This year, more and more people began to give preference to robotic vacuum cleaners equipped with a laser navigation system. As you know, demand creates supply, so almost all major companies involved in the development and implementation of smart home appliances have launched at least one similar device on the market. For most of them, it is declared as the flagship in a certain line. Gutrend did not get out of the general flow and in October of this year announced the early release of a new robot vacuum cleaner belonging to the premium class — Gutrend Echo 520. It was this model that fell into our hands, and we decided to tell our readers more about it.

The vacuum cleaner is not only equipped with a laser navigation system that helps it navigate easily in any room, but it also has an improved wet cleaning function, a mapping module and several additional important features. The price is slightly higher compared to competitors — 33,490 rubles. Let’s see now how justified such a high cost of the device.

What comes in the kit?

Robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520 equipment

In the box, along with the robot vacuum cleaner, you can find a decent set of additional tools:

  • Charging base with removable power adapter;
  • Remote control (batteries are included);
  • Combined container designed for both dry and wet cleaning;
  • Four side brushes at once;
  • Virtual wall;
  • Two napkins made of microfiber — they are used for wet cleaning of the room;
  • Spare air filter type HEPA;
  • A special brush with soft bristles, which is designed to thoroughly clean the dust collector from dirt accumulated there;
  • Napkin for wiping sensors;
  • Detailed instructions, where there is information regarding the quick start of the device;
  • Warranty card.

Robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520 box

All these elements, together with the vacuum cleaner, are packed in a cardboard box. They are wrapped in plastic bags, placed quite closely due to special partitions, so the parts will not hang or beat against each other during transportation. All the necessary information and key performance characteristics of the device are printed on the front side.

Instructions, warranty card, napkin and more from the robotic vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520

Gutrend Echo 520

GUTREND Echo 520 — the appearance of the robot

It is natural that the design of the product is original and very attractive. The case is painted in a stylish dark blue color. On the top panel is a lidar, which is responsible for determining the location of the device in space. It protrudes beyond the body — we’ll talk a little further about whether it’s good or bad. Here you can also find an indicator that informs you about the connection to a Wi-Fi format wireless network, there is a power button. There are no other structural elements on the upper side.

The lower part of the robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520

In front of the structure there is a retractable bumper, which can timely determine the presence of an obstacle in the path of the robot. The dust collector is located on the side, there is also a power button and ventilation holes. Below are two side brushes. The central brush is made according to the bristle-petal technique, which helps to collect absolutely all dirt and dust, regardless of the floor covering. There are wheels, a swivel roller and special terminals that are connected to the base to recharge the device. There is also a slot for installing a microfiber cloth.

According to our first impression, the robot vacuum cleaner in its appearance is practically no different from other similar devices widely represented on the market. The only thing is that the lidar does not protrude too much beyond the body.

Gutrend Echo 520

Key Performance Features

Robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520 specifications

The bulk of the working qualities of the device is similar to the recently released novelty of the same manufacturer Gutrend Sense 410. The difference with the mentioned model lies in the change in battery charge time and reduced overall dimensions of the case. The cleaning area is conditionally unlimited: the vacuum cleaner can continue to clean the room from the place where it left off when the battery was low. The 110 square meters indicated in the instructions can be cleaned of dirt with just one battery charge. The key performance features are as follows:

  • The model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2600 mAh and a voltage of 14.4 V;
  • The battery life on a single battery charge reaches 120 minutes — depending on the intensity of cleaning and the type of flooring;
  • The diameter of the wheels allows you to overcome obstacles whose height does not exceed 15 mm;
  • The battery is charged for 300 minutes;
  • The dust collector is equipped with a cyclone filter, which cleans the air well even from the smallest dust particles;
  • The volume of the dust container is 480 ml;
  • The capacity of the combined container here is 450 ml;
  • Overall dimensions are as follows: 325 mm in diameter and 96 mm in height;
  • The mass of the apparatus is 2.4 kg;
  • During operation, the noise is not too much — only 50 dB.

What can this vacuum cleaner do?

According to the manufacturer, flagship products are significantly superior to both previous models and competitors’ devices. It has a whole range of modern features. First of all, the vacuum cleaner is able to independently build a map of the premises and display it on the screen of a mobile phone. To do this, you will need to install a special application. This opportunity has become available thanks to lidar, which not only helps the vacuum cleaner to navigate well in space, but also to scan it.

vacuum cleaner containers

containers in the Gutrend Echo 520 vacuum cleaner

containers in the Gutrend Echo 520 vacuum cleaner

It is possible to produce both dry and wet cleaning at once. To do this, there is a special combined container for water and debris. Thanks to this, the robot vacuum cleaner will immediately clean the floor from dust and wipe it, and everything will be done within one cycle. You can apply liquid to the napkin in one of three modes, the suction power is also regulated in steps — also 3 modes. These features help you choose the most suitable cleaning option depending on the type of flooring. In this case, water is supplied to the napkin only during the movement of the robot.

Dry wet - quick house cleaning

Dry wet - quick house cleaning

Dry wet - quick house cleaning

Robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520 features

You can control the device through a special mobile application. It is possible to limit cleaning zones, set a schedule. It is most convenient to set the vacuum cleaner so that it gets to work when no one is at home, for example, during the daytime on weekdays. There are five operating modes here:

  • You can use intelligent cleaning, before which the device will build a plan for the location of rooms. The product will sequentially clear the entire available area and display the map in the application;
  • Combined mode, including dry and wet cleaning;
  • On the map of the premises, you can select the most polluted areas and send the robot exactly there, select the settings so that the device cleans them more often compared to other places in the apartment;
  • There is scheduled cleaning.
  • Determination of the cleaning area limitation. By and large, this is not a mode, but an opportunity, but the manufacturer claims the opposite.

Gutrend Echo 520

There are voice alerts in Russian, so during testing it was always clear to us what exactly the device was reporting. The basic rules for using the device are set out in the instructions. Here you can also find information about troubleshooting various minor problems. We carefully reviewed this document before the first inclusion and recommend that everyone else do the same. Otherwise, you can either configure it incorrectly, or completely disable it.

GUTREND Echo 520 — General Testing Impressions

Gutrend Echo 520 charging base

We tested the device for quite a long time — it took us three days for this purpose. The first thing I would like to say in terms of impressions from the robot vacuum cleaner: laser navigation works just fine. During the cleaning, the device determined the size of the room, established where it could go, and where it would definitely get stuck. The application is synchronized with the device instantly — just download it and connect the vacuum cleaner and smartphone to a Wi-Fi network. The program is completely Russified, all functions are clearly marked, we immediately figured out how to use them correctly.

The main menu of the smartphone in the Gutrend Echo app The main menu of the smartphone in the Gutrend Echo app Sound Packs Consumables Status Smartphone screen notifications Start cleaning Gutrend Echo 520 Complete vacuum cleaning Cleaning history Gutrend Echo 520 cleaning area designation

We tried to select a cleaning area, immediately after starting the vacuum cleaner goes to a given area and starts cleaning. The process does not take very long, the air in the rooms immediately became much cleaner — even with an average suction power, the device removes all dirt from the floor surface, including fairly large particles. The cleaning area during testing averaged 60 square meters, so after cleaning, about 40% of the battery charge remained.

We tried to run the vacuum cleaner at maximum power, but this mode consumes the battery too quickly. Literally after cleaning 7-9 square meters, it was discharged by about 10%. Carpets are cleaned thoroughly: they are returned to almost their original form.

We clean the kitchen to the vacuum cleaner
Before cleaning the kitchen

Smooth floor coverings (tested on laminate) clean almost to a shine. I really liked the function of simultaneous dry and wet cleaning — it takes less time, and the effect of it is excellent. The noise level depends on the suction power, but compared to previous models from this manufacturer, the vacuum cleaner turned out to be much quieter. I would like to note such a positive moment as Russified voice alerts. Their volume level is controlled via a mobile application.

After cleaning the vacuum cleaner - a revealing photo!
After cleaning the kitchen

Gutrend Echo 520

Now let’s talk about the disadvantages. Firstly, we didn’t really like that the charging base didn’t have recesses for storing the remote control and the power cord. When using the robot, we found an interesting minus, which even manufacturers probably don’t know about: if the vacuum cleaner cleans in one room, the charging base is in another and at the same time closes the door between them, the device will give an error that it cannot detect it. When we opened the door back, the robot dropped its location on the map, after which it searched for a long time. The laser navigation system is very convenient, useful and good, but there is another drawback associated with it: it is placed in a module that rises above the top panel of the vacuum cleaner. Accordingly, it will prevent penetration into hard-to-reach areas, for example, under upholstered furniture or cabinets, if the height is less than 10 cm.

Robot vacuum cleaner Gutrend Echo 520 in action

Some readers may say that we are nitpicking, but we also include the impossibility of choosing a specific room for cleaning when setting the schedule as a negative point. The problem is solved quite simply: the base with a vacuum cleaner is installed in the right room, the floor cleaning time is set, and a virtual wall is placed on the threshold, which comes with the device.

Gutrend Echo 520 - end of cleaning

Pros and cons, conclusions

Summing up the review of the Gutrend Echo 520 robot vacuum cleaner, I would like to once again outline the list of positive points associated with this model:

  • Availability of laser navigation;
  • The ability to control both from the remote control and through a mobile application;
  • Automatic mapping of the premises;
  • Designation of restricted areas on the map;
  • There is a function for adjusting the suction power and the degree of moisture content of the wipes for wet cleaning;
  • The vacuum cleaner is simultaneously capable of simply sucking in dust and wiping the surface;
  • Extended equipment;
  • Full Russification of the device (including voice alerts);
  • Warranty and service maintenance in the Russian territory.

We did not find too serious shortcomings — the vacuum cleaner copes well with its duties, but there are still a couple of minuses:

  • A high laser navigation unit that rises too much above the device body;
  • When scheduling cleaning, you will not be able to select a single room, although we have described how you can get around this prohibition.

In conclusion, we note that in terms of functionality, build quality and its appearance, the vacuum cleaner fully corresponds to its price tag. Recommended for use. You can express your impressions of the robot in the comments to the article.

Quick start with Gutrend Echo 520

Quick start with Gutrend Echo 520

Quick start with Gutrend Echo 520

Quick start with Gutrend Echo 520


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