The music center is a special system with which you can listen to musical compositions of various genres in the highest quality. In the modern market for digital products, these products are presented in a very wide range, so it is not too easy for a simple user to choose the most suitable product.

So that you can fully understand this issue, we decided to rank the best music centers of the year. However, before proceeding to a direct examination of the useful characteristics of specific models, let’s look at what criteria should be relied upon when buying these devices. Let’s start with this.

How to choose a good music center?

All modern sound-reproducing equipment can work with various types of media — memory cards, flash drives, CDs, and it will support most of the existing formats. To choose the optimal design, you should understand what classes these devices are divided into. One of the most compact models are micro-format systems, whose front panel does not exceed 18 cm in size. The set of such products includes disk and cassette decks, an optical drive and an audio signal amplifier. These models are great for small spaces. The power of the device usually does not exceed 50 W, which is quite enough for small rooms.

There are also mini-systems that are made either in the form of monolithic structures or are equipped with removable speakers. The design provides for a hard drive, a tuner for catching a radio signal, amplifiers, decks for classic cassettes, and often there is an equalizer. Centers of medium size almost always have a multi-block structure, which include a large number of various components. In particular, they can work not only with CDs, but also with DVD discs; there are models equipped with vinyl record players. The maximum power of such music is 200 watts. These systems are able to work with absolutely all playback formats, they also have a decent set of additional options. Such centers are perfect for halls where discos and other parties are held.

How to choose a music center - the best

When choosing a product, first of all, it is necessary to determine for what purpose it is planned to buy it. For home use, mini and micro systems will be enough. Medium-sized structures are perfect for small mass events. Before buying, you should pay attention to the maximum power of the product, there must be some reserve of it, since when you turn the volume to the maximum settings, the sound quality can be significantly reduced. For home conditions, a product with a power of 50 to 100 W is quite suitable; for large rooms, products in the range of 150-200 W will be optimal.

It is best if the speakers are not made of plastic, but of natural wood or MDF. Plastic significantly reduces the sound quality, while wooden products guarantee absolutely pure sound. The Surround system will not be superfluous, which will distribute frequencies throughout the room as evenly as possible. It will be most convenient if the music center is equipped with a built-in hard drive, as well as communication channels that allow you to synchronize it with a smartphone or personal computer.

Optimal products are equipped with a receiver, timer, equalizer — those additions that allow you to adjust the sound quality to the conditions of a particular room. Not the last role is played by the appearance of this equipment. On sale you can find models made both in the classical and the most modern spirit, distinguished by unusual decor, lighting, and so on. The size of the model is selected depending on the area of ​​​​the hall or room where this design will be installed. The configuration of the model is also quite important. On sale you can find products that have the function of noise suppression, where it is possible to adjust the tone, there are several drives for flexible media, as well as decoders, and so on. It is worth noting that all these features directly affect the cost of the device.

When choosing models to include in our ranking of the best music centers, we took into account all these factors, as well as taking into account user reviews and value for money products. We tried not to include the most expensive designs in our review, so that the products presented were within the means of most of our readers. Now let’s start analyzing the characteristics of music centers.

Inexpensive products

3. Mystery MMK-820U

Mystery MMK-820U photo

The model is quite heavy and comes in a bulky package. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer of these products decided not to limit themselves to classic acoustics in stereo format, but added a subwoofer. It is characterized by compact dimensions, but at the same time it weighs decently. The appearance of this product allows you to install it both on a hundred and hang on the wall. The design of this music center is remarkable and very strict; straight lines are the most remarkable in it. The case combines black color with silver accents, which gives it an additional appeal. The central element is equipped with an informative display, all data are displayed quite large, have a blue LED backlight. If necessary, the brightness level can be reduced, which allows you to install this music center even in the bedroom.

The drive can read CDs and DVDs of various types, you can even play video in MP4 format, music can be played in MP3, and the type of media is absolutely not important. The sound quality is very high, if necessary, you can connect the device to a Full HD TV. There is a radio with excellent sensitivity, slots for connecting SD memory cards, as well as a slot for flash media. The speaker system is made in exactly the same spirit as the central unit, each of the speakers has a power of 25 watts, an active subwoofer, its power is 40 watts. The design is equipped with a remote control, which has an interesting shape, and it has an ergonomic shape, the bottom panel is made of stainless steel.


  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Possibility of fastening to a wall;
  • Subwoofer included;
  • Extended functionality.


  • Still, the backlight for installation in the bedroom is quite bright.

Mystery MMK-820U


BBK AMS115BT photo

Basically, these products are purchased for themselves by users who seek to fill the surrounding space with the highest quality sound. The model is equipped with several interfaces, has support for flash drives, if desired, you can even connect MP3 players. The center has a built-in Bluetooth module, which is well compatible with any device. It has support for most music file formats — .wma, .mp3 and many more. The design, like most of the models included in our review, is equipped with a radio receiver with internal memory for 50 stations broadcasting in various bands. The device can be used as a decent power amplifier when connecting musical instruments or a microphone.

In terms of originality of appearance, it is worth noting the presence of the Disco Light function, which is characterized by the presence of several speaker illumination modes, which allows the center to be used at various events held in small or medium-sized rooms. All device controls are placed on the top panel, the center has special carrying handles, which is quite convenient, given the weight of the device, which is 8.5 kg. The model does not have an optical drive, but there are two inputs for microphones at once, there is also a manual analog equalizer that allows you to instantly adjust the sound.


  • Ability to work offline;
  • Sufficient number of connectors;
  • Analog semi-professional equalizer;
  • The case is made of fairly durable materials.


  • There is no way to spread the speakers to different ends of the room;
  • Not too high total power equipment.


1. Mystery MMK-915UB

Mystery MMK-915UB photo

This micro system is a latest generation home entertainment center designed specifically to play all types of video and audio formats in the highest quality. The model has a very interesting and attractive appearance, which favorably distinguishes it from similar products. Manufacturers decided to sacrifice protective speaker grills just for the sake of the beauty of the device. This model does not have a small LCD screen, which ensures high-quality operation of all elements located on the front panel of the device. There is still support for DVD discs, however, in order to view the video files recorded on them, you will have to connect this music center either to a laptop or to a TV. This moment allows you to use this music center as a video player, and at the same time it will act as a speaker system.

The device is equipped with a pair of speakers, each with a power of 75 watts, but their sensitivity is not too high, so some high and low frequencies may disappear. The design is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module, which makes it versatile for home use.


  • High speed signal transmission to the output;
  • Quite acceptable sound quality;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Excellent build quality.


  • Despite the high power of the speakers, the sound quality is not up to par.

Mystery MMK-915UB

Average price range

4. LG OM7550K

LG OM7550K photo

This is an excellent choice for karaoke lovers, as the device comes with a microphone and a huge selection of songs that are already stored in the product’s memory. The case is equipped with a comfortable and ergonomic hand that allows you to easily transport the product and arrange noisy and fun parties and holidays in places where access to a standard power supply is provided. Like most models included in our current rating of the best music centers, there is a fairly powerful Bluetooth module here. With it, you can remotely control the device using a smartphone or tablet, for which you will have to download a special application. The speaker has an original LED backlight that will turn on in time with the music. If necessary, you can use the function of synchronization with the TV in a wireless format.

The product has an optical drive that allows you to play files in CD, DVD, MP3, WMA and other formats. There is also a built-in equalizer, equipped with seven preset options for adjusting the sound quality. With it, you can equalize the amplitude and frequency qualities of the output signal. Of course, there is also a radio receiver, and it is quite original — it is possible to record broadcasts on portable media, which can be an ordinary flash drive or SD memory card.


  • Good power output level;
  • Excellent sound quality;
  • The karaoke system is no different from a professional one;
  • You can control the device from your smartphone or tablet;
  • The radio receiver’s memory capacity is 50 stations.


  • It weighs quite a lot — it is inconvenient to carry from one place to another.

LG OM7550K

3.Philips FX10

Philips FX10 photo

This music center first appeared on sale in the spring of the already distant 2016, and until today it has not lost its leading position. The system is compact in size. She has the ability to wirelessly play music files. It is equipped with a dual amplifier with a total power of 230W, so this device can be used for outdoor parties or in medium-sized rooms. If necessary, you can not connect external media in a wired format, but use the Bluetooth channel, thanks to which music downloaded to your phone, personal computer, tablet, laptop and other devices equipped with this module will play. In addition, it is possible to play music online if the device has Internet access.

The sound system features a dual amplifier that is able to boost the upper and lower frequencies separately, and you can control the phases that are responsible for the clearest sound, regardless of the acoustics of the room. There is a special button on the case that activates the MAX Sound mode, which allows you to increase the amount of bass and bring the highest volume of the music center to a whole new level. The model is equipped with an optical drive that works with all commercially available disc formats. You can connect devices to this music center via a 3.5 mm analog input. The memory of the radio here is designed for 20 stations, there is a clock with an alarm clock.


  • Excellent power reserve of the product;
  • Reinforced built-in Bluetooth module;
  • There is everything you need for a pleasant listening experience.


  • A slightly controversial appearance, which is called «an amateur.»

Philips FX10

2. Pioneer X-CM56-B

Pioneer X-CM56-B photo

Despite the fact that we decided to include this music center in the middle price category, many users note its quite budgetary cost, especially with such a wide range of functionality. The design includes a central element, which is a classic CD-receiver with Bluetooth support and several USB connectors, and two speakers are also provided. The manufacturing and assembly quality of this product is at a very high level, which clearly does not indicate an acceptable cost for this device. The length of the cables going from the speakers to the receiver is about one and a half meters. This provides decent stereo channel separation. This feature allows you to fully fill the room with sound, and its quality will be much higher compared to the use of recently widely used Bluetooth speakers.

The body of both the speakers themselves and the central element has a wood-like finish, which allows it to organically fit into any interior. The speakers themselves are made from medium density fibreboard. Their height is only 20 cm, but the power is at a decent level. Grills are made of dense fabric, in which case it will not be possible to remove them. When using the system, you can connect via Bluetooth, but most users tend to think that when playing from a disc, the sound quality is much better. The sound level is maintained regardless of the genre being played, so this music center is perfect for use in a small bedroom or even in an office.


  • The design is not too conspicuous;
  • Very decent sound quality;
  • You can wake up from sleep mode via Bluetooth.


  • Weak bottom notes;
  • The remote control often breaks.

Pioneer X-CM56-B

1. Onkyo CS-265 Black

Onkyo CS-265 Black photo

The products of this brand have long enjoyed good popularity and demand on the Russian and world market of acoustic products. This model is no exception — it is designed to please music lovers with affordable sound of very high quality. The model is equipped with two speakers, the power of each of which is 20 watts. Both they themselves and the central unit will not take up too much free space, so the music center can be placed even in a small room. The stereo system here is of a passive type, it is connected to the central part using special cables and clamps. On the back of the receiver you can find line inputs, a jack for connecting a power cable, antenna ports for a radio receiver. It is installed on rubberized legs, which reliably protect the device from acoustic vibrations. On the front panel you can find a liquid crystal display, an optical drive, a headphone output and a socket for flash drives.

The control panel of this device is push-button, for Apple products there is a special docking station on the top, near which there is a ventilation grill. The fact is that a two-channel amplifier has a decent power, so it needs an active cooling system. The sound is characterized by a high level of density, the sound is clear and carefully detailed. The quality of music will be excellent regardless of the type of media. The Bluetooth module of the latest generation is provided, thanks to which it is most convenient to use the music center, it is possible to charge the device using the USB Type-C connector. The product is very fond of users, as evidenced by numerous positive reviews.


  • Acceptable overall dimensions;
  • High power digital type amplifier;
  • It is possible to charge mobile gadgets.


  • No Wi-Fi module provided.

Onkyo CS-265 Black

Premium music centers

3. Yamaha PianoCraft MCR-N560 Black

Yamaha PianoCraft MCR-N560 Black photo

Many users say about this device that it has small dimensions — 215x110x288 mm, but at the same time it weighs decently — 2.7 kg. Approximately the same can be said about the columns — 154x273x230 with a mass of 3.3 kg each. In addition, they can be purchased separately. The appearance of the design is considered exemplary — the front panel is made of polished aluminum, it is perfectly symmetrical, there is nothing superfluous on it, but there are a lot of options available here. At the bottom of the receiver is an optical drive, there is a connector for flash media, which is compatible with iOS devices and external hard drives. There is also an output for connecting headphones or additional speakers. Above all these elements there are several buttons responsible for controlling music playback. The central detail of the front panel is a matrix display that displays a huge amount of data, ranging from time to the duration of the music file.

There are plenty of inputs on the back, including for connecting a microphone, a turntable, and so on. The device can read the highest resolution formats — .flac, .wav24/192. If necessary, you can connect the music center to the Internet, with devices on the iOS platform, it is able to work even in wireless mode. There is a standby function, in which the model consumes only 0.5 W of electricity. Acoustic system two-way, phase inverter. The entire sound range is heard just fine, the vocals are very embossed and deep.


  • A huge number of different connectors;
  • There is an opportunity to access the Internet;
  • If necessary, you can connect a subwoofer;
  • The music center is controlled from a smartphone or remote control;
  • Attractive appearance and high build quality.


  • Wi-Fi adapter will have to be purchased separately.

Yamaha PianoCraft MCR-N560 Black

2. Sony MHC-V77DW

Sony MHC-V77DW photo

Another mini-system in our review. The design is placed in a case made on the basis of MDF panels of the highest quality, and at first glance it is almost impossible to understand what material the product is made of. This is due to the fact that the panels are covered with plastic, giving the entire device an additional solidity. The central element here is a cone-shaped speaker, located closer to the bottom. It is covered with a high-strength metal mesh, which also adds to the appearance of the model. In its production, the so-called Sound Pressure Horn technology was used. It increases the sound pressure, so the bass will be heard most expressively here. In the upper part you can find an optical drive and all the necessary connectors, including a signal receiver from the remote control.

The main unit, which controls the operation of the device, is located in the upper part. All buttons here are touch-sensitive, respond to pressing instantly. All key manipulations with this equipment are performed by the Guesture Control dial. It allows you to control the very function of playing music files, control effects, adjust the sound in karaoke format, and so on. There is also a niche for a tablet or smartphone, if you plan to use them as a sound source. There is a liquid crystal rather informative display.


  • Extended design functionality;
  • There is DLNA support;
  • There is also a lossless format decoder.


  • Not all the features of this device will be useful to the average user.

Sony MHC-V77DW

1. Pioneer XC-P01-S

Pioneer XC-P01-S photo

The best among premium music centers was this compact model, capable of providing clear and high-quality sound, regardless of the interior of the room and its volume. This design includes two main elements — a disc player and a stereo receiver, both of which have been developed using the latest technology, and also have a very attractive appearance. These parts are equipped with the most modern components that allow you to provide high-quality sound. The data received from the digital media is processed in the shortest possible time, which allows not only to speed up the output, but also to achieve the greatest depth of sound. The converter here is universal — it can work with both digital and analog signals. All the nuances of the audio recording are heard as clearly as possible, regardless of the set volume.

The amplifier has additional shielding, due to which the level of extraneous noise and sound distortion is significantly reduced — this also has a positive effect on the final sound. Both elements of this music center are characterized by an attractive appearance, the front panel is made of high-quality polished aluminum with a matte finish, on which fingerprints and various kinds of dirt are completely invisible. The speakers are glossy, painted black, quite easily soiled, so it is not recommended to touch their front panel once again. They connect directly to the receiver, which allows you to amplify the sound with two channels of 75 watts each, there is also a subwoofer output, but this will have to be purchased separately.


  • Very clear sound with excellent detail;
  • There are no jumps in volume;
  • Beautiful appearance and excellent build quality.


  • There is no active ventilation system, so the device heats up noticeably during operation.

Pioneer XC-P01-S

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, that’s the end of our review of the best music centers. We have tried to do everything in our power so that you can choose the best model for yourself in all respects. If you have any questions or suggestions about this article, then you can comment on it.


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