTAR 7T01 processor, which is characterized by decent performance: the set-top box instantly responds to pressing a button on the remote control. The device itself is quite compact — 75x118x31 mm and weighs 350 g.


  • Able to receive at least 20 channels and display them on a TV screen in very good quality;
  • Very reasonable cost;
  • Easy to set up even for a beginner;
  • Fully Russified interface;
  • There is everything you need to connect to a TV.


  • Simple appearance.


8. Selenga HD950D

Selenga HD950D photo

A digital receiver of this type has a fairly broad functionality for such equipment — there is a pause mode that can be activated directly during the broadcast, the broadcast is recorded according to the set timer. In addition, two USB connectors can be found on the case at once, and both of them are able to work not only with ordinary flash drives, but also with hard drives. If necessary, it will be possible to connect a full-fledged Wi-Fi adapter to the device, which will allow you to watch videos from various streaming services, and not just from the signal received by the antenna. The device itself is not too big — the manufacturer could make the case even smaller if it were not for a decent number of connectors located on the back of the device.

To work with modern TVs, there is an HDMI jack, and for outdated products, analog outputs. The display at the set-top box is digital: it shows either the time or the channel number. It glows quite brightly, so it is better to turn it off at night. The set-top box is capable of working with most of the most well-known audio, video and photo formats. The set-top box menu is quite simple, but convenient and informative — you can quickly find in it which USB connector is used and what exactly is on it. The remote control is very convenient, also there are control buttons on the front panel.


  • Good functionality;
  • If necessary, Internet access can be provided;
  • Works with many formats;
  • All programs show quite clearly.


  • When working with some functions, it may freeze briefly;
  • There is no reset button, but it is periodically needed.

Selenga HD950D


BBK SMP001HDT2 photo

It is produced in two colors — dark gray and black. The device has compact overall dimensions of 174x158x42 mm with a weight of 370 grams, the corners are slightly rounded, which gives the device additional style and attractiveness. On the front panel you can find the LED indicator of operation — it glows green when the device is active, and red when it is in standby mode, there is also a USB port. On the back of the unit there is an antenna connector, an HDMI cable jack and three tulip connectors. On the bottom panel you can find two rubberized legs and two more legs made of high-quality abrasion-resistant plastic. There are also ventilation holes in the cooling system. The Ali M3821 single-chip processor, which is characterized by high protection against a wide variety of interference, acts as the main working element. RAM in the receiver 64 MB.

Setting up is quite simple due to the intelligent interface of InErgo. The settings menu is elementary, there is a teletext function, as well as the ability to move channels through the list. The product does not have an external display. If desired, you can adjust the screen brightness, saturation and clarity of the picture. There is a parental control feature with different levels of minimum viewing age — 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 years old, and this restriction will also apply to recorded programs.


  • Excellent workmanship;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Stability and reliability of work;
  • Excellent picture quality.


  • The ergonomics of the remote control is poorly thought out.


6 Oriel 421

Oriel 421 photos

This model has increased functionality, in particular, it is able to work with DVB-T2/T/C standards. It has all the necessary features that provide ease of use — program guide, recording timer, teletext, parental control and so on. As with most set-top boxes included in our review, there is a built-in multimedia player with which the user can listen to music, watch movies, photos, and so on. The device has two USB ports, and one of them can accommodate a Wi-Fi adapter, but it is not included in the kit, you will have to purchase it separately. When connected to the Internet, the owner opens up a number of additional features. In particular, he can view channels related to Internet TV, use various hosting sites like YouTube and the like.

The receiver has a built-in power supply that delivers 5 V, it works on the basis of the latest generation GX3235S processor. It is capable of working with Full HD high-definition format. The device fully supports the Russian language, which greatly facilitates its setup. Channels are searched automatically. Depending on the size of the display, you can change the aspect ratio of the picture.


  • Original learning remote control;
  • Ability to work with an extended number of standards;
  • Ease of setup;
  • There is the possibility of access to the Internet.


  • If external devices are connected to two USB ports at the same time, a conflict may occur between them.

Oriel 421

5.Selenga T42D

Selenga T42D photo

Despite the unremarkable appearance (products look almost the same from all sides), the device has a very wide functionality that allows it to be used not only in urban environments, but even in suburban areas or in rural areas. The set-top box is designed specifically to work with terrestrial television, which is broadcast in the DVB-T2 MultiPLP and DVB-C standards, and cable TV uses the latter format. Overall dimensions are small, but this is largely ensured by the presence of an external power supply, which produces a current of about 2A. Another important feature noted by users of the device is the support for AC3 multi-channel sound — in this format, almost all television programs are broadcast today. The device’s media player supports Full HD format and is able to work with all widespread formats.

If you wish, you can record the broadcast to an external USB, the function of delayed viewing is also provided, there is parental control. The remote control is placed in a plastic case, which has a slightly rough surface, does not slip out of your hands, you can easily reach all the buttons. The case has a significant perforation, so it will not overheat even during prolonged use. The front panel of the product has four physical control buttons, a USB port and a digital display.


  • Catches a very large number of channels, and in excellent quality;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Ease of handling;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • If desired, you can provide access to the Internet;
  • There are all the necessary sockets and connectors.


  • Inconvenient search on YouTube hosting.

Selenga T42D

4. World Vision T62A

World Vision T62A photo

This receiver comes with a 3RCA-3RCA cable (the official name for a tulip connector), those who want to connect the product to a TV using an HDMI cable will have to buy it separately. It is not necessary to study the instructions at all, the user will be able to figure out how to set up and use the products on their own. The control panel has a plastic case with high ergonomic characteristics, besides, it is trainable. The main unit is made of high-quality perforated metal, which facilitates the removal of excess heat, and also greatly extends the service life. The display here is digital, seven-segment, it will show either channel numbers or the current time. Directly on the case itself, there are seven buttons made of corrugated plastic at once.

On the back side there is a standard set of connectors. The model has only three supported languages ​​- English, Russian and Ukrainian. There is an electronic TV guide that displays the current program guide not only on the active channel, but also on six — three nearest in each direction. If necessary, you can activate the timer to turn on, turn off or start recording, so you can not miss your favorite show.


  • Quite democratic cost of the device;
  • A wide range of additional features;
  • The signal is very stable — the picture is quite clear;
  • There are many functions when connected to the Internet.


  • Cannot update the software online;
  • Due to the built-in power supply, the case gets quite hot.

World Vision T62A

3. LUMAX DV-2108HD

LUMAX DV-2108HD photo

In third place is the prefix, which went on sale at the very beginning of this year. She immediately gained great popularity among consumers. In terms of appearance, nothing special can be noted here, with the exception of a not too bright display, which allows you to install a set-top box even in a bedroom. The backlight itself is greenish. It is capable of working with the only DVB-T2 terrestrial digital broadcasting format, but it is quite enough to stably catch at least 20 channels even in rural areas. However, she also has the ability to catch digital cable TV — a DVB-C module is provided for this. There is a multimedia player that supports almost all known formats, several built-in games, IP playlists, a MEGOGO virtual cinema and a LUMAX cinema. Together, this allows you to get a very wide functionality of the device.

In terms of sound quality, there is support for Dolby Digital 5.1, the menu is completely Russified, understandable even for inexperienced users. The remote control is small in size, but at the same time very comfortable, it will not slip out of the hands. Its signal is quite powerful — you don’t have to aim at the console. If desired, you can connect a Wi-Fi module, an adapter, like most models, is not included in the kit.


  • The warranty period is 2 years;
  • Ability to work with various signal sources;
  • The remote has a ZOOM function and several programmable buttons;
  • Stably catches a large number of terrestrial and cable type channels;
  • Not too bright, but quite readable backlight.


  • Unremarkable appearance.


2.Galaxy Innovations Uni 2

Galaxy Innovations Uni 2 photo

This model appeared on store shelves about a year ago, it runs on the Android operating system, which allows you to use the resources of the Play Market online store, where you can find a large number of entertaining and useful applications, both paid and free. The device is based on a fast quad-core processor. By and large, this set-top box can be considered not a receiver, but a full-fledged multimedia device, which, moreover, is characterized by a quite acceptable cost. There are no physical buttons on the front panel of the product, there is only a digital display and an LED operation indicator. On the back side there are antenna inputs and outputs, an output for connecting a digital audio channel, an AV output for working with outdated TV models. The power supply is external.

The remote control has a decent overall dimensions and carefully thought out ergonomics. The processor will not get very hot during operation, largely due to the original forced-type cooling system. The menu of the model is quite typical for devices running on a similar platform. All inscriptions are large enough to be read easily. The initial setup is elementary, it is quite simple to search for channels. If the user knows the broadcast frequencies of the programs he is interested in, then he can enter them manually.


  • Original products that combine the capabilities of a receiver and a media player;
  • Management is carried out only from the remote control;
  • Works well with almost all extensions;
  • No slowdowns were found when working with online content;
  • Channels switch almost instantly;
  • The menu works quickly and stably;
  • Excellent output signal quality.


  • Pre-installed applications in the firmware do not function, you have to download them again.

Galaxy Innovations Uni 2


BBK SMP240HDT2 photo

Finally, we got to the leader of our rating. The model has not too large overall dimensions — 132x117x32 mm, it is placed in a metal case, which is painted with black paint with a matte finish — it will not show all sorts of dirt, fingerprints and other traces. The front side is made of glossy plastic, there is an operating mode indicator, a USB 2.0 input, an infrared ray reception sensor from the remote control. The products can work with DVB-T and DVB-T2 standards, the image quality can reach Full HD 1080p. There are several physical buttons on the front side — power on, menu call and channel switching. They are quite tight when pressed and emit a characteristic click. Air vents are located on all sides except the front. It is very important to ensure that they are not blocked, otherwise this will lead to a strong heating of the case during operation and a reduction in the period of its operation.

The remote control has not too large overall dimensions, the buttons are compact, so in order to immediately get to the right one, you will have to practice. The menu is very clear, fully translated into Russian. When performing automatic search, the device picks up not only TV channels, but also radio stations. There is a media player that works with many popular formats. Through the USB connector, you can connect a USB flash drive or hard drive, the volume of which does not exceed 500 GB.


  • No external power supply provided;
  • When removed from the package does not emit foreign odors;
  • Works pretty fast;
  • Metal case;
  • Operates on the basis of a modern processor.


  • The buttons on the remote are small in size.


In conclusion, a useful video

The rating of the best digital receivers is over. For each of the presented models, we have tried to collect as much information as possible so that you can choose the best product for yourself, depending on the available TV and connection conditions. If you still have some questions, then feel free to ask us in the comments — we will respond to each comment as quickly as possible and provide you with all the additional information you are interested in.


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