Proper car care allows not only to maintain its attractive appearance, but also to a large extent extend the life of the vehicle. It will not be possible to do this on your own without the involvement of additional materials. It is very important to remove accumulated dirt from the wheels, body, bottom and so on in a timely manner.

For a quality car wash, water alone will not be enough: in order to completely remove dust and dirt from surfaces, they seek the help of such a cosmetic product as car shampoo. Its composition was created specifically for the machine, it is seriously different from other types of detergents. Approach to the choice of such cosmetics should be very careful. As you already understood, our today’s review is dedicated to car shampoos, before starting we would like to give some useful recommendations regarding the choice of such products.

What to look for when buying a car shampoo?

Many drivers today are trying to save a lot on car washing, using dishwashing detergent, ordinary hair shampoos, washing powders and other household chemicals instead of special formulations. However, it is strongly not recommended to follow this path, since such products are not able to completely remove dirt, and washing powder can even scratch the paint.

Choosing the best car shampoo

The chemicals contained in these products can severely damage the machine — the color may fade, the integrity of the paint layer may be compromised, and so on. You should buy only high-quality car shampoos — they can be found in specialized stores. It is advisable to use such products with gloves, since they often contain aggressive compounds that can corrode the skin.

The use of such a tool requires certain physical efforts. The shampoo itself must be applied with a soft sponge or cloth. This will quickly remove all dirt and prevent scratches. Washing a car by hand takes a long time, but there is one positive thing: you don’t have to purchase special equipment.

On sale today there are special shampoos that have a polishing effect. The use of these products allows you not to wax the surface after washing, as they contain silicone oils. During washing, the body is covered with a thin film, which has high water-repellent and dirt-proof characteristics. With this tool, you can keep the body clean for quite a long time, without making additional efforts.

Products without polishing effect are used in order to wash the car as quickly as possible, they are suitable for daily use. To wash a car with damage to the paint layer, you can use products with an anti-corrosion effect. Such shampoos will not allow the spread of rust.

When compiling our rating of the best car shampoos of the year, we took into account not only the popularity of a particular composition, but also paid attention to user reviews, the value for money of this product. Now let’s move on to specific brands of car wash shampoos.

Top 3 Best Hand Wash Shampoos

3. GRASS Universal

GRASS Universal photo

Our rating is opened by a rather cheap, but very economical product — one liter bottle is enough for about 50 washes, since only 20 grams of the composition is required for 10 liters of water. It is enough to dilute the product in water, beat by hand until a special thick foam is formed. Then the composition is applied to the surface of the car, then you need to wait a bit for the active substances contained in the shampoo to dissolve the dirt accumulated on the surface of the car. Wash off with plain water. As a result, the car acquires pristine cleanliness. The shampoo can even be used for broken and old cars from which the paint is already starting to peel off.

The polishing effect is excellent, the shampoo easily removes even persistent and stubborn dirt. Despite the fact that the product removes dust and dirt well, the composition does not contain substances that can corrode the skin of the hands, so this shampoo can be used without gloves. In general, the product range of this company is quite wide — there are interior cleaners, contactless car wash products, and so on.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Insignificant expense;
  • Removes dirt well
  • Has a polishing effect.


  • Instructions for use are on the inside of the label — it is quite problematic to read it.

GRASS Universal

2. KARCHER 6.294-029.0

KARCHER 6.294-029.0 photo

This tool is rightfully considered one of the best in its field. Both experts and users say that this shampoo is perfect for absolutely any surface: metal body elements, plastic parts, and so on. The alkaline balance is not too high, so this tool will be quite gentle on any body elements. This shampoo is not too expensive — it will be affordable for almost all motorists.

The peculiarities of this composition include the fact that it can be used on very sensitive surfaces, since it does not contain hazardous components. In particular, only surfactants are found here, which decompose rather quickly in any environment. All contaminants are cleaned quite effectively. Shampoo can be attributed to mild means — they are allowed to use without gloves, it will not corrode the skin of the hands. After washing, the car body acquires a pleasant glossy sheen.


  • Pretty pleasant smell;
  • The skin does not corrode during use;
  • The car acquires a beautiful external shine;
  • Good quality.


  • Not detected.

KARCHER 6.294-029.0

1. Golden Wax

golden wax photo

The manufacturer claims that this tool allows you to remove even the most persistent and severe dirt from both the surface of the case and from the glasses. The composition also contains natural carnauba wax, which, after washing, will form a special protective film on the surface of the car, which will protect the car from dust accumulation, and also give additional water-repellent characteristics. Using this shampoo is quite simple: add 2 caps of this product to a bucket of water, beat until foam forms, and then proceed to wash the car. The shampoo is washed off quite easily — it is enough to pour clean water over the car a couple of times.

All declared qualities strictly correspond to the real state of affairs. The shampoo copes well even with old stains, perfectly removes dust, after using it the car body acquires additional shine, the car simply begins to shine with frequency. Dust will not accumulate on such a surface for a long time, the wax layer also resists heavy rain well — water simply rolls off the body.


  • Nice smell;
  • Perfectly copes with any pollution;
  • Washes off fairly easily.
  • The declared qualities strictly correspond to the real ones.

Golden Wax

The best shampoos with wax

3. Liqui Moly Auto-Wash

Liqui Moly Auto-Wasch photo

This is one of the most popular car shampoos among all that are on the market today. The composition of German production is distinguished by a large amount of foam and a fairly economical consumption — two caps of the product are added to one bucket of water. This amount of shampoo is enough to wash a medium-sized car. After applying the composition, it is necessary to wait for some time so that all contaminants get wet and dissolve. The shampoo is washed off quite simply, no streaks or streaks remain on the surface of the car. After use, a protective film appears on the body, which also gives it an extra shine.

This shampoo can be used with a polish from the same company, but this is not necessary at all. It copes well with dirt not only on the painted surface, but also on chrome elements, parts made of rubber or plastic, removes dust and dirt from the glass. The composition contains only surfactants with low alkalinity, so the product can be used without the use of protective gloves. The only limitation on work is related to the temperature regime — the useful characteristics of the composition deteriorate if the ambient air cools down to a temperature of -5 degrees.


  • Thoroughly removes all impurities;
  • There are no drips on the body;
  • An additional protective coating is formed;
  • Has a pleasant aroma.


  • It is not recommended to use at low temperatures.

Liqui Moly Auto-Wash

2. Doctor Wax DW8133

Doctor Wax DW8133 photo

The manufacturer of this tool claims that this tool is produced using the latest technology and perfectly copes with any, even the most persistent pollution, largely due to the high-tech professional formula. The shampoo is able to wash off any dirt, it also additionally protects the paint and varnish coating of the body with the help of a special polymer-wax film, which is formed after washing is completed. Using this shampoo, you can reliably protect the paint of the car from exposure to ultraviolet rays, it will not be corroded by salt or grains of sand.

Snow and mud instantly roll off the paint. The car itself at the same time has a beautiful and stylish shine. The composition contains special polymer compositions with the addition of Carnauba wax, which carefully close the microcracks that have already formed. The packaging is original — it is difficult to confuse it with something. All information on it is given in Russian. More about the packaging: it can also be noted that the bottle has a special dispenser cap, which eliminates the excessive consumption of this product.


  • Convenient to use;
  • Small expense;
  • Excellent cleaning of any surfaces;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Not detected.

Doctor Wax DW8133

1. Turtle Wax Hot Wax

Turtle Wax Hot Wax photo

This tool is a kind of hot wax — a combination of shampoo and polish. With it, you can make a deep cleaning of the surface, give it extra shine, protect the paint layer for up to 4 weeks. The shampoo contains so-called emulsifiers — special substances that thoroughly dissolve and remove both stubborn dirt and a film of oil or gasoline, which is not so easy to remove without damaging the paint.

During the washing process, foam does not form — the manufacturer specifically focuses on this, so washing with your hands is much faster, the shampoo is washed off almost instantly. Consumption is slightly higher compared to other formulations included in our review of the best car shampoos. A bucket of water requires up to 5 caps of this product, it is better to dilute it in water, the temperature of which is about 40-50 degrees. Gently rub with a sponge all over the body, trying not to miss a single area. Then let it sit for about ten minutes. The composition is washed off, and the body is additionally wiped with a soft suede cloth. After using this tool, the car will shine for a long time.


  • Very easy to use;
  • Washes off quickly;
  • Gives the car an attractive shine.


  • Relatively large consumption of concentrate.

Turtle Wax Hot Wax

The Best All-Purpose Shampoos

3. Kerry KR-270-2

Kerry KR-270-2 photo

This composition is allowed to be used for both manual and contactless washing. This tool was originally developed in order to carefully care for the surface of the body paint layer. In addition, it is allowed to be used to clean plastic, rubber, glass or chrome elements, the shampoo does not harm rims. As a result of use, a fairly dense foam is formed, which dissolves various kinds of pollution well.

The shampoo is absolutely safe for any painted surfaces. Many users note the pleasant smell of this product. In addition, there are not many alkalis in it, so if you use it without protective gloves, nothing bad will happen. The manufacturer recommends washing off all abrasive contaminants before using this shampoo, otherwise there is a possibility of damage to the paintwork layer. Dilute as follows: 50 ml of shampoo per bucket of water. It is most convenient to apply the product with a sponge. Wash off with plenty of water and wipe with a dry cloth.


  • Carefully protects the surface from the occurrence of corrosion processes;
  • High washing and cleaning characteristics;
  • Perfectly copes with almost all types of pollution;
  • Exfoliates dirt and oil;
  • After washing, a special antistatic film is formed, in which electric charges will not accumulate, respectively, dust will accumulate more slowly.


  • The packaging ends quickly.

Kerry KR-270-2

2. Bizol Autoglanz

Bizol Autoglanz photo

This is a concentrated universal product designed for thorough washing of cars, both the body and other elements. Gently cleans painted surfaces. The shampoo additionally gives an attractive shine to the surface, it has good dust-repellent qualities. In addition, with the help of this shampoo, you can easily cope with fatty and other contaminants. It perfectly removes even ingrained dirt, is characterized by low consumption. The composition contains surfactants and a number of other components — they are all biodegradable, so if necessary, you can use such a product even in nature near water bodies, but the shampoo is also suitable for contactless washes.

It is not recommended to apply on heated surfaces, it is necessary to work in the shade. The shampoo can also be used in salons. Apply the product with a soft sponge, rinse with plenty of water. Lacquer coatings after use have a beautiful matte sheen.


  • Universal products;
  • Well removes any pollution;
  • Differs in rather economical consumption.


  • Not detected.

Bizol Autoglanz

1. Simoniz

Simoniz photo

This composition is the best all-rounder in our review of car shampoos. It has a polishing effect due to the wax it contains. The product does not need special certification, but it has a special sanitary and epidemiological conclusion. The paintwork after processing with this composition acquires additional shine, which makes the car more elegant. The shampoo can be used in both hard and soft water — regardless of this, streaks will not remain. For one bucket of water, 25 ml of a concentrated product will be enough. You can wash the car with a brush or a soft sponge. I remove all residues of contaminants with ordinary clean running water.

In the engine compartment, use this tool as carefully as possible. The composition contains non-ionic and anionic substances that allow you to further dissolve pollution. Products are not too expensive — it will be available to most motorists.


  • economical consumption;
  • Washes everything qualitatively;
  • May be used for interior cleaning.


  • Not too suitable for the engine compartment.


In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best car shampoos has come to its logical conclusion. We hope that the information we have collected is enough for you to be able to choose the most suitable tool for your car. If suddenly after reading you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments to this article.


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