Helminth infection, in simple terms, simply worms, is a very unpleasant and dangerous disease of the human body that can cause significant harm. Both adults and children are susceptible to this disease. It should not be left to chance — it is best to turn to special medications that allow you to get rid of parasites living in a person in a short time and without serious discomfort. However, it should be remembered that self-medication is far from the most effective thing, and often even very harmful, so you should consult with your doctor before taking the drug.

Today, there is a large selection of drugs on sale, the action of which is aimed at combating helminths. They differ greatly from each other in composition, principle of action, type of active substance used. Therefore, their choice should be approached very carefully in our ranking of the best remedies for worms, we decided to tell you about the most popular drugs. When we selected products for this review, we were guided by expert reviews, and also took into account the price-quality ratio of the drug. The rating includes not the most expensive drugs, so that each of our readers can restore their shaky health, get rid of parasites.

Broad spectrum medicines

3. Anthelmintic Helmintox

Helmintox photo

Available in the form of a suspension or tablets. The function of the active substance here is performed by pyrantel — one tablet contains 125 or 250 g, so they must be selected depending on the severity of the disease. As excipients, corn starch, carboxymethyl starch and sodium stearate are used here. With the help of this substance, the nervous system of helminths is completely blocked, which further leads to their paralysis and death. Dead parasites are excreted from the body naturally. The drug showed very high efficiency in the fight against mature and immature helminths, regardless of their gender — it copes with pinworms, roundworms, hookworm. Does not cause excitation in worms, respectively, there is no provocation for migration. Unfortunately, the drug is not able to act on migrating larvae. Absorption of the drug in the gastrointestinal tract practically does not occur. The maximum concentration in the blood occurs approximately one to three hours after taking the drug.

Almost completely excreted through the intestines and kidneys, a meager amount is deposited in the liver. It is advisable to take tablets and suspension by mouth for adults and children over the age of six, it can be done during or after meals, as well as on an empty stomach. Up to 4 tablets are taken per day, depending on the severity of the disease — the exact dosage should be prescribed by a specialist. The course of treatment is quite short: it takes from three to five days. At this time, you need to completely clean the apartment, thoroughly wipe all surfaces, wash children’s toys. They closely monitor personal hygiene — they change underwear daily, they also carefully iron bed linen, it should be borne in mind that each family member needs to be treated. An overdose of the drug does not cause too negative consequences — just rinse the stomach. Not recommended for lactating women, pregnant women should be taken with caution.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • The active substance copes well with almost any kind of intestinal parasites;
  • Short course of treatment;
  • The result is noticeable literally after the first tablet.


  • They do not destroy the shell of eggs laid by worms, so it will be necessary to repeat the course of treatment after a few weeks;
  • Not suitable for breastfeeding women and children under 6 years of age.

Anthelmintic Helmintox

2. Anthelmintic Vermox

Vermox photo

Romanian products are made in the form of white tablets, have a slight characteristic odor. Mebendazole is the main active compound in this drug, however, there are several substances that enhance its positive characteristics — sodium lauryl sulfate, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate. It also contains auxiliary substances — corn starch and lactose monohydrate. The principle of action of the remedy is as follows: the drug leads to irreversible disorders associated with the utilization of glucose, as a result of which the glycogen stores in the tissues of the worms gradually come to naught, it also does not allow the production of cellular tubulin and significantly slows down the synthesis of ATP. It is practically not absorbed in the intestines, but it enters the blood plasma — traces of the drug can be found somewhere in three to four days after the end of the course of treatment. Ingestion is made with a small amount of water. For adults and children over 10 years old, 1 tablet is enough, suitable for babies over the age of 2 years — they are given half a tablet.

The course consists of a single application. If there is a possibility of re-infection with worms, the medication should be repeated after two to three weeks at the same dose. As indicated in the annotation, the best effect is achieved if all family members undergo treatment, since the substance is an ideal prevention option. With the most serious diseases — trichuriasis, teniosis, echinococcosis — it will be necessary to take from three to five days in a row. During pregnancy, it is strictly forbidden to take this remedy. Clinical and pharmacological studies have not revealed cases of the active substance getting into breast milk, however, when feeding, it is advisable to stop taking this drug. The drug is not combined with ethyl alcohol, fatty foods and laxatives.


  • It is also intended for patients suffering from several helminthiases, that is, when several types of parasites live in the intestines at once;
  • High efficiency;
  • Short course of treatment;
  • Low cost;
  • Not absorbed into the blood;
  • Completely excreted from the body in a short time.


  • A fairly large number of contraindications;
  • Should not be given to children under two years of age and nursing women.

Anthelmintic agent Vermox

1. Anthelmintic Vormin

Wormin photo

The drug is a flat tablet with an orange color and beveled edges. The smell is rather weak, but pleasant — the drug smells like vanillin. The active agent here is mebendazole, which has a wide spectrum of action, fights well with most known helminths. In addition, with its help, it is possible to cause an irreversible violation of glucose utilization. Absorption of the drug does not occur in the gastrointestinal tract, however, the substance can combine with plasma proteins, remaining in them for several days. It is unevenly distributed in organs — it can accumulate in fatty deposits, a small part remains in the liver. Thanks to the additional substances contained here, which enhance the effect of the active compound, it can penetrate under the shell of helminth eggs and have a depressing effect on the larvae. Almost completely excreted from the body naturally through the intestines and kidneys.

The effectiveness is high, but experts recommend repeating the course of treatment in about a month to exclude the possibility of a recurrence of the disease. Take the drug for a maximum of six days — depending on the type of disease. There are certain side effects, but they are very rare — for example, there may be abdominal pain, nausea, dizziness, and even headache. The manufacturer indicates that such a drug should not be taken by people suffering from liver disorders, pregnant and lactating women, children under the age of two, as well as those who are hypersensitive to the active substance. During the day, it is strictly forbidden to take alcoholic beverages. Treatment is considered effective if the helminths themselves or their eggs are not found in scrapings and other tests. The drug does not combine well with lipophilic drugs.


  • A fairly convenient reception scheme;
  • A small number of side effects, but they appear quite rarely;
  • It is well tolerated, does not enter the bloodstream and successfully fights the disease;
  • It can be taken in childhood, starting from two years.


  • Sold by prescription only.

Anthelmintic Vormin

Dewormers for pregnant women and young children

3. Anthelmintic agent Decaris

Decaris photo

It is optimally suited for combating many parasitic diseases, copes well with pathogenic microbes, and regulates the state of the immune system. With the help of this agent, parasite cells die, the action of fumaric acid, which has a depressing effect on human immunity, slows down. Bacteria and parasites are completely eliminated from the body in just a day. Absorbed in the intestinal tract, the maximum concentration in the body is reached one and a half to two hours after ingestion. Metabolism is carried out in the liver, the substance is also released quite quickly — it takes from three to six hours, both the intestines and the kidneys are involved in this. The medicine is made in the form of flat small tablets of a rounded shape, which have a slight orange tint. The main active ingredient here is levamisole, along with it it contains corn starch, talc, apricot flavor, magnesium stearate, talc and polyvinylpyrrolidone. It is prescribed to patients in the event of a wide spectrum of parasitic infections caused by helminths, roundworms, hookhead, American necator.

Pregnant women and children under the age of one year are prescribed with caution — when taking this drug, such patients should be under the close supervision of a doctor. Not suitable for lactating women. The maximum duration of the course of treatment is three days, but often a single dose is enough. A second course for the final disposal of parasites is carried out after one to two weeks. The drug is incompatible with alcoholic beverages, as well as with drugs that reduce blood clotting and prevent the formation of blood clots.


  • Wide spectrum of action;
  • In most cases, just one tablet is enough to effectively control parasites;
  • Can be taken by all family members;
  • The agent is well tolerated by the body.


  • There is a possibility of overdose and side effects.

Dekaris anthelmintic agent

2. Anthelmintic agent Pirantel

Pirantel photo

An anthelmintic medicine in the form of tablets or suspension, successfully and quickly fights round worms that parasitize in the human intestine. Copes with causative agents of trichuriasis, pinworms, hookworms, effectively treats ascariasis. The function of the active active compound here is performed by pyrantel. It acts directly on the helminths themselves, blocking their nervous system, which further leads to complete paralysis. Due to this approach, it is possible to greatly facilitate the removal of parasites from the body, while preventing their excitation. It easily copes with adults and with helminths that are at an early stage of development, unfortunately, it is not able to fight larvae that migrate in human tissues. The doctor prescribes the drug in case of detection of diseases such as enterobiosis, ascariasis, trichuriasis, ankylostomiasis and noncarotosis. The instructions say that it is undesirable for children under three years of age to take it, however, under the supervision of a doctor, the remedy is given to babies from the age of six months.

The drug should be taken with caution if a person suffers from liver disease, while feeding, you should refrain from using this remedy. There are side effects, but they are all short-term, after stopping the pills, they immediately disappear. Most of them appear from the gastrointestinal tract: a person may experience a decrease in appetite, stomach pains, nausea, and even cramps. In rare cases, there are headaches, insomnia, and even less often the temperature rises. Take the tablet during or after a meal — it will have to be chewed well and washed down with plenty of water. A second course can be taken no earlier than three weeks later.


  • Fights most known intestinal parasites;
  • Side effects are extremely rare;
  • Can be used as a prophylactic.


  • They are prescribed by a doctor on an individual basis — the patient’s age, weight and type of detected helminths are taken into account.

Anthelmintic agent Pirantel

1. Anthelmintic Piperazine

piperazine photo

One of the cheapest drugs in our review of the best remedies for worms, but it is characterized by a broadly directed action — it fights with 90% of known parasites. As a result of a single application, the body gets rid of 95% of the worm-like parasites living in it, and when used again, the product completely cleanses a person from this infection. It is worth noting that the medicine is also used in veterinary practice: with its help, they fight worms in the intestines of various animals — dogs, cats, even cattle. Unlike most other similar drugs, there is only one active compound — adipinate. The substance is completely synthetic, it was developed specifically to combat helminth infections. Sodium, calcium, talc and starch are also added here. There are no allergenic components here, so it is suitable for patients suffering from allergic reactions to various drugs — it is almost always well tolerated.

Motor activity under the action of adipinate is completely paralyzed, due to which it is possible to remove almost all parasites, only helminth eggs remain in the intestine. To get rid of them, you need to wait a couple of weeks until the larvae hatch from them, after which they take the drug one more time. Piperazine is almost completely absorbed into the blood, but does not accumulate in organs and tissues. Due to the fact that the parasites do not die, but are deprived of the ability to move, their poison does not enter the body.


  • Completely non-toxic, making it suitable even for small children;
  • Very low cost;
  • Fights almost all helminths;
  • After a single dose, the vast majority of parasites leave the body.


  • Absorbed into the circulatory system;
  • Not suitable for patients with diseases of the central nervous system.

Anthelmintic agent Piperazine

Herbal preparations

3. Anthelmintic agent Bactefort

Bactefort photo

The latest development that allows you to quickly and painlessly get rid of helminths living in a person. In addition, with the help of these drops, it is possible to quickly cope with the symptoms of intoxication of the body, ensuring excellent well-being. It is worth noting that the person himself is often unaware that worms have settled in him, although the latter poison his organs with the products of their vital activity. This, in turn, leads to a deterioration in the functioning of the immune system, making the body susceptible to various diseases. The drug is completely natural, produced in the form of drops, developed on the basis of natural plant extracts. There are no synthetic compounds obtained in its composition, which means that it will not harm the body. The basis is an extract from birch leaves — a very powerful natural antiseptic, it is also a diuretic. It helps to quickly get rid of toxins, normalize the work of the intestines, liver, gallbladder.

Walnut extract slows down the development of helminths, allows you to destroy and make their eggs unviable. Tansy and cloves act as a very strong agent that has a detrimental effect on the simplest organisms. With their help, the inflammatory process is reduced, and the general condition of a person improves. Peppermint is also characterized by a mild calming effect and normalizes the entire digestive tract. The drug can be used by people of all ages. Suitable for pregnant and lactating women, babies from 4 months. It can be used as a prophylactic.


  • Non-toxic drug;
  • Effectively and gently fights helminths;
  • Restores immunity;
  • Improves the general condition of the body.


  • Quite expensive;
  • It is necessary to take in strict accordance with the instructions;
  • Counterfeits with zero effect are regularly found on the market.

Anthelmintic agent Bactefort

2. Anthelmintic Intoxic

Intoxic photo

Like the previous drug, it is available in the form of drops that have a wide range of effects (quickly fight most helminths), with its help it is possible to get rid of not only adults and worms that are at the larval stage of development, but even with egg laying of these parasites . Can be used as a medicinal and prophylactic agent. It is allowed to apply to children over the age of three years. It is possible to completely get rid of parasites after a month of daily use of the drug — as you can see, the effect does not come as quickly as when working with synthetic substances, but there is no harm to the body from this drug. It has no side effects and contraindications, during the reception there are no allergic reactions.

The composition contains only natural ingredients, each of which has an appropriate certificate for quality and safety for humans. The drug has a very pleasant taste. It includes bear bile, sumac fruit juice and Dzhungarian ferula. The first component has a depressing effect on the eggs of worms — it dissolves their shell, which leads to death. Sumac fruit juice paralyzes adults, depriving them of the opportunity to reproduce. The latter substance removes from the body all the toxins accumulated during the illness, has high anti-inflammatory characteristics, and also allows you to fight other viral and bacterial diseases. The complex of vitamins available here restores immunity.


  • There are practically no contraindications;
  • The drug is pleasant to the taste;
  • There are all necessary quality certificates;
  • Consists of only natural ingredients.


  • Quite expensive;
  • There is individual intolerance to some components.

Anthelmintic Intoxic

1. Troychatka Evalar

Troychatka Evalar photo

Despite the fact that this is a dietary supplement, and not a drug at all, this remedy gently, but at the same time effectively fights many types of flat and round worms. It consists exclusively of substances of plant origin, which largely minimizes the possibility of side effects and narrows the range of contraindications for taking. It is available either in the form of capsules or as a powder sachet — so it is much more convenient to take it for babies aged three years and older. It contains extracts of cloves, bitter wormwood and tansy flowers. The last component is characterized by an active antimicrobial effect; with its help, worms can be paralyzed without killing. In addition, it enhances the work of all glands of the gastrointestinal tract, tones the muscles, and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Bitter wormwood fights well with pinworms and roundworms, increases the secretion of bile, does not allow the formation of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder, stimulates the production of gastric juice. In addition, there are extracts of other herbs and essential oils. After removing all the worms, digestion is normalized, and the subsequent administration of the drug helps to prevent the recurrence of this disease.


  • Quickly restores immunity, actively removing toxic waste products of worms;
  • Reduces pain in the intestines;
  • Reduces manifestations of allergic reactions;
  • Normalizes the work of the digestive tract as a whole;
  • Stimulates the secretion of glands.


  • Should not be taken with peptic ulcers of the digestive system, also not suitable for pregnant and lactating women, children under three years of age.

Troychatka Evalar

homeopathic medicines

1. Anthelmintic Teukrium

Teukrium photo

For a long time, there has been an opinion among experienced doctors and pharmacologists that homeopathic remedies are safer for the human body, regardless of the field of medicine they are used in. Indeed, judging by the reviews for this drug, it works no less effectively than traditional tablets produced on the basis of synthetic compounds. When taking the drug, it will be necessary to adhere to a certain diet, due to which it will be possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of its action, as well as create an unfavorable microflora in the intestine for the reproduction and life of helminths. The emphasis here is on the use of proteins, but in fats and carbohydrates you will have to limit yourself somewhat.

Teukrium copes well with roundworms and pinworms, relieves abdominal pain. Take the drug four times a day, irritation and itching are removed very quickly. Dubrovnik extract is used as the main active agent. The composition also contains essential oils, which additionally help to get rid of problems with the respiratory tract.


  • Completely natural remedy;
  • Is absolutely safe;
  • Gently and quickly eliminates worms;
  • It has a general positive effect on the entire body.


  • Not all patients trust homeopathic remedies;
  • The need to follow a certain diet.

Teukrium anthelmintic agent

In conclusion, a useful video

So we ended our review of the best remedies for worms. As you can see, it includes a variety of drugs, united by only one goal — to help a person cope with this disease, relieve him of discomfort and pain. If you have ever had to take such a medicine, tell the readers about it in the comments. There is no need to be ashamed of this disease, perhaps your experience will help another person cope with such a scourge much faster and without negative consequences.


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