Stable cellular communications and high-speed mobile Internet have long become the norm for most people, but companies providing such services do not always provide them with decent quality. It often happens that outside the city during phone calls there are all sorts of interference, the pages start to load rather slowly. You can ensure the stability of the connection with the help of special equipment, which is called a signal amplifier for cellular communications and the Internet.

This is a fairly new technique that appeared on store shelves not so long ago, so few people can correctly navigate its operational characteristics. If you have a need for such a device, then our review of the best cellular and Internet signal boosters is especially for you. But before proceeding to a direct analysis of the useful qualities of the models selected for review, let’s first understand what they are and what properties are most important for specific conditions of product use.

What factors are important when buying a signal amplifier?

In itself, the quality of cellular communication directly depends on a number of factors. These include the power of the operator’s base station (the strongest of them are able to provide a stable connection within a radius of about 100 km), in addition, the terrain plays an important role, as well as various obstacles that are in the signal path — trees, buildings, poles and so on. The more subscribers will be served by one station, the weaker the channel bandwidth will be, which will also affect the stability of the connection.

Amplifiers or repeaters can be single-band and multi-band. The first ones will not cost too much, but at the same time they are able to support only one signal or data transmission format, the second type costs much more, but can support up to 3 different bands used by mobile operators. This product is universal, because it is designed to amplify both the signal of the communication itself and data transmission.

How to choose and install a repeater

Be sure to pay attention to such a parameter as power when choosing a device. It affects the coverage radius, for example, for a room with an area of ​​​​about 50 sq.m. a product with an indicator of the order of 10 mW will be quite enough. As a rule, the repeater is equipped with two toggle switches designed to adjust the power of the outgoing and incoming signal. In other words, it regulates the receiving and transmitting antennas. Most users always set the outgoing signal to the maximum, and adjust the incoming signal depending on its intensity. It should not be made too strong, as this will lead to congestion of the station itself.

On sale you can find products designed to enhance only the Internet in 3G format. This is a rather convenient design, which even an inexperienced user can figure out, besides, models are often equipped with a Wi-Fi module. The type of antenna is also important — they can be panel (another name is sector), directional or ring (they are also collecting). Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we will reveal in more detail in the process of reviewing the models.

When choosing signal amplifiers to include in our review, we took into account all the points mentioned above, as well as relied on user and professional reviews, and did not lose sight of value for money. For each model, we tried to collect the maximum amount of information so that you can appreciate all its capabilities.

The best repeater models

10 Telestone 950

Telestone 950 photo

One of the cheapest models that can only be found on the Russian market today. The kit contains everything you need for self-configuration and full use of this equipment. The coverage area can reach 200 sq.m. The design is capable of working with cellular communications and the Internet at 3G speed in the UMTS-900 standard, supports the signals of the most common operators in the country — MTS, Megafon and Beeline. The repeater is designed for use in office environments, apartments, country houses, semi-basement and basement premises. Not too high requirements are imposed on the installation — the unit is placed in a dry, heated room. The kit includes the repeater itself, antenna mount, adapter for connecting to the mains, external and internal antennas, as well as a 10 m cable.

The device is installed as follows: the external antenna is placed on the facade of the building or rises to the roof and is fixed there, it is directed so that it is oriented to the nearest base station. The cable is laid in the room so that it does not form rings. When all operations are done, it is connected to the amplifier itself, an internal antenna is installed. Only then can power be supplied to the device. It is desirable that the spread of the distance between the receiving and transmitting antennas be maximum, otherwise the device may not work very correctly.


  • Quite democratic cost;
  • Works with multiple ranges of signals;
  • Significantly improves the performance of both the cellular communication itself and the Internet.


  • It is necessary to place the antennas at a considerable distance from each other, which is not always technically possible.

Telestone 950

9. AnyTone AT-400

AnyTone AT-400 photo

This is a very compact design of the GSM standard, which is designed to stabilize the cellular signal and enhance mobile Internet reception. Excellent performance in rural and rough terrain. The product is a receiver and transmitter of the GSM 900 format, it receives a signal from the nearest base station through an external antenna. Its amplification is performed automatically, then it is output to an indoor antenna and distributed to various types of mobile devices — mobile phones, tablets, and so on. The power of the device is not too large, but it is quite enough to cover an area with a radius of about 20 sq.m. Due to this equipment, it is possible to ensure stable and high-quality communication and packet data transmission even in the absence of a network — in the so-called «blind» zones, for example, in dungeons, in basements, in low-lying areas of the area. Thanks to him, the signal passes through thick concrete and brick walls.

The installation of the device is quite simple, it does not require any special skills and abilities from the user. The kit comes with a special adapter that allows you to connect the device to the car’s on-board electrical network. In this case, along with the amplifier, there is a set of car antennas that can be placed around the perimeter of the vehicle in various directions, and they will not affect the quality of the road view at all. The device resists low temperatures well and is able to work even in conditions of very high humidity — up to 95%.


  • Compactness;
  • autonomy;
  • Can be connected to a car battery through the cigarette lighter;
  • Reliability and durability of a design.


  • It is far from being found everywhere in a complete set, so some users had to buy a car adapter and a set of antennas.

AnyTone AT-400

8. Vector R-610

Vector R-610 photo

An improved version of the previous model from this manufacturer. Ideally shows itself when working with a signal of the GSM 900 format. In the process of operation, it does not create sound and other radiation that could affect the state of human health. Provides a confident and stable signal indoors, the calculated coverage is approximately 300 meters in radius. This device is manufactured in South Korea, which already speaks of the high quality of production. The model has a special protective module that protects it from various extraneous signals. This is expressed in the following: if a so-called «spurious» signal arrives at the receiver, then it is isolated from the cellular signal and is significantly attenuated or completely turned off at the output, and when transmitted to the antenna, it is completely leveled. The design can start a cycle of attenuation and amplification of the supply of basic data, after which the parasitic pulse often disappears on its own.

If necessary, the amplifier power can simply be turned off. This is useful in areas with unstable mobile phone coverage. If it is getting better, then the device can turn off on its own. Gain control is carried out in both directions. During the operation of this model, streaming data is exchanged with a mobile device, so the design works not only for fast loading, but also for a stable response. The repeater must operate at an ambient temperature of +5 to +50 degrees. The length of the cable going to the internal antenna is 5 meters, which is quite enough so that the signals do not overlap.


  • Automatic shutdown system if necessary;
  • There is no need to spread the receiving and transmitting antennas over a considerable distance;
  • Suppression of extraneous signals is provided;
  • Works for both receiving and transmitting.


  • It is difficult to find service centers for the maintenance and repair of this equipment.

Vector R-610

7. Everstream ES1821P Kit

Everstream ES1821P Kit photo

A very convenient and easy-to-use model that can operate in two bands at once — 1800 and 2100 MHz. It is equipped with automatic and manual control systems, that is, the user can adjust all available flows depending on their own needs. The gain is 65 dB, the output power is 20 dBm. Such an amplifier was developed specifically to ensure the stable operation of GSM 1800 and UMTS 2000 cellular communication systems in places with a weakened signal or with its complete absence. The design is equipped with built-in AGC and ALC functions. With their help, the repeater can independently, without human intervention, adjust the gain factor if an excessive power signal is received at the antenna. This feature allows you to ensure stable and constant operation of the device. A large number of protective options are provided. In particular, the amplifier controls power indicators at several levels at once — telephone-station and station-telephone. The case temperature is constantly monitored so that the product does not overheat.

The appearance of the design is quite attractive, so it is not necessary to hide it somewhere, all the parameter adjustment knobs are smooth, not stepped. Products have all the necessary certificates of quality and safety for domestic use.


  • Works with two cellular standards at once;
  • Wide range of signal level adjustment options;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Reliable protection systems against interference and physical damage.


Everstream ES1821P Kit

6. Remo Orange-900

Remo Orange-900 photo

The repeater of domestic production is distinguished by a very interesting and original appearance. The case has compact dimensions, is made of white matte plastic, there are black inserts on the end parts. All connectors for connecting external devices, including the power cable, are located on the back side. A USB 2.0 port is provided, which is supplied with a current of 1 A, which allows you to charge various mobile devices. In addition, on the front side of the case there is an LED indication — power supply and device activity. Inside you can find a soldered antenna and a set of basic elements that ensure the activity of the gadget. The external antenna is quite compact, has a conical base equipped with a magnet, the cable length is 6 meters. There is another antenna included, it provides operation in the 4G LTE band, it has a rather massive size and weight, which is 700 grams. Another cable is provided for it — a ten-meter one, it is designed for a significant height of the device mounting.

The power of this amplifier is only enough for four gadgets, so installing it in public places (cafes, subways, and so on) is simply irrational, but it is quite suitable for a small office. The instruction for installation and commissioning of the device is simple, fully translated into Russian. Everything is written in it in an understandable and accessible language, so the setup will not take much time. An external antenna can be fixed almost anywhere — on the wall, window sill. After turning on the amplifier, you should wait until the operation indicator starts to glow with a steady green light, then you can start using this device stably. The range is not too large — about 15 meters, but it is quite enough to connect four gadgets to the network.


  • Very effectively transmits the signal indoors;
  • Works stably and does not overheat;
  • Stylish appearance;
  • Pretty easy to set up.


  • No support for 3G networks;
  • A maximum of 4 mobile devices can be connected.

Remo Orange-900

5. Baltic Signal BS-GSM/3G-75

Baltic Signal BS-GSM/3G-75 photo

Another device designed and manufactured in Russia. It is a specialized design that provides a significant improvement in the quality of voice communications and mobile Internet, and this becomes clearly visible not only for mobile devices, but also for USB modems connected to personal computers and laptops. The kit includes the device itself, two panel antennas and a set of cables equipped with all necessary adapters. The total power of the module is 320 mW, which is quite enough to cover an area of ​​about 200 sq.m. In turn, this feature allows you to install the device in fairly large areas — gas stations, large offices and even shopping malls. The maximum gain of the model is within 75 dB. If you additionally use the antenna included in the kit, you can make a stable signal from a tower located at a distance of about 7-10 km from the receiver.

The system is able to work only with a single frequency range — 2100 MHz, respectively, it supports the UMTS-2100 standard, and is compatible with all mobile operators operating in the country. The model provides an increase in the quality of both voice calls and 3G Internet. The operating temperature range implies that the products must be located in a heated room with a minimum temperature of +10 degrees. The case is miniature, almost not striking.


  • Fairly large coverage area;
  • Works with both voice communication and mobile Internet;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • It picks up the signal even from a tower located at a considerable distance.


  • Expensive;
  • Works only in one single frequency range.

Baltic Signal BS-GSM/3G-75

4. PicoCell 900 SXB+

PicoCell 900 SXB+ photo

The design can be used not only in a home, apartment or small office, but it is quite suitable for creating a full-fledged relay system designed for a large number of subscribers. The main active element here is the built-in microcontroller, which provides automatic control of all available device parameters, it also keeps the equipment operating mode under full control. This is a fairly active equipment that can easily cope with the so-called «radio leak zones». It operates within the EGSM900 standard. The unit is very popular among users due to its wide scope and quite reasonable cost. Works with the main Russian telecom operators. The transmit-receive power is 10 mW with a gain of 55 dB — it perfectly shows all its functionality both within the city and beyond. It can also be used to amplify the incoming and outgoing mobile Internet signal.

It is necessary to install in a place where the structure will be reliably protected from any physical influences, including low temperatures. The repeater consumes electricity economically, the mass is insignificant, no harmful radiation was detected from it. There is an ALC function, which, due to LED indication, will inform the user about the quality of communication.


  • Decent range;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • It shows its qualities well in conditions of almost complete or absolute absence of a network signal.


  • Not a very rich package.

PicoCell 900 SXB+

3. KROKS RK1800-60

KROKS RK1800-60 photo

The bronze of our review of the best cellular and Internet signal amplifiers is received by a rather original and unpretentious design in operation, which has small overall dimensions — they are 151x80x40 mm. This makes the device almost invisible to the surrounding. The range of supported input frequencies is in the range from 1710 to 1785 MHz, while the gain is 50-60 dB. The gadget works absolutely silently, so it can be kept turned on around the clock, respectively, it does not harm human health in any way, which allows it to be constantly used in residential areas. Electricity consumption is only 5 W per hour — it will hardly affect the bills.

The design fully complies with the current state standards and other regulatory documentation, as evidenced by a number of certificates. It provides duplex communication and a high gain parameter, and it is adjusted automatically. The user does not have to think about it, he will only have to fully use his mobile device.


  • Harmless to health and the environment;
  • High gain rates;
  • Compact overall dimensions and low weight;
  • Completely silent;
  • It can work in conditions of complete absence of a signal.


  • The case heats up a little with prolonged use.

KROKS RK1800-60

2. Gave 3Gboost connection

DalCommunication 3Gboost photo

These are products of the latest generation, which are able to function in a completely autonomous mode, that is, without any human intervention. It is enough for the user to correctly install the elements, connect them to each other and connect them to the power supply, after which the device will start doing everything on its own. The design works with the 3G UMTS 2100 standard, and the model shows its capabilities well even at a considerable distance from the point of the outgoing signal. It can be used in offices, homes, hotels, basements and even rural areas. There is a special warning function that will notify users how strong the isolation between the external and internal antenna is. The broadband amplifier, the gadget supports all mobile operators in the country, including Tele 2. There is a special system for protecting against loads on the main station, the gain can reach a maximum of 75 dB.

There are several LED indicators that inform about the operating mode of the equipment. The system will automatically adjust the signal level so that the amplification effect is at the same level all the time. This allows you to reduce the battery consumption of your phone, both in the process of communication and when using the Internet connection. The internal antenna is located in the case itself, which is made of plastic and does not interfere with the propagation of cellular waves.


  • Low electricity consumption;
  • It is easy to install and connect, the process takes a minimum of time;
  • Large coverage area — about 500 sq.m.


  • Not suitable for SkyLink signal.

DalCommunication 3Gboost

1. Vegatel Titan-900 PRO

Vegatel Titan-900 PRO photo

Another model developed by Russian scientists and released by the domestic company Titan acted as the leader of our rating of the best cellular signal and Internet signal amplifiers. This repeater is characterized by sufficiently high power rates — 23 dBm and 200 mW, the maximum gain can reach 70 dB. Thanks to this equipment, it will be possible to easily improve the quality of GSM communications of any kind, including not only outside the city, but generally at a considerable distance from settlements, where a distance of about 10 km is maintained to the nearest signal transmission point. The design operates in the 900 MHz frequency range — this is what the main Russian operators support. In terms of cellular communication, the improvement is literally visible to the naked eye, but there may be minor problems with the Internet connection, since not all providers work with this format when laying 3G networks.

The maximum area on which the device can amplify the action of the incoming signal is 1200 sq.m. However, due to various obstacles, this figure may be reduced. According to users, the real figure in the most difficult working conditions is around 300 sq.m. Nevertheless, even such an area is quite enough for the action of the device to stretch over the entire backyard or summer cottage. Gain is adjusted automatically. The case is metal, there is an LED indication, it can also be controlled in manual mode. All inscriptions on the case are made in Russian.


  • Fairly large coverage area;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Ability to work both in automatic and manual mode;
  • Good gain and signal output power;
  • Protection against the occurrence of various kinds of overloads is provided — both in the mains and when the most intense signal is received.


  • Does not always make mobile Internet work stable.

Vegatel Titan-900 PRO

In conclusion, a useful video

So we examined all, in our opinion, the best cellular and Internet signal amplifiers that can only be found today on the Russian digital technology market. If it seems to you that there is not enough information for some model, write to us about it in the comments — we will try to promptly respond to your message.



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