Autumn crept up unnoticed after the quickly passing summer, which means that in just a few weeks winter will come with its snows and frosts. At this time, lovers of an active lifestyle prefer skiing and skating. Skiing in modern conditions is not conceivable without special boots.

The choice of such sports equipment in the respective stores is very large. If you are just starting to try this sport, then choosing the most suitable product will not be too easy. We decided to help you solve this problem and rank the best ski boots of 2019-2020 for you. In this article, we will not only tell you about the most popular models that are found on the market, but also provide a number of recommendations regarding the choice of similar products.

How to choose the right ski boots?

A lot depends on such sports equipment, in particular, control over the skis themselves, skiing safety, leg comfort during the day, ease in terms of learning and speed of progress. As noted by quite experienced skiers, boots are the most important part of the kit. When choosing products, be sure to take into account the degree of craftsmanship, foot size, last width, stiffness, model specification and some other factors.

Skill level must be taken into account without fail. For example, for beginners and experienced skiers who prefer a calm style of skiing, comfortable models will be most suitable, while stiffness and control over skis fade into the background. The higher the level, the more important will be the control and coordination of skiing, the narrowness of the last and the accuracy of the fit of the leg.

How ski boots are made

Sports products are suitable for people who have been skiing for a long time, as well as for those who prefer an aggressive style, high speeds. The width of such boots should be less than 98 cm, stiffness indicators from 120 for male skiers and from 100 for girls. With the help of such shoes, it is possible to fully keep the skis under control, to instantly respond to obstacles. The size must be chosen without stock.

Expert-sized boots are suitable for experienced riders who prefer high speeds and steep slopes, including ice sheets and bumpy surfaces. These models will allow you to feel comfortable both on the morning and on the already rutted track, and will also behave comfortably on freshly fallen snow. The width of the boots should be from 100 mm, but here it is already necessary to take into account the width of the foot — you can also purchase wider options. Rigidity for men should be from 100, for the fair sex from 80. This combination will provide a high level of comfort for a long time and will allow you to keep the situation on the track under control.

Confident skiers do not develop too much speed, so they do not need excessive control. The block should be from 102 mm, and the hardness range is from 90 to 110 for men and from 70 to 90 for women. This will ensure maximum comfort during leisurely skiing. At low speeds, as a rule, beginner skiers who prefer carefully prepared slopes ride. For such athletes, products with a fairly wide block and slight rigidity are most suitable.

How to choose the right ski boots

Be sure to try on the product. The heel should firmly rest, and the toe should have free space, because a warm toe in low temperatures will not hurt. Check the instep so that the foot does not hang out in the boot. Otherwise, this is fraught with serious injuries, they look to ensure that the ankles are rigidly fixed.

We decided to divide our rating into three parts: one is dedicated to products for beginners, the second is men’s shoes, and the third is ski boots for girls. When choosing products, we were guided by all the parameters that we considered above, but also took into account user reviews and value for money. The review included not the most expensive models — we took into account the financial capabilities of our readers, so that the products they liked were within their means. Now is the time to move on to analyzing the performance of specific products.

Products for beginners

4. ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85W

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85 W photo

Our review opens with versatile products that, thanks to their developers, have received the optimal combination of comfort and control. The model is perfect for people with wide and narrow feet. In these boots, every minute spent on the ski track or on the winter slope will leave the most pleasant impressions. The products are best suited for relaxed riding, however, some more advanced users also prefer this particular model. Here, the latest Thinsulate material is used as a heater, which will keep your feet warm even in very severe frosts. Despite the fact that this is a synthetic polymer product, it passes air through itself. Due to this moment, the feet will not sweat even during intensive movement. The shaft is made in the shape of a tulip, which ensures maximum comfort while riding.

The shoe here is quite wide, but the position of the clips can be adjusted if necessary and completely adjusted to your own foot. This product is universal — suitable for both men and women, especially when taking into account the neutral color. Outside, the boots are covered with a special material that is resistant to wear and significant physical exertion. This allows the shoes to retain their original appearance for a long time. The level of rigidity is average — its index is 85.


  • Very good insulation — even at -20 feet it is not cold;
  • Carefully thought-out ergonomics and physics of boots;
  • Due to the adjustment, it is possible to adjust the shoes to your individual needs;
  • The sole does not wear off.


  • In the area of ​​​​the joints of the elements of the outer skin, abrasions appear after a couple of years.

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85W

3. Salomon Qst Access 70

Salomon Qst Access 70 photos

A very lightweight and practical product, developed on the basis of the latest Backbone Magnesium technology, due to which these boots successfully combine the ability to walk and the performance of skiing. The product is equipped with a thermoformed tongue that provides increased comfort of the lower leg. The boot shell is made on the basis of two-layer polypropylene, and the layers differ from each other in density. The first, adjacent directly to the insulation, is lighter and softer, sensitive to ultraviolet rays, but at the same time retains heat well. The upper surface does not wear out even with intensive driving, it withstands even significant physical impacts well. The upper cuff is polypropylene. The heel is reinforced, there are side inserts that support the ankle.

The collar not only wraps tightly around the ankle, but also has excellent flexibility. On the sole there are special removable Din overlays. If the standard ones wear out, they can be easily replaced. The upper and lower parts of the boots are interconnected, they provide reliable support at the back, increase speed when exiting a turn. If the skier switches to walking, then the cuff expands, due to which the transition from heel to toe becomes smoother. In addition, the boots are equipped with two aluminum clips with micro-adjustment, as well as one clip made of flexible plastic.


  • Very comfortable both when riding and when skiing;
  • During the development, only the most modern technologies were used;
  • Excellent production quality;
  • Suitable for people even with sore feet.


  • Relatively expensive model.

Salomon Qst Access 70

2 Head FX GT

Head FX GT photo

Although these boots are quite expensive, they are of excellent quality, and they are also produced by a well-known brand that specializes in the production of shoes specifically for people who are just about to comprehend the basics of skiing. The main distinguishing feature of the products is the focus on the greatest comfort, so that users get an idea of ​​what really good sports equipment is. The inner lining of the boots is very soft, in addition, this is complemented by a very wide shoe — this parameter ranges from 102 to 106 mm, depending on the size of the shoe owner’s foot. In these boots, you can ride on the mountain slopes for days on end, without feeling the slightest discomfort. The stiffness index here is one of the minimum — only 60. This indicates high elasticity, but because of this, the operational stability is somewhat reduced.

Another distinctive point of these boots is the simplified process of putting them on the foot. The engineers who created this model developed a whole system responsible for this factor. In many ways, it is for this reason that lovers of real comfort both when riding and when walking become buyers of these products. It is unlikely that it will be possible to develop great speed in such boots, however, even a novice skier will be able to achieve quite acceptable acceleration.


  • Soft and wide ski boots;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Resistance to abrasion;
  • High level of comfort;
  • Sophisticated donning system.


  • High cost of production.


1. Head Advant Edge 75

Head Advant Edge 75 photos

Despite the fact that these boots were released in the winter season of 2017-2018, they still occupy a leading position in many thematic ratings. Rigidity here is at a low level — about 70-75 units, depending on whether the modification is male or female. Also, the products are equipped with aluminum clips and micro-adjustment. One of the key features was the 3-piece plastic shell construction, which allows the feet and ankle to maintain vigor and energy for quite a long period of time. The plastic elements of the elongated Hi-Top Tech welt are installed here, due to their shape, it is much easier to take off and put on the boot.

The internal thermoforming is made with Perfect Fit S technology, which makes it ideal for slower skiing. The liner can be adjusted to your own foot size, to fit the features of the foot. It also uses the Double Power system, due to which the closing of the inner clips of the boot is made with much less effort. An eccentric adaptive fit technology is built into the sole of the boot. It is regulated by a special hexagon supplied with the product. By turning it, you can expand or narrow the plastic outline.


  • Boots provide better power transfer to the skis and allow you to feel their feedback;
  • The canting swivel, set back slightly compared to other beginner models, helps improve ski control;
  • There is some stiffness on the cuff and tongue.


  • Except for the high cost was not found.

Head Advant Edge 75

Male models

3.Atomic LIVE FIT 100

Atomic LIVE FIT 100 photos

Optimal product for people who prefer wide lasts. The main key feature of this model is that it immediately automatically adjusts its shape to the wearer’s leg, in particular, does not restrict movement and does not interfere with natural blood circulation. This was achieved largely due to the presence of special zones made using Live Fit technology — they are characterized by elasticity and adapt to the shape of the leg. The inside of the boot also houses the original Dynashape foam. The clips are oversized, so the products are easy to put on and take off, and they do not loosen during operation, but securely fix the leg even after several years of active use.

As a heater, a special Thinsulate fibrous material is used here, which effectively retains human heat without taking up extra space in the boot. Manufacturers decided to place here a classic composition consisting of polyester and olefin microfibers. The thickness of the material is minimal, besides, it weighs a little.


  • Thanks to their adaptive shape, they easily adapt to any shape of the leg, regardless of its anatomical features;
  • Very comfortable even with prolonged use;
  • All materials are carefully selected;
  • Easy to put on and take off;
  • Practically do not wear out even with intensive use.


  • It is not so easy to find a special bag for their comfortable transportation.

Atomic LIVE FIT 100

2. Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout

Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout photo

This is a light enough boot that will help the experienced skier to overcome the usual limits. It perfectly balances weight, comfort, performance and other parameters. The innovative Mobility Cuff technology, clips made on the basis of magnesium alloy, an anatomical type liner were involved in the development. The outer shell is made of grylamide polymer material. Two modes of operation allow you to make easy ascents and high-speed descents. The weight of one boot is only 1.3 kg. The cuff is equipped with a double locking system, due to which the foot does not hang out in the boot, especially if it is matched strictly to the size. This greatly increases driving stability and safety even at high speeds.

The drawstring has four lightweight clips with very secure fasteners that securely fix the foot without creating excessive pressure. The inner boot is made using Ultralight-Light technology, equipped with a special heat-insulating membrane, and weighs little. The laces here are of increased strength, if necessary, they can be removed. The inclination of the boot forward can vary by 12-13 degrees. The moisture protection system has shown its best side — sweat is removed, and moisture from the outside does not enter, so the feet remain completely dry throughout the day. The outsole is made of high-quality rubber with a special coating, which provides a firm grip on absolutely any surface, resistant to abrasion.


  • Easy to put on and take off;
  • Non-slip sole even when walking on ice;
  • For a long time retain the original appearance;
  • Lightweight clips;
  • The intermediate insole is customizable, made of lightweight but durable plastic.


  • The laces are strong, but rather stiff — in the cold it is not very convenient to fasten.

Tecnica Zero G Tour Scout

1. FISHER Cruzar X 8.5

FISHER Cruzar X 8.5 photo

The products have additional volume in the area of ​​​​the toes, which allows you to additionally keep warm even in severe frosts. The angle of the shaft is not too large, thanks to him it is possible to expend not very much effort during the acceleration. The tongue is made using seamless technology — this greatly reduces friction when putting on and taking off the boots, and also prevents chafing of the instep during long rides. The block is very wide — this figure is 103 mm. The product belongs to the sports class, so it is best suited for advanced users, although recently beginners have also been paying close attention to it.

The stiffness of the boot is 85 units, the inner boot is made from a special foam that allows air to pass through and retains heat. The legs do not start to get damp and remain warm for a long time, besides, the inner boot fits as tightly as possible to the top, not allowing snow and ice crust to get there. The shape is designed in such a way that the rider has excellent ski feel. The products are characterized by an optimal price-quality ratio.


  • The cost is fully justified by the performance of the boots;
  • The minimum number of seams improves not only the feeling of riding, but also increases the aerodynamic performance of the rider;
  • The foot does not get tired at all even with prolonged skating.


  • Not detected.

FISHER Cruzar X 8.5

The best women’s ski boots

3. HEAD Next Edge XP W

HEAD Next Edge XP W photo

One of the best models for both advanced and beginner skiers. The developers paid special attention to the geometry of the boot, due to which it will be possible to quickly take complete control of absolutely any skis. The design is original — the shoes look very elegant on the leg, emphasize the figure. The width of the block here is in the range from 100 to 104 mm, so any girl will be able to choose a model strictly for her leg. The stiffness index of 65 is quite a moderate indicator, but even it is enough to feel comfortable on absolutely any track. The internal volume of each boot is 2100 cc — this parameter helps to keep warm.

The clips are made of a special aluminum alloy, they are micro-adjustable. The power frame consists of two components, which allows the boots to maintain their performance for a long time. The elongated welt is made of soft plastic: it not only facilitates the removal and putting on of products, but also fits the ankle quite tightly, while not restricting blood circulation. The shaft slope is 14 degrees — a little more than the men’s models, but for the graceful female ankles, it will come in handy.


  • Very attractive and original appearance;
  • The minimum number of seams;
  • They do not wear out for a long time;
  • Allows you to feel good skis;
  • Excellent aerodynamic performance.


  • Not very easy to find for sale.

HEAD Next Edge XP W

2 Rossignol Kiara 60

Rossignol Kiara 60 photos

This product is produced by a world-famous manufacturer of products for skiing. The boot’s creators paid special attention to the optimal balance between handling and comfort. Given that the products belong to the middle price category, it combines a huge amount of the latest technological advances. Their common goal is to improve ergonomic performance. The original Sensor technology was used in the development. Thanks to it, the internal configuration of the boot changes somewhat under the influence of the mass of a person, as well as due to the reinforced heel and the addition of a special foam filler to the toe area, which allows it to be given an anatomical shape. Senosr Fit is a special design improvement that greatly reduces ski feedback and acts as a kind of shock absorber.

Largely due to the use of such a technique, the legs practically do not get tired even with a long ride. The coverage of the foot in the instep is quite tight, and the ankle area is carefully shaped. All together, this securely supports the ankle, providing maximum protection against sprains and dislocations, as well as comfort while riding. Rigidity is at an average level, so the boots will be optimal for both high-speed trips and leisurely walks. They are quite suitable for experienced skiers, as well as for those who are constantly improving their own skiing skills.


  • The foot is very soft and comfortable;
  • Mounts are rigid;
  • The shoe does not rub the foot;
  • Long service life;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Universal products.


  • The outer upholstery is somewhat soiled.

Rossignol Kiara 60

1. ATOMIC Hawk Prime 95W

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 95 W photo

This product deservedly ranks among the most frequently sold women’s boots designed specifically for alpine skiing. They feature a mid-width last and a mid-range flex, making them very suitable for experienced riders on and off the trails. The boots are made on the basis of Prolite technology, which implies the use of the lightest materials, however, reinforcement in strategic areas is still present — in particular, at the ankles, on the instep of the foot, in the heel area. The liners are molded at the production stage, thanks to which it is possible to provide the highest level of comfort. Boots are able to adapt to the shape of the foot on their own.

The outer surface and cuff are made of high-quality polyurethane, which not only retains its useful characteristics for a long time, but is also able to retain its original appearance regardless of physical exertion and other influences. The last has an original geometric balance that allows it to take into account the anatomical abilities of the wearer’s foot. The calf area is slightly corrugated, which makes the shoes more stylish, emphasizing the elegance of women’s legs. At the bottom of the product there is a special reinforcement Energy Backbone, which provides a significant margin of safety for high-speed and aggressive skiing.


  • Thanks to these boots, the feet and skis feel as one;
  • Excellent handling regardless of the complexity of the track;
  • Lightweight and maximum safety equipment;
  • Medium hardness.


  • A bit pricey, but other than that it’s a great model.

ATOMIC Hawk Prime 95W

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best ski boots is over. For each product, we tried to tell you as much interesting and useful information as possible. If you still have some questions or you yourself want to tell us and other readers about your experience in choosing and using such items of equipment, then comments on this article are at your disposal.



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