Japanese cleverPANDA i5 robot vacuum cleaner was first introduced to the public two years ago. This is the first ever hybrid model equipped with an active camera and Wi-Fi. The device is designed for thorough cleaning of hard floors, but it can also be used for materials such as carpets, rugs, rugs and other long-pile materials. A vacuum cleaner can be useful not only at home, but also in offices. Today’s review is devoted to a detailed analysis of the performance characteristics of this model, its functional abilities, as well as our impressions of its testing.

What is included?

cleverPanda i5 - equipment

Together with the robot itself, a whole set of various additional products is supplied:

  • Base or charging station for the battery, where the device will return after cleaning;
  • Power supply for her;
  • Convenient and ergonomic remote control;
  • The vacuum cleaner itself has a HEPA filter, and another one is supplied as a spare;
  • Washing panel equipped with a sufficiently capacious water tank;
  • Two side brushes and the same number of napkins made of microfiber — a material that perfectly removes even the smallest particles of dust from surfaces;
  • Batteries for the control panel;
  • 16 Gb micro SD memory card (installed in the robot vacuum cleaner);
  • Documentation, which includes a device passport, instructions for its proper use and a warranty card.

cleverPANDA i5 package photo

Product design

cleverPANDA i5 photo

Externally, this robot vacuum cleaner looks very elegant and attractive. In its manufacture, only the most modern technologies were involved, the existing functions were largely modernized. The product will fit perfectly into the interior of the room. The thickness of the case is only 6 cm, so it will easily penetrate under sofas, armchairs and other hard-to-reach places where cleaning is not done as often as we would like.

cleverPANDA i5 robot vacuum thickness

The case itself is made of high quality plastic. In total, there are two color options for the vacuum cleaner — gold and red. The charging station of the model is made in approximately the same spirit.

cleverPANDA i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Basic performance

This robot reflects all the main parameters that are necessary for reliable, fast and high-quality work. It has a fairly quiet engine, which at the same time makes little noise during operation, besides, the overall dimensions are not too high. In addition, the following characteristics are very important, which allow this device to become a worthy competitor to many other models, which are often more expensive:

  • The vacuum cleaner is powered by a lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh;
  • It consumes about 85 W of power — not too high for a robot vacuum cleaner, but this does not affect the final quality of cleaning;
  • Directly offline, the design is able to work up to 2.5 hours;
  • The battery is fully charged within three hours;
  • The suction power is very high for such products — 125 W;
  • The mass of the product is 2.3 kg with a height of 6 cm and a diameter of 25 cm;
  • Garbage is collected in a special cyclone-type HEPA filter, the volume of which is 0.6 l;
  • Noise in the region of 40-60 dB — this indicator directly depends on the mode in which the device operates;
  • Performs both dry and wet cleaning.

Appearance CleverPanda i5

Available functions

This improved 2019 model uses many modern technologies, thanks to which the possibilities have become wider, and the cleaning quality could be much higher. Thanks to the high battery capacity, the vacuum cleaner cleans fluffy surfaces more thoroughly than other models, it can even thoroughly clean pet hair.

Before testing (a cat lives in the apartment), we deliberately did not clean the cat rug from the wool for a long time — a fairly large amount of hair accumulated there. The robot was able to identify the rug as the dirtiest part of the room and went there first. Its cleaning lasted about 12 minutes, but after the device went further around the room, we checked the condition of the rug. Even under a magnifying glass, we could not detect a single hair.

We climb onto the carpet

In total, the robot has four main modes of operation:

  • Automatic — in this case, the model independently plots a route for itself and moves strictly along it;
  • You can use the function of cleaning hard-to-reach places — the vacuum cleaner will move along the walls and in the corners of the room, pass along the contours of furniture and climb under sofas and armchairs;
  • It is possible to work only with the dirtiest areas;
  • The vacuum cleaner can be programmed to work at a strictly defined time.

For example, we asked him to clean the rooms when everyone is at work or at school. The device coped with the task perfectly — they came home to an apartment shining with cleanliness.

The vacuum cleaner is also capable of wet cleaning, which becomes a very pleasant addition. Comes with a decent sized water container and a matching cloth. The design provides an original system for removing excess moisture from the floor surface. The battery is charged automatically. This is expressed as follows: after cleaning is completed, the vacuum cleaner returns to the base and independently connects to the connectors in order to be completely ready for the next cleaning.

Wet cleaning - robot vacuum cleaner components

If necessary, you can control this device in manual mode — for this, a special cleverPANDA i5 application has been developed, which can be downloaded from the PlayMarket or AppStore, and the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a Wi-Fi module. The device works on the basis of a technologically advanced and high-speed processor, which almost instantly processes all incoming data. The navigation system is stable and high quality, so during testing we never encountered the fact that the vacuum cleaner is not able to cope with any obstacle — this makes the gadget even more efficient.

cleverPANDA i5 information display

Echolation system of a vacuum cleaner - principle of operationAnother original point associated with this device is the presence of a modern echolocation system, thanks to which the vacuum cleaner is able to store in its memory exactly where furniture and various obstacles are located. With each next cleaning, he will recall this information from memory and confidently bypass obstacles. It is equipped around the perimeter with a huge variety of sensors and indicators. Many of them are aimed specifically at the floor surface so that the vacuum cleaner can determine how dirty it is and, in accordance with the data obtained, select the most appropriate operating mode.

cleverPANDA i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The cleverPANDA i5 is one of the first models on the market to be equipped with a high definition widescreen camera that is in HD quality. The vacuum cleaner with its help builds a map of the apartment and can perform a number of additional functions:

  • It has a night vision mode, so the device can be used as a watchman;
  • If necessary, you can monitor the condition of the apartment in real time. The vacuum cleaner will send a photo of the house to the owner through the application for a mobile phone, you can even broadcast what is happening live. It also has a positive effect on home security;
  • Information can be stored on a flash card with a maximum capacity of 32 GB (a 16 GB memory card is included with the robot vacuum cleaner);
  • There is a photo and video call function;
  • The camera is able to work both during cleaning and when charging the battery;
  • With all its capabilities, the vacuum cleaner is able to protect personal information — the camera can be turned off due to the application, the lens is closed with a lid and does not allow data to fall into third hands.

Complete with the robot is an instruction, which is fully translated into Russian. It is written in an accessible and understandable language. It contains all the necessary information about the use of this robot vacuum cleaner, including the mobile application.

Test results

Of course, we could not pass by this gadget without fully knowing all its capabilities. First of all, we were struck by the fairly wide range of cleverPANDA i5 – not every robot vacuum cleaner can boast of such a fact. Even the remote control comes with batteries, two soft microfiber cloths are provided, designed specifically for wet cleaning. There is a reliable dust filter. Another significant advantage is the precise movement around the perimeter of the room, which allows you to collect almost all large debris. Of course, one cannot fail to note the presence of a huge number of cameras, sensors, and there is also an application for the phone.

Optional accessories for the cleverPANDA i5 robot vacuum cleaner

There are also disadvantages — you can’t get away from them, but there are not too many of them. With the right approach to this device, you can build its work in such a way that they will not be noticeable at all. In automatic mode, it does not always reach the end of the room, but this is compensated by the start of the perimeter movement mode immediately after the main cleaning is completed.

Dimensions sometimes do not allow him to call on a soft mat, so you have to install it there manually.

cleverPANDA i5 rides on carpet

Although the device is not too tall, it may not fit under low-slung sofas and other furniture. It does not notice such an object as an obstacle. From the outside it looks very funny, but the surface under the furniture remains uncleaned.

cleverPANDA i5 and sofa

After wet cleaning, a small wet mark can be found behind the vacuum cleaner, which is not so critical for a surface such as laminate.

cleverPANDA i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Some results of the Clever Panda i5 robot vacuum cleaner test

In principle, we have considered all the main points related to the use of this modern equipment in the course of the entire article, so we will not repeat ourselves once again.

How to remove cleverPANDA i5

I would only like to note that for its price category (it will cost around 20 thousand rubles at the prices of 2019), the robot has decent equipment and wide functionality. All functions work stably and properly, over time they do not begin to fail, therefore, in our opinion, the products will serve you faithfully for many years.

cleverPANDA i5 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

How did the robot vacuum cleaner clean up in the cleverPANDA i5 apartment


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