Today it is hard to imagine that once people processed materials exclusively with the help of hand tools. It was a very laborious process that took a lot of time. Fortunately, at the present time on sale you can find a lot of different devices that can greatly facilitate the life of a person. These devices include a miter saw — it was created specifically to cut wood across the fibers. This is its main difference from a circular saw, which is usually used for cutting along the structure of the material.

The range of similar devices presented on the shelves is very large, so not only a beginner, but also a fairly experienced master can get confused in it. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to rank the best miter saws of the year for you. We have selected the best models on the market, analyzed their performance characteristics in detail, and also decided to give you some useful tips on the competent purchase of a similar tool.

How to choose the right miter saw?

Modern models are equipped with sufficiently powerful engines and saw blades of increased strength, which allows them to cope not only with wood, but also with materials such as plastic, metal profiles and pipes, and various kinds of composite staves. It is worth mentioning right away that the miter saw is capable of cutting not only at a straight line, but also at an arbitrarily chosen angle. On sale you can also find units where the angle of inclination changes both in the horizontal and in the vertical plane. With this tool, you can even select grooves.

The main working elements of the product are an electric motor, a saw blade made of high-quality high-strength steel. They are connected to each other by means of a gearbox with a power button. This entire block is fixed on the frame, where the workpiece is placed. The bed is equipped with a turntable that adjusts the cutting angle, as well as an emphasis. For the most expensive devices, this element is made from lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloys, which allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the tool without losing reliability.

The structure and scheme of the miter saw

The functional block is connected to the frame by a swing arm and a spring-loaded hinge. Expensive models of miter saws are equipped with an asynchronous motor, which is highly reliable, does not work very loudly and consumes electricity economically, but they are quite heavy and not very powerful. Collector motors in the area of ​​​​the ratio of overall dimensions and power are more attractive — they are capable of delivering up to 5-10 thousand revolutions per minute. However, these engines are quite noisy and require regular maintenance.

The gearbox transmits the engine torque. In such devices, it happens either with a gear or with a belt drive. The first type may seem more reliable, but if they fail, the entire gearbox unit will have to be completely replaced. It is for this reason that manufacturers often prefer belt drive. It uses a special belt. It can sometimes fly off or tear, but replacing it with a new one or returning it to its place is not so difficult, so this can be dealt with at home. In addition, with the help of a belt, it is possible to absorb radial and axial vibrations, which can significantly extend the life of the engine bearings.

When choosing devices to include in our rating, we took into account mainly the above factors, but also took into account value for money, as well as user reviews. We have tried to compile an overview of not very expensive products so that you can choose the best miter saw for yourself at an affordable price.

Inexpensive miter saws

4. Wert MS 1321

Wert MS 1321 photo

Using this tool, you can work not only with plastic, metal and wood, but even with concrete, which is very useful in construction and repair work, for example, when chasing walls in order to drown wiring cables there. The cutting angle in the horizontal plane is adjustable from -45 to +45 degrees — a pretty decent indicator. The angle of inclination of the disk varies from 0 to 45 degrees. In order for the user to see the cutting line, the design is equipped with a carefully thought-out dust removal system. The kit comes with a clamp that allows you to securely fix the workpiece on the workbench. The case is made of reliable and durable plastic, which can withstand even severe physical exertion. The motor is located under it in such a way that it is easy to access, so changing the brushes is quite quick.

The double electrical insulation system provides almost complete protection against short circuits and electric shock to the user. The engine power is 1300 W, despite such a low figure, the saw is capable of delivering up to 5500 rpm. The saw blade diameter is 210 mm. The maximum cutting depth when cutting at a right angle reaches 60 mm. The mass of the structure turned out to be quite serious — 7.1 kg.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Fully complies with all applicable safety standards;
  • Gives a decent number of revolutions with a low power engine;
  • Easy access to motor for brush replacement.


  • The brand is not very well known among Russian users, so finding a device for sale is not too easy.

Wert MS 1321

3. Einhell TH-MS 2112

Einhell TH-MS 2112 photo

Equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1400 W, which provides an idle speed of 4600 per minute. Standard circle diameter — 230 mm, hole for fasteners — 30 mm. The maximum cutting depth is 55 mm. This tool is designed specifically for the production of angular, bevel and combined sawing of wood products of different densities, plastics and soft metals. The design and ergonomics are excellently thought out, so the saw can be easily transported and installed on absolutely any surface. The sawing angle is fixed in steps of 5 degrees. You can set all the necessary operating parameters using the original stepless adjustment system. It also allows you to change the depth of sawing.

The desktop can also change its position if necessary, as it rotates in both directions. In order to make the corner cut as accurate as possible, the product has special longitudinal stops. For even more precise fixation of the workpiece, there is a clamp, and for convenient work with long workpieces, the design includes desktop extensions. To keep the workplace clean all the time, you can connect a construction vacuum cleaner or a dust bag to the tool. This will not only allow you to see the cutting line, but also protect the operator’s lungs from inhaling small particles.


  • A very user-friendly tool;
  • Sophisticated control system;
  • Reliable elements;
  • Expanded adjustment options.


  • There is no soft start system, which causes the tool to vibrate noticeably when starting.

Einhell TH-MS 2112

2. Caliber PTE-1400/210M

Caliber PTE-1400/210M photo

It produces not only transverse and oblique cuts, but can also perform longitudinal cuts, in other words, this tool also combines the functions of a circular saw. The power of the electric motor here is 1400 W, it is located close enough to the body, so you don’t have to completely disassemble the saw to replace the brushes — just remove the protective cover. The maximum thickness of the material with which the tool can work is 55 mm, this parameter will be quite enough for domestic use. The maximum width of the workpiece should not exceed 120 mm. The saw blade can be tilted if necessary, the desktop is swivel here — up to 45 degrees. In order to set all the parameters as accurately as possible, two degree scales can be found on the case.

The saw blade is additionally closed by a casing made of plastic, which will open only when the cutting element approaches the workpiece itself. This has a positive effect on safety when working with the tool. It is quite natural that the device is equipped with additional stops, with the help of which it will be possible to work with rather long workpieces. There are limiters, they are made in the shape of the letter U and do not allow the workpiece to jump off the frame. The tool is equipped with a rubberized handle with good ergonomics — this will not allow the hand to slip off it during operation.


  • Convenient and absolutely safe tool to use;
  • Long service life;
  • Well thought out ergonomics;
  • Made from high quality materials;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • The belt at the gearbox is weak — it regularly slips off, it is better to immediately replace it with a new one.

Caliber PTE-1400/210M

1. ZUBR ZPT-210-1400 L

ZUBR ZPT-210-1400 L photo

A fairly compact tool for its specifics, which is additionally equipped with laser illumination of the cut line. The device is used to work with blanks, the maximum thickness of which can reach 60 mm. The saw is quite versatile — it can be used for absolutely all types of cuts — straight, oblique, oblique, combined and even straight. The protective cover opens and closes automatically. The turntable locks in any position and the tilt is also adjustable so you can set your desired sawing angle in just a few seconds. The design is made of a special lightweight alloy.

It provides high structural strength, which also has a positive effect on the accuracy of the cut being made. Dust extraction works very efficiently here. The table extension supports prevent tipping over even a fairly long workpiece — this not only has a positive effect on safety, but also prevents a fracture at the end of the cut. The engine is very reliable, its power is 1300 W, it is capable of developing up to 5500 rpm.


  • Excellent value for money products;
  • Well thought-out security system;
  • Stable on almost any surface;
  • There is a laser guide for cutting lines;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Long term warranty service — 5 years;
  • Made from lightweight alloys.


  • Not detected.

ZUBR ZPT-210-1400 L

Miter saws related to the middle class


BOSCH PCM 8 photo

This product will be an excellent choice for those who prefer to work at home. All cuts are high-quality, accurate and efficient, regardless of the material used. The saw is able to cut even soft metals, such as aluminum or copper. Fixation of the workpiece is carried out due to the original clamp. The laser significantly increases the accuracy of the cut. The tool has an elaborate dust removal system to keep the work area clean. The power of the engine installed here is 1200 W, its maximum number of revolutions is 4700 per minute. The maximum cutting height is 70 mm. The standard saw blade diameter is 210 mm with a bore size of 30 mm. The overall dimensions of the entire structure are 770x410x570 with a mass of 20.5 kg, so it is not very easy to transfer the product from one place to another.

The working area is illuminated by LED flashlights. It is worth noting that such a device can be used without grounding, since the device is equipped with a double insulation system. The handle is rubberized, the palm does not slip off it. The head itself will not lower — the safety button will prevent this. If desired, the product can also be used to make grooves. Manufacturers have installed a spindle lock system, so you can change the disc in a matter of seconds, there is also a very effective cut scale.


  • Not too expensive products;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • Carefully thought-out security system;
  • The presence of LED illumination of the working area and a laser guide;
  • Precise angles are adjusted almost instantly.


  • Quite bulky product.

Bosch PCM 8

2. Kraton MS-1900/254

Kraton MS-1900/254 photo

The product has an electric motor with a power of 1900 W — this is one of the highest rates in our entire review, the number of revolutions is 4800 per minute. The device works efficiently and reliably, practically does not break. It is allowed to use not only wood, but also plastic, laminate, aluminum profile and other similar materials as a working material. The saw has small overall dimensions, so it is easy to carry from one place to another. The main structural elements are made from high-quality alloys of low mass — the weight of the entire device turned out to be not very large. The saw is equipped with double guides that allow you to move the saw blade, in turn, this design solution allows you to work with wide workpieces — up to 310 mm.

The product is equipped with a spindle lock system, so the disc can be changed quickly if necessary. Dust is removed efficiently, as the saw has a special suction nozzle that can be connected to a collection bag or connected to a vacuum cleaner. The dimensions of the saw blade are standard here, the angles of inclination are also — 45 degrees in each direction. The guide is located on linear ball bearings. Table extensions can be removed when not required. The cutting line is indicated by a laser pointer. The workpiece can be additionally fixed in a special clamp.


  • There is a disc immersion limiter that allows you to cut to the required depth;
  • There is a soft start system;
  • High cutting precision;
  • Excellent reliability;
  • There is a broach that increases the width of the cut up to 310 mm;
  • No backlash was noticed during testing.


  • The protective cover is missing.

Kraton MS-1900/254

1. Miter saw Metabo KGS 216 M

Metabo KGS 216 M photo

The tool is great for working with a variety of materials — wood, plastic, various decor designed for interior decoration. It belongs to the professional class, so it can be used not only at home, but also in the workshop. The products are equipped with a reliable electric motor, which has a high-quality overheating and overload protection system, so the unit can also be used in intensive mode. The product has a rubberized handle, overall dimensions and weight are insignificant. The design provides for a broach that allows you to increase the cutting width up to 305 mm. There is a cutting depth limiter. Scales are applied to the bed so that you can accurately set the angle.

The table is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, which resists even strong impacts well. This greatly extends its service life. LED lighting provided. The functionality is advanced, so the length of the table can be increased even without the use of special tools. The engine power is 1500 W, it provides a rotation speed of up to 5000 revolutions per minute. On the body you can find side handles for comfortable carrying of the tool, a spindle lock is provided, there are hooks for winding the power cable. When folded, the saw is fixed with a special lock.


  • Excellent reliability;
  • High revs with not the most powerful engine;
  • Very convenient to operate;
  • Professional tool;
  • Rubberized handle;
  • Relatively small mass;
  • Can be easily carried from place to place;
  • Long power cable.


  • There is no soft start system.

Miter saw Metabo KGS 216 M

Premium miter saws

3. Evolution RAGE3-S

Evolution RAGE3-S photo

It has a small size, which greatly facilitates the transportation and storage of this equipment. When using the tool, you do not have to change the disk if there is a need to cut a material of a different nature, which greatly saves time and increases labor productivity. With the help of a laser pointer, the place of the beginning and end of the cut will always be visible, regardless of the angle of inclination of the blade. If necessary, the user can install a diamond-coated blade and cut ceramic tiles and even products made of concrete. The control handle is distinguished by well-thought-out ergonomics — palms and wrists do not get tired even with prolonged use of the tool. The device can successfully work with wood, aluminum and even steel. It is based on the patented RAGE technology, which provides reliable protection against overfeeding.

The saw is equipped with a high-quality gearbox of increased strength, due to which it is possible to provide low engine speeds and increased torque. The workpiece can be fixed from above or from the side, the saw has a broach. Illuminated work area. If nails, screws or staples get under the saw blade, then nothing will happen to it. All work is done without sparks, the cut line is very clean, there is a protective cover.


  • Increased strength of the gearbox, allowing it to withstand both heavy loads and vibration that occurs when sawing steel;
  • Acceptable cost for a professional tool;
  • Sophisticated security system.


  • Needs grounding.

Evolution RAGE3-S

2. Metabo KGS 315 Plus

Metabo KGS 315 Plus photo

One of the most powerful units in our entire review of the best miter saws. It is intended for sawing blanks made of wood, plastic and various non-ferrous metals. It is strictly forbidden to use for cutting ferrous metal. The tool is multifunctional, has small overall dimensions, so you can use it even in your home workshop. The engine power is 2200 W, which allows you to work even with hardwoods. The working platform is carefully polished in the factory, so the material will easily slide both along the table and across it. The side shelves have a sliding mechanism, so it will be possible to work even with wide workpieces. The spindle locks at the push of a button. When the saw blade unit is raised to the non-working position, it is closed by a protective cover. The saw deviates in both directions from the vertical.

The desktop is quite wide — its dimensions are 1070x505x365 mm, due to the adjusting lever it can be rotated to the right by 47 degrees and to the left by 60 degrees. The gearbox is equipped with a belt drive, the number of revolutions of the disk can be adjusted — from 3100 to 4100 per minute, there is a laser pointer of the cutting line. There is a soft start engine system that reduces vibration during start-up, as well as a system for maintaining the number of revolutions, regardless of the applied load.


  • Sufficiently strong and reliable machine;
  • A soft start system is provided;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • There is an adjustment of the number of revolutions;
  • High build quality.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Cutting black metal with it will not work.

Metabo KGS 315 Plus

1. Makita LH1040F

Makita LH1040F photo

Finally, we can present you the leader of this part of our rating — this is a special combined miter saw from a world famous manufacturer. It can be used both for its intended purpose and as a sawing machine. The tool can work with wood, soft metals and other similar materials. The diameter of the saw blade is slightly smaller than the standard one — 260 mm, the installation hole is ordinary — 30 m. The swivel mechanism allows you to tilt it 45 degrees in each direction from the vertical. The saw can process workpieces whose thickness does not exceed 40 mm. The kit comes with a U-shaped extension. To prevent the disc from jamming during operation, the design is equipped with an original riving knife.

The device is equipped with an electric motor, the power of which is 1650 watts. It starts every time as smoothly as possible, largely due to the system for limiting starting currents. From all kinds of overloads, the unit is carefully protected by double insulation, so it can be used even without grounding. There is a braking system that almost immediately stops the disk after turning off the power. The maximum number of tool revolutions is 4800 per minute. With the help of the original technology, even a rotary cut can be performed.


  • Sufficiently powerful products that can work with a variety of materials;
  • All design controls are conveniently located;
  • No backlash was found, including when setting the required cutting angle.


  • Illumination of the working area is somewhat weak;
  • High price.


Makita LH1040F

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best miter saws has come to its logical conclusion. We have tried to collect all possible information on each model. If you still have some questions, you can always ask us in the comments to the article. We will promptly respond to each message and provide additional information on products of interest.


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