The smokehouse has been known to people for many centuries. With its help, you can give an original taste to a variety of dishes — meat, fish, vegetables. The design of this device is not too complicated — a metal container, inside of which there is a grate for laying food, a lower container for loading fuel and a special tray where fat and juice flowing from the dish accumulate. During the smoldering process, smoking is carried out, giving the food a unique taste.

Literally 15-20 years ago, home craftsmen independently made such devices with their own hands, however, in compliance with all the rules, it is almost impossible to make a smokehouse on your own. Manufacturers of household appliances decided to deal with this problem and launched a huge amount of these products on the market. If you are just going to try your hand at smoking, then this article will be very useful for you. In it, we will consider the useful qualities of each model included in this rating of the best smokehouses, and we will also give the basic rules regarding the competent choice of such a device.

How to choose the right smokehouse?

First of all, it must be said that all smokehouses are of several types depending on the fuel used — coal, electric and gas. At home (especially in apartments), electric models are often used. The smoke here is formed with the help of special heating elements. If you prefer just such a device, then it is best to buy a design that can smoke products at different temperatures. In gas smokehouses, heat is released from special stones of volcanic origin, which are heated by a burner. However, this design is very rare.

According to users, the most qualitative smoking process occurs exclusively in coal models, where either coal or live wood acts as a fuel. In this case, the products will acquire an additional taste. According to the volume of production, smokehouses are domestic or industrial. There is no fundamental difference between them — the only difference is the volume of the chamber for products.

How the smokehouse is arranged

Smokehouses are also stationary and transportable. The former have significant dimensions, while the latter can be placed in a barn or in a country house, in addition, they are characterized by small overall dimensions. According to the type of smoking, models are cold, hot or semi-hot.

When using hot smoking, food is processed with hot smoke — this is the fastest technology, which takes from 40 minutes to 2 hours in duration. Unfortunately, dishes prepared in this way do not last very long — only about two to three days. Experienced smokers do not advise using this technology to work with fatty foods, because due to exposure to high temperature, fat begins to melt — this negatively affects the taste of the dish.

Cold smoking is produced by smoke, whose temperature is in the range from 15 to 25 degrees. Its duration is from 10 hours to three weeks. Ready-made products can be edible for a long time. Smokehouses are made of cast iron, stainless or special heat-resistant steel. Cast iron is usually used to make stationary smokehouses, heat-resistant steel is short-lived, so it is best to choose a design made of stainless steel.

When we chose models to include in the review of the best smokehouses of the year, we mainly relied on all the points discussed above. In addition, we took into account user reviews and value for money: we tried to choose not very expensive models so that you can find the smoker you like, and at the same time it would be within your means. Now let’s move on to the consideration of the qualities of each specific model.

Electric smokehouses for hot smoking at home

4. Alvin Eku

Alvin Eku photo

Universal product, which is designed specifically for use in domestic conditions. With its help, you can cook a variety of smoked products without leaving their home. Due to the technology of hot smoking, you can get very tasty fish, meat or lard. The versatility of the product lies in the fact that it is able to function both in electric heating mode and through the use of coal or firewood. When using the device connected to the network, certain precautions should be observed — the room should not be more than 35 degrees and not lower than -1 degree. The rated power of the equipment is 0.75 kW, however, this parameter can be adjusted manually in the range from 300 to 750 W.

The device can be used without interruption for a long time without turning it off for a break. The useful volume of the working chamber is 20 liters. In it, you can smoke not only fish, but also a fairly large piece of lard or meat. The overall dimensions are as follows — a diameter of 40 cm and a height of 50 cm. The result is a rather compact product that can find a place even in a cramped kitchen.


  • Made from very high quality materials;
  • During the smoking process, products do not stick to the grates;
  • Able to provide uniform smoking;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Certain precautions must be observed when using this machine.

Elvin Ecu smokehouse

3. 1100W Muurikka

1100 W Muurikka photo

Sufficiently convenient products with horizontal loading of food products. Like the previous model, this device can be used with or without a network connection. The overall dimensions are small, so smoking on wood will not work — you can use either small chips or sawdust. The internal temperature is regulated by a special rotary knob — it is three-position, so you can cook food in the device using both hot and cold technology. By adjusting the temperature, it will be possible to significantly speed up the smoking process. The case is made of high-quality thin-sheet stainless steel, there is a carrying handle.

For greater ease of use of the design, the device is equipped with a special ventilation valve, a thermometer and a special signal lamp. The maximum power of the equipment is 1100 watts. The diameter of the smokehouse is 25 cm with a height of 50. The dimensions of the grate are 24×41.5 cm, which allows you to place a lot of products there.


  • At one time, you can cook up to 2 kg of food;
  • Excellent stability due to large metal legs;
  • The handle allows you to carry even a hot device;
  • The body is made of high-alloy stainless steel;
  • Several operating modes;
  • You can reduce the cooking time;
  • The height of the grille is adjustable;
  • Comes with a case for storage and transportation.


  • The body is covered with a layer of fat over time, which is conspicuous and poorly washed;
  • The cover has a cutout for the heating element, which can allow smoke to enter the room.

smokehouse 1100 W Muurikka

2. Plant Selmash Dymok

Plant Selmash Dymok photo

High-quality and budget products from a domestic manufacturer. The design is characterized by simplicity and a long period of operation. By and large, it’s just a metal box with a heating element inside. This is the best option for working not only with fish or meat, but also for chicken. The useful volume is as much as 20 liters. This model works only on electricity, loading sawdust, wood chips and other fuel there is strongly not recommended. During cooking, it does not emit smoke. Takes up very little space in the kitchen. Ergonomics are carefully thought out, so washing the structure is quite easy. Steam will escape through a special hole made in the lid. A complete silicone hose is supplied to it, through which it is taken outside the room. The junction of the cover and the body is carefully sealed.

All fat from cooking products will accumulate on a special wide tray located directly under the grate. At the same time, two baking sheets with meat or fish can be placed in the housing at once. The bottom of the product is made of original material — hardened stainless steel, the thickness of which is 2 mm, which allows it to withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees. Depending on the product, the process takes between 30 and 90 minutes. To control the temperature in the chamber there is a bimetallic thermometer.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • There is no need to use firewood or other combustible materials;
  • Any contamination is easily cleaned;
  • The heating element is carefully protected from grease.


  • There is no temperature control system in the chamber.

Plant Selmash Dymok

1. Alvin Ecu-Combi

Alvin Ecu-Combi photo

It can work not only on electric current, but also on wood or gas. The top cover and trays are made on the basis of high-quality stainless steel. You can use this equipment both at home and outdoors. The heating surface is flat, has a high power, which greatly increases its functionality. In general, as users note, this smokehouse, in addition to its main task, can be used as a grill, barbecue, small electric stove. The electric heating unit of the device is removable, if necessary, it can be turned off. It is also allowed to use this unit indoors if there is a non-explosive environment and the temperature range is from -1 to +35 degrees.

The kit comes with three grates for products. The model is 40 cm in diameter, 50 cm high and weighs 12 kg. The rated power of the structure is 750 W, however, this parameter can also be adjusted in the range from 300 to 750 W. The lower part of the body is protected by an additional layer of metal.


  • Quite a long power cord — 1.8 m;
  • Consumes only 800 W of electricity;
  • The product does not have to be configured in a special way for proper operation;
  • Excellent resistance to the occurrence and development of corrosion processes;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • A bowl is provided to collect the flowing fat;
  • Power is adjustable if necessary;
  • The user can disconnect the heating element.


  • The lid is not equipped with a handle;
  • Quite expensive;
  • There is a small distance between the gratings.

Smoker Alvin Ecu-Combi

Household smokehouses on coal

4. Alder Smoke Prestige

Alder smoke Prestige photo

This two-tier product is made of brushed 304 stainless steel, the device is additionally equipped with a water seal, which allows you to get hot smoked dishes. Two grates are supplied with the device, there is a tray where fat will accumulate. There is also a special bag for easy transportation and a small package of alder chips. The body of the structure is assembled by argon-arc welding, which gives the product additional strength and reliability. The shape of the product is classic, so you can cook absolutely any food in it — meat, fish, chicken, vegetables. The water seal system reliably keeps the smoke in the smoking chamber, so this product can be used even at home.

On sale you can find a modification of this smokehouse, which is equipped with a special bimetallic thermometer — the user will always know exactly what temperature is currently in the chamber. This design can be used for a long time on coals without fear that it will begin to deform due to the constant narrowing and expansion of the metal — this was achieved due to the walls with a thickness of 2 mm.


  • The overall dimensions of the devices can be selected depending on your needs;
  • Grates and tray are made of stainless steel;
  • Increased strength of the device case;
  • Long period of warranty service — as much as two years;
  • You can order a modification with a thermometer;
  • There is a convenient bag for transporting products;
  • There are handles on the sides to facilitate installation on the ground;
  • You can easily clean the accumulated fat.


  • The handles are not thermally insulated.
  • Some modifications are distinguished by a rather large mass — as much as 26 kg.

Alder Smoke Prestige

3. Alder Smoke Pro

Alder smoke Pro photo

One of the best models for home use, largely due to the presence of a water seal, which allows the device to be used indoors. When assembled, the smokehouse is closed with a special lid, which is inserted into rather deep sides. Water is poured around the perimeter — it will not allow smoke to escape into the premises. In order to remove its excess, a special pipe is located in the corner of the structure. A hose made of high-quality silicone is put on it, which is brought out into the street. The structure is made of stainless steel. The inner chamber is two-tiered, a decent distance is maintained between the tiers, due to which even large products, such as chicken, can be cooked at the same time.

The case is assembled using special welding, so you can not be afraid that it will begin to fail ahead of time. The fat collection tray is made of brushed medical grade stainless steel for easy cleaning. The design is carefully thought out, it has small overall dimensions — 40x30x20 cm.


  • Small size production;
  • The case is well resistant to corrosion processes and deformation;
  • All elements are made of stainless steel;
  • The pallet is made of medical steel, from which it is very easy to remove all fat;
  • A water seal is provided to prevent smoke from escaping the device.


  • Relatively expensive;
  • The grates have large distances between the bars, so it will not be possible to smoke small products;
  • There is no stand for placement on coals;
  • The handles are also not insulated, so you will have to use oven mitts.

Alder Smoke Pro

2. Good heat

Good heat photo

Such a design was developed specifically for home use, and it is permissible to install it on all household stoves, including hobs. The shape of the structure is cylindrical, so it can be installed even on a small slab. At the heart of all elements of the device is corrosion-resistant food grade stainless steel. The tank has rather comfortable handles, which do not heat up too much during the operation of the smokehouse and cool quickly. In the upper part there is a groove around the entire circumference — this is a water seal that ensures absolute tightness of the chamber. The cover is equipped with a fitting through which an electronic thermometer is connected, and an outlet pipe is also located in it. The set includes a tray on the bottom for wood chips, a special tray for fat. Products prepared in such a smokehouse are distinguished by their excellent aroma and excellent taste.

The overall dimensions of the smokehouse allow you to place up to three stands with products in it, and they are quite high. They are also made of stainless steel, so they do not absorb odors. Products are smoked in a suspended state, due to which they are completely baked, the fat also comes out completely, you do not have to worry that food can burn or stick.


  • It is made of sheet stainless steel, the thickness of which is 1.5 mm;
  • The chip tray is equipped with legs, which ensures uniform smoldering of the fuel;
  • The grids are equipped with handles, so they are very easy to get;
  • The kit comes with a special fabric case;
  • Small overall dimensions of the device.


  • Relatively high price;
  • The smoke exhaust hose will have to be purchased separately;
  • The top cover gets very hot.

smokehouse Good heat

1. Camping World Gourmet

Camping World Gourmet photo

On sale you can find several modifications of this smokehouse — they differ from each other in their size and, therefore, the maximum number of products that can be cooked at a time. The case is reliable, characterized by an increased level of strength — it is made of ASIS 430 stainless steel. This material practically does not expand when heated, so any deformation of the case is completely excluded. The model is equipped with a slider lid — it slides out on special skids. In addition, it has a folding steel handle. If necessary, the structure can be rearranged from one place to another without fear of losing the smoke accumulated inside.

Products can be laid out on two tiers. Comes with a drip tray to collect fat. The smokehouse is allowed to be used not only on coals, it is quite acceptable to install it on stoves of any type. the design has a folding mechanism, when folded it takes up a minimum amount of free space, so it can be easily taken with you even on a long trip. Included is a bag for transportation.


  • Quite acceptable cost of production;
  • Insignificant weight, allowing you to carry the smokehouse in your hands for a long time;
  • Fabric cover of the increased durability;
  • Produced from high quality materials;
  • At one time, you can cook up to 3 kg of meat or fish.


  • Can be used exclusively for hot smoking;
  • The handle for lifting the device is not thermally insulated;
  • The wall thickness is only 0.8 mm, which does not insure the product from burning out over time.

Camping World Gourmet

Models for cold smoking

2. UZBI Dym Dymych 01 M

UZBI Dym Dymych 01 M photo

This model is produced by a well-known domestic manufacturer of such equipment, and the design is designed exclusively for cold smoking. Products have earned their popularity due to the extended variability of use. By and large, the unit is a classic smoke generator. The device has a special fan that will direct the resulting smoke into the smoking compartment. Be sure to create conditions suitable for smoking. Before turning on the product, you will have to thoroughly ventilate the room, thereby reducing the level of humidity. If the work is carried out in winter conditions, then make sure that the temperature in the room is positive. The smoking process itself is carried out at a temperature ranging from 20 to 40 degrees. This allows not only to preserve all the useful and nutritious compounds in the products, but also to give the food additional taste.

The smoking process directly depends not only on the personal preferences of the user, but also on the type of products that are being processed. As a combustible material, experienced smokers recommend using oak, apple, cherry, beech or alder chips.


  • Products can be laid in two tiers;
  • Installation of all necessary elements takes a minimum amount of time, since flexible adapters are used here;
  • The body of the product, including the smoke generator, is coated with special polymer compounds;
  • Low cost;
  • The useful volume of the smoking chamber is at least 32 liters;
  • Powerful air pump installed;
  • The kit comes with a connecting hose, the length of which is 0.7 m.


  • The regulator and compressor are housed in a plastic housing that is prone to damage.

UZBI Dym Dymych 01 M

1. UZBI Dym Dymych 02B

UZBI Dym Dymych 02B photo

Well, in the first place in this section of our rating was another product of a Russian company, which is an improved version of the previous model. The device includes two elements — a smoke generator connected to a smoking chamber, whose useful volume is 50 liters. The smoke generator does not have a fan, but there is a fairly powerful compressor, with which good traction is obtained. The smoke enters the smoking chamber already cooled. The case is made of stainless heat-resistant steel, which perfectly resists corrosion processes. Products are equipped with everything necessary for proper use.

Products are processed with smoke, the temperature of which is from 19 to 40 degrees. Despite the fact that this parameter is not too high, however, due to this technology, it is possible to remove various pathogenic and simply harmful bacteria and other microorganisms from fish and meat. The shelf life of food prepared in this way is quite long. It cannot be said that the device turned out to be quite heavy — the smoke generator weighs 1.2 kg, the capacity is just over 5 kg.


  • A reliable compressor of increased power has been installed;
  • Before being fed into the smoking chamber, the smoke is cooled to the required values;
  • Not too large overall dimensions and weight
  • The power of the compressor can be adjusted depending on the needs;
  • When smoked, pathogenic microflora is removed from the products.


  • Relatively thin walls, but the impact here is not very hot smoke, so this factor will not affect the service life;
  • No stand provided.

UZBI Dym Dymych 02B

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best smokehouses is over. We tried to consider each model in as much detail as possible so that you can make the choice of the best product for yourself. If you still have some questions or want to share your experience of using smokehouses with us and other readers, then welcome to comment on this article.


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