Modern parents usually laugh, but it’s a little strange to realize how much their children need! Whereas the older generation was happy with cars, stuffed toys, dolls and blocks, today’s kids get bored with «simple», non-interactive toys. The child loses interest in them, and parents have to buy a new toy for the collection.

Gsmin Fun Camera on a leash

However, today we want to introduce you to a unique toy. Why unique? Because she:

  • suitable for children of different ages (optimally — from three years old, but you can take the first steps in creativity both earlier and later — depending on whether the child shows interest in him or not);
  • universal for girls and boys, equally interesting to them;
  • combines both entertaining and educational functions;
  • easy to use, beautiful and convenient;
  • pleasant to the touch, it is easy to carry or take on a trip.

And it is also an excellent technical device that will only benefit the child — so if, for example, you do not want to entertain your child with games on a smartphone or tablet, then this toy will be a great alternative — very useful, by the way.

GSMIN Fun Camera photo

So, we present you a charming and at the same time functional, practical and interesting children’s gadget — the GSMIN Fun Camera game camera! Let’s get acquainted?

Playing and learning to take pictures

GSMIN Fun Camera is a digital game camera that allows the child to learn how to shoot. The controls are very simple, just a couple of buttons — if the kid does everything right, the camera will make a professional shutter click, and the photo will be saved on a removable SD card. They can be edited on a computer, stored on electronic media, etc. The camera has a timer of 2-10 seconds. This is enough for the child to be photographed with everyone or even practice the art of self-portraiture.

GSMIN Fun Camera settings

By the way, the camera has a built-in program that adds various frames and photo effects to photos, opening up maximum scope for creativity.

Among other things, the camera includes several classic games that can be played right on the display of the GSMIN Fun Camera, including Snake and Tetris.

GSMIN Fun Camera Rabbit — technical features and specifications

We will touch on this point as briefly as possible — only for general information. So, from other advantages of the camera can be noted:

  • the ability to insert a removable SD card up to 32 GB;
  • the camera can take pictures in FHD quality with a resolution of 1440×1080, so such photos can be easily printed in high quality;
  • display diagonal — 2 inches;
  • charging time — less than 3 hours;
  • Together with the case, the dimensions of the camera do not exceed 10x9x5 cm, so even a small child can carry the camera in his hands on his own — the plastic case makes the device very light.

GSMIN Fun Camera Specifications

The device is made of high quality and is designed specifically for children: it is difficult to break or damage the camera in case of accidental mechanical impact, for example, falling from hands, which becomes another advantage of this toy.

Gsmin Fun Camera

Bright design for every child

Well, we certainly could not bypass this point. If the functionality of the toy has long been clear and pleasant, then do not forget that the GSMIN Fun Camera is exactly a children’s game camera, which should not only be useful to the child, but also please him — even only visually.

To make the camera look exactly like a toy, its developers have created a unique children’s design, very pleasant, unobtrusive, but funny, bright and attractive.

GSMIN Fun Camera camera appearance

The camera is made of very soft and pleasant to the touch, but at the same time durable plastic. All connectors are additionally protected by a plastic panel, which is fixed at one of the corners on the camera body — this ensures that the overlay will not be lost.

The camera buttons are made in the form of bright stars, which are pleasant to press. On the front of the camera, with a lens, an overlay in the form of a muzzle of a charming bunny with cheerfully protruding ears is put on.

GSMIN Fun Camera working part

The advantages of the design are many:

  • color variations will help you choose the right option for each child;
  • bright appearance will help you easily find the camera in a bag with things, a box with toys, in bright grass at a picnic;
  • The bunny overlay makes the camera more interesting and like a toy, and the bunny ears are very comfortable to hold on to!

The camera is available in several color variations — yellow, blue, pink and white-pink. Regardless of the color, the star buttons remain bright yellow.

Camera interface for kids

Results of the children’s camera GSMIN Fun Camera Rabbit

GSMIN Fun Camera is not just a toy, it is a gadget that is very pleasant and convenient to always carry with you!

Gsmin Fun Camera


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