If the quality of purchased bread is no longer satisfactory or you want variety, then it’s time to think about purchasing a bread machine. This device, simple at first glance, is able to turn the usual pastries into an independent dish and make it a table decoration. To successfully choose a household assistant, you need to focus on the capabilities of the device and ease of use. Consider the Homebake 502001 model from the famous British brand Morphy Richards (1936).

Bread machine Morphy Richards Homebake 502001-003 general view of the package

Compactness and quality

First of all, it is worth noting the average dimensions of this model. Bulky sizes stop many people from buying a bread machine, but there will be no problems with this device. If there is no space on the countertop, the appliance will easily fit on a kitchen cabinet shelf – the height of 36 cm allows it. At the same time, the dimensions of baking do not suffer from such compactness. Removable non-stick aluminum bowl allows you to bake full loaves weighing 0.67 or 0.9 kg.

Bread machine Morphy Richards Homebake 502001-003 package photo and benefits

The kneading blade is made of metal, a strong and durable material. It effectively mixes the ingredients for the dough, and then folds. This leaves a small hole in the loaf. Also, for convenience of work, the device has a viewing window, which allows you to check the readiness and condition of baking without opening the lid and without violating the temperature regime.

The case is made of stainless steel, so it will last a long time and without damage, and a backlight has been added to the control panel. Morphy Richards devices are manufactured in the UK and tested for all functions so that the build quality meets European standards. This is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Variety of programs

When it comes to baking programs, Homebake 502001 has a wide range of options. In order not to waste time searching for settings and selecting recipes, the user can use one of 14 modes. With the help of a bread machine, you can bake black or white bread, whole grain, yeast-free, French, sweet, fruit, as well as buns and pies. Separately, it is worth noting the gluten-free baking program. It is suitable for people with special diets. Baking such bread yourself is much faster than going shopping in search of the right loaf.

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Bread maker Morphy Richards 502001

The device has modes not only for baking, but also for desserts. Fresh fragrant bread can be supplemented with yogurt or jam made in a bread machine. It can also be used to knead pizza dough, and store the blanks in the freezer.

The first resulting bread according to 1 program with a medium crust did not fit

The first bread is almost lumpy)

With a bread maker, variety on the table is guaranteed, and the usual slice of bread will sparkle with new colors. However, saving time is also a big plus. In express mode, the bread is baked in just 75 minutes, depending on the size of the loaf. In addition, there is a very convenient function — delayed start. By loading all the ingredients in advance, you can delay the start of the program for up to 13 hours. After that, you can, for example, go to work, and upon returning, have dinner with still hot freshly baked bread or a muffin.

Useful Features

In addition to the main characteristics, there are also little things that often make up the convenience of using the device. The developers of Morphy Richards are always attentive to details, so they thought of everything in order to make cooking with a bread machine as easy as possible.

Bread machine Morphy Richards Homebake 502001-003 what is included

To calculate the ingredients, a measuring cup and a spoon are attached to the device. The result largely depends on the accuracy of the recipe. There is also a function for adjusting the degrees of roasting, which allows you to take into account the individual preferences of each. Crisp lovers can choose a black crust, for those who prefer airy pastries, there is a light one. The third option is the golden mean. To keep the bread warm at the table, you can use the keep warm function.

Summing up the overview of the characteristics of the Homebake 502001, it is worth saying that this practical and affordable model is equipped with a large number of functions. 14 baking programs and 3 roasting levels allow you to find the right bread option for any gourmet. The model is easy to use and does not require special care, but most importantly — it is compact, so it is suitable for small kitchen owners.

Bread maker Morphy Richards 502001

Key advantages and disadvantages

Bread maker Morphy Richards Homebake 502001-4 bowl and appliance

I would like to tell you, first of all, about the main positive qualities of the Morphy Richards Homebake 502001 bread machine. When testing, I really liked the ability to postpone cooking on any program for up to 13 hours. There is also an express mode, which will take only 1 hour and 15 minutes of time, but the output will be a large white butter bread. Sweet bread can be made if desired. For this, a sound indication is provided after it sounds, you can add dried fruits, raisins and other ingredients. Bread is easy to remove thanks to the non-stick coating. It literally pops out of shape on its own and can be stored for four to five days. The maximum volume of a loaf is 900 grams — obviously enough for a large family.

second try much better than the first Morphy Richards Homebake Bread Maker 502001-4
Of course, with all the positive qualities, there could not be some negative points. In particular, in the recipe book, we were unable to find a way to make black bread. Not all recipes differ in the optimal proportions of flour and water: on the first program, the bread comes out wet and unbaked, even with a medium crust. In order to level this out, it is necessary to leave the pastry for an hour to reach in the oven or set the baking program to 14. The shape of the baking container is oblong, so when using some programs, flour remains in the corners, which later remains on the finished product. There is no internal illumination, which is why it is not possible to visually see the degree of readiness of the bread. There are quite a few varieties of flour listed in the recipe book — for an ordinary person who is not related to baking bread, it is not so easy to understand the difference between whole grain, wheat and bread flour.

Bread maker Morphy Richards 502001


Bread maker Morphy Richards Homebake 502001 has optimal dimensions, which allows you to install it anywhere in the kitchen, which gives it certain advantages. If desired, you can choose a program that does not take too long, which, combined with the delayed start function, makes it very convenient to use. Of course, there are certain negative points, but they are all mainly of a technical nature, so they do not particularly affect the overall functionality of the device. I hope you will be satisfied with the operation of the device itself and the final product.

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Bread maker Morphy Richards 502001

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