A person living in the rhythm of a big city, a company leader, a manager or an inquisitive teenager, is often faced with the need to arrange a workplace. For young people, cheapness, mobility and functionality become important aspects when choosing furniture. But respectable people appreciate comfort and practicality in the workplace. Therefore, to work at home, in addition to a spacious desk and a comfortable table lamp, they prefer to buy a computer chair rather than an office chair.

The cost of furniture is different, but the purpose is the same. So why overpay? But, despite the difference in price, it is better to buy an office chair on wheels. Let’s see why the chair? What are its advantages?

What are the advantages to look for when choosing a chair?

Here are seven top benefits of office computer chairs that help keep your back healthy:

  1. Modern computer chairs are made of environmentally friendly, durable and high-quality materials, the service life of which is 5 years.
  2. The back and seat are ergonomically shaped to support the anatomically correct position of the lower back.
  3. Special pillows under the head and lumbar region relieve tension in the cervical and thoracic spine, evenly distributing the load.
  4. Models are supplied with a gas lift that regulates the height of the seat. This parameter changes for any length of the legs, which prevents leakage and stagnation of blood.
  5. Adjustable plastic armrests support the arms, relieving stress from the spine.
  6. A reliable mechanism for fixing the back of the chair in several positions allows you to choose the optimal inclination of the body personally for each person.
  7. The permissible load is 120 kg.

Bureaucrat Aura

1 Bureaucrat Aura

One of the manufacturers producing office furniture, stationery and accessories is the Bureaucrat company. The executive chair «Bureaucrat Aura» is upholstered in black and brown genuine leather, chrome-plated metal components and armrests with soft leather pads.
Bureaucrat Aura photo
This model supports the body in a comfortable and correct position, evenly distributes the load on the spine. Strict selection of materials for upholstery and components, numerous test tests of each model guarantee the safety, reliability and durability of the VIP executive chair.

A wide choice of upholstery colors and textures allows you to choose a model for any interior, and a comfortable, ergonomic shape of the seat and back creates the conditions for productive and safe work.

Armchair Bureaucrat


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