No car owner can do without such a tool as a pump. Today on sale you can find a special modification of this device — a compressor. This is electrical equipment, which is characterized by compact overall dimensions and is connected to the vehicle’s on-board network through the cigarette lighter or directly to the battery.

There are many such products on the market. If you have never bought this device for yourself before and do not know how to approach this issue, then our ranking of the best car compressors of the year will be very useful for you. Here we will not only consider the useful characteristics of specific models, but also give advice on the selection of these products.

How to choose a car compressor?

By type, all these structures are divided into two types — piston and membrane. Membrane function on the basis of air compression obtained as a result of reciprocating movements of a special membrane located under the body of the device. The main working element of a similar compressor is a special membrane made of rubber. It is fixed between the cylinder and the compressor cover. These devices are not widely popular with motorists, since it is problematic for them to work at low temperatures. In the cold season, the membrane hardens, shrinks and can quickly collapse if it is subjected to a significant load. As a rule, such equipment is used in the summer for inflating bicycle tires, where the pressure is usually not too high.

Piston compressors are more widely used. The most reliable among such tools are those in which the piston rod is made of a durable metal alloy and mounted on the motor shaft. No plastic materials are used in the assembly itself. These devices resist wear well and have a decent service life, which has a very positive effect on the life of the structure.

How to choose a compressor for a car

In addition, devices that have a ring made of Teflon on the piston are popular with motorists. The working life of these compressors is very significant, and during operation the product does not need any maintenance. When choosing the most suitable device, be sure to pay attention to the performance of the device. As a rule, the wheels of modern cars are inflated with a pressure of 1.8 to 3 atmospheres (with the exception of full-size SUVs and trucks), so it is advisable to select a product based on tire size.

If the compressor capacity is about 40 liters per minute, then it can easily cope with wheels whose diameter is from 14 to 17 inches. However, the larger the wheel, the more time it will take to pump it up. There are more productive devices — from 45 liters per minute or more. They are characterized by increased power, so they are powered directly from the battery so as not to create an excessive load on the compressor’s on-board network. For trucks, buses and other large and heavy vehicles, it is desirable to purchase models that have the highest possible performance. When buying, they also pay attention to the pressure gauge — it should be very clearly visible, regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.

When choosing models to include in our today’s rating, we were mainly guided by all the above parameters. In addition to them, they paid attention to the value for money, as well as user reviews. We hope that after reading the review, you will be able to choose the most suitable equipment for yourself, which will serve you faithfully for many years.

Inexpensive products

5. Phantom PH2034

Phantom PH2034 photo

A fairly simple design, but very reliable operation. According to the manufacturer, the inflation rate is about 35 liters per minute, but in reality this parameter is somewhat less — about 30 liters. The electric motor installed is far from the most powerful, but this had a good effect on the weight of the device and its overall dimensions — the product turned out to be compact and light. It can be safely connected to the cigarette lighter, without fear that a significant physical load will begin to fall on the vehicle’s on-board network. This compressor is ideal for wheels whose dimension is 185/65R14. However, for wheels with larger diameters, it will most likely not be enough, as their needs will begin to conflict with the limited time of work without interruption.

This device has a minimum configuration. The hose of the product is non-removable, its length is about 60 cm, so the product will need to be carried with you from one wheel to another. The pressure gauge is small, the division value is 0.2 atmospheres.


  • Excellent value for money;
  • Inflates small diameter wheels fairly quickly;
  • The switch is convenient, groped instantly;
  • Vibration during operation is minimal;
  • The kit includes nozzles for balls and other inflatable products.


  • It’s hard to see anything on the gauge.

Phantom PH2034

4. Skyway Buran-01

Skyway Buran-01 photo

Quite a standard product that belongs to the group of reciprocating automotive compressors. The model is characterized by a decent build quality, the piston and cylinder are made of high-strength steel alloy, so the product has a decent service life. Performance is decent for inexpensive products — 35 liters per minute. It draws 14 A, which is quite a lot for standard automotive wiring. It is better not to connect it through the cigarette lighter to the on-board network of a passenger car, but to use the terminals for battery operation, since they are supplied with the device. Products are available in several modifications, which differ from each other, mainly in different designs of the pressure gauge.

According to users, the most convenient in terms of operation is the cheapest version. The pressure gauge works clearly, shows the correct data, it has three scales. In addition, a special bag for storage and transportation is supplied in the kit — this will help save space in the trunk. The device is quite noisy, it can vibrate if it is not on the most even surface.


  • An excellent option in its price category;
  • All units are made from high quality and durable materials;
  • Decent power;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Long service life;
  • Original appearance.


  • Quite noisy;
  • Too much energy consumption can cause a voltage drop in the car’s on-board network or even lead to a short circuit.

Skyway Buran-01

3. Kachok K50

Kachok K50 photo

Like the previous model, there is also a very convenient bag for storing and transporting the device. It is made of fabric materials that resist abrasion well and do not particularly absorb dirt. The power button is located on one of the ends, made in the form of a rocker, made of high-quality plastic. It is quite large, so groping for it will not be a problem. The product does not have a fuse. By and large, it is not required, since the compressor is characterized by a small amount of electricity consumed. The compressor is assembled just perfectly — no distortions, gaps between the parts of the housing were found. All parts are painted with a paint that is resistant to physical influences, including fading in direct sunlight.

The length of the hose is about one meter, it is attached to the body with a special clamp. The rubber from which the hose is made is soft enough that it does not become wooden even during severe frosts. Its length is about one meter, so it will not be necessary to transfer the compressor very often during tire inflation. The tip is characterized by an original shape, moreover, it is very convenient to work with it. It connects and disconnects almost instantly, so the loss of air reserves in the tire will be negligible. The pressure gauge is accurate, has a fairly large scale, so you can always see the pressure on it. For carrying on the case, a metal handle is provided, equipped with a plastic overlay. On the legs there are rubber pads that do not allow the device to vibrate during operation.


  • The developers have carefully thought through all the details of the design;
  • The assembly is of excellent quality;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Long period of operation.


  • The power cable could be made longer.

Kachok K50

2. Airline X3 CA-040-15S

Airline X3 CA-040-15S photo

All moving parts of this compressor are made of reliable and high-quality metal. The engine has a cooling system equipped with a steel radiator, which allows it not to heat up for a long time. Overall dimensions are quite compact, there are several adapters for inflating other rubber things in the kit. The device is able to inflate the wheel from zero to 2.2 atmospheres in about one minute. The compressor hose is wound onto the nipple, no lever is provided here. On the one hand, this ensures a tighter fit of the hose, and on the other hand, it makes you spend much more time installing it in place. Moreover, it is not very convenient to do this in the autumn or spring months, when the nipple is constantly dirty.

During operation, the case heats up, but you should not worry about it — this is how the cooling system works for this compressor. The motor transfers excess heat to the case and radiator, while maintaining a normal temperature for stable operation. Despite the fact that the device is manufactured at Chinese enterprises, it has a pretty decent price-quality ratio. The cylinder is equipped with special ribs, thanks to which the pump is able to work without interruption for about 20 minutes. The dial gauge is not very convenient, its division price is standard — 0.2 atmosphere, but the dimensions are small, so you have to peer into the readings. Some users noted the presence of backlash at the arrow, it is approximately 0.1 atmosphere. This parameter will have to be taken into account during use.


  • Low cost;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • There are several convenient adapters;
  • Decent performance for its price;
  • All elements are made of metal.


  • Indication error 0.1 atmosphere;
  • Vibrates quite strongly;
  • The housing may become warm;
  • No bag for storage.

Airline X3 CA-040-15S

1. Aggressor AGR-50L

Aggressor AGR-50L photo

The leader of this part of our review of the best automotive compressors was the products of the Russian manufacturer — the Avtoprofi company, which has been on the market for over 12 years and has been manufacturing everything necessary for motorists. There is a storage bag here, it is made of synthetic fabric and opens with a zipper. This device is powered exclusively through the battery, there is not even a plug for connecting to the cigarette lighter. Productivity is simply excellent — 50 liters per minute. This compressor is capable of pumping pressure up to 10 atmospheres. According to the manufacturer, this device can work without stopping for half an hour. Another positive aspect associated with this product is a long warranty period — as much as 3 years.

Heat-resistant Teflon is used here as the basis for the piston. The design has a bypass valve, with which you can control the pressure level when inflating tires. The compressor also has fairly reliable protection against overheating and overloads. The pressure gauge is built into a removable hose, has a special button that allows you to release pressure if necessary. The air filter is simple, but very reliable. The compressor has a lamp that facilitates the use of products in the dark. The fuse is located on the power cable.


  • High power level;
  • Sufficiently reliable device;
  • Well thought out design;
  • Long period of warranty service.


  • Weak wire insulation — may burst due to low temperatures.

Aggressor AGR-50L

Medium price compressors

3. Aggressor AGR-40 Digital

Aggressor AGR-40 Digital photo

The first digital compressor in our rating, which has a fairly wide functionality. In addition to inflating tires, the device is able to test the performance of the battery, electric generator. It is also equipped with a flashlight. One of the key features of such a product is the ability to program the required pressure level, and this is done quite simply — there is a special function for this, the user just needs to enter the necessary data (number of bar or atmospheres). The device itself will create the required pressure in the wheel, after which it will turn off. The case has a fairly bright LCD display, which is characterized by good information content. On it, you can select units of measurement — bars or atmospheres, get data on the current level of pressure in the wheels, and so on.

When working in test mode, the device will show the voltage on the battery in volts, and also assess the degree of its charge — lack, excess or norm. The design of the device is very original, the interface is quite simple, but you still have to study the instructions, otherwise it will be quite problematic to get access to all the functions of such a compressor. It does not consume much energy, so it works through the cigarette lighter socket. It is natural that a large number of adapters are included in the kit. The model can operate in the temperature range from -30 to +40 degrees. A storage bag is also included.


  • Stylish and attractive appearance;
  • Extended functionality of the product;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Bright and easy to read LCD display.


  • The performance level could have been higher.

Aggressor AGR-40 Digital

2. ParkCity CQ-9

ParkCity CQ-9 photo

Equipped with a very reliable engine, which has two cylinders at once, each of which is placed in a silumin case. They are connected to each other with a tube. The outer casing is made of plastic. This allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the device. It is worth noting that the plastic is quite durable, has a matte finish, so dirt will not accumulate on it. There are terminals for direct connection to the car battery. The product also has a flashlight, which is also quite convenient. It’s LED and very bright. The terminals are standard, a set of additional nozzles is also available. The connector for tires is a quick-release type, it is also a check valve that does not allow air from the wheel to return back to the compressor. During operation, the case heats up quite noticeably, so it is advisable to work with such a device with gloves. The pressure gauge here is quite accurate, shows the real pressure.

The air hose is made in the form of a spiral, made of polymeric materials. There is no air bleed valve, but this is compensated by the high accuracy of the pressure gauge. It consumes about 30 A, so it is best to connect the device to the battery, it is not recommended to use the cigarette lighter socket. The device is able to work even with fairly large wheels, for example, a 205 / 75R16C compressor pumps up in 4.5 minutes and practically does not heat up.


  • Pretty quiet operation;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Decent power of the device;
  • Looks stylish.


  • Decent overall dimensions and weight;
  • Consumes a lot of energy.

ParkCity CQ-9

1.AVS KS900

AVS KS900 photo

This compressor is characterized by an extremely high level of performance — this figure is about 90 liters per minute, due to which the 235 / 75R15 wheel is inflated from zero to 2.7 atmospheres in about 3 minutes. Electricity consumption is exactly the same as the previous review model. The pressure gauge here shows data in atmospheres and bars, and it is atmospheres that are highlighted, in order to see the readings, you do not have to peer. The model is assembled soundly — there are plastic parts, but the main elements are made of metal. There is even a metal stand with rubberized inserts that will not allow excessive vibration during operation of the device. The handle has a special fabric insert, which makes it easier to carry the structure. The metal parts are carefully fitted to each other, no gaps or other assembly defects were found.

The kit comes with a special air filter that will not allow dirt and dust to penetrate under the body, which significantly increases the service life of this unit. There is no protection against overheating, the manufacturer honestly warns the buyer about this, however, the power of the device is quite enough to quickly fully inflate all the wheels of the car to the desired values.


  • Reliability;
  • Accuracy of indications;
  • Does not vibrate very much during operation;
  • The metal platform provides excellent stability.


  • There is no overheating protection.


The most expensive compressors

2 Berkut R17

Berkut R17 photo

The device is able to easily cope with full inflation and inflation of ordinary passenger car tires, as well as SUV wheels, especially before long trips in rough terrain. The product consumes 12 V and 18 A, at idle it is able to work even from 8 A. The highest pressure that this compressor can create is 12 atmospheres. Without interruption, the engine of the model runs for 40 minutes. Within one minute, the product passes 55 liters of air through itself, so it will take a minimum of time to inflate tires. Products were developed specifically for domestic operating conditions — it will fully function in the temperature range from -30 to +80 degrees. Relatively quiet operation: compressor noise level is 67 dB. The power cord is very long — almost 25 meters, which is quite convenient.

Inside is a piston-type pump that does not need lubrication. The piston ring is made of fluoroplastic, it resists wear well, as it is quite elastic. Air valves are made of stainless steel. The working cylinder itself is made of a special aluminum alloy, characterized by increased strength and wear resistance. The electric motor runs on permanent magnets, has no brushes, which greatly extends its service life. In addition, an automatic motor overheating protection system is installed here. If the compressor runs longer than the set time, and the engine heats up above the set temperature, the device will simply turn off. It will start working again only after the temperature drops.


  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Deflator provided;
  • Not very loud and noisy.


  • The gauge scale is not well thought out.

Berkut R17

1. Aggressor AGR-160

Aggressor AGR-160 photo

The most productive compressor in our entire review — up to 160 liters of air per minute passes through it. Due to such a high rate, this model is not able to work for a long time: a maximum of 20 minutes, after which the engine will have to be allowed to cool. The pressure gauge of the design is accurate and reliable, it is installed directly on the hose, the length of which is as much as 8 meters. It has an original scale — its step is 0.1 atmosphere, unlike all other products that are presented here. This provides improved instrument accuracy. The model consumes 45 A of current, so it is not recommended to connect it through the cigarette lighter. The kit comes with special terminals for the battery. The length of the power cord is 2.4 m. A fuse is also provided here, which is located directly on the body of the product.

The design turned out to be very overall — this must be taken into account immediately, since it will occupy a decent amount of free space in the trunk. The compressor has a reliable air filter that prevents dirt from getting under the device body. A reset button is provided, which is very useful in case of an emergency shutdown of the product. The noise during operation is quite loud, which is quite natural, given such a high performance, but it does not cause much discomfort to users. Inflates tires in seconds.


  • The handle with a pressure gauge mounted on it is very convenient;
  • The piston has a Teflon seal.


  • With the exception of decent overall dimensions and a high price, it was not found.

Aggressor AGR-160

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best automotive compressors has come to an end. For each model, we tried to collect the maximum amount of useful information. If you still have questions, you can always ask them in the comments to this article. We will try to quickly respond to your comments and provide additional information on the model you are interested in.


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