Many people like to listen to music and watch movies on their personal computer or laptop. For this, the capabilities of a standard player may not be enough, since often there are no necessary codecs that allow you to work with one or another format of multimedia files.

Today, there are a huge number of paid and free applications that allow you to play absolutely any video and audio. Let’s try to decide which one will be the most suitable — to answer this question, we decided to rank the best players for Windows. We hope that after carefully studying the useful characteristics of each program, you will be able to choose the most suitable application for yourself.

Top 10 Players for Windows

10. Light Alloy

Light Alloy photo

Universal software that can work with almost all known video and audio formats. The application is adapted to work with the Windows operating system of various versions, starting from 95 and higher. It practically does not take up free space on the hard disk — only a few megabytes. The code is optimized for fast launch, and it consumes quite a few system resources. For Russian users, the program is completely free. The main thing that attracts people is ease of use. You can switch to full screen mode by clicking on the mouse wheel. Playback is paused with the left mouse button or space bar. The rewind slider is also quite convenient — it displays a timeline, so a person can start watching from the point where he left off the last time.

If necessary, the user is able to use the codec selection function: due to this, you can find the least resource-demanding one or the one that allows you to provide the highest quality. The program is able to work with absolutely all existing codecs. There is a testing system that determines the number of frames per second, as well as the period of time during which frames are processed. This function is also used to determine the capabilities of iron, to check to what extent the video is compressed. The interface is multilingual, there is support for the Russian language. If necessary, you can change the design of the program shell, activate the location on top of all windows, and so on.


  • Very convenient to use;
  • A huge selection of settings is combined with ease of operation;
  • Automatic system for detecting installed codecs;
  • Directly from the program, you can access the codec settings;
  • There is a function to save the frame you like;
  • Works in almost all versions of Windows;
  • Supports subtitle files;
  • It is possible to view the video frame by frame;
  • Distributed absolutely free.


  • Screenshots are only saved with .bmp resolution;
  • To apply the selected codec, the application will have to be restarted.

Light Alloy


AIMP photo

The full name of this program stands for Artem Izmaylov Media Player — it was developed by a Russian programmer. The application itself does not weigh too much, it is well suited for playing music and videos of various formats. There is an extended set of built-in codecs, with which you can work with a variety of formats — over 30 pieces. The application is able to play music from online radio stations. The playlist, if necessary, can be saved, edited directly during playback. The functions of the keys are changeable, with their help the player is controlled even when it is in an inactive window. The equalizer has a huge number of settings designed for use with the most popular genres of music. The appearance is changed depending on the preferences of the user. This player will be able to edit the tags of audio files. There is a scheduler that will automatically turn off the personal computer after the last file from the current playlist has finished playing. The application is not demanding in relation to resources, it works on Windows platforms from XP and above.

The program is designed in such a way that it is most convenient to use. In general, the interface can be divided into three key blocks — a music library, direct playback and management of playlists. The control unit has five buttons responsible for calling the menu, changing the color of the cover. Three more buttons control the window: expand it to full screen, minimize it to tray, or close it. Design themes can be downloaded on the official website of the developer, and there are quite a lot of them — each user will be able to find something that is most suitable for himself. The program has regular updates. The application does not know how to download them on its own, so from time to time you will have to update it manually.


  • Smooth playback, no delays were found between tracks;
  • A convenient and functional equalizer is provided;
  • Consumes a minimum amount of system resources, practically does not load the central processor;
  • There is a search function in the playlist;
  • If necessary, when the last file is played, the program can turn off the computer;
  • Possibility of custom bookmarks;
  • You can work on multiple playlists at the same time.


  • All updates will have to be installed by yourself.



SMPlayer photo

A functional multi-platform program that can work not only with Windows, but also with Linux. The engine used here is MPlayer, so the application is able to work with most of the available formats, both audio and video. One of the most useful features of this player is to save the settings of all files played with it. If for some reason the user interrupted watching the movie and closed the program, then the next time it is started, it will start exactly from the point at which it was stopped. In addition, all settings for subtitles, audio channels and volume indicators will be loaded automatically. If necessary, you can set up a system of hot keys, adjust the size of the subtitle font, their color.

There are many different filters that allow you to remove noise from a music file, use deinterlacing. The developers provided for the production of minus versions of songs by removing vocals from them. Such files can later be used during karaoke. Rewind a movie or any other video file by rotating the mouse wheel, there is an adjustment of contrast, color saturation. You can speed up the playback process in 2, 4, etc. once. Audio and subtitles are synchronized automatically. The application has a built-in browser of limited action, with which you can view videos on the YouTube portal. If desired, the video being played can be scaled and the aspect ratio can be changed, fitting them to the diagonal of your own monitor.


  • Convenient and intuitive interface, fully translated into Russian;
  • You can watch videos online and listen to Internet radio stations;
  • The toolbar is customizable based on user preferences;
  • The program remembers the settings of each of the files being played;
  • Sound and subtitles can be delayed to optimally synchronize them with the picture;
  • Supports compact or full screen mode;
  • Video can be rotated, flipped, played in mirror format;
  • Works with all existing codecs.


  • It will not work to improve the quality in one click — for this you will have to adjust the parameters manually;
  • Doesn’t read specific formats like m2ts.



ALLPlayer photo

Another completely free program designed to work with video and audio files. Developers regularly release updates to it, Russification of the interface is present. The program is able to work on Windows operating systems from XP and above. The size is only 44 MB, it consumes a minimum amount of system resources. The functionality of the media player is very wide, the application is able to work with a huge number of formats. There is an integrated codec package here, so even without codecs installed in the system, any movies will be played. You can use subtitles in a variety of languages. At first glance, it may seem that this program is no different from similar applications, of which there are a great many today.

When playing sound, Dolby Surround technology is used, which even on modest computer speakers allows you to get sound of quite high quality. The application is able to work with CD and DVD discs. There is an option called «recent files», with its help it will be possible to find the necessary songs or videos that were played not too long ago. It is possible to change the appearance of the application shell, it is able to download subtitles for the movies being played on its own. The program is equipped with a built-in video converter that allows you to change the resolution of media files, fit them to a certain diagonal of the phone. The DivFix feature helps repair damaged .avi videos. There is another very interesting possibility — the development of your own skins, and this is done very simply.


  • Extended software functionality;
  • Works well with subtitles, independently downloading them on the Internet if necessary;
  • There is a convenient and easy-to-use built-in converter;
  • The presence of a huge package of own codecs;
  • Media files can be protected by setting a password;
  • You can create your own design options.


  • When adding the appropriate data, the utility may start to slow down slightly;
  • Russification is present, but not complete.

player ALLPlayer

6. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Media Player Classic Home Cinema photo

Another completely free program designed to be used exclusively on the Windows platform of all versions. With this player you can reformat your DVD. Works with both built-in and external codecs, so the application will be able to play almost any file. The creators of this software have taken care to equip it with extremely useful features that will be useful to each of the users. The player is primarily designed to play music and video files, but it can work with multiple monitors or with a computer and a TV at the same time. The utility is equipped with everything you need to read and repair corrupted content in .avi format. If the TV motherboard is supported by this device, then the broadcast can be recorded directly to a personal computer. A recording timer function is provided, after which the computer automatically turns off.

Subtitle support is available here, which allows you to watch videos in unfamiliar languages. There is a function to save your favorite frames right during the playback of the movie. The interface is completely Russified, a huge number of plug-ins are posted on the network that can greatly expand the functional side of the program. All played files are stored in the history — the user will always see which movie he has already watched, and which one he has yet to get acquainted with. While browsing, the user can use hardware acceleration.


  • Able to partially replace Adobe Flash Player;
  • It is possible to work with DVD-format files;
  • Suitable for working with audio with visual effects;
  • If the TV tuner is compatible with the program, then you can record the broadcast directly into the computer’s memory;
  • Careful hardware decoding;
  • Plays and recovers corrupted .avi files


  • The developers did not provide for automatic adjustment of brightness and contrast;
  • When working with heavy files, it can slow down a bit.

Media Player Classic Home Cinema

5. VLC Media Player

VLC media player photo

The first program in our review that is open source. The application weighs a little, but at the same time it is very powerful, lightweight and quite functional. The program is able to work with most video and audio formats, and the use of external codecs is completely optional. This player reads information from CD, DVD, Blu-Ray discs, supports HD, Full HD, Ultra HD resolutions. With it, you can play media streams using a variety of protocols. If necessary, the scale of the video is made larger or smaller, there is a full-screen playback mode. There is a function of selecting a specific fragment and its cyclic playback, you can create screenshots, visualize music, and so on.

A set of effects for working with sound includes a convenient and functional graphic equalizer, and it has both several standard settings and the ability to save custom ones. Adjustable subtitle display options — font size and type, letter thickness, presence and color of the outline, location on the screen, presence or absence of a shadow. If desired, the user can use the hardware acceleration of the computer’s central processor. Most of the functions are configured on certain keys, depending on the convenience of the person. On the official website of the application, you can find a huge number of extensions and plugins that can be used to further increase the functionality of the program.


  • The interface is made in the spirit of minimalism, simple and clear, there are a large number of fine-tuning;
  • Can be used on all existing computer platforms, there is even a version for Android;
  • If you wish, you will be able to view the streaming form online;
  • Playlists can be created, saved, deleted and edited;
  • There are a large number of additional modules.


  • It is not very convenient to change the volume when working with video;
  • It happens that it starts to slow down — this is especially noticeable when playing high-definition movies such as Blu-Ray.

VLC Media Player

4 Daum Potplayer

Daum Potplayer photo

This utility was developed by the same programmers who created the well-known KMPlayer. This program consumes significantly less resources and almost does not load the operating system, providing a stable 60 fps, regardless of the power of the hardware used. If necessary, you can record video from the screen or from the camera on your laptop. If the application is installed on the Windows platform, then you do not have to pre-install the codec pack. If desired, you can also play TV channels broadcast on the Internet. There are a lot of built-in effects and filters, a video capture function is provided, and it supports any multimedia file format.

The outer shell looks stylish, but at the same time quite modest. The audio options include a multi-band equalizer that allows you to fine-tune the sound of each file. When playing video files, the user can adjust such parameters as brightness, contrast, color. At the top of the window, you can find a special slider that is responsible for the transparency of the shell. This is not a mandatory feature, but it allows you to give the program additional originality.


  • Regardless of the file format, the program will open it in the shortest possible time;
  • Works on all Windows operating systems, including 64-bit ones;
  • Low demands on system requirements;
  • If necessary, independently searches for subtitles on the Internet;
  • You can control the player through the touch screen;
  • Updates are installed automatically;
  • Support for various types of design.


  • During the installation process, you will have to manually specify the language.

Daum Potplayer

3. KMPlayer

KMPlayer photo

One of the most popular audio and video playback software. Despite the fact that the first version of the application was released a long time ago, it still continues to be very popular among users. First of all, this is due to a very large package of built-in codecs, with which you can play any file format. The program has a decent amount of fine-tuning, so it will be quite easy to make it for yourself. With its help, you can watch movies without translation, with subtitles that the application searches for on the Internet on its own. There are a lot of specific functions for working with video. In general, there are several versions of this application — for use on a computer, tablet or even on a mobile device.

Movies are instantly opened in this program, regardless of their format and size. The main panel of the application contains only the main control buttons, everything else can be found in the settings. The interface of the program is quite simple, you won’t have to get used to it for a long time, it is completely Russified and available for free download. Updates are released regularly, but they will need to be installed manually.


  • Universal player;
  • Large set of integrated codecs;
  • It works very fast both on modern and outdated computers;
  • There are a lot of effects and settings, so viewing becomes truly comfortable;
  • Free app.


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to find the necessary setting;
  • Users note some instability — when playing the video, it periodically freezes, the problem is solved by restarting the player.


2.BS Player

BS.Player photo

The player is able to largely surpass many modern players, although it has been developed for quite some time — about 14 years ago its first version first appeared. The program can work with video and audio documents of various extensions, and the «file types» section contains a complete list of supported formats. The equalizer is built-in here, it includes seven bands, the frequencies are adjusted only in general terms, but this is quite enough to get a good sound. Users note the special video processing, making viewing even more comfortable and enjoyable. The load on RAM and graphics card is minimal no matter how heavy the video is played.

There is a tag editing function here, and it is implemented quite interestingly. Subtitles can be downloaded separately from video files. The program supports several dozen languages, and you can install additional language packs and plugins. There is a function to play streaming video from the Internet. All the necessary operations are combined in the main window, no extra details can be found here. The set of settings is optimal — novice users often praise for this application. If necessary, the video can be scaled.


  • Completely free application;
  • Minor system requirements;
  • You can control using the multimedia keyboard;
  • The program can work with video recorded on Panasonic, Canon, Sony and JVC digital cameras;
  • If an image and text are embedded in the audio, then they will also be displayed on the screen during playback;
  • The interface supports Russian.


  • The presence of advertising (if necessary, it can be easily removed);
  • Some translation inaccuracies.

Media player BS.Player


ComboPlayer photo

The most powerful media player in our roundup of the best media players for Windows, which is why it came out on top. Another important quality is that it is distributed absolutely free of charge. With this application, you can not only watch movies and listen to music. It is able to play TV channels, work with online radio stations, play movies from torrents. The hardware requirements here are negligible6 for the correct operation of the application, you will need 1 GB of RAM and 350 MB of free hard disk space. Immediately after installation, free access to 20 TV channels and 400 radio stations opens. There are really a lot of opportunities here: an extended package of built-in codecs is provided that allows you to work with various video formats.

Using the application is very easy — just launch it and select the desired channel, after which the viewing will begin. All channels are played in at least 480p, but Russia and Channel 1 will be played in higher quality — 576p. To access other channels, you must purchase a subscription. If there is enough space on the hard drive, then you can record a TV broadcast or a radio station broadcast, and the latter can be filtered by adding only the most interesting ones to your favorites. There is a parental control function — the password will have to be entered each time this application is launched. It is also possible to watch a TV program on each of the active channels.


  • Can be used to watch TV;
  • Simple and very clear application interface;
  • Works fast enough even on weak and outdated computers;
  • Supports most existing media file extensions;
  • For comfortable use, you do not have to delve into the settings for a long time.


  • Supported by operating systems from Windows 7 and above;
  • When working with torrents, you must ensure that you have the necessary amount of free space on your hard drive.

combo player

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best players for the Windows platform has come to an end. Before saying goodbye, I would like to express the hope that you were able to choose the optimal development for yourself. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments. We will try to provide you with all the necessary clarifications as soon as possible.


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