Hoover H-Free Upright Vacuum Cleaner in Box

The hero of our today’s review is the Hoover H-FREE highly maneuverable cordless vacuum cleaner, which the developers position as a very effective tool, which in terms of characteristics is practically no different from wired-powered counterparts. For the first time, the device was presented to the public at the exhibition of modern home appliances IFA. Almost immediately, on various thematic sites, users began to post reviews regarding the useful characteristics of this device. We tried to test it ourselves and understand the main points of its use.

The main factor that all owners without exception pay attention to is the high ergonomics of the design, and the device is characterized by low weight. This allows you to use the device for cleaning absolutely any surfaces, including hard-to-reach ones, for example, under furniture and so on. Another important advantage of the unit is the ability to clean the waste container by pressing a special button, in addition, the original H-Lab Flat&Drive nozzle is supplied. We will now try to understand all the characteristics of the product.

Key Performance

Before the Hoover H-Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

First of all, it is worth noting that the vacuum cleaner is characterized by small overall dimensions and weight: 23x110x25.9 cm with a weight of 2.2 kg. It is very comfortable to hold in your hands, and the battery charge is enough for continuous operation for 25 minutes — this time is enough to perform a thorough cleaning of one large room. The volume of the waste container is 0.8 l, fabric filtration. The filter itself is made of dense materials, so it practically does not pass through itself dust and other contaminants contained in the air, floor coverings and furniture.

The device operates on the basis of Monocyclone technology. This is one of the most modern solutions in the field of manufacturing such equipment. The principle of operation is as follows: the sucked air first enters the inner chamber, then it spirals into the outer chamber. During this process, centrifugal force acts on it. As a result, all large particles of dust and other contaminants settle in the outer chamber, while smaller ones remain in the inner chamber. Then the air flow is pushed out through a special filter. This technology has proven its effectiveness, as it can get rid of even fine dust, which makes this vacuum cleaner suitable for people suffering from respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, and so on.

Hoover H-Free Upright Vacuum Cleaner

What comes in the kit?

Scope of delivery and packaging example of the vacuum cleaner

The model is packed in a cardboard box with a glossy front side, on which all the main qualities of the product are printed. It is made in red and black colors, giving it additional attractiveness and style. All the key points are presented in English and Russian, however, all the pictures are informative and understandable, so each user will be able to figure out what exactly is at stake — in any case, we had no problems with this.

Mounting the Hoover H-Free vacuum cleaner on the wall

Structural elements are stacked quite tightly, placed in separate compartments. This approach prevents the parts from hitting each other during transportation. Each element is additionally wrapped in polyethylene film. Under the cover of the box are the following components of the vacuum cleaner:

  • Directly the motor block itself;
  • Battery charger;
  • Original motorized brush;
  • Nozzles — dust and crevice;
  • Compact turbo brush;
  • Extension tube.

According to the manufacturer, the vacuum cleaner comes with everything you need to ensure the cleanliness of any surfaces — from linoleum to ceilings and upholstered furniture. Now we will try to find out how such a statement corresponds to reality.

Hoover H-Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

General view of the details

Scope of delivery of the upright hand vacuum cleaner

Like most cordless vacuum cleaners, this model provides for vertical parking. Key elements, which include a dirt container and a battery, are located in the handle area. Engineers carefully thought over the design of the device, so the installation of the device is very simple due to the competent distribution of mass. During testing, the vacuum cleaner was very comfortable to hold in the hands — the hands and forearms did not get tired, even with outstretched arms it was possible to reach even the most inaccessible areas without the slightest problem.

I was very pleased with the assembly of products — no defects and gaps on the case, even upon careful examination, were found. In order to charge the product, you do not need to drag it entirely to a power outlet or extension cord. The battery pack is detached by pressing the two buttons on its sides. In the future, it can simply be removed and connected to a household electrical outlet. There is an LED battery charge indicator, so we could always see how much battery was left, respectively, we put it on time to recharge. A 18 V lithium-ion battery is installed here, its resource is enough for 25 minutes of operation.

Vacuum cleaner characteristics

As we said earlier, one battery charge is enough to clean one large room or a small family apartment. For areas over 50 square meters, it is better to purchase an additional battery for quick replacement. At the very top of the motor block is a button that activates the turbo mode. When using maximum power, you can easily clean carpets, rugs, carpet, various heavy dirt. For simple cleaning, it is best to hold the button under the handle of the vacuum cleaner.

Optimal power mode provides a good level of performance suitable for most surfaces, including those that are hard to reach. This is very convenient as there is no need to switch between modes. However, you need to remember that when the turbo mode is on, the battery charge is consumed much faster.

What are the attachments?

The appearance of the nozzles on the Hoover cordless vacuum cleaner

Among the accessories supplied with the device, I would like to pay special attention to the original H-LAB FLAT&DRIVE nozzle. Its main distinguishing characteristic is the ability to switch between 90 and 180 degree angles, and this can be done with just one movement. This moment greatly increases the efficiency of using the vacuum cleaner — you can quickly and easily get to the most difficult areas, for example, clean under armchairs, chairs or sofas.

Hoover H-free - nozzles on the inside

In addition, this nozzle is equipped with LED lighting, so even in dark areas you will clearly see how thoroughly the cleaning was done. In particular, we liked vacuuming on the balcony and under the bathroom, where there is no lighting. The kit also comes with a very handy brush for delicate cleaning. It is useful when you need to remove dust from shelves, books or paintings. The length of the pile is insignificant, and it is soft enough, so you don’t have to worry about even minor damage to the surfaces.

Cleaning results with the Hoover H-Free under the bathroom and in the hallway

To work with upholstery and various fabrics, there is a mini-turbo brush. It is also quite suitable for cleaning small rugs, rugs, cushions and similar items. We have a cat and a dog living in our house — and so, for collecting their wool, such a nozzle came in handy like no other. The vacuum cleaner is not too noisy and the mini-turbo brush is not too big, so we even vacuumed the animals themselves and they didn’t really mind.

A narrow nozzle is designed for the cracks of sofas, armchairs and other fairly narrow places. Her pile is adjustable in height, so you can delicately dust even fragile items such as chandeliers, sideboards, and so on.

Hoover H-free with nozzle

Hoover H-Free Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Test impressions

We have a very good opinion about the practicality and maneuverability of the device. Despite the not too high battery capacity, we managed to cope with the cleaning of the apartment within only 15 minutes, we spent about 5 more minutes testing various nozzles. Although the last cleaning was carried out only a couple of days before using this vacuum cleaner, the dust container was more than half full, which indicates a high efficiency of the device.

Maneuverability of the Hoover H-Free Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is quite easy to clean it from accumulated dirt: to do this, you need to press the button located under the connection of the block and the suction tube. After it is removed, it must be disassembled, the dust is poured out and the filter element is thoroughly rinsed under running water (it is recommended to do this once after five cleanings). The container glass is swivel — it should be slightly turned counterclockwise, remove the cap and remove the mesh with the cylinder. However, it must be remembered (by the way, the manufacturer says this in the instructions for the gadget) that after washing the fiber filter, it will have to be completely dried. It is not recommended to use a vacuum cleaner without it, and it will dry for about a day.

Dismantling the filters of an upright vacuum cleaner

The motorized nozzle just perfectly performs the functions assigned to it. She quickly removes animal hair and long hair from carpets. The roller on which they are wound is also removed very simply — for this you don’t even have to make much effort. The product does an excellent job of cleaning carpets. Unfortunately, we do not have a real Persian carpet with a long pile in our apartment, so we could not evaluate the effectiveness of working with such coatings.

In our opinion, this vacuum cleaner is simply an ideal option for small apartments. The device is characterized by an optimal ratio of price and quality. It has a fairly advanced filter that easily traps even very fine dust; for small rooms, the battery capacity is enough. Power control is present, but it is not very effective.

Advantages, disadvantages and conclusions

Vertical Parking Hoover H-Free

This device has a significant number of advantages:

  • Small overall dimensions and weight;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Vertical parking without wall support;
  • Swivel brush;
  • A battery charge indicator is provided;
  • Detachable battery;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly.

It is quite natural that it was not without its minuses:

  • There are only two power levels — normal (aka optimal) operation mode and turbo mode;
  • It would be possible to install a more capacious battery;
  • The package bundle is not too rich — a total of three nozzles are supplied, and the instructions show that there are much more of them;
  • Charging the battery will have to be plugged in and out each time, while for premium upright vacuums, charging begins when the vacuum cleaner is hung on the base.

As a result: the products are very effective for use in small apartments and houses. Nozzles and brushes allow you to penetrate even the most remote areas. The container is easy to clean, and with the help of the turbo mode, even medium-difficulty dirt can be dealt with. You can share your impressions about this device in the comments to this article.

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