Just a few years ago, jet skis or, as they are also called, jet skis, were something out of the ordinary, but today they are indispensable accessories for recreation on the water. There are a huge number of different models on the market, which differ from each other in many ways. So that you do not get confused in the variety of products available, we have developed our own ranking of the best jet skis of 2020. Before proceeding to a direct review of the models, we decided to first give the basic rules that you need to follow when buying a jet ski.

What are the parameters for choosing a water bike?

What are the parameters for choosing a water bike?

Be sure to pay attention to the weight and dimensions of the model. Too heavy structures will bury their noses in the water, their maneuverability leaves much to be desired, especially if the driver does not have the appropriate physical training. Jet skis are designed to ride strictly in a standing position. They are quite powerful and very light, but the level of comfort suffers greatly. The fact is that on such a bike you won’t be able to either sit down or hang your legs, and literally in half an hour your back starts to get tired. You won’t be able to ride them for too long.

It is worth noting that such a disadvantage is more than compensated by various possibilities — you can easily perform complex tricks on them — turn around on the spot, do greasy, and so on. Such designs need a thorough technical inspection, timely replacement of oil and other consumables. A similar design works on the base of the impeller — a special device with a powerful pump and blades that distill water at high speeds. Due to this, it is possible to reach speeds up to 120 km / h.

Touring jet skis move much slower and can be designed for two or more people. They are equipped with trailers for transporting things — perfect for a family vacation somewhere on the islands. They can be used as traction for bananas, water skis and other water activities. Their motor is more powerful, but they are not able to develop high speeds.

When choosing a jet ski, there are no trifles, so you need to pay attention to various functional options. The model must be equipped with large viewing mirrors, all control levers must be at hand.

Our rating includes the most popular models, which are characterized by excellent value for money. We have studied many forums and in compiling the rating we also relied on user reviews. We hope that the information collected will be enough for you to choose the most suitable jet ski that will please you and your family.

Top 10 Jet Ski Models

10. Joy Automatic Aquatic scooter 300W

Kawasaki ULTRA 310X photo

Our rating is opened by a model designed for children. It is equipped with additional security systems, is characterized by excellent stability, however, maneuverability is at a fairly high level. This water bike is able to withstand a weight of up to 80 kg. The design is collapsible, it can easily fit in the trunk of an ordinary passenger car, since when disassembled it has overall dimensions of 64x37x40 cm. Assembly takes a minimum of time, since it consists in connecting an electric motor to the steering wheel and inflating the pillow.

If the battery is fully charged, then the jet ski is able to work offline for one and a half hours. This time will be quite enough for the child to dash off and get maximum pleasure. Included with this device are two rechargeable batteries, each of them is designed for 12 V. The body is made of lightweight polyvinyl chloride. The maximum speed is low — only 7 km / h, but more is not needed for a child. The jet ski is suitable for children aged 10 years and older.


  • Small overall dimensions and low weight;
  • Easy to operate;
  • If necessary, the structure can be disassembled;
  • Decent battery capacity;
  • Comes with an extra battery.


  • The paint fades fairly quickly in direct sunlight.

Joy Automatic Aquatic scooter 300W

9. Yamaxa FX Cruiser SVHO

Yamaxa FX Cruiser SVHO photo

This is one of the newest models that went on sale just a few months ago. The design is equipped with a powerful engine and a high-tech hull that easily overcomes the waves. This jet ski has a four-cylinder four-stroke engine equipped with 16 valves and a total displacement of 1812 cc. cm. It is additionally reinforced with a mechanical supercharger and an intercooler, due to which the total design power is over 200 hp.

At the same time, the weight of the product is slightly lower compared to other similar models — the manufacturer claims that the weight of the jet ski is about 25 kg less than that of competing companies. The supercharger drive works on gears — this technology is much more durable than belt technology, since the elements wear out much more slowly. All elements of the engine are made on the basis of stainless steel, which is additionally coated with zinc, which reliably protects it from the occurrence of various kinds of corrosion processes. The case is made using the latest NanoXcel technology, which greatly enhances its strength and handling. The volume of the luggage compartment is 100 liters, the seat is designed for 3 people, the dashboard has a multifunctional liquid crystal display with anti-reflective coating, which displays all the necessary information.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Economical fuel consumption;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Good power.


  • For such a powerful engine, the model does not develop too much speed.

Yamaxa FX Cruiser

8. BRP GTX Limited 300

BRP GTX Limited 300 photo

This design represents the top model in the luxury class. It is equipped with a fairly powerful 300 hp engine, there is a new platform, an intelligent braking system, and there are three driving modes. The seat is very comfortable, you can comfortably spend several hours on it. The design is very attractive, focused on the driver. The design is additionally equipped with a number of exclusive additions — a case, a USB port, a case, a safety kit, there are several latest sensors (depth, temperature, and so on). The seat is equipped with a sliding mechanism, if desired, it can be expanded and turned into a comfortable deck chair.

At the back of the structure is a spacious platform designed for jumping into the water. It is stable, perfectly flat and comfortable, it is convenient to climb on it. The rear seat can be removed if necessary, making the space even larger. The luggage compartment is located under the steering wheel, it opens simply, it is reliably waterproofed — water will not get into it even if the motorcycle is covered by a wave.


  • Very beautiful appearance;
  • Powerful and functional design;
  • Long service life.


  • High price.

BRP GTX Limited 300

7. Kawasaki ULTRA 310X

Kawasaki ULTRA 310X photo

This is the only model among the best jet skis presented in our review, equipped with an audio system. At first, users reacted with bewilderment to this new product, but all critical reviews turned out to be completely unfounded. The audio system works perfectly, the sound is clear, as a result of its installation there is no additional impact on the battery and other electronics of the product. However, this is not the most important thing — the technical characteristics of the design are also on top. The model is equipped with a four-cylinder engine with an engine capacity of 1498 cc. see Overall dimensions are quite impressive — 3370×1194 mm, dry weighs almost 500 kg. The cylinder diameter is 83 mm, which allows for a rated engine power of 310 hp. The capacity of the fuel tank is 76 liters, this jet ski is equipped with a spacious luggage compartment — 212 liters. The technique has proven itself excellently in conditions of calm and fairly strong winds. She showed herself well in river and sea conditions.

The angle of inclination of the reservoir is equipped with an electronic drive, thanks to which you can make a quick and accurate turn. If desired, this motorcycle can reach speeds of up to 108 km / h. There is a speed limiter, which is activated by turning a special key. On the sides of the steering wheel are two speakers each with 60 watts, on the central steering wheel pad there is also a 40 watt amplifier. If desired, you can connect a phone, player, memory card, and so on.


  • Speed ​​model;
  • Increased motor power;
  • Roomy trunk.


  • When idling, the car may twitch a little.

Kawasaki ULTRA 310X

6. Sea-Doo SPARK

Sea-Doo SPARK photo

It has a fairly modern appearance and a lightweight body of increased strength. The manufacturer decided to abandon the use of fiberglass, instead, the case is made of the latest material called PolyTec — this is polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass threads. The deck and hull are not connected to each other by gluing, but are clamped by a rubber gasket. The fuel filler is located under the seat. In its basic configuration, this device weighs only 183 kg — one of the lowest figures in our entire review of the best jet skis. Engine power is 60 hp, which is quite enough to develop a speed of 64 km / h. Economical modes of operation of the engine are provided — with their use it will not be possible to accelerate much, but it will be possible to seriously reduce fuel consumption.

There are two options for buildings — for three or two people. This model performs best on calm waters with not too strong wind. The watercraft can be easily deployed on the spot, it is also designed for fairly complex maneuvers. This model can easily withstand loads up to 205 kg. There is a system for mechanically adjusting the height of the steering wheel — even a fairly tall person will be comfortable behind it.


  • One of the most popular models, as it is perfect for both family and extreme recreation;
  • The body is made of the latest lightweight materials;
  • Very beautiful and interesting appearance;
  • The hull and deck are interconnected by a rubber gasket.


  • Does not develop high speed;
  • Difficult to manage.


5. BRP GTR 230

BRP GTR 230 photo

In terms of price, this model is quite affordable. It is equipped with a powerful 230 hp engine, which is characterized by high performance and economical fuel consumption. The seats are orthopedic, with back support, there is a footrest, thanks to which you can feel comfortable even in sharp turns and enjoy high speed driving. There is a VTS button on the steering wheel, due to which you can adjust the height of the nose lift, which, in turn, will have a positive effect on maneuverability and stability on the surface of the reservoir.

The cooling system is equipped with a closed circuit. There are three engine modes — sport, tourism and Eco. All systems that control the operation of the engine and other elements are electronic. The indicators are displayed on a liquid crystal display. Braking is done by the latest generation IBR system. The luggage compartment is spacious — 116 liters. The mass of the structure is 367 kg. For the passenger, there is a rather wide frame made of painted stainless steel, which is quite comfortable to hold on to. Niches for legs are additionally equipped with high sides so that water is not poured there. At the back there is a spacious platform that will dampen the waves from the water pusher, and besides, it is very convenient to jump into the water from it.


  • Very wide seats;
  • The latest cooling system;
  • Excellent behavior even during sharp turns;
  • Several engine operating modes.


  • Large overall dimensions.


4. Yamaha Super Jet 700

Yamaha Super Jet 700

This jet ski means that you will have to ride it standing up. The design is equipped with a 73 hp engine, its volume is 701 cc. This model does not have an oil tank, so you will have to mix it with fuel yourself in a ratio of 1 to 50. The manufacturer here was guided by the fact that this device involves performing various tricks, as a result of which the bike can completely go under water. At the same time, no one can guarantee that the oil pump will function correctly and that an air bubble will not get into it.

The front part of the structure is made wider compared to the stern, so it is much easier and easier to manage it — this fact can be felt when performing various turns. In addition, a wide nose will protect against splashes much better. The shape of the central ski is chosen most successfully, so you can enter the turn even at very high speeds. The length of the hull is slightly longer to make it comfortable to ride in a straight line. The mass is small — 139 kg, the cooling system takes water directly from the reservoir. The design has a gas tank with a volume of 18 liters.


  • Forced motor, which allows to achieve high speed indicators with low fuel consumption;
  • There is a rubber edging around the perimeter, which helps a lot with mooring;
  • Electronic ignition, there are anti-slip surfaces;
  • Water cooling system;
  • There is a small niche for storage.


  • Designed for one person only;
  • The engine needs to be checked regularly.

Yamaha Super Jet 700

3. Kawasaki Jet SKI SX-R 1500

Kawasaki Jet SKI SX-R 1500 photo

This is another model for riding in a standing position, it is great for both outdoor enthusiasts and professional racers or stunt riders on jet skis. The basis of this device is a two-stroke engine with two cylinders arranged vertically. The working volume of the engine is 781 cc. Fuel is supplied to the engine using two Mikuni BN 40-38 carburetors. The exhaust system is packaged in a special shell, which, on the one hand, acts as a silencer, and on the other hand, effectively removes excess heat. The start of the motor is electric, and the ignition is digital. The cooling system is flow-through, the engine power is 80 hp, it is capable of delivering 6250 rpm at maximum loads. The volume of the fuel tank is 17 liters. The model is quite light — with overall dimensions of 230x73x73 cm, it weighs only 159 kg. The design is equipped with a durable housing made of lightweight fiberglass.

This jet ski is excellent in corners, but on straight sections, you will need to press your nose closer to the surface of the water to get through them as quickly as possible. The performance of this design is at a very high level, so it enjoys well-deserved popularity.


  • Very attractive appearance;
  • The ability to adjust the height of the steering wheel;
  • Extended sides of the platform ensure the stability of the machine, and therefore safety;
  • The electronic starting system makes starting very fast;
  • Small dimensions make the design ideal for performing all sorts of tricks.


  • High price.

Kawasaki Jet SKI SX-R 1500

2. Yamaha VX700S

Yamaha VX700S photo

Suitable for a leisurely family vacation or for fairly fast trips in extreme style. The hull passes through the waves with ease. The jet ski is equipped with a two-stroke engine with a volume of 701 cc. It is able to work reliably even in rather harsh conditions. The motor has excellent reliability and endurance. The luggage compartment is located in the bow, thanks to this approach, even with a large weight of the transported cargo, there will be no distortion of the structure. Under the seat there is another niche where you can put some small items.

The deck is protected by a special Hydro Turf coating, which has the highest anti-slip performance. It has earned many positive reviews from top riders. The rear platform has an enlarged size — it is very easy to dive from it. Maneuverability is excellent, the jet ski perfectly holds the given direction. The digital dashboard has all the necessary indicators — fuel level, hour meter, a number of other useful information.


  • The dashboard is quite large, has an anti-reflective coating;
  • Impressive volume of the motor;
  • Trunk capacity is 80 liters;
  • Tank capacity — 50 liters of fuel;
  • The whole structure weighs 240 kg.


  • High price.

Yamaha VX700S

1. BRP GTI 90

BRP GTI 90 photo

This model rightfully takes first place in our review of the best jet skis. First of all, it is equipped with an economical and balanced ROTAX 900 ACE engine, thanks to which a high level of power is provided — 90 hp. The price is quite reasonable, so the model is very popular. The design provides for a cooling system operating on the basis of a closed circuit, so you can also ride a jet ski on the sea — its internal elements will not be corroded by sea water.

The latest fuel consumption control system is provided: there are three modes — eco, tourism or sport. It brakes the motorcycle perfectly at any engine speed. The driver and passengers feel comfortable and safe even when driving at high speeds and performing various maneuvers — this was achieved largely due to special seats with fixation. The trunk capacity is 116 liters, an anti-theft system is provided.


  • Short braking distance;
  • Fuel consumption is much lower than other models — by about 34%;
  • Speedometer digital;
  • There is a fuel level indicator;
  • The cooling system operates on a closed loop basis;
  • For its dimensions, the weight is quite acceptable — 291 kg.


  • Unable to develop high speed.


In conclusion, an interesting video

Well, our review of the best jet skis of the year has come to an end. Only the most popular designs are included here, we hope you were able to choose the right model for yourself. If you still have certain questions, or if you want to share your experience of buying and using such devices, then comments on this article are at your complete disposal.


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