Corrosion processes that occur on products made of metal are quite natural and regular. They begin on steels and other metals in areas where the protective coating is broken due to contact with water, as well as various aggressive media such as acids or alkalis. An important role in their appearance is played by serious temperature differences, atmospheric factors. In order to fight corrosion, as well as to get rid of defects that have already appeared, a so-called rust converter has been developed.

Today, there are quite a few varieties of a similar composition — with their help, you can significantly extend the service life of a metal product. Products can differ greatly from each other in chemical composition, principle of action and a number of other factors. In our review of the best rust converters, we will try to figure out on the basis of what one should give preference to one or another agent, and we will also provide a list of the most popular products with an indication of the main performance characteristics.

How to choose the right rust converter?

Such a substance is allowed to be used if the metal is not rotten through and through — it helps to remove red-brown plaque. The chemical solution interacts with the corrosion film, turning the metal oxides into a loose mass, which can be removed with an ordinary soft cloth or other similar method. A protective film is also created on the surface of the product, which helps to prevent corrosion in the future.

In most cases, the compositions have orthophosphoric acid as an active substance, which chemists call the antipode of rust. A similar connection can be used instead. It enters into an active reaction with metal oxides and dissolves them. However, there is also a significant minus here — if the acid is not removed from the metal surface in a timely manner, then it itself can become a source of corrosion.

Choosing the best rust converter

On sale there are also more advanced compositions made on the basis of the latest developments in the chemical industry. One of the most popular are rust inhibitors. With their help, corrosion processes are completely stopped, and these compounds also protect the bases well from the effects of water, temperature extremes, and do not allow metals to react with active substances. As a rule, zinc acts as an inhibitor. It quickly interacts with atmospheric oxygen and forms a strong impermeable film on the metal surface.

There are also neutral-type converters — they do not contain acids. Tannins, which are phenolic compounds with high tanning characteristics, are used here as the active substance. They react with rust, turning metal oxides into inactive substances. They can be used as ground solutions for painting with varnishes or paints. The action is enhanced by special additives that allow the substance to penetrate deeper into the structure of the metal.

When choosing a composition, a number of factors should be taken into account: how effectively the substance can cope with defects, how deep it goes into the structure of rust. It is also very important how the substance reacts with the base metal — whether it poses a danger to it, the level of toxicity, the speed of action, the volume consumed and several other points are taken into account.

When we chose products to be included in the ranking of the best rust converters, we mainly paid attention to these points. User reviews and value for money also played a role in this regard: in the review you will not find too expensive formulations — we decided to do this so that the majority of users of the products presented were affordable.

Top 10 rust converters

10. Rust converter Zinkar

Tsinkar photo

The composition was launched on the market over 25 years ago, but until today it continues to enjoy wide popularity. Domestic products — it was developed by the Russian company Agat-Avto, which manufactures cosmetic and chemical products for car body care. It is used to cope with corrosion processes of any complexity on steel substrates. The basis of action here is phosphoric acid in combination with zinc and manganese. At the same time, the latter are not used in their pure form, but in the format of salts. All elements are well balanced, selected in strict accordance with the recipe, so that the solution fully manifests its beneficial characteristics.

The product has shown itself best on steel surfaces, but it can remove traces of corrosion even on other metals or alloys that are more or less susceptible to corrosion. The main function of the solution is to remove the rust layer and then create a protective layer. It can be used not only on car bodies, but also in everyday life — for processing roofs, garages, bridge supports, even on welded joints. Simultaneously with the action of orthophosphoric acid, the doping process is started, in which zinc and manganese take an active part.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Uniform distribution over the surface;
  • Can be found in the form of an aerosol, which allows you to work even in hard-to-reach places;
  • Absolutely fireproof.


  • Relatively high consumption of the composition.

Rust converter Tsinkar

9. Rust Treatment No Rust

Rust Treatment No Rust

The production of this composition is carried out by the American company Hi-Gear, which has been putting high-quality chemistry on the market for more than 20 years. With the help of this composition, it is possible to effectively cope with any manifestations of rust on any surfaces, from car bodies to heating or water pipes. Products are produced in the form of an aerosol placed in a balloon. Substances there contain 255 or 368 grams. The effect after treatment is almost instantaneous. A film is formed on the metal surface, under which corrosion processes completely stop. Its composition is such that, after processing, it also dissolves the rust layer, converting it into soil. As a result of exposure to the agent, high-quality adhesion of paint and varnish compositions and steel occurs.

The resulting layer is not sensitive to even the most aggressive solvents. The manufacturer gave several recommendations about applying the agent to the metal surface — it should initially be cleaned of dust and other contaminants, dry the product thoroughly, remove the bulk of the rust with a metal brush or sandpaper. Shake the can thoroughly before spraying. It is necessary to apply from a distance of about 15-30 cm from the metal surface, and this is done in two or three passes, between which a time interval of two to three minutes is observed so that the previous layer can dry.


  • High quality composition;
  • Excellent adhesion to metal;
  • Creates a ground layer on the iron surface.


  • Found only in automotive stores;
  • Do not apply to the rust layer itself — it should be cleaned off.

Rust Treatment No Rust

8. Rust cleaner AKEMI 10814

AKEMI 10814

It is a special preparation designed for use on surfaces resistant to acids — natural or molded stone. The substance allows you to reliably protect the material from the subsequent manifestation of corrosion processes. It comes in the form of a gel, so it is very easy to apply and use. The composition contains inorganic acids, non-ionic, capable of self-decomposing in natural conditions, various kinds of anti-corrosion additives. There is no hydrochloric acid in the composition, there are also no substances that can severely corrode the skin — you can work even without gloves, but the manufacturer recommends protecting the skin.

The principle of operation is approximately the same as that of compounds designed to work with metals — corrosion processes stop, the rust layer itself quickly dissolves. In this case, the applied agent is converted into a full-fledged primer, which, when dried, forms a film through which air, water vapor and water are not able to penetrate. The stone acquires its original appearance, and its service life is greatly extended. On the treated surface, rust does not develop further.


  • Leaves no residue after use;
  • Differs in high adhesion;
  • Returns natural and artificial stone to its original appearance.


  • Strong odor, so should only be used outdoors.

Rust cleaner AKEMI 10814

7. Rust converter LN1435


One of the cheapest compounds in our roundup of the best rust converters. Easily copes with corrosion even if a significant area of ​​u200bu200bthe metal is severely affected by this process. The liquid significantly increases the adhesion of primers and paints to metal surfaces. As a result of this effect, the spread of corrosion stops, the destruction of the finish coating also slows down. With the help of the composition, you can unscrew rusted bolts, screws and nuts. There are no aggressive acids in the composition, so by their action they will not destroy the structure of the metal. The only limitation here is related to the wiring — you do not need to allow the substance to get on the elements that conduct electric current.

The surface before processing should be thoroughly cleaned of loose and formation areas. This should be done with abrasive materials, including grinding wheels using a grinder, or with an ordinary metal brush. The substance is applied with a brush, roller, sponge or any other similar method. It must be kept on the metal surface for 10-15 minutes, after which the composition is washed off with running water, and the metal is wiped dry. If necessary, the processing is repeated.


  • An effective and inexpensive remedy for rust control of domestic production;
  • Increases the adhesion of metal with paints and varnishes and primers;
  • Can be used to loosen bolts covered with a layer of rust;
  • The composition does not contain aggressive substances.


  • Care must be taken to ensure that the composition does not get on bare wires that are energized.

Rust converter LN1435

6. Rust converter Antiruster with active zinc ions

Antiruster with active zinc ions

It forms a very strong protective film; under the influence of this substance, all metal corrosion products are converted into a hard coating, which can later be painted with various compositions. Ensuring an increased level of protection against electrochemical corrosion processes is carried out due to phosphating and galvanizing of the metal surface, and both of these reactions occur simultaneously. The composition fully neutralizes the development of corrosion centers, prevents them from spreading over the surface of the metal and penetrating into its structure. It can be used in a variety of areas — it is often used by automotive mechanics to protect body parts. The substance is well suited for working with roofs, other metal structures — railway and automobile platforms, construction vehicles, agricultural machinery. Especially the substance will be suitable if the metal product is forced to work in an aggressive atmosphere.

In some cases, it is used to protect the hulls of river and sea vessels. Before direct application, peeling areas, loose rust should be removed. The surface is pre-dried and degreased. It is allowed to use at an ambient temperature not lower than +10 degrees. It is kept on the metal surface for 20 minutes, after which it is washed off with plenty of water and it is checked how well it was possible to clean the metal from corrosion. In case there is a need, the product is processed again.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Quickly extinguishes even the most active rust spots;
  • Convenient to use.


  • The composition contains acid, so use as carefully as possible.

Rust converter Antiruster with active zinc ions

5. Rust converter RC-800


It was originally developed to work with a car body. With this converter, you can cope with small pockets of corrosion, which usually occur where small paint chips are observed. This substance does not contain inorganic solvents. Here, a latex copolymer is used as the main active compound in combination with an organic type complexing agent. The composition actively collects metal that has been exposed to corrosion, forming a stable complex based on organic substances from it. After the product is completely dry (it does not need to be removed mechanically or washed off with water), a very strong film is formed that does not allow oxygen or moisture to pass through. This allows not only to stop the development of the focus of rust, but also to clean the already affected area.

The composition is almost completely harmless to the human body, since it does not contain phosphoric acid and lead. The dried substance adheres well to other anti-corrosion compounds. Pre-treatment of the metal will still have to be done — the surface is cleaned, degreased and washed with clean water before application. It is not recommended to completely remove traces of rust, since metal oxides are necessary in order for the resulting film to be as strong as possible. During processing, the temperature of the metal surface should be no more than 40 degrees, it is desirable to apply the agent at a temperature of about room temperature or slightly higher. After drying, it can be covered with a second or third layer.


  • Does not require rinsing;
  • Allows you to save a lot of time;
  • Standard surface preparation.


  • High price;
  • Sold in small cans.

Rust Converter RC-800

4. Permatex 81773

Permatex 81773 photo

It is produced in the form of a liquid composition, which is able to provide a single-stage surface treatment of any metal products. Thanks to active compounds, it is possible to destroy old rust and prevent the development of new corrosion processes. Apply to the base with a brush or a special sprayer. Just a few minutes of action of the substance will be enough to form a black polymer coating. It is formed as a result of an active chemical reaction that occurs between the compounds of the converter and the metal oxides themselves. Directly on the treated metal itself, any paint and varnish coatings can be applied, since the composition is an ideal protective primer. It has been designed to be used with putty or fiberglass. Due to these properties, the transducer is suitable for working with car body surfaces.

You can work with this substance at an ambient temperature of +10 to +32 degrees, and the temperature of the metal surface should not be higher than +93 degrees. Ideally copes with corrosive processes even on agricultural machinery, which often has to work in mud and water. After complete drying, it is not washed off with water or organic solvents.


  • Actively fights against corrosion processes, preventing the emergence of new foci;
  • After the composition has completely dried, the metal surface can be covered with a layer of putty, finished with fiberglass;
  • Not sensitive to washing off even the most aggressive substances.


  • It is very expensive.

Permatex 81773

3. Rust converter RUNWAY


In third place in our ranking of the best rust converters is products designed for both domestic and industrial use. It can be applied not only on surfaces that have already been affected by corrosion processes, but also on new metal, even if rust has not yet affected it. In any case, the substance allows you to neutralize the processes of the occurrence of metal oxides or protect them from their formation, prepare iron for subsequent finishing. The active composition penetrates deeply even into the smallest cracks and pores of the metal, chemical compounds actively cope with rust and do not allow it to spread further. The outer surface of the product becomes even and smooth, acquires a black color.

In the future, it can be applied to paint, varnishes, resins. The only thing that is forbidden to process is water-based paints. The metal can even be covered with a layer of putty, however, the surface of the product will need to be pre-treated with sanding paper. This composition is characterized by a really excellent penetrating ability, since even the smallest cracks and pores are not an obstacle for it. The effect of the composition appears literally within a few minutes.


  • It can even penetrate into the pores and cracks of the metal structure, which are not visible to the human eye;
  • Works very quickly and efficiently;
  • Prevents the subsequent spread of rust;
  • Can be used even in industrial environments;
  • It is allowed to apply almost any paint and varnish compositions on the treated surface.


  • It is necessary to process the metal as carefully as possible. Otherwise, you can skip the section, after which the process will begin to develop further.

Rust converter RUNWAY

2. Ferox Convertiruggine

Ferox Convertiruggine

This composition allows you to reliably protect absolutely any metal surface — rusty, new, treated with paints and varnishes, and so on. The substance is sold completely ready for use. Toxicity is minimal, so it can be applied even in closed or poorly ventilated areas. It is made on the basis of synthetic resins, there are no solvents in the composition. It enters into an active chemical reaction with rust, as a result of which corrosion turns into a composition that is not aggressive for the metal. Due to such a converter, it is possible to prevent the formation of new corrosion centers, it also reliably protects against moisture. Can be combined with any kind of paint, including water-based or solvent-based.

Together with this substance, a convenient brush is supplied for uniform application to any surface area, both large areas and small foci. Works for 5-10 minutes, no rinsing required. If the surface is planned to be treated with putty, then it will need to be treated with sanding paper. It is allowed to use on any metal products.


  • High level of effectiveness of the composition — you can work on any metal surfaces;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Low toxicity — it is allowed to process metal even indoors;
  • Copes with rust in the shortest possible time;
  • It is allowed to use both large and small areas;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Doesn’t come up for sale very often.

Rust Converter Ferox Convertiruggine

1. Rust converter Kudo KV-70005

Kudo KV-70005

Finally, we got to the leader of the review of the best rust converters. This fluid is a very effective product suitable for working with ferrous metals. It is allowed to use even for a new product as a preventive measure that will not allow corrosion processes to occur. After application to iron, a protective film of microscopic thickness is formed on the surface, which is able to protect it from the occurrence of corrosion centers. You can work on small pockets of rust, such as chipped car paint. The substance contains special components characterized by excellent penetrating power. At the same time, the surface of the metal, not affected by rust, is also covered with a film with a high content of phosphates, which allows for excellent adhesion to any kind of paint and varnish coatings, including primers.

Paint and varnish coatings are not destroyed under the influence of this substance, so you can work even on painted surfaces without fear that the paint layer will be damaged. Small chips or scratches are tightened, corrosion processes do not occur under them. Before direct application to the surface, it should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and covered with degreasing compounds — this will significantly increase the efficiency of using the converter.


  • Very easy to use;
  • Increased degree of adhesion with paints and varnishes and primers;
  • Quite an acceptable price for such an active substance.


  • The packaging could have been bigger.

Rust Converter Kudo KV-70005

In conclusion, a useful video

Here we come to the end of our rating. It mainly consists of products designed to work with metal products, but there is also a composition used for stones of various kinds — artificial or natural origin. For each product, we have tried to collect all available information. If it seems to you that it is not enough, write to us about it in the comments — we will try to provide you with additional data.


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