Washing windows is often associated not only with a serious investment of time and effort, but also with a risk to health and even life, especially when it comes to the upper floors of apartment buildings. Recently, special smart devices have begun to appear on sale — window cleaners, which help to quickly deal with the problem of dirty glasses. One of the latest models is the Hobot 298 device, which is produced by the world famous Taiwanese company Novot Technology Inc.

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This product is designed for cleaning vertical surfaces. It is often purchased not only for home use, but also for shops, catering establishments (restaurants, cafes or canteens). The model can be used to get rid of dirt from mirrors, showcases, tables, cabinet doors, tiles, parquet, linoleum, polished furniture. I would also like to note that such a device can thoroughly wash ribbed and mosaic glass, frameless surfaces.

It is this model that we want to present to your attention today. I would like to note right away that the products, compared to the previous version of the 1st generation window cleaner from the same manufacturer, differ in a number of parameters — appearance, suction power, speed of operation. The device can be controlled from a smartphone, which makes the device the most functional.

HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic photo

Robot glass cleaner HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic

What comes in the kit?

HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic packaging

This window cleaning robot comes with the following parts:

  • Power adapter for battery charging;
  • Remote control device;
  • Lithium-ion battery;
  • Extension;
  • A safety cable so that the device cannot fall from the surface being cleaned and break;
  • Three wipes each, designed respectively for dry and wet cleaning;
  • A bottle with a special agent;
  • Instructions, qualitatively translated into Russian.

The safety cord is characterized by an increased level of strength, capable of withstanding a mass of up to 150 kg.
HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic Equipment

Case design

Compared to the first series, this device is characterized by a square body and low height. The washer is made from the original plastic, which is light weight, high strength. All elements of the case are carefully adjusted to each other, so we could not detect any backlash or extraneous squeaks. The ergonomics are well thought out, which makes it easy to install the device on glass surfaces.

Hobot 298 case

The design of the developers turned out to be very reliable. The pneumatic platform is adjusted if necessary, and when operating in automatic mode, it independently adjusts to the surface, maintaining the rarefaction of the air between the tracks and the cleaning wipes. This allows the device to cope with even very serious pollution.

Hobot 298 body top

On the top panel of the device, we found three LED-type indicators, thanks to which you can track the current state of the window cleaner. In addition to them, there is a signal receiver from the remote control, there is also a speaker for sound notification of the user, and sensors are located at the corners of the device. Also here you can find outlet ventilation holes and a handle for comfortable carrying the product.

Hobot 298 bottom

Below are caterpillars that allow the device to move at a speed of about 2.5 meters per minute, a vacuum suction section is provided. Still here, as well as on the top panel, there is a system of sensors and LED indicators, there is a window for receiving a signal from the remote control. On the bottom panel there are special fasteners for installing a cleaning wipe.

Robot glass cleaner HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic

Functional side of the window cleaner

Hobot 298 for atomizer

Before the direct launch of the product, it is necessary to carry out a number of preparatory measures. They are as follows:

  • Cleaning agent is applied to the wipes;
  • The device is fixed with a safety cable and installed on the surface;
  • Press the power button.

The device is automatically sucked to the surface due to the high power brushless type vacuum motor installed in it. There are no control keys on the device itself, but there is an on/off toggle switch, a button to start the robot and pause it. Also, these and other all manipulations are carried out through the remote control or through an application for smartphones or tablets. The program is designed for Android or iOS operating systems.

Hobot 298 in action

The highest quality of surface cleaning can be achieved largely due to the ability of the device to pass twice in the same place. The trajectory can be set through the application, or you can give it to the washer himself — in this case, he will move in a zigzag pattern. In general, there are three automatic movement paths here:

  • Up and down;
  • Left and down;
  • Right and down.

According to the manufacturer, thanks to its square shape, this device is able to pass over the entire area of ​​​​glass, including in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe corners — whether this is true or not, we will tell a little later. The device is equipped with the latest software, in particular, during its development, the latest generation of artificial intelligence technology was added, which involved a gyroscope and an updated laser sensor. Together, all these features allow the device to recognize glass borders without a hint of error and prevent streaks and the robot from falling.

Hobot 298 in action

Hobot 298 test impressions

The washer looks really stylish, we liked its look and build quality. Now let’s move on to the moments that alerted and made us think. First, between the window frame and the beginning of the cleared space, there is about half a centimeter left. The corners are not completely covered, there remains a small corner where the robot simply cannot enter due to the sensor located in the corner. The product sticks to the glass well and quickly, there is a start and pause button. However, attaching the product to the outer blank frame is not as easy as we would like.

Hobot 298 in operation lower part

The safety rope is reliable, the washer moves quickly over the glass surface, for example, a 60×110 window was completely cleaned in about 5 minutes. I would like to note the quality of the sprinkler — it is rather weak, in the presence of wind, and it will not work to completely moisten the napkin. If there is a strong wind, before fixing, you can wet the napkin yourself and wring it out carefully, otherwise there will be stains on the glasses. Napkins can be machine washed or hand washed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hobot 298 windows on the balcony as washed

Like any other product, the washer has positive and negative points. Let’s start with the advantages of the device:

  • Original and very attractive appearance;
  • The robot is suitable for working with a wide variety of surfaces;
  • Reliable vacuum pump, moves on the glass with the help of caterpillars;
  • A very rich product package;
  • There is an application and a remote control to control the product;
  • Well thought out product navigation;
  • Plenty of wipes for both dry and wet cleaning.

And now you need to add a fly in the ointment:

  • Poorly cleans glass in the corners;

Corners after washing Hobot 298

Robot glass cleaner HOBOT 298 Ultrasonic


Based on the results of our own use of this product, we were generally satisfied, however, a number of questions to the manufacturer still remained. The device works quite fast, looks original, washes even very persistent dirt. However, there are also enough shortcomings here, so we recommend this washer for purchase, but with caution. Carefully study its declared characteristics and try it at home — it is possible that it will not be too suitable for you. If you want to get additional first-hand information, then write to us about it in the comments. We would be happy to tell you about this cleaning robot in more detail.



Hobot 298 manual

Hobot 298 manual


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