Modern technological construction work can hardly be imagined without the use of various mixtures, for example, concrete, lime mortars, plasters. They contain a huge number of components that should be thoroughly mixed during the manufacturing process and before direct use. Unfortunately, many people still prefer manual mixing, but construction mixers have been on sale for a long time, allowing you to quickly, efficiently and without physical costs get a quality mixture.

The stores offer a fairly wide range of such tools, so choosing the best product is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. To make this problem easier for you, we decided to rank the best construction mixers of the year that can only be found on the Russian market. Before we start analyzing specific models, let’s look at what you should pay attention to when buying this product.

How to choose a construction mixer?

Despite the fact that there are still hand-held devices on sale, they are gradually becoming a thing of the past, and they are being replaced by electric models that are equipped with various nozzles depending on the density and type of mixture. The main indicator of the tool is the ability to mix a certain mass or volume of solution in one cycle. This parameter is directly affected by the power of the product, which is measured in kilowatts. For home use, there are household tools, their power in most cases does not exceed 1 kW. For use in industrial construction, devices with a power of 2 kW and above will be most suitable. Such products easily work even with significant masses of high-density concrete — in one batch you can get up to 200 liters of the finished mixture.

Be sure to pay attention to the mass of the product, since in any case it will have to be held by hand. The minimum weight is 2 kg, semi-professional designs will have a mass of about 7-10 kg, and already products belonging to the professional series will be even heavier — 10-15 kg. It is desirable that the product be equipped with an engine speed control system. This feature allows you to maintain a constant mode of operation, regardless of the density of the mixture.

How to choose the right construction mixer

The torque of the equipment indicates exactly which internal forces are generated directly in the stirred solution. The higher this factor is, the denser the mixture can be processed by the selected tool. In the field of domestic use, it will be possible to prepare a plaster mortar, stir the paint, obtain a high-quality putty mixture, primer and other compositions that are of medium or low density.

It is also important to pay attention to the number of revolutions of the device. Regardless of the purpose, this figure fluctuates around 750-850 rpm. This will be quite enough to work with solutions of various densities. It is desirable that the product be equipped with a soft start system. This technology makes it possible to prevent splashing of the mixture at start-up, reduces peak loads during the start-up process, which greatly extends the life of the tool.

When choosing models for inclusion in our rating, we took into account all the points considered earlier, and also took into account the ratio of price and quality of products, and also turned to user reviews. We tried to include not too expensive devices in the review so that most of our readers can afford them. Now is the time to move on to analyzing the specific characteristics of certain models.

Top 10 Construction Mixer Models


STANLEY SDR1400 photo

If you pay attention to the appearance, then this device can hardly be attributed to semi-professional or professional equipment. The product has small overall dimensions, placed in a bright case. All edges are rounded here, the shape of the handles is ergonomic, all control buttons are located in such a way that the user can reach them even during the most complex operations. Performance is also quite decent — according to users, this tool has a decent reliability. The weight of the product is only 3.5 kg, and the electric motor provides a torque of 80 Nm. The number of revolutions, if necessary, is adjustable in the range from 400 to 800 per minute. Like most models included in our rating, there is a soft start system that reliably protects the engine from overloading during peak impacts.

The maximum engine power is 1.5 kW, even with a multi-hour mixing cycle of the building mixture, the device will not overheat. The largest stirrer diameter can be up to 140 mm. This allows the use of these products in both individual and multi-apartment construction.


  • Pretty good build quality.
  • Decent power level;
  • The presence of a soft start system.


  • Makes a lot of noise while working.


9. ELITECH MC 1600/2ED

ELITECH MC 1600/2ED photo

This is the flagship model from a domestic manufacturer. It is equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1.6 kW, it has two spindles. The rotation speed of each of them can reach about 800 rpm. The reducer has a housing made of sheet steel, which allows you to effectively remove excess heat. The nozzles here are of increased strength, they have a zinc coating. Unlike most devices on the market, there are no threaded whisks. Instead, a special quick-clamping type chuck is installed here, which saves a lot of time when replacing nozzles, besides, to work with it, there is no need to use various kinds of wrenches for tightening.

The performance of the device is quite high, it can be used with mixtures such as concrete, plaster, glue, paint and various other building and finishing materials. The speed of rotation here is maintained at the same level, regardless of the density and viscosity of the mixture. The gearbox here is two-speed, which ensures efficient operation both at low and at very high speeds. The products have overall dimensions of 669x268x368 mm with a weight of 8 kg. If necessary, the motor brushes change very quickly, for this you do not have to have any special skills.


  • Not too large weight and overall dimensions for professional equipment;
  • High power;
  • The presence of a two-speed gearbox;
  • Nozzles change within seconds;
  • Ability to work with mixtures of various densities and viscosities;
  • It is very comfortable to hold in your hands during use.


  • At first there is a smell of plastic, but in the future it disappears;
  • It’s pretty noisy.


8. Caliber ERMD-1600/2E

Products are placed in a plastic case, equipped with two rather comfortable handles, which are also made of plastic. The ergonomics of the case is carefully thought out, the assembly is of high quality, no backlashes and extraneous creaks were found during the testing of the equipment. On the right handle are all the main controls of the device: a rotating wheel that allows you to adjust the number of revolutions, select the optimal indicator, thanks to which the mixture will not splash, but at the same time will be mixed as thoroughly as possible. There is also a trigger that starts the electric motor, and a button that locks it in the pressed position. There is a soft start button on the front. Included with this product is a double-spiral nozzle, which is perfect for performing absolutely any job. Its length is about 55 cm with a ring diameter of 12 cm, which allows it to be used for mixing even heavy and dense concrete. It is screwed into the spindle of the device using special keys that are supplied with the mixer.

The length of the power cord is not very large — about 2 meters, so you have to use extension cords. The mixing process is confident even at high speeds. The power of the equipment is 1100 watts. The side handles are ergonomically shaped and fit comfortably in your hands. All controls are on the right handle. The finished solution can be obtained approximately three to five minutes after the start of mixing.


  • Pretty serious power of the device;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • High build quality;
  • The nozzle is supplied with the kit.


  • The nozzle has to be tightened with keys, so the installation process takes a decent amount of time.

Caliber ERMD-1600/2E

7. ZUBR MR-1050-1

ZUBR MR-1050-1 photo

It has small overall dimensions and is characterized by high ease of use. With its help, it will be possible to get a completely ready-made mixture quickly enough. The product comes with a strong nozzle with a fairly large grip, which ensures good mixing quality. Its service life is long, and it will retain its original shape even when working with heavy and viscous solutions, including frost-resistant concrete. The functionality of the device is not too great — there is only one additional handle that provides speed switching and the button itself, which turns on the electric motor. The gearbox of the product is placed in a metal case, so even at peak loads it will not heat up much. This mixer can mix both dry and liquid mixtures. He is able to work with paints, plasters of various nature, adhesives (tile or wallpaper), concrete.

The torque is quite high, so the product is able to quickly prepare a solution of any consistency and complexity. The handles have rubberized anti-slip pads that provide the most comfortable grip. Electronic speed control. Begins to mix smoothly, does not splash the components. Fixing of nozzles is made by means of a special key. The design is carefully thought out, so that the load on the arms and back in the process becomes much less. No uncontrolled displacements of the instrument were found during testing.


  • Quite adequate cost of production;
  • High power ratings;
  • Decent build quality;
  • Quite convenient to use;
  • Long service life;
  • The presence of anti-slip pads on the handles.


  • Not a very convenient attachment mechanism.

ZUBR MR-1050-1

6. Fiolent MD1-11E

Fiolent MD1-11E photo

Although this model belongs to the class of a semi-professional tool, it has small overall dimensions and weight, but it has good power. Its weight is only 4.7 kg, so it is very easy to hold it in your hands. The equipment has electronic speed control, and a technology was used in the manufacture that ensures the complete shutdown of the tool in case the motor brushes are completely worn out. The device is equipped with an M14 cartridge. The dimensions of the tool are 308x255x256 mm. The equipment was developed specifically for working with building mixtures of dry, soft or liquid consistency. The electric motor is placed in reliable insulation, and this also applies to the supply cable, so the device is completely safe in terms of operation.

At the heart of the gearbox housing is an aluminum alloy, which removes heat as efficiently as possible. This allows you to significantly extend the period of operation of this equipment, which helps to use it even with decent loads. If necessary, it will be possible to purchase a stand so that the mixer is stationary — this will greatly increase its efficiency when mixing dense solutions.


  • Long period of operation;
  • High power level;
  • Very reliable equipment;
  • During use, it practically does not heat up;
  • Weakly noisy;
  • Brushes wear out slowly;
  • Decent build quality.


  • There are times when the whisk jams.

Fiolent MD1-11E

5. Metabo RWE 1020

Metabo RWE 1020 photo

In the process of developing this model of construction mixer, the original Vario-Tacho-Constamatic technology was used, which is responsible for the speed control system. If the tool begins to have a significant physical load, or if it has to mix a sufficiently viscous or heavy solution, then this technology ensures the preservation of the speed of rotation of the nozzle. This not only allows you to achieve high efficiency of the device, but also protects all its systems from possible overheating. The power cable is brought out from the side of the case, which is also quite convenient. Such a solution protects it from breaking, pulling and quick failure.

This device belongs to the professional class due to the presence of a huge number of additional details. First of all, there is an aluminum radiator of the cooling system, which prevents the electric motor from overheating. The handle is not only the most conveniently located, but also has an ergonomic shape, all corners are rubberized. The case is carefully protected from the ingress of dust and other contaminants. The gear selector is located very conveniently and is at hand at all times. The warranty period is three years. As with most of the models included in our review of the best construction mixers, there is a soft start system. The model is universal, so it can work with any bulk materials.


  • When developing the model, the most advanced technologies were used;
  • Long service life and warranty period;
  • Handles with anti-slip rubberized pads are very conveniently located.


  • Quite a heavy tool;
  • The brushes will need to be changed quite often.

Metabo RWE 1020

4. Makita UT1200

Makita UT1200 photo

Users who prefer this company often say that this equipment is ideal in all its performance characteristics. The only exception is the cost of the device. However, this mixer is a happy exception to the rule. It will cost about the same price as its counterparts, but you will immediately feel the German workmanship and the Japanese approach to ergonomics and the development of this equipment. Despite the fact that the case is made of plastic, it will retain its original appearance throughout the entire period of operation. The handles are equipped with an anti-slip coating. The device itself can work with solutions of any consistency. An exception to this rule is bituminous mastic.

The maximum motor power is 960 W, a very reliable gearbox is provided, which allows you to significantly reduce the speed and transfer energy to the spindle with the highest torque of 25 Nm. At idle, the number of revolutions is 590 per minute, with heavy loads, the figure drops to 360 revolutions. This will be quite enough to prepare high quality mixtures weighing up to 30 kg. Products belong to the semi-professional class, able to withstand decent loads.


  • A large number of service centers;
  • The optimal ratio of price, quality and service life for this equipment;
  • It mixes well almost all compositions;
  • Possesses carefully thought over ergonomics.


  • Still, the price is a bit high.

Makita UT1200

3.Hitachi UM16VST

Hitachi UM16VST photo

The top three in our review of the best construction mixers is opened by two-speed products developed by engineers from a world-famous construction equipment company. On the handle you can find a special swivel wheel, which provides smooth adjustment of the number of revolutions. This prevents splashing of the mixture being prepared. The handle responsible for changing speeds cannot be switched when the engine is running, it will have to be stopped first. The device starts to work with a minimum speed, and it will gradually accelerate. The motor is equipped with durable brushes that resist wear excellently. They will be quite enough for active work for 5-6 years.

The electric motor has a power of one and a half kilowatts, however, a modification can be found on sale, the power of which will be slightly less — 1.1 kW. The first belongs to the semi-professional class, and the second belongs to the field of household tools. It is worth noting that each of these devices is equipped with a set of replacement brushes. The power cable is long enough so you don’t have to resort to using extension cords. It is expected that the handles have anti-slip pads, and the case itself is characterized by high build quality and a decent level of strength.


  • Pretty decent power level of the device;
  • There is both a stepped and a smooth speed control system;
  • Decent cable length.


  • Somewhat heavy — with prolonged use, the lower back begins to get tired.

Hitachi UM16VST

2.Hammer MXR1400

Hammer MXR1400 photo

This model is a device equipped with two spindles, it can be used to work with materials of almost any density. There is missing torque on the handle. Thanks to this factor, the developers managed to reduce the vibration level of the tool, which, in turn, reduces the degree of stress on the arms, spine and lower back. In general, the power of this device is quite enough to work with a wide variety of building materials — concrete, paints, adhesives, plasters, varnishes, and so on. This device is capable of processing up to 180 liters of mixture at a time. When developing the mixer, the original speed limiting technology was used, due to which no splashing will be observed when immersed in the mixture.

The main working elements of this tool are made from high-quality metal, which is characterized by a high level of strength. The passive ventilation system reliably protects parts from possible overheating during operation, thanks to which it is possible to significantly extend the service life of the product. The handle here is rubberized, will not slip even if the hands are in gloves.


  • The unit is equipped with two reliable nozzles at once — their diameter is 120 mm with a length of 550 mm;
  • Two speeds of work are provided;
  • Decent torque in the working part;
  • There is an electronic speed limiter;
  • High level of reliability;
  • The switch is equipped with a high-quality lock;
  • Rubberized handle.


  • For a household tool, the cost is somewhat high.

Hammer MXR1400

1. Interskol KM-60/1000E

Interskol KM-60/1000E photo

Finally, we got to the leader of our today’s review. In the first place of the rating was the products of a well-known Russian manufacturer, which is distinguished by a quite reasonable price and a high level of power — this figure is about 1 kW. The torque in the engine area is reduced, and on the shaft it increases to 53 Nm. This factor turns out to be quite enough to thoroughly mix about 60 liters of a building mixture of decent density. The device does not withstand the maximum volume very easily, since it rather belongs to a household tool, but it mixes 40 liters with ease. On the sides of the engine, you can find two plastic handles, which are coated with an anti-slip coating. On the right of them you can find the power button, equipped with a special latch.

In addition, there is a speed switch (there are only two of them), as well as an electrical speed control. The device operates from a standard electrical network with a voltage of 220 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. The case is made of durable plastic that can easily withstand significant physical impact. The gearbox is made of metal, and it will have to be lubricated periodically. The length of the power cable is about 2 meters. On the case you can find special slots for the ventilation system. They effectively cool the engine, but at the same time absorb a decent amount of construction dust, which from time to time will need to be cleaned from under the case.


  • Very user-friendly tool;
  • High level of tool performance;
  • The kit comes with two nozzles at once;
  • Decent power level for household equipment;
  • Small overall dimensions and low weight;
  • Decent build quality.


  • The slots of the ventilation system are not protected from building dust, so periodically you will have to disassemble the case and remove accumulated dirt.

Interskol KM-60/1000E

In conclusion, a useful video

So we are close to the end of our ranking of the best construction mixers. We hope you found it informative and useful enough. If you suddenly have any questions, then feel free to ask us in the comments. We will try to quickly respond to your remark and collect additional information about the model you like in order to dispel all your doubts.


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