A small refrigerator in the car is a very convenient thing. In it, even perishable products will retain their original freshness during a long trip. This technique is quite new and not too familiar to consumers. We decided in our today’s review to tell you more about the best auto-refrigerators of 2020. However, before proceeding to a direct examination of the models, we decided to give the main features of this product, talk about the rules for choosing it, and so on. Well, now is the time to get started.

What do you pay attention to when buying a car refrigerator?

Before you purchase such a device, you should decide what exactly it will be used for. If the vehicle is intended for short trips, and there are rarely more than 1-2 people in the car, a model with a volume of no more than 6 liters will be quite suitable — this refrigerator will fit a few sandwiches and various soft drinks. When a family trip is planned and there is a need to transport a decent supply of products that can deteriorate soon, then in this case it is better to buy a compressor-type product with a capacity of about 50 liters.

Choosing the best car refrigerator

It is necessary to estimate what average time one trip takes — depending on this, the principle of operation of a car refrigerator is chosen. Another important point is the mode of operation of this equipment: will it be enough if it maintains a temperature in the region of +5 — +7 degrees, or will serious freezing of products be required to -18 or even lower. The overall dimensions of the refrigerator directly depend on the parameters of the trunk or interior — depending on where you plan to install this device.

The simplest design is a cooler bag that will keep the temperature regime for a certain time. The efficiency of food storage in such a product can reach 12 hours. These are fairly simple refrigerators, they do not have to be built into the car’s electrical network, they can easily withstand vibration and shock. Among the most popular types of refrigerators among motorists are thermoelectric models. They are powered from the cigarette lighter, perfectly tolerate vibrations, maintain the set temperature for a long time, do not contain refrigerants, and therefore do not pose a danger to the environment.

Compressor products by their principle of operation are no different from classic home refrigerators. The efficiency of work is quite high — the temperature in its chamber can drop to -18 degrees. Such refrigerators are rather complicated, since they have special shock absorbers that allow them to resist slopes, shocks, and so on well. Absorption models work in much the same way as compression models, only a different type of refrigerant is used here. It works from the cigarette lighter, mechanical parts are not provided here, but at the same time they are strictly forbidden to tilt.

Our review consists of three parts — we have chosen the best budget designs, thermoelectric and compressor products. When selecting models, we were guided, first of all, by user reviews, paying attention to the ratio of price and quality. We hope that the information we have collected will be enough for you to decide on the most suitable model.

The best models of the budget segment

3. Refrigerator EZETIL E16 12v

EZETILE 16 12v photo

It is a fairly compact design, the useful volume of which is 16 liters, the power of the device is such that it is able to operate from the on-board electrical network of the machine. The lid has a special latch in the closed position. This prevents the contents of the camera from falling out. In addition, another latch is installed that keeps the roof in a half-open position. The device has an intelligent energy saving system. The power cable is stored in a special compartment located at the back of the cover.

The principle of operation of this refrigerator is based on the Peltier effect — the characteristics of semiconductor wafers. When electric current flows through the semiconductors, one side of them, facing the closed chamber, is cooled, while the other, facing outward, is heated and cooled by a fan. To maximize the efficiency of this device, you can put the so-called cold accumulators inside the working chamber. Thanks to them, it will be possible to significantly extend the shelf life of products. Initially, this refrigerator was designed to operate from a household power supply, however, due to the special voltage adapter that comes with this device, it can also be built into the vehicle’s network.


  • Excellent build quality — nothing creaks, even after several years of operation there are no creaks;
  • Insignificant weight;
  • Good capacity with a small working volume;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • The power cord is a bit short, could have been longer.

Refrigerator EZETIL E16 12v

2. AVS CC 24NB 12/220V

AVS CC 24NB 12/220V photo

The capacity of such a refrigerator is 24 liters, the empty weight is 4.2 kg, the dimensions are not too bulky. The device works on the same principle as the previous model. Two cables are included with the device — one for 220 V, the other for 12 — each of them has a length of one and a half meters — quite enough even for fairly spacious vehicles. On the rear panel of the product there is a switch between voltage types, as well as a button to start cooling or heating products. The handle is rotary, the refrigerator opens only when it is turned towards itself, in other positions it will block the door of the structure. The refrigerator is able to reduce the temperature by 15-18 degrees lower than the environment.

Several fans are built into the design, so you need to be prepared for the fact that it will buzz a little. This device reaches its maximum operating power after approximately three to four hours of continuous operation. The function of freezing products is provided. If necessary, you can use special cold accumulators, but users say that ordinary frozen water in a plastic container can be put into the chamber. This model works in the same way when working in a vehicle, as it does when powered from the mains.


  • Fully corresponds to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer;
  • Can be used as both refrigerator and freezer
  • Can be heated if needed.


  • Not detected.

AVS CC 24NB 12/220V



Despite the fact that the case of this product is made of plastic, it is additionally reinforced with stiffeners, which allows it to withstand decent vibration and other physical exertion. It has a dual system that provides accelerated cooling. It can be used both in a vehicle and stationary — this can be achieved largely thanks to the switching power system, all the necessary cables are supplied with the device. In the refrigerator, if necessary, can fit up to six two-liter bottles, and vertically. The transport handle also functions as a latch or support for the lid, and the latter houses a small compartment for storing power cables.

This thermoelectric refrigerator is difficult to confuse with products from other manufacturers — it has a unique appearance. In particular, the air intake is very similar in shape to the grille of an automobile radiator. The lid looks sleek and the bottle opener looks a lot like a vehicle gas cap. The product is equipped with wheels for easy transportation, it can be used to heat food. The mass is 4.3 kg, the overall dimensions of the device are 396x296x445 mm. The inner and outer shells are made of high quality polypropylene. This model is capable of cooling products up to a maximum of 18 degrees below the environment. The useful volume of the device is 29 liters.


  • Convenient overall dimensions;
  • Good capacity;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Build quality.


  • Sometimes condensation starts to form.


The best compressor models


INDEL B TB45A photo

The optimal solution for lovers of fishing or hunting, well suited for travelers and summer residents. The main distinguishing characteristic of this model is the presence of a single chamber with a capacity of 45 liters, and it can be used both for cooling and for freezing. The thermal insulation system is at its best here, so this model, if necessary, can be used to transport medical supplies. The design is equipped with a reliable and durable Secop compressor. It is able to withstand tilts up to 30 degrees. This allows you to prevent the failure of the device even on steep slopes and slopes. The auto-refrigerator functions almost silently, respectively, the driver will not be distracted by it.

The temperature range is very wide — it ranges from +5 to -18 degrees. If necessary, you can use the turbo function, which helps to cool any food very quickly. It is also possible to save a decent amount of electricity when choosing the ECO mode. The refrigerator can be powered by 12, 24, 110 or 220 V. Cords are supplied with the device for connection to the cigarette lighter or to an ordinary electrical outlet. Two power supplies can be connected at the same time. The set temperature is maintained automatically. For convenience, there are cup holders in the case. Metal brackets are provided on the sides of the case. They have straps for easy portability. The evaporator here is located behind a plastic case — this protects it from wiping and accidental breakage. The design is equipped with a special multi-stage protection that will protect the car battery from complete discharge.


  • Unique and ultra-reliable SECOP compressor;
  • The refrigerator can be tilted up to 30 degrees;
  • The evaporator is securely hidden, which eliminates the possibility of breakage;
  • The presence of a protection system against the discharge of a car battery;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • There are several operating modes.


  • Not detected.


2. Waeco CoolFreeze CF-40AC

Waeco CoolFreeze CF-40AC photo

The capacity of the chamber of this car refrigerator is 37 liters with a relatively small weight — 16 kg. This is a pretty good indicator for compressor models. This design will be indispensable for people who prefer long journeys, love an active lifestyle. The device is equipped with a 12 or 24 V power supply, and can also be connected to the mains with a voltage of 110 or 220 W. A very reliable system of protection against voltage surges in the vehicle’s on-board electrical network is provided. The refrigerator is equipped with the latest generation Danfoss BD35F compressor, which is capable of providing sufficiently high cooling parameters even in conditions of strong shaking and vibration.

Included with this device is a special partition that allows you to divide the free space into two parts. In addition, there is a metal grill that exactly repeats the shape of the freezer. It is equipped with a beautiful LED backlight, which makes the process of using the model even more convenient. On the surface of the case there is a special key responsible for adjusting the temperature in the chamber. Products are cooled as quickly as possible, and the minimum figure is -18 degrees. This allows the refrigerator to be used for so-called shock freezing. During operation, the device makes almost no noise. It can be transported in the luggage compartment, there are removable handles on the body, the cover can also be removed if necessary and used as a portable table.


  • Works very effectively;
  • Excellent workmanship;
  • The body is made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • The ergonomic shape allows you to save a lot of free space inside the cabin or trunk.


Waeco CoolFreeze CF-40AC

1. Indel B Cruise 049/VCRR049N1P01P0AAB00

Indel B Cruise 049/VCRR049N1P01P0AAB00 photo

Can be used as built-in automotive technology. Overall dimensions are not too large, but this refrigerator has a fairly large volume, largely due to the increased depth. The compressor is located in the upper part of the product, the chamber is provided with internal lighting. One of the key advantages that users note in their reviews is the maximum stability in operation, regardless of the power source — a car battery or an ordinary electrical network. It is very convenient to use such a refrigerator, you can take it with you almost everywhere. The lid closes very tightly, securely fixed, so that the temperature is maintained for a long time even if the refrigerator is turned off.

In order for the device to work autonomously, special cold accumulators can be put there. The lighting is LED, very bright, you can always find the necessary products. The useful volume of the internal chamber is 49 liters — this is quite enough to stock food for a long time. The device can not only cool, but also freeze. The shelves are arranged ergonomically, so all the space is used as efficiently as possible. Due to the top location of the compressor, it is possible to save as much free space as possible.


  • Reinforced body;
  • Decent volume;
  • Shelves are included;
  • With its spaciousness, the refrigerator weighs only 19 kg;
  • Excellent build quality.


  • The range of adjustable temperatures is not very wide.

Indel B Cruise 049/VCRR049N1P01P0AAB00

The best premium models



The first in our ranking of the best car refrigerators is the product of the Australian company ARB, which today is a world-renowned leader in the manufacture of equipment for expeditions and travel. All products are high quality and safe. First of all, this refrigerator is durable and reliable. The case is durable, made of high quality plastic. All its elements are carefully adjusted to each other, there are no backlashes and all sorts of extraneous sounds even after several years of active operation of this equipment. If necessary, you can purchase a bag-case, which allows you to reliably protect the device from damage and increase the degree of thermal insulation. The power connector is very handy. Long warranty period of three years.

The capacity of the refrigerator compartment is 47 liters. The corners of the body are slightly rounded, they will not cause discomfort to passengers during the trip or damage the upholstery. The product has a liquid crystal display and several control buttons — all of them are located on the side panel, making it very convenient to use the refrigerator. The food storage compartment is made of high quality polished tan. It allows the walls to maintain strength even at fairly low temperatures. This material does not absorb odors and is very easy to clean. The depth is significant, if necessary, even fairly large bottles can be placed vertically. At the bottom of the compartment there is a drain plug, thanks to which the product is very convenient to wash. Freon is not used as a cooling element, so the refrigerator can function in any position, even if it is laid on its side.


  • By production proprietary patented technologies are used;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • There is a handle for transportation;
  • All necessary information is displayed on the LCD display.



2. Waeco-Dometic CoolMatic CRD 50S

Waeco-Dometic CoolMatic CRD 50S photo

Another built-in model in our roundup of the best car refrigerators of the year. It can be used for both cooling and freezing food. The design is made of high quality materials that are absolutely safe for human health. The model can work both from direct, and from alternating current. The refrigerator can easily withstand tilt up to 30 degrees. A thermostat is provided on the surface of the housing, due to which the temperature of the working chamber is smoothly adjusted. The device can be used if the ambient temperature is between 18 and 43 degrees.

The security system is represented by a special protection of the electronic type against being connected to the network with the wrong polarity. This prevents damage or short circuits to the product. If there is not enough voltage, and the battery itself will soon be discharged, then the refrigerator turns off. Energy consumption is economical, the model works almost silently. The manufacturer claims that the design can even be powered by solar panels.


  • Blue LED lighting of the refrigerating chamber;
  • Ergonomic shape;
  • There is a freezer compartment
  • There is a pull-out basket.


  • A very expensive device.

Waeco-Dometic CoolMatic CRD 50S



In terms of its functional qualities, this model rightfully takes first place in the ranking of the best auto-refrigerators in the premium segment. The refrigerator compartment is designed in such a way that it fits as many different products as possible. In addition, there is a spacious freezer compartment, there is an internal LED-based lighting, and you can also find two drawers there. The total volume of the refrigerator is 49 liters. The device is connected to an ordinary cigarette lighter. Products can be frozen up to -12 degrees. The front door does not open, but slides out. The temperature range of the device is from +5 to -12 degrees.

A reliable system of protection against voltage surges is provided. The door is airtight, closes very securely, so the temperature inside the refrigerator will remain for a long time. The design is equipped with an Italian-made SECOP BD35F compressor. The warranty is long and is 3 years. When empty, the refrigerator weighs 24.2 kg.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Long service life;
  • Convenient sliding door.


  • Except for the high price is not found.


In conclusion, a useful video

Well, here we are with you and have come to the end of our ranking of the best car refrigerators of 2020. We have tried to collect as much useful information as possible for you so that you can purchase the best model for yourself. If you have any questions, you can always ask us in the comments to this article.




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