Repair for all people is a very painful and costly issue, and it often stretches for more than one year, including various types of work, including painting. According to professional finishers, today one of the most effective painting compositions is acrylic paint. In the stores of building and finishing materials, a wide range of these products is presented, which is very easy to get confused.

In our article, we will try to analyze the most popular acrylic paints, talk about their composition and nuances of use. In addition, we would like to start the ranking of the best acrylic paints of the year with a number of useful tips regarding the correct choice of such products.

How to choose the right acrylic paint?

For the first time, acrylic-based paints began to be developed back in the United States in the mid-40s of the last century. Initially, they did not enjoy great popularity; such compositions were able to achieve success only at the beginning of this century. Such paints are easy to use, for the most part they are universal. They adhere well to all kinds of surfaces — cardboard, wood, concrete, metal, stone, textile materials, glass, and so on. If necessary, they can be diluted with water, in addition, they dry very quickly. After drying, the paints do not pass water through themselves, they resist the effects of atmospheric phenomena well, and are not sensitive to high temperatures.

As the name implies, acrylic-based monomers are used here as a basis, which bind pigments and other additives well. The maximum concentration of additional substances does not exceed 10%. The function of the solvent is performed by water or other organic compounds. If the paint is purchased for interior work, then water-based materials should be preferred. Facade products usually contain some kind of organic solvent.

How to choose acrylic paint

Modifying additives make it possible to improve such characteristics of the composition as hiding power, they are also able to increase the drying rate and make the layer more durable. The addition of pigments determines the color. If the paint is intended for outdoor use, then the defining function of the pigments is their resistance to UV rays and moisture.

Facade paints are intended for finishing the walls of a house, outbuildings, fences, and various decorative elements. After drying, they perfectly resist moisture, their surfaces can be washed simply with a stream of water. Interior paints are used for interior work, including for finishing residential premises. However, they can also process surfaces in unheated rooms. They differ in excellent ecological qualities, are absolutely safe for health of the person and animals.

On sale there are also special acrylic paints and varnishes that contain original components. Due to them, the coating is resistant to biodamage, high temperature and other factors. They can be used in conditions of rooms with high humidity, and heating radiators can also be treated with such coloring compositions.

When we chose products to be included in our rating of the best acrylic paints, we first of all paid attention to all the points considered. However, other factors were also taken into account — value for money, user reviews, primarily professional craftsmen and finishers. We also chose products that are not too expensive, so that most of our readers can afford to buy the composition of the brand they like. Now it’s time to start analyzing the different colors.

Interior floor paints

3. Acrylic Lacra floor enamel

Acrylic Lacra floor enamel

This paint is water-based, but despite this, it has a fairly high resistance to wear. It is recommended to be used for finishing wooden surfaces both indoors and outdoors. In addition, this product is suitable for painting concrete bases. After drying, a durable coating with a semi-gloss tint is obtained. The paint resists moisture well, withstands serious mechanical stress, does not decompose under the action of chemical compounds. Thanks to this, the surface can be cleaned using ordinary household chemicals. The coating retains its original appearance and attractive decorative qualities for a long time.

Before applying paint, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned of dust, treated with degreasing compounds. Do this with a brush or roller. To make the surface smooth, even and beautiful, it is advisable to apply the composition in at least two layers. There must be at least two hours between coats. In this case, the paint dries completely within eight hours. The composition has no foreign smell, so it can be used in rooms without ventilation, work with it without personal protective equipment. To clean the tool, you need to use ordinary water, you can do without a chemical solvent.


  • Dries fairly quickly;
  • Well withstands any temperature and physical influences;
  • There is no foreign smell;
  • It is intended both for internal, and for external works.


  • Limited number of bases on which such paint can be applied.

Acrylic Lacra floor enamel

2. Tikkurila Betolux

Tikkurila Betolux photo

The manufacturer recommends using this composition for floor coverings, regardless of their load. In other words, this paint is perfect for both home use and for finishing floors in offices, corridors and other rooms where there are a large number of people. The composition is designed to work with concrete or wooden bases. After drying, the paint acquires an attractive sheen that will persist throughout the entire period of operation. In addition, floors treated with such a composition can visually increase the space of the room. The floor turns into the expanse of a large lake, it looks very beautiful. The paint is available in a variety of shades — the buyer can choose the color depending on their preferences and the style of the room.

This composition can even be applied to old coatings. However, before painting, the surface should be cleaned as much as possible from flaky paint. Material consumption is negligible — one liter of paint will be enough to process from 9 to 12 square meters of surface. You can dilute it with water or white spirit, but in the latter case, the paint acquires a foreign smell, and far from being very pleasant.


  • Attractive appearance of the coating after finishing;
  • Good resistance to mechanical and chemical influences;
  • Absolutely environmentally friendly finishing material;
  • Huge selection of colors.


  • When applied by roller, the surface is porous.

Tikkurila Betolux

1. Eskaro Floor Aqua A

Eskaro Floor Aqua A photo

If necessary, such paint can be diluted with water to the desired consistency. It can be used for working with wood, wood-fiber substrates, it can also be used for finishing concrete surfaces. Products are intended not only for residential, but also for retail or office space. The composition spreads perfectly over the base, dries quickly enough, resulting in a dense and perfectly smooth glossy coating. It excellently resists physical influences, is not sensitive to abrasion. The painted surface can be washed with any means of household chemicals. It is worth noting that such a composition can be used to work even in wet rooms. Often this paint is used for repair work.

In order for the paintwork to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, the base must be carefully prepared before painting. If you plan to paint concrete, then it must be kept for at least a month so that its moisture level drops to about 4-5%. The outer surface must be carefully processed with sanding paper and covered with a primer layer. It is also desirable to dry the wood well and clean it from dust, dirt, degrease it, and sand it. The wooden base can not be covered with a primer. The paint dries completely literally in a day, however, it fully gains strength after 3-4 weeks, so it is advisable not to allow strong friction on the surface during this time. You can lay carpets and install heavy furniture in a week. The painted surface should be cleaned with a soft cloth or brush using slightly alkaline or neutral detergents.


  • Produced on the basis of environmentally friendly substances;
  • Absolutely safe composition for human health;
  • Excellent hiding power regardless of the type of substrate;
  • Good mechanical resistance;
  • Dries fairly quickly.


  • Relatively expensive;
  • Requires careful surface preparation.

Eskaro Floor Aqua A

Wall and ceiling paints

4. Pufas Gold Star 45 Acrylic

Pufas Gold Star 45 Acrylic photo

Products designed exclusively for indoor use. In particular, it is suitable for rooms with moderate and high humidity, that is, this composition is allowed to paint walls and ceilings in bathrooms, corridors, kitchens, even stairwells, offices and gyms. The paint is even designed to work with metal surfaces — on heating devices (radiators, batteries), however, they must first be coated with two layers of primer. In some cases, the composition can be used for outdoor work: under awnings, and also so that the surfaces are protected from direct exposure to ultraviolet rays and precipitation. The paint is intended for wooden, concrete, brick surfaces, it can process plastered walls, drywall and metal.

After drying, it becomes semi-gloss, can be washed with household compounds. During operation, it does not emit harmful compounds, therefore it is even designed for use in bedrooms, children’s rooms, kindergartens. The products are absolutely environmentally friendly, there are no organic solvents in the composition.


  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Easily applied to the base, regardless of its nature;
  • Can be tinted to give the room an original style;
  • Insignificant expense of structure and excellent covering ability.


  • For acrylic paint, it takes a long time to dry;
  • If water gets on the dry layer, then stains will remain.

Pufas Gold Star 45 Acrylic

3. Regal Select 547 WaterBorne Interior Paint-Flat

Regal Select 547 WaterBorne Interior Paint-Flat photo

When using this paint, a premium class coating is obtained. The composition is very simple and easy to use, characterized by excellent hiding power, low consumption and the complete absence of splashes. After the paint is completely dry, a very elegant finish with a matte finish is obtained. Professional finishers praise the material for its excellent flow and excellent leveling characteristics. In the process of staining, it is possible to quickly get rid of stains and minor defects in the base. The composition includes a primer and the paint itself, which saves time when carrying out repairs. If necessary, coatings that are often exposed to sunlight can be treated, as the paint resists fading well.

It is possible to work with such a substance only at a room temperature above +10 degrees. The manufacturer recommends using the paint in rooms that are characterized by a slight operational load and are not subject to regular pollution. The consumption of the composition is quite low — one liter of paint is enough for about 10-12 square meters. The paint can be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. It dries pretty quickly — does not come off the surface in just an hour. If multiple coats are required, the intercoat drying period is only 2 hours. Ordinary water can be used as a solvent, it is not required to dilute such paint.


  • It is very convenient to work with this paint;
  • Excellent hiding power;
  • Minor expense;
  • No splash when using;
  • After drying, a beautiful matte finish is formed.


  • Quite expensive;
  • There are temperature restrictions.

Regal Select 547 WaterBorne Interior Paint-Flat

2. Sikkens Alphatex SF

Sikkens Alphatex SF photo

Produced on the basis of a copolymer emulsion, after drying it acquires a beautiful matte sheen, designed for interior wall covering. The paint can be used for concrete, brick, plastered, wooden, painted surfaces. It can be applied even on asbestos-cement surfaces, as well as on a base covered with an old layer of paint. After drying, the material acquires a matte finish. The paint does not contain a solvent, it is characterized by a simple application to the surface. When it is completely dry, it can be washed with any household products. The composition can be applied at a temperature not lower than +5 degrees and relative humidity not more than 85%. If necessary, the paint can be diluted with ordinary water in a maximum ratio of 1:1. The composition sets within one hour, before applying the second layer it will be necessary to wait about 4 hours.

There are a lot of shades, in addition, the buyer can tint the products depending on their needs. Before painting, dust and grease contamination of the surface should be eliminated. It is advisable to thoroughly rinse the surface, allow it to dry completely, and also treat with a primer. If there are alkali stains on the brickwork, then they will also need to be disposed of. It is advisable to cover the base with two layers. The paint is non-flammable, well resists physical influences.


  • Universal products;
  • The surface after painting looks very nice;
  • Contains no harmful chemicals.


  • Paint is quite expensive.

Sikkens Alphatex SF

1. Tikkurila Harmony

Tikkurila Harmony photo

The latest paint with a matte effect. After drying, it acquires a very beautiful look and texture, so it is used to create style in a variety of rooms, from hallways to bedrooms, living rooms or children’s rooms. The main criterion for using such paint is that the average humidity in the room should not exceed 70%. In other words, it should not be used for finishing work in the bathroom, toilet or kitchen. With this paint, you can create a soft and very velvety surface. The composition is relatively versatile, as finishers use it to create interiors in a different spirit — from minimalism to rich decor. This paint belongs to the premium class. She does not emit toxic or simply harmful substances into the environment, in connection with this, the masters recommend finishing her children’s rooms. In some cases, even walls and ceilings in kindergartens are treated with it.

Plastered, concrete, puttied, brick, cardboard, wooden and plasterboard bases are covered with this composition. After complete drying, the paint withstands washing well. The matte shade allows you to hide minor defects in the base. Despite the fact that the composition is intended for indoor use, it resists UV rays well. The paint is odorless, so you can even apply it to the surface without harm to health. The color gamut is wide, and the result is a very even color.


  • The treated surface looks very nice;
  • The paint does not emit harmful substances;
  • Dries fairly quickly;
  • Low consumption and excellent coverage.


  • Suitable for dry rooms only.

Tikkurila Harmony

Facade paints

3. Sikkens AlphaCoat

Sikkens AlphaCoat photo

After drying, it creates a matte fine-grained textured surface. For a long time, it retains not only an attractive appearance, but also its performance. Elasticity and vapor permeability of the coating at the highest level. This paint forms a reliable layer, characterized by an increased level of strength. It well withstands the effects of precipitation, ultraviolet rays, does not fade under them for a long time. It is very easy to apply. The paint has good hiding power, easily hides minor defects in the base. With the help of such a composition, it is possible to remove excess moisture from the walls and at the same time prevent penetration into them. An increased level of elasticity helps prevent cracks in the event of surface tension or compression, as well as significant changes in ambient temperatures.

The manufacturer and experts advise applying the composition in a sufficiently thick layer. There are no volatile organic substances in the paint, and it has practically no foreign smell. Products designed to work with mineral substrates — concrete, plaster, masonry, cellular concrete, it can even be applied to a previously painted surface. If necessary, the paint can be diluted with water.


  • Possesses fine-grained structure;
  • The coating is characterized by a long period of use;
  • Passes through itself water vapor coming from the structure of the walls;
  • Elasticity indicators allow the paint layer not to crack under loads on the base.


  • One of the most expensive on the market;
  • It is not recommended to apply by spraying.

Sikkens AlphaCoat

2. Symphony Euro-Balance Facade

Symphony Euro-Balance Facade photo

This water-polymer composition was originally developed to work with external surfaces made on the basis of concrete, covered with cement or lime plaster. The paint is well suited for finishing mineral-fiber slabs, blocks made of foam concrete and other stone surfaces. In most cases, the composition is used for painting facades, plinths of buildings for various purposes — residential, commercial, industrial, warehouse, and so on. This coating material is resistant to cleaning and is characterized by high rates of vapor permeability. Additionally, it can give the surface increased dirt and water repellency. The composition contains antiseptic substances, so the surface will be reliably protected from the occurrence of fungal formations, mold.

After complete drying, a waterproof coating is formed — this factor will be very relevant for problematic buildings that are regularly exposed to precipitation. Paint consumption is not too large — one liter of composition is enough for 4-10 square meters of surface. It directly depends on the technology of application, the absorbent qualities of the base, its structure. It can be applied to the surface with a brush, roller or sprayer. If necessary, it can be diluted with water in a maximum ratio of 1:1. The first layer dries within half an hour, re-staining can be done after 2-4 hours. The whole paint dries within a day.


  • Sufficiently wide scope of use;
  • The composition is perfectly combined with various thermal insulation materials;
  • The paint is absolutely waterproof;
  • Resistant to biodegradation.


  • Acrylic paint is relatively expensive.

Symphony Euro-Balance Facade

1.Tikkurila Facade Silicon

Tikkurila Facade Silicon photo

The leader of this part of our roundup of the best acrylic paints is made using a reinforced Facade Silicon formula. It is produced on the basis of biocidal additives that prevent the occurrence of fungi and mold. This paint is characterized by excellent moisture permeability, thanks to which the base continues to breathe, moisture does not accumulate in it. The silicone substances added here make it possible to perfectly protect the surface from moisture, dirt and other negative factors. Paint can be used to finish absolutely any surface. The exception is bases treated with silicate or lime paints or other organic organic type coatings. The composition is preferably used for the treatment of concrete bases from processes such as carbonization or corrosion.

It is allowed to use such paint for finishing plinths, facades of residential, commercial and other types of buildings, if they are made of concrete, plastered, made on the basis of fiber cement boards. The base should be pre-prepared — completely rid of dust, degrease, cover with a primer layer. The service life of this coating is about 20 years, and the paint layer does not need special care and maintenance.


  • Long service life of the paint layer;
  • The coating is resistant to moisture;
  • The composition perfectly resists the emergence and development of harmful microorganisms;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • It was not revealed.

Tikkurila Facade Silicon

In conclusion, a useful video

Finally, we have finished analyzing the best acrylic paints that are available on the Russian market today. For each product, we have tried to collect as much information as possible so that each of our readers can choose for themselves products that will not only be within their means, but will also be able to meet all their needs. If you already have some experience with acrylic paints, then you can tell us and our readers about it in the comments to this article.


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