Many people still continue to keep various valuables at home — jewelry, financial assets, securities, documents, and so on. Even if the apartment is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system, there is always a chance that intruders will get into it and take out all the most expensive things. In order to prevent such a development of events, people prefer all sorts of safes and other vaults where you can hide valuables. In specialized stores you can find a wide selection of such products, which is easy to get confused. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to create a rating of the best safes of this year.

However, before proceeding to the analysis of the useful characteristics of each model, let’s first understand the specifics of these units and give their classification. In addition, you need to decide what qualities you should pay attention to when buying this product. Perhaps with this we will begin our today’s article.

What characteristics are important when choosing a safe?

At first, you should decide for what purpose this device will be intended. Today, all safes can be divided into several main varieties. Most often, people prefer a combined design that can be adapted to store documents, securities, cash, and so on. Another popular type is the document safe, which is equipped with several shelves — they are adapted for storing papers, protecting them from fire or robbers.

The gun safe is used directly for storing guns, pistols and other firearms and edged weapons. There are a great variety of similar models — depending on the size of the gun, the number of units, and so on. The safe for magnetic media has a fairly compact overall dimensions. It is designed for flash drives, discs, films, negatives and so on. The device is perfectly protected from hacking and exposure to high temperatures. Mini-safes are usually used for jewelry. They practically do not take up free space, they can be easily hidden under the bed or in the closet, securely fixed there.

How to choose a safe for home and weapons?

Be sure to pay attention to the burglary resistance class — there are 12 of them in total. The higher this indicator, the more difficult it is to deal with the lock. A product marked «0» practically does not protect against intruders, but it perfectly resists the effects of fire, water and high temperatures. In the production of structures that reliably resist burglary, special thick steel sheets are used, whose thickness can reach 3 mm. The device may include several such sheets, and the space between them will be filled with concrete of high viscosity and increased strength.

The type of lock is also very important — it can be electronic, key, lever, and so on. To ensure maximum security, the safe should contain at least two locks with different operating principles. To install a house, a third-class safe will be enough, but if the owner is going to ensure the safety of large sums of money, documents and jewelry, then class 4 should be preferred. If the contents are very expensive, then the most optimal product will be a safe with class 6 burglary resistance. All products of higher levels are professional — they are installed in various financial organizations: banks, credit offices, and so on.

When choosing models to include in our ranking of the best safes, we took into account all the above factors, were largely guided by user reviews and took into account the ratio of price and quality of products. We hope that after reading the characteristics of the models included in our review, you will be able to choose for yourself the most optimal products that will help you keep your property safe and sound.

To store weapons

2. AIKO TT-200.EL

AIKO TT-200.EL photo

This product has small overall dimensions and an average level of protection against hacking — in principle, this will be quite enough for a device designed to store weapons. The interior space of the safe is enough to put one or two pistol units of firearms, traumatic, gas or pistol weapons there. It is worth noting that many users adapt this equipment to store documents, seals, a small amount of cash and other things to which they are going to restrict access to unauthorized people. The cost of this equipment is not too high, so many prefer this particular model.

The degree of protection of this safe is not too high, so it is undesirable to store any expensive valuables in it (as professionals advise, the equivalent should be no more than 50 thousand rubles). The product fully complies with all legal regulations governing the storage of short-barreled weapons. The structure is made of steel sheets, the thickness of which is 1.2 mm, the door is reinforced with a front panel 2.8 mm thick. The lock is one, electronic type, runs on batteries. Overall dimensions are 31x20x20 cm. Access to the battery compartment is available from the outside, but it will not be possible to open it with a banal power outage. In order to increase the degree of reliability, the product should be fixed on a flat surface — there are special anchor holes for this.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • It is possible to mount on the wall or on the floor;
  • Function of emergency opening is provided;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • The code is stored even if the lock has been without power for a long time.


  • There are no mounts for weapons.


1. WINCHESTER Legend 6030

WINCHESTER Legend 6030 photo

Many users note the very stylish appearance of this product, which provides maximum confidence in quality and style. It was developed by Italian masters and is still being produced in this country, and often this is done by exclusive order. The safe is designed to store both collectible and ordinary weapons and valuables. The design is quite durable, the inside is trimmed with classic champagne-colored faux suede. In addition, an automatic locking system is provided, the steering wheel is gilded.

The style of execution, if necessary and at the request of the client, can be changed to a calmer one. The handle, keyboard and hinge washers are made of stainless steel. The overall dimensions are decent, so the design can be adapted to store assembled guns — 1480x740x610 mm, while the safe has a fairly decent weight, which is as much as 400 kg, even two strong people can’t just carry it away, but simply move this product from its place. . Inside there is a lodgement for two guns. The safe is locked with an electronic lock, inside there are also shelves for other valuables.


  • The interior upholstery is pleasant both in color and to the touch;
  • The electronic type code lock is distinguished by excellent reliability;
  • There are holders for guns, there are shelves for ammunition and valuables;
  • Produced in several colors;
  • When the door is closed, the locks are activated automatically.


  • High price;
  • Manufacturers could provide a lockable ammunition compartment.

WINCHESTER Legend 6030

Fireproof safes



Another name for this safe is a cache. It is a German-made construction that is excellently resistant to burglary and has a variable depth. The product is intended for installation in a specially prepared niche in the wall or floor. This unit has one indisputable advantage over previous designs — invisibility. If the safe is installed correctly, then finding its location will be almost impossible. It is impossible to take it outside the premises, the same can be said about the autopsy on the spot. The safe at the development stage passed all the necessary tests on the topic of burglary resistance according to all European standards, as evidenced by the certificate. All these factors make it possible to use such a device for storing money, documentation and jewelry.

A distinctive feature of the design lies in the sliding body, so the installation depth can be adjusted from 233 to 251 mm from the outside and from 178 to 296 from the inside. It was possible to increase reliability due to the use of steel of an increased level of strength, which is able to withstand even gas cutting. The door is made of steel sheet, 7 mm thick, and fire-resistant material DIN 4102-A1 is used in its production, thanks to which the safe resists open flame for at least half an hour. In the closed position, the door is securely blocked by crossbars on three sides, all of which are reliably protected from cutting. As a constipation, an electronic lock is used, equipped with a biometric module that allows scanning fingerprints.


  • Depth can be changed as needed;
  • The door is made of high-strength steel, which resists even a gas cutter;
  • All crossbars have reliable protection against cutting;
  • There are no protruding elements on the facade;
  • Locks are well protected from drilling.


  • Decent embedding depth;
  • Rectangular crossbars are far from the most common solution.




A classic safe manufactured by the South Korean company Diplomat Safe, it allows you to provide the highest level of protection against fire. It has all the necessary European certificates of fire resistance — it can be used to protect even paper documents from exposure to high temperatures for two hours. The build quality is excellent. The safe was originally created for installation in the office — for ease of movement around the room, it is equipped with wheels. If necessary, they can be removed and fixed to the floor. This product was originally designed to protect documentation from unauthorized access. The safe is made as reliably as possible; during production, each device passes all the necessary tests in specialized laboratories.

The model is made of double-sided phosphated steel, which prevents the occurrence of corrosion processes even when the product is installed in an aggressive environment. Between the sheets of steel is the original fire-resistant barrier material STYRONITE F, which has no analogues in the world. It is highly stable, and this parameter will be maintained throughout the entire period of operation. The volume of internal space is 129 liters with an equipment weight of 201 kg. The design is locked with an electronic lock.


  • Inside there is a special separate lockable compartment that can be used to store small documents;
  • Crossbars keep the door closed around the entire perimeter;
  • The design is equipped with removable wheels for ease of movement;
  • The outer side is treated with acrylic materials to protect against scratches;
  • If desired, the customer can order an additional mechanical or biometric constipation.


  • Reliable, although not very reliable in terms of hacking;
  • Wide price range on the market.



TOPAZ BDS-T510 photo

Original products that are used to protect not only documentation, but also more sensitive products from exposure to high temperatures, such as magnetic media such as flash drives or disks. By production of a door and the case the reliable steel which is well protected from emergence of corrosion processes is used. The body is double, between the steel sheets there is a space filled with fire-resistant concrete, which can withstand high temperatures for a long time. The design has comfortable plastic legs that will not scratch the flooring. This safe is equipped with a so-called thermal lock, which is able to provide additional fire resistance in the area of ​​the product door porch.

The safe is equipped with two types of locks — electronic combination and key. Thanks to electronic equipment, it is possible to provide almost instantaneous access to content, and also provides a number of additional features. In particular, it can be used to completely block the internal space, program additional codes, audit discoveries, and so on. If necessary, you can securely fix this safe on the floor, and do it in such a way that it cannot be moved from its place.


  • Double construction for excellent thermal insulation, resulting in a stable temperature in the chamber;
  • The shape of the edges of the door is three-stage;
  • Two locks of different types, which can greatly increase the reliability;
  • Locks are blocked in case of intellectual break-in;
  • Long-term warranty of as much as 5 years;
  • The coating is resistant to various kinds of scratches and other physical damage.


  • The inner compartment is not too big and will not be suitable for many paper documents.


Burglary-resistant models

SMP Community photo

The safes of the British company have long become practically the standard of high-quality products that are able to perfectly resist burglary and other physical influences. The case of this model is made of reliable structural steel, which is alloyed with manganese and silicon during the manufacturing process, the thickness of the sheet is 6 mm, there is a continuous welded seam on the outside and inside, made according to the most modern technologies. Outside, a protective layer of 100% aluramic is provided, whose thickness is as much as 25 mm. The weakest areas are reinforced with randomly oriented ceramic rods, which can significantly increase the strength of the safe. The control of the casting of these rods is carried out by special electronic equipment.

Between the outer and inner layers there is a layer of high-quality Zalacox M concrete, the thickness of which is 83 m. Its strength level is much higher than the requirements for the M1000 brand. Concrete is additionally reinforced with fiber made of high quality carbon steel. This fiber is distributed as evenly as possible over the concrete. The door is monolithic, it is made of a material that is well protected from drilling, cutting and other physical influences. Crossbars are located on three sides of the door, they have a diameter of almost 4 cm, their working stroke exceeds 2.5 cm. The glasses where the crossbars are located are protected from external influences with the help of aluramic. All locking elements are equipped with non-return type locking systems.


  • There are special traps in the door that do not allow opening with a grinder;
  • All walls and other elements are protected by aluramic;
  • Crossbars are reliably protected from drilling;
  • Good resistance to high temperatures;
  • The height of the inner shelf can be adjusted if necessary.


SMP Community

4.BORDOGNA Zeus 275

BORDOGNA Zeus 275 photo

The Italian company producing this product has a very rich experience in terms of the development and implementation of not only household, but also professional and bank safes and vaults. The company was founded in 1943, and since then it has been constantly increasing its production capacity, improving the technologies and materials used to manufacture safes. This is a unique modular design that can be disassembled if necessary. It is characterized by the 4th class of protection against burglary — almost optimal for use in domestic conditions. This is an excellent solution when it is not possible to install a safe of a higher security class.

The user does not need to sacrifice safety due to the lack of technical characteristics that the room must meet. The protective materials are made by the Spanish company BAUSSA and are combined with the latest generation Spider electronic lock. This allows you to perfectly protect the valuables stored in the safe from theft. The internal volume of the product is 273 liters with overall external dimensions of 1400x600x590 mm. In the assembly, this design has a mass of 610 kg. There are two shelves inside, no additional doors are provided, but they are not needed. The protection system is very reliable — carefully protected from physical influences of various kinds.


  • Good capacity;
  • As a lock, a key and an additional electronic lock with built-in memory for a code are used, the length of which can be from 4 to 16 characters;
  • The crossbar system is quite complex;
  • Decent weight — it is impossible to budge without improvised tools;
  • It is possible to order an individual model;
  • Shelves can be adjusted in height.


  • Great price.



BAUSSA BSF-06 photo

A unique Spanish product from a company that is part of the Bordogna Group. The safe of this model, depending on the locking system used, can reach class 10 resistance to burglary. It is produced using all modern technologies. In particular, these products are equipped with reinforced walls, and the barrier material resists well to all kinds of physical influences, thanks to which it is possible to achieve the safety and security of stored valuables of such a high class. And this despite the fact that the wall thickness is only 6 cm in grade 3, in grade 4 — 7 cm, in grade 5 — 10 cm. Experts say that this indicator is the most optimal in this area.

The design is equipped with a reliable electronic lock, which is equipped with a delay opening function. The keyboard of this element is made from a single piece of steel, due to which the vandal resistance index is greatly increased. The customer, if necessary, can purchase the latest generation electronic lock. The volume of internal space is 58 liters with a total weight of almost 250 kg.


  • The walls and doors have reinforced reinforcement;
  • The keyboard of the unit is made of steel sheet, which increases the anti-vandal characteristics;
  • Increased wall thickness;
  • If desired, you can install an additional lock;
  • There was not a single officially recorded case of hacking4
  • There are shelves inside the workspace.


  • Difficult to find on the open market.


2. KASO E2 508

KASO E2 508 photo

The Finnish company producing these safes has been on the market since 1891. Since that time, data and value protection technologies have gone far ahead, so the company’s engineers are constantly improving both the production technology and the materials from which it is made. This safe will be a great solution for installation at home. It is not only resistant to burglary, but also has excellent refractory characteristics. A large number of different additional features allows you to turn this product from a classic safe into a real security center, where even the most experienced thief cannot penetrate. The equipment has all the necessary certificates confirming the product quality data.

The installation technology is quite simple, and thanks to its compact size, it can be installed directly under the desktop. The safe has the second class of security, has a wooden facade, so it will perfectly fit into any interior, both at home and in the office. This safe can be easily entrusted with the storage of large sums of money, valuables and papers. With overall dimensions of 79x56x56 cm, the device is characterized by a decent capacity — the internal volume is 94 liters. The electronic lock in this design is hidden behind a sliding panel; it is not as easy to notice it as it might seem at first glance.


  • Can be decorated in a variety of styles;
  • If necessary, it can be connected to the alarm system;
  • The locks are locked automatically when the door is closed;
  • Good resistance to high temperatures;
  • Securely fastened to the floor with anchors;
  • It is possible to install a number of additional options.


  • The kit comes with only one shelf, everything else will have to be purchased separately;
  • Even the basic equipment is quite expensive.

KASO E2 508


Valberg ASK-25 photo

This is truly the best safe of the year in terms of burglary resistance. This is evidenced at least by the fact that such products are acquired for themselves by such an organization as Sberbank. According to user reviews and the manufacturer’s statement, such a safe can store securities, jewelry or cash, the total value of which can reach about three million rubles. The outer side of the case is covered with a special powder paint, which reliably protects the safe from various kinds of surface defects. The internal volume of the structure is not too large — it is only about 14 liters, but this is quite enough to place the safe at home or in a small office.

The case is three-layer, includes two metal walls, the space between which is filled with a special composition. The thickness of the side walls is about 2.5 cm. The front side is much thinner — only 1 cm, but this is quite enough to ensure a high level of security. Inside there is one shelf, the height of which can be changed if necessary. The safe is locked with a German-made Kaba Mauer key lock, which is protected from drilling with a hard alloy plate. The door is equipped with a system of crossbars, the diameter of each of which is 25 mm. The safe can be attached to the floor, wall, furniture and so on.


  • Very convenient and reliable crossbar system;
  • Excellent sidewall thickness;
  • Included are anchors for fixing in the floor or on the wall;
  • Long warranty period of as much as 5 years;
  • There are anti-removable pins.


  • Initially, the lock is tight, the key will have to be lubricated so that it starts to work normally.


In conclusion, a useful video

Well, that concludes our review of the best safes. In conclusion, we would like to express the hope that after the information provided to you, you were able to decide which model would be the most preferable for you. If you still have certain questions, then you may well ask us in the comments to this article, or just share with us and other readers your experience of using safes. It will be very interesting for both us and the visitors of our site to know your opinion and point of view.


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