The rejection of bad habits and a healthy lifestyle in recent years are gaining simply unheard of momentum. The latter is clearly not conceivable without regular physical activity — according to scientists, movement allows you to live a long healthy and eventful life.

GSMIN B3 box size and hand

It is quite natural that people who decide to monitor their health tend to monitor all changes in the body, in particular, those that occur during sports. However, in everyday life, many are also interested in knowing their pulse and pressure indicators. One of the most modern and functional fitness bracelets, GSMIN B3, can help them with this. It not only has advanced features, but also looks very attractive: it can become an addition to the stylish image of a modern person.

What does the bracelet look like?

Unboxing GSMIN B3

The appearance of the gadget is concise and quite interesting. However, we did not notice any pretentiousness in it. It will be appropriate for any everyday look, from classic clothes to an ordinary tracksuit. The shape of the display is geometrically correct, all lines are smooth, there are no sharp corners. The strap is smooth, not decorated with anything, so it will not catch the eye. Overall dimensions are average, so the bracelet looks good mainly on a wide wrist. As it seemed to us at first glance, the appearance of the device fully corresponds to the now very popular spirit of minimalism.

Fitness bracelet GSMIN B3

How a fitness bracelet sits on a man's hand

What is the device capable of?

The capabilities of this gadget do not lag behind its visual appeal. The bracelet has everything you need to perform high-quality and regular diagnostics of the main indicators of the health of the human body:

  • An accelerometer is installed that calculates how many steps the owner of the device has overcome during the day. There are certain norms of daily walking activity, which are one of the main ones in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and maintaining good physical condition. At the same time, the accelerometer works in dynamics — the indicators of previous days are recorded, and the owner is able to view them in the form of a graph. So he can see when he managed to complete the daily norm in steps, and when it turned out to be lower;

GSMIN B3 indicators - steps

  • A special optical sensor that allows you to read the heart rate. With its help, you can calculate the optimal physical activity, make their adjustment. In addition, the user learns how the body reacts to specific types of exercise;

GSMIN B3 indicators - general view

  • A sensor that measures blood pressure, which is one of the very important indicators for absolutely all people, including those who have a healthy cardiovascular system. Regular pressure checks help prevent overwork, excessive physical exertion, calculate what kind of physical activity is suitable for a particular person, and also determine the degree of its intensity.

Fitness bracelet GSMIN B3

Display and case

Included fitness bracelet GSMIN B3

Separately, we would like to say about the display. Its diagonal is 1.14 inches — we could easily read all the information displayed on it. It is quite bright and contrasting, the picture is clear. Everything is easy to read on it even if it is under direct sunlight. The products are well resistant to various kinds of physical influences, there are no traces left on it: no chips, no scratches, no cracks were noticed.

The case is metal, which is not so common in similar products. The metal is pleasant to the touch, does not stick to the skin even after a whole day of wearing on the hand. The strap is silicone, takes the shape of the wrist, while not pulling it. We did not notice any discomfort while wearing. It withstands both high and low temperatures well, without any consequences — cracks, fractures, deformations. The mass of the device is only 42 grams, so it is practically not felt on the hand. You get used to the bracelet very quickly, literally in a week its lack on the arm becomes very noticeable.

What gadgets are compatible?

The GSMIN B3 fitness bracelet is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module, which allows it to be synchronized with various devices based on iOS version 8.2 and higher and Android 4.4 and higher. By and large, this gadget is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets, which adds to its versatility.

The battery is quite reliable — without recharging, the design is able to work for 5 days. This allows you to take it with you on long business trips, trips and vacations, even if it is not possible to recharge the device. The battery charges in just two hours.

Adds practicality and moisture protection, corresponding to the international class IP67. Due to this possibility, the bracelet can come into direct contact with water without losing its performance. We did not swim with him, but we washed our hands and got caught in the rain a couple of times. There were no problems with the device after that.

Fitness bracelet GSMIN B3

Proper preparation of the device for operation

What's included with GSMIN B3

After removing from the packaging, it is recommended to fully charge the battery — we have already said that this process will not take very much time. It is immediately advisable to download the appropriate application from the AppStore or PlayMarket to your smartphone — SMART-TIME. With it, you can synchronize the gadget with a mobile device. After turning on, activate the Bluetooth channel and make sure that data from the bracelet is transferred to the application and vice versa.

Using the application, you can create new goals, analyze the results. When creating an account in the application, you must specify your gender, age, weight and height so that the bracelet can automatically calculate the required load.

Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3 Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3

Our impressions of the device

We wore the gadget for a week. Generally speaking, it sits on the hand at first not too familiar. You get used to it in just 1-2 days. All indicators of the body are measured quite accurately. All indicators were checked quite trivially — they were measured first on a fitness bracelet, after which pressure and pulse were measured on a tonometer. The difference was only 5 points up, when compared with the pulse, the pressure also overestimates a little. The most important thing is that the bracelet sits tightly on the arm, if it does not fit snugly, erroneous measurements are possible.

This bracelet turned out to be very convenient when using the device as an addition to a mobile phone. He receives calls and SMS messages. When a call or SMS is received, the gadget emits an appropriate vibration, so we didn’t miss even important calls. The connection with the smartphone is not always stable, during the tests I lost connection with the smartphone several times (perhaps it was due to the local remoteness of the smartphone from the bracelet — they were in different rooms). The pedometer is accurate: we counted steps for half an hour, then compared it with the indicator on the bracelet — it matched one to one. They did not dare to test under water.

Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3 Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3 Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3 Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3 Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3 Application for fitness watches GSMIN B3

Pros, cons and results

The advantages of this device clearly outweigh the disadvantages:

  • Sufficiently bright display, information from which is well read even in direct sunlight;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • The strap does not crack, regardless of the conditions of use;
  • Shows the quality of sleep (spongy, poor) and the amount of time spent in this state;
  • The pulse measures every half hour and records the history — the analysis of the night pulse is interesting;
  • A long period of battery life (the gadget was discharged by 50% in a week — 2 divisions out of 4).

GSMIN B3 scores - sleep

The disadvantages include the following points:

  • Relatively expensive;
  • Does not automatically connect to the smartphone after losing connection;
  • For a female hand, an additional hole must be made in the strap.

Fitness bracelet GSMIN B3


As we concluded after using this gadget, the developers turned out to be very interesting in terms of appearance. The functionality did not let us down — the measurements are quite accurate, almost completely coincide with the calculations of medical instruments. From the point of view of measuring health parameters, the bracelet will be of interest to people leading an active lifestyle. For a business person, communication functions with a smartphone will be very useful additions.

Although the device is quite expensive, but it is distinguished by a long period of operation, high quality workmanship and an excellent type of packaging.

Unpacking the GSMIN B3 bracelet


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