The music center is a versatile system with which you can play and record music and voice. As a rule, this device works in electro-acoustic terms, is able to work with almost all existing formats and various media. At the same time, the sound quality is significantly superior to standard acoustics for a computer or TV. Largely for this reason, this equipment has not lost its relevance to this day and still remains popular with lovers of high-quality sound.

One of the important features is the karaoke function, which allows you to sing your favorite songs. Today, a large number of similar models are on sale, but choosing the optimal product is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Our review of the best karaoke music centers is designed to help you with this problem. Here we will look at a large number of different models belonging to different price ranges, as well as analyze the important product qualities that you should pay attention to when choosing such devices. Let’s start with this.

How to choose a music center with karaoke?

First of all, you should look at its overall dimensions — this is the easiest to do. Yes, and buying a large model for a small room is at least illogical, especially since it will need a decent amount of free space. The design of the structure also plays an important role, it is advisable to select such a model so that it looks as organic as possible in the interior of the room.

To use the device as a karaoke, it should be provided that it has a special connector for connecting to a TV. Most of these products come with a special disc with a large selection of songs. They are connected to the TV using an HDMI connector or through several standard tulip outputs.

How to choose a music center with karaoke

Starting the selection of models to be included in our rating of the best music centers with karaoke function, we were guided by all the above factors. In addition, user reviews and product value for money were taken into account. We have tried to find models that are affordable enough to be affordable for most of our readers. Now is the time to move on to analyzing the performance of specific models.

The best models of music centers with karaoke

10LG OM6560

LG OM6560 photo

An original and quite powerful model, the maximum sound level of which is 500 W, besides, it is equipped with bright and interesting lighting that can give an attractive look to the room, regardless of the style in which it is made. The design combines all the necessary elements, while they are placed in one case, so it will not need a lot of free space. The sound is of high quality, there are many different sound effects, so even standard tracks will sound very original. The kit comes with a microphone with a voice correction function, so when you perform karaoke, you will hear a very pleasant and soft voice. In addition, this music center is equipped with a fairly modern DJ-Pro function, which allows you to add additional effects.

If desired, the user can purchase two similar centers at once, which can be connected via wireless channels, which makes it possible to double the sound power level. Simultaneous playback is supported by the latest Party Link technology. In addition, there is the possibility of the so-called vocal removal, which will turn any song into a soundtrack, under which you can sing along yourself. The device is equipped with a Bluetooth module, due to which it will be possible to play tracks directly from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. With the Juke Box function, you can create your own playlist, which can contain up to hundreds of songs.


  • original appearance;
  • The presence of a huge number of additional functions;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly;
  • Great sound power.


  • The cooling system is pretty loud.

LG OM6560

9. Panasonic SC-MAX3500GS

Panasonic SC-MAX3500GS photo

This center is able to provide the user with a truly powerful sound and a very attractive appearance, due to which the design will look optimal in an interior designed in the most modern spirit. Bass lines are heard very well. This was achieved largely due to the installation of a patented bass-reflex system. These frequencies will pass through the speaker without being distorted at all, which has a positive effect on the sound power. The speakers of this music center are made from special materials that will not distort the sound. The bell is made of special high density porous paper, which is reinforced with sycamore wood used in the manufacture of the most expensive and high-quality musical instruments. This technological solution allows to significantly increase the rigidity of the entire structure and prevent the occurrence of various kinds of vibrations.

The fiberglass voice coil is located here, thanks to which there will be no problems with induced eddy currents, which is very important when playing medium and high frequencies. The design has a very interesting look: its appearance combines two types of textures at once — matte and glossy, due to which a certain contrast arises, which will further emphasize the high quality and decent power of the entire system. The karaoke function is quite interesting — there are two jacks for connecting microphones directly on the main unit of the model, so you can even sing a duet. A number of original technologies make singing easier — you can control not only the volume of music, but also the speed of its playback, work with the equalizer when playing a phonogram, the «Echo» mode is provided.


  • A decent number of connectors are provided;
  • High sound quality;
  • There are two microphone jacks at once;
  • There is a Bluetooth module;
  • Works with all existing formats;
  • Long service life.


  • The case is plastic, which can cause slight vibrations when playing the lowest frequencies.

Panasonic SC-MAX3500GS

8. Sony MHC-M60D

Sony MHC-M60D photo

It does not need a lot of free space, largely due to the fact that the design is made in the form of a monoblock, it is able to support Live Sound technology. The power is quite high, there is LED backlighting and many additional features. The system is able to work with absolutely any media, with the exception of cassettes. The design is equipped with a reliable generator of comprehensive sound, can be used not only indoors, but also outside. This was achieved thanks to the installation of a digital sound processor and several speakers that are oriented in several directions at once. In particular, the speakers responsible for reproducing mid and high frequencies are deployed at such an angle that the sound emanating from them will spread the most widely.

This music center can be controlled directly from your smartphone, just download the official application. There is a backlight located around the perimeter, it has the function of light music — it pulsates to the beat of the melody. For karaoke, there are two microphone inputs at once, and you can connect an electro-acoustic, acoustic or bass guitar to one of them, turning an ordinary party into a full-fledged concert. The center also has another original function — Taiko. With its help, products can be turned into a drum that will imitate various instruments — bongos, surdos, djembe and others. If desired, you can add Dj format effects, bringing unexpected and original notes to the composition.


  • High power level;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • High sound quality;
  • Controlled from a smartphone.


  • It can be somewhat problematic to deal with the equalizer.

Sony MHC-M60D

7. LG OK99

LG OK99 photo

This system belongs to the mini format, so it will not take up too much free space in the room, which allows it to be installed in medium or small rooms, if desired, this music center can also be used outdoors. It is equipped with original LED lighting. The low frequencies pass through the large woofers, so listeners can feel not only the sound itself, but also feel its true vibration. The model is equipped with an original backlight, which is perfectly combined with light music, due to which there is a completely indescribable feeling. The device has a Pro Dj function. It is implemented on the body with the help of a special wheel that allows you to add all sorts of effects. The signal level is quite high, so the transition between tracks will be very smooth.

The main distinguishing feature of this music center is the Dj Sharing function, which allows you to record the resulting tracks into the memory of a smartphone or other mobile device. The possibilities of karaoke here are quite standard — there is a function of turning a track into a soundtrack, slowing down the tempo, and so on. However, one original moment is also provided — you can change the tone depending on the voice of the performer, 18 effects have been added at once to improve the vocals. Management is very convenient.


  • Decent power;
  • Sounds clear regardless of the selected track and volume;
  • original karaoke;
  • High quality workmanship.


  • Great mass.


6. Sony MHC-V11

Sony MHC-V11 photo

Thanks to this miniature system, you can create an atmosphere of a full-fledged holiday. The center is made in a monoblock format, but this does not affect the volume and sound quality at all. There is a Mega Bass function that allows you to add low frequencies to the track. The user is quite able to feel like a DJ. If you wish, you can experiment with various sound effects, overlay them one on top of the other, achieving the most original sound. Multiple systems can be combined into one thanks to the latest Party Chain technology for truly deafening sound, both indoors and out. The backlight of the speakers is LED, made only in blue, which, in principle, is quite enough to give the party additional originality.

By itself, the music center is quite compact, it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. On the body there are special handles for transportation. The main thing is that there is an opportunity to connect to the mains nearby. Like most models in our roundup of the best karaoke music centers, there are two microphone outputs here, which allow you to sing a duet with friends. There is a special function that allows you to soften the sound of even the roughest voice, which allows you to sing absolutely any song. All the necessary settings can be changed through a special application that can be installed on a smartphone or tablet. The device is equipped with a Bluetooth module.


  • Decent level of volume and sound quality;
  • Quickly connects to the device via Bluetooth;
  • High quality workmanship — there are no backlashes and extraneous sounds;
  • Even when you turn on the maximum volume on the case, there are no vibrations of any kind.


  • The ergonomics of the remote control are not well thought out;
  • There is no standard line input.

Sony MHC-V11

5.Hyundai H-MS120

Hyundai H-MS120 photoThis product is not very suitable for outdoor use due to the installation of speakers of not too high power — this figure is 10 watts, but it will be optimal for use in rooms, even quite spacious ones. The center will sound as loud as possible in medium or small rooms. You can control this system using a special remote control, where all the main functions are displayed. The appearance is very attractive and interesting, it combines both modern and classic elements. The sound is of high quality and balanced, no frequencies stick out, the melody is viewed organically. The case is wooden, so there will be no vibrations even when listening to rather heavy music.

Despite the fact that the model is partly made in the traditional form, it is literally head and shoulders above the previous generation of music centers in terms of sound quality and various additional features. In particular, a very wide interface is provided here, which is not only capable of playing any music format, but can also connect the center to a TV. This allows you to use it as a karaoke, additional speaker system, and so on.


  • Acceptable cost of production;
  • Works well with flexible media;
  • Qualitatively displays the picture and sound on the TV screen;
  • Very compact dimensions;
  • No extraneous sounds were found;
  • Tracks switch almost instantly;
  • There is a remote control available.


  • The case is made of materials that literally attract dust.

Hyundai H-MS120

4. LG DM8360K

LG DM8360K photo

Externally, this music center is a classic design, which most users are accustomed to. We found no complaints about the sound quality. It is equipped with a drive for playing DVD discs, and it does not matter at all what media files are recorded there — movies, music, photos, and so on. However, it should immediately be noted that this product does not work with such well-known formats as MP4 and AVI. You can connect to the TV thanks to the HDMI connector or due to the classic tulips. The mobile device is paired with the center via Bluetooth, and the receiver is quite powerful — the signal is caught even from a considerable distance. It is natural that you can listen to the radio.

The product itself is very bulky, so it will look best in a spacious room; it is better not to install it in a medium or small room, as it will attract undue attention to itself. It is not very convenient to take it out into the street, so you should immediately think about where the center will be located. The sound is quite decent, no flaws were found in this regard, besides, it is quite balanced, not one frequency range prevails over others.


  • The apparatus is quite simple to operate;
  • Decent volume for stationary products;
  • Many users purchase this device exclusively for karaoke;
  • Very beautiful appearance;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • Dust and other contaminants are practically invisible on the case.


  • Bulky unit.

LG DM8360K

3.Hyundai H-MC200

Hyundai H-MC200 photo

In third place in our ranking of the best music centers with karaoke was this very original-looking model, which is distinguished by its attractive appearance and long service life. This design is a great alternative to previous generation stereos. The set of interfaces here is optimal, so the unit will be useful for most music lovers. There are also a lot of options here, so any music can be customized directly for you. It is possible to connect to a TV and watch movies through it. The design supports almost all known digital audio and video formats. As a standard addition, there is a radio receiver, in the memory of which you can lay up to 30 different stations broadcasting in the FM band, and you can access them with just one button.

In fact, this music center is a mini-system. Music can be transferred here via Bluetooth, if desired, a USB flash drive can be connected via the USB port. It is worth noting that the device absolutely does not care what kind of drive it will be — a standard flash drive or an external hard drive, the volume of which is 1 TB. In addition, there is an audio output that allows you to connect an additional pair of speakers to the center, which will increase the volume and quality of playback even higher. You can also connect an ordinary MP3 player to the device.


  • It is very convenient to operate this product;
  • Carefully thought out the location of all connectors;
  • Steadily stands on the surface;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Radio receiver with memory for 30 stations;
  • Quite high quality sound.


  • Light music cannot be turned off, which can create certain inconveniences.

Hyundai H-MC200

2. Sony MHC-V50D

Sony MHC-V50D photo

This is a semi-professional equipment that can be used directly at concerts as a full-fledged amplifying equipment. In domestic conditions, the model perfectly reproduces music of any genre. The design is very dimensional, so you immediately need to think about where it will be placed. On the case there are very ergonomic handles for transportation. The functions are quite enough for a traditional music center. You can connect to the TV through the tulip connectors or via an HDMI cable. There is an optical drive that can work not only with music files, but also play videos. Some kind of equalizer is provided, which allows you to change the types of music played. Karaoke is original. There are two standard microphone jacks, and you can record your singing directly to a flash drive and then listen to it on any device, as it will be saved in mp3 format.

Users place particular emphasis on high sound quality. Here, a certain emphasis is placed on low frequencies, although they sound rather fat and mundane, when twisted to full volume, the floor covering even begins to vibrate under the music center. The Bluetooth module has high power and can be easily detected by any device. There is a special application for adjusting the settings of this music center.


  • Quite an interesting appearance;
  • High sound quality with some bass line;
  • All major connectors available.


  • Somewhat bulky;
  • Limited in the field of equalizer adjustment.


Sony MHC-V50D

1. LG DM5360K

LG DM5360K photo

No wonder we decided to put this model in first place in our review of the best music centers with karaoke function. First of all, it is the most popular among all the products discussed in this article in terms of price-quality ratio. The equipment comes with a DVD disc with karaoke for 2000 songs, there is also a microphone and a catalog of these songs. If desired, the system can be connected to a TV, where the text of the selected song will be displayed. The products are equipped with a Bluetooth module, which allows users to transfer their compositions to the center. This device was originally developed as a model designed for karaoke. To do this, there are a large number of various additional features — fanfare, echo and background noise suppression, voice correction. The volume of the microphone is controlled automatically, and after the performance of each song, the user is given an appropriate score.

As already mentioned, the system is provided with a very powerful soundtrack — at maximum volume it is 230 watts. There is an external subwoofer, due to which the channel sound of low frequencies is provided, which look very confident and powerful. The bass is also positively affected by the Bass Blast function, with its help the highest quality sound is achieved. The system was created using Auto Dj technology, which ensures the playback of compositions without any pauses.


  • No noise during playback was detected;
  • An external subwoofer is provided;
  • There is LED lighting for speakers and subwoofer;
  • Very beautiful appearance;
  • Rich equipment.


  • Except for the high cost was not found.

LG DM5360K

In conclusion, a useful video

So, our review has come to an end. We hope that it turned out to be very informative and useful for you, and after carefully studying it, you will be able to choose products that will fully meet your needs. If you want to share with us and our readers your experience of using similar devices or if you have any questions about one of the rating models, write about it in the comments. We will try to promptly respond to them and provide you with the necessary amount of additional information.


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