It is unlikely that today you can meet a person who does not have a refrigerator at home. The modern market offers potential buyers a huge selection of such products. Devices differ significantly from each other in terms of functional content, overall dimensions and other factors. Not the last role in this case is played by the cost of the device. European and Asian brands, as a rule, are quite expensive, unfortunately, not every person has the means to purchase such equipment. There is a way out of this situation — the Belarusian brand Atlant, widely known in many countries.

Refrigerators created by this company are distinguished by a long service life and acceptable quality. It is for people who prefer this brand that we decided to rank the best Atlant refrigerators. But before proceeding to a direct analysis of the qualities of each review model, let’s see what exactly you should pay attention to when purchasing similar household appliances.

How to choose the right refrigerator?

This company has a lot of product varieties — single-chamber, two-chamber, free-standing and built-in, freezers and so on. The most common today are two-chamber refrigerators, which are a classic hybrid of a freezer and the refrigerator itself. Each chamber is equipped with its own door, and it can be located both at the top and at the bottom of the unit.

Be sure to measure the place where you plan to install the structure before buying. It is desirable that the unit does not interfere with the passage, the door does not hit the wall or other objects when opened, there must be a socket nearby. They also take into account such a factor as useful volume — here it will be necessary to build on the number of family members. If no more than two people live in an apartment, then a 200-300 liter refrigerator will be enough for them. When there are no more than 4 people in the family, then the volume should be larger — about 350-500 liters. If even more people live, then units with a useful volume of 440 liters and above are preferred.

How to choose a good Atlant refrigerator

Most modern devices are equipped with inverter compressors. They are constantly on and maintain the temperature set by the user, however, they work with different power. They are almost silent, have a serious working resource, but are afraid of power surges, so refrigerators with such a motor are best connected to the network through a stabilizer.

Almost all Atlant refrigerators are equipped with an automatic defrosting system. The devices are manufactured using the most modern technologies, therefore they consume a small amount of energy. In addition, often the units are equipped with additional functions. In particular, a special freshness zone can be provided for storing fruits and vegetables there. If a large number of products are placed in the refrigerator at the same time, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without the super-freeze mode, which provides almost instantaneous cooling of the products, while the temperature already lying inside will remain at the same level.

When choosing models for our rating, we relied, first of all, on the analyzed factors. However, some other points were taken into account: the ratio of price and quality of the product, as well as user reviews. For each review refrigerator, we tried to collect the maximum amount of data so that our readers can immediately determine the optimal model.

10 best models of refrigerators brand «Atlant»

10. ATLANT XM 4024-000

ATLANT XM 4024-000 photo

A fairly roomy model, characterized by a laconic and very calm design, which allows the unit to organically fit into any interior of the room. The device is highly reliable, the control system is mechanical, there is really nothing to break in this refrigerator. Initially, it was developed with the expectation of long-term operation. The freezer will have to be defrosted manually, and an elementary drip system is installed in the refrigerator compartment: condensate remains on the evaporator, then turns into ice, and gradually melts. The resulting water flows by gravity into a special reservoir, where it evaporates into the environment. In terms of electricity consumption, these products correspond to class A, so you can not be afraid that the operation of the unit will be expensive.

Inside the freezer there are three rather roomy drawers made of reliable plastic. The shelves in the refrigerator are made of tempered glass of increased strength. The overall dimensions of the product are 195x60x63 cm — not very much, so such a device can be easily placed even in a cramped kitchen. A standard incandescent lamp is used as a lighting device. The total useful volume here is 367 liters, of which 115 liters are in the freezer.


  • Excellent capacity;
  • A decent level of power with little power consumption;
  • Acceptable cost of the device;
  • Long period of warranty service.


  • A little noisy;
  • Not enough shelves in the door.

ATLANT XM 4024-000

9. ATLANT XM 6026-031

ATLANT XM 6026-031 photo

Despite the fact that the height of the refrigerator exceeds 2 meters, its width is only 60 cm, which makes it a fairly compact device. The location of the chambers is standard — refrigerating from above, freezing from below. The latter must be defrosted manually, and the manufacturer recommends doing this about once every six months. The shelves are glass and can be adjusted in height. At the bottom of the refrigerator there is a freshness zone with a not very low temperature. The door can be hung on either side of the machine. Also in the upper part of the chamber there are containers for various types of products — bottles of wine, butter, eggs, and so on. In that area, the temperature is maintained from +2 to +8 degrees. The freezer has two modes of operation — freezing and storage. The unit has excellent thermal insulation. In the event of a power outage, the set temperature will be maintained in it for 18 hours.

In the freezer, the minimum temperature is -20 degrees. The refrigerator has two compressors that operate completely independently of each other. The control here is electromechanical, an audible alarm is provided if at least one of the doors is open for too long. The useful volume of the refrigerator is 378 liters, of which 115 liters fall on the freezer.


  • Two compressors that operate independently of each other — when defrosting the freezer, there is no need to turn off the refrigerator compartment;
  • Freezes well;
  • Convenient electromechanical control;
  • Modern appearance;
  • Great capacity.


  • Egg stand is designed for 8 pieces only.

ATLANT XM 6026-031

8. ATLANT MXM 2835-90

ATLANT MXM 2835-90 photo

The originality of this product lies in the fact that the freezer here is located in the upper part of the body, it has a separate door. The refrigerator compartment has three glass shelves, two of which can be adjusted in height. There are also shelves for food storage on the inside of the door. The body of the device is made of thin sheet steel, painted white. The top cover is plastic, on the front edge you can find the temperature controller. By default, the doors are hung on the right side of the case, however, if necessary, they can be outweighed, and the mechanism is so simple that you can do it yourself without resorting to the services of a specialist. The defrosting system is drip, the freezer is defrosted in manual mode. Both chambers are securely sealed with special gaskets made of soft and elastic rubber, so they will keep cold even in the absence of electricity.

The volume of the refrigerating chamber is significant — as much as 210 liters, and in the freezer it will be possible to freeze about 4.5 kg of food per day. The model is equipped with a modern and very reliable compressor, which works very quietly and consumes electricity economically, so the refrigerator belongs to the energy class A. The lighting system practically does not take up space, does not emit heat, which also positively affects the efficiency of the model.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • During operation, it almost does not make sounds;
  • Compact outside and very roomy inside;
  • Consumes little electricity.


  • The freezer must be defrosted manually;
  • Tight door opening mechanism;
  • A small container for storing eggs.

ATLANT MXM 2835-90

7. ATLANT XM 4008-022

ATLANT XM 4008-022 photo

One of the key advantages of this unit is the resistance of the compressor and control system to sudden and significant voltage drops in the mains. In the manufacture of the refrigerator, a compressor of our own production was used, which is one of the most reliable today. Isobutane is used as a refrigerant. Much less energy is spent on cooling such a gas compared to classical freon, in turn, this has a positive effect on the amount of energy consumed. In addition, the gas does not interact with materials, does not corrode them over time. The refrigerator is relatively quiet. In the production of the inner chamber, ABS plastic is used instead of polystyrene. It does not emit any foreign smell, which often remains in new refrigerators for some time.

The evaporator is not located in the chamber itself, but is displayed on the back wall, filled with special foam. Due to such a constructive solution, it was possible not only to increase the useful volume, to make the appearance of the chambers more attractive, but also to simplify the maintenance of the device, to prevent damage to the evaporator itself. This device uses a cooling system based on the natural movement of air masses. This technology creates zones with different temperatures, which are optimally suited for specific products. With overall dimensions of 142x60x63 cm, the refrigerator has a useful volume of 244 liters, of which 168 liters fall on the refrigerator.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • The freezer has a pretty good capacity;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Works almost silently;
  • Consumes a minimum of energy.


  • Weak boxes in the freezer;
  • It is problematic to adjust the temperature;
  • The cell is designed for 8 eggs.

ATLANT XM 4008-022

6. ATLANT XM 6025-031

ATLANT XM 6025-031 photo

The location of the cameras here is standard, unlike the previous model. The refrigerator works on the basis of two autonomous compressors, each of which can be turned off if necessary. They don’t use much electricity. The freezer is more spacious than in the models that we considered earlier — it has 4 plastic drawers installed at once. There are two rubberized wheels at the bottom of the rear side, so if necessary, the refrigerator can be moved even alone, without fear of damaging the flooring. The front legs are adjustable. The model is practical, as it easily combines reliability, reasonable cost and very high quality. The refrigerator works almost silently, belongs to the category of energy consumption A, practically does not need care.

The ergonomics of the interior space is carefully thought out. In particular, the refrigerator has a sufficient number of shelves, compartments and containers for neat food storage. All settings are changed using special electromechanical switches. The volume of the freezer is 129 liters, it will be possible to freeze up to 15 kg of food per day — a very important point if you need to make significant food supplies at a time. In the event of a power outage, the initial temperature is maintained for 17 hours.


  • Very spacious freezer
  • Original design — the refrigerator is available in several colors;
  • Pair of independent compressors.


  • Drawer handles don’t seem to be very secure.

ATLANT XM 6025-031

5. ATLANT XM 4524-000 ND

ATLANT XM 4524-000 ND photo

Despite the fact that this model first appeared on the market back in 2014, it is still manufactured and supplied to home appliance stores, as it is very popular with buyers. This is the first of the models in our review, which has the function of quick freezing, with its help, much more vitamins are stored in berries and vegetables. In addition, after defrosting, the products do not spread, retaining their original shape. Activating this mode of operation is quite easy — a special button is responsible for its inclusion. Thermal insulation is of high quality: even after 17 hours after a power outage, the temperature of -9 degrees will remain in the freezer. The freezer must be defrosted manually.

The refrigerator compartment, in turn, is equipped with an automatic defrosting system. It maintains optimal humidity due to the periodic inclusion of defrosting and evaporation processes. Shelves are standard — made of tempered glass, for additional protection against possible damage, a plastic edging is put along their perimeter. It not only prevents the occurrence of defects, but also does not allow spilled liquid to stain the entire refrigerator. The device has an audible alarm that turns on if one of the doors is open for more than one minute. On sale, you can find a modification that is equipped with a quick freezing mode for products. R600a is used as a refrigerant, which is an absolutely safe gas for humans and the environment.


  • Spacious chambers;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Modern appearance;
  • There are models with the function of quick freezing of products.


  • Not very informative control unit;
  • Dim interior lighting.

ATLANT XM 4524-000 ND

4. ATLANT XM 4208-000

ATLANT XM 4208-000 photo

One of the most compact models among those included in this review. The width of this design is only 54.5 cm, so that the device can be placed even in a fairly compact kitchen. The freezer is located at the bottom of the unit. In general, this is an elementary household appliance in terms of operation, designed for long-term storage of food. The defrosting of the refrigerating chamber is carried out automatically using drip technology. Due to it, the walls of the chamber are not covered with frost. The electricity consumption corresponds to the energy class A, so the use of this refrigerator will not cost the owners very much. The refrigerator compartment is actually divided into three compartments using tempered glass shelves with plastic edging.

At the bottom of the refrigerator compartment there are two spacious compartments for vegetables and fruits. The freezer is not very large — it has only two drawers made of transparent high-strength plastic. The overall dimensions of the refrigerator are 142.5×54.5×60 cm — the product is not too high, but at the same time it has a rather significant capacity, since its useful volume is 173 liters. The freezing capacity is about 2 kg of products per day. When the electricity is off, the product is able to maintain its original temperature for 14 hours.


  • All surfaces are smooth, so it is very easy to clean them from any contaminants;
  • Perfect for small kitchens
  • With a slight consumption of electricity, it freezes quite well;
  • Not very high cost.


  • Relatively noisy.

ATLANT XM 4208-000

3. ATLANT XM 6023-031

ATLANT XM 6023-031 photo

This model belongs to the latest line, called «Soft Line», is in great demand among consumers. Instead of classic handles, the refrigerator has end caps — this is not only an excellent design solution, but also practicality in the field of operation. The unit due to its small size allows you to successfully save space in the kitchen. End handles will not break with regular use. The design has a calm design, so it fits into the interior of any kitchen. The capacity of the refrigerator compartment alone is 201 liters. Shelves, like all models included in our review, are made of special glass, they are adjustable in height. Shelves built into the door allow you to place a fairly large number of different products.

Certain changes have also been made to the design of the freezer. In particular, it received a fairly large volume — 129 liters, it was possible to place 4 drawers in it at once. Doors, if necessary, can be moved to the opposite side, besides, they are equipped with pads made of soft frost-resistant rubber, which does not dry out for a long time and keeps the temperature inside the device. In the upper part of the refrigerator compartment there are LED indicators that notify the user about the temperature inside the chambers. There is a function of fast freezing of products. There is a sound signal that works if the door is open for more than 30 seconds.


  • Carefully thought out ergonomics of the shelves in both the freezer and the refrigerator;
  • Decent capacity;
  • Two stand-alone compressors are installed;
  • Freezes food quickly.


  • A little noisy;
  • Not enough cells for eggs.

ATLANT XM 6023-031

2. ATLANT XM 4426 ND

ATLANT XM 4426 ND photo

In second place in our rating is a fairly modern product, which users say that it has a very stylish appearance and long service life. The internal volume allows you to use the model even for a fairly large family. The appearance is characterized by elegance, able to harmoniously enter the interior, regardless of the style of its design. The main difference from all the units that were considered earlier is the automatic defrosting system, which applies to both the refrigeration and freezer compartments. Users don’t have to worry about ice buildup inside the refrigerator. The cooled air passes through both chambers, preventing the formation of frost.

Another important point associated with this device was the touch control panel, supplemented by a digital liquid crystal display. It is located on the outside of the refrigerator compartment door, which allows the user to get up-to-date information regarding the temperature inside without opening the door. Extended functionality was also noted — this refrigerator can be used not only for storing food, but also for additional features: there is a holiday mode, supercooling and cooling drinks. In terms of overall dimensions, the device fits into the average dimensions — 207x60x62 cm. The total usable volume is 332 liters, of which 247 liters fall on the refrigerator, and 85 liters on the freezer.


  • Works very quietly;
  • Spacious drawers and shelves;
  • The automatic defrost system affects not only the refrigerator compartment, but also the freezer;
  • Modern control system.


  • The parameter adjustment panel is located high enough;
  • Shelves on the door are not very deep.



1. ATLANT XM 4214-000

ATLANT XM 4214-000 photo

So we got to the leader of the review — many buyers prefer this model due to its low cost, but in addition to this advantage, it also has a number of positive aspects. According to the owners, the refrigerator has excellent capacity, it can easily adjust the temperature in the chambers. In addition, it is not too conspicuous, so it can be installed in the kitchen, regardless of what style it is decorated in. The freezer is located at the bottom, which is quite convenient. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with a drip defrost system. For a better view, an incandescent lamp of considerable brightness is installed in the refrigerator compartment, so it will be possible to find the right product very quickly.

It is quite natural that the shelves here are made of glass; there are three drawers in the freezer. Overall dimensions are average — 180×54.5×60 cm. The model has an inverter compressor. It is only one, but it works stably, allows you to maintain the set temperature. The total usable volume here is 248 liters: 168 for the refrigerator and 80 for the freezer. The control is exclusively mechanical, very reliable, you don’t have to worry that it will fail. The unit maintains the temperature for 16 hours after being disconnected from the power supply. During the day, the design can freeze up to 3.5 kg of food.


  • Although compact, it has a good capacity;
  • Works absolutely silently;
  • Freezes just fine;
  • Not too big overall dimensions.


  • The freezer door is too close to the floor surface.

ATLANT XM 4214-000

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our review has come to an end. We hope that you were able to choose the best model for yourself. If you want to clarify some questions, then feel free to ask us in the comments to this article. We will collect the information you need as soon as possible and share it with you.


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