In the absence of a central water supply, providing your private house or summer cottage with water is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, especially if there is already a well or a well. For this, special equipment is used — a submersible pump, with which you can raise water from the earth to the surface. This device is immersed below the level of the pumped water. It has high power and good performance. In addition, the submersible pump has small overall dimensions, it is placed in a special casing that can perfectly resist the occurrence of corrosion processes. These products are not very loud. The most common designs today are well, borehole and drainage pumps.

In specialized stores, the choice of this equipment is quite large. So that you do not get confused in the variety of the presented assortment, we decided to write our review regarding submersible pumps. However, before proceeding to a direct analysis of the useful characteristics of the models, we will give a few key points that you should pay attention to when choosing this product. So let’s get started.

What characteristics are important when buying a submersible pump?

In order for the acquired design to be optimal, the following factors must be taken into account: the quality of the well or well, as well as the requirements for the volume of water.

How to choose a submersible pump

In the first case, one of the most important points is the depth from the surface of the earth to the bottom of the well or well. You can measure it yourself by tying a heavy load to the cord, or look at the technical documentation. However, the fact plays a role here that over time, the depth of the well will become less and less due to the silt accumulating there. It should be borne in mind that the pump must be located in such a way that it does not come closer than one meter to the bottom filter. Despite the fact that many manufacturers claim that their products can work even at a distance of only 40 cm, it is advisable to adhere to this rule.

The diameter of the well is also quite important, since it will directly affect the overall dimensions of the pump. The fact is that individual devices will fit in a well, the diameter of which will be 150 mm, others are designed for 130 mm. The productivity of a well or well allows not only to choose the most suitable pump in terms of water distribution, but also to determine how much water can be safely pumped out per unit of time. It is worth noting that the height of the water column can vary significantly depending on the season, the amount of water taken, and some other factors.

In terms of the pump itself, it is necessary to choose equipment that allows you to achieve good pressure even at the highest water flow. For this, the parameters of the average daily water consumption are taken into account. For example, according to current regulations, one person needs about 200 liters per day (in fact, this is about half as much). Accordingly, a family of 4 can spend about 0.8 cubic meters per day.

On sale you can find several types of pumps — vibration, centrifugal, vortex and screw. Most often, the first two varieties are used. However, it should be borne in mind that a vibration pump is not suitable for a well, as it will create a movement of water masses, begin to lift silt from the bottom, which will contribute to the rapid clogging of both the pump itself and the well. The design is quite simple and reliable, but quite noisy.

Submersible well pump

Centrifugal pumps are characterized by high performance and long service life. Water flows through them quite smoothly and evenly. However, such devices are very sensitive to contaminated water, and the pressure at the outlet is also not very strong.

Vortex pumps are more sensitive to the amount of impurities contained in the water compared to centrifugal designs, but at the same time they are able to provide a very strong pressure. For this reason, they are regularly used to create an irrigation system in their summer cottage. Vortex models are not used very often, as they wear out very quickly, begin to require repair, and so on.

When developing our 2020 rating and deciding which models to include in it, we were guided primarily by user reviews, and also looked at the value for money of the product. The most expensive designs were not included in the review, since we expected that such equipment would be affordable for each user. Now is the time to move on to reviewing the best submersible pumps of this year that can only be found on sale.

For wells

3. Grundfos SQ 2-55

Grundfos SQ 2-55 photo

This device is designed to pump clean water that does not contain large solids or fibres. The model is equipped with a reliable system of protection against idling, has excellent resistance to wear. The start is smooth, respectively, the water begins to flow without such a thing as a water hammer. The design is made on the basis of the Pcut-out system, which turns off the power supply of the device if it is above the water surface. This prevents the motor from overheating. The hydraulic elements of the product are made of polyamide, which is additionally reinforced with fiberglass, and the content of the latter reaches 30%. This allows you to achieve the highest possible efficiency — to ensure low energy consumption.

This pump uses permanent magnet rotors, which also increase efficiency regardless of the applied load. The product is equipped with floating impellers, each equipped with its own bearing made of tungsten carbide or ceramic materials. They are able to withstand the ingress of sand throughout the life of the product. The electronic unit of the model is distinguished by low starting current, so the pump will accelerate smoothly, and in the most optimal mode of operation. In addition, this indicator also allows you to reduce the risks of engine wear and reliably protect the power grid from overloads. The engine is equipped with surge protection — it will work if the readings fall below 150 V or jump up to 230 V. When the voltage returns to normal, the pump turns on automatically.


  • High quality materials and assembly;
  • Good protection against idling;
  • Smooth start of the engine is provided;
  • Excellent resistance to wear, subject to all the operating rules declared by the manufacturer.


  • It can work in fairly clean water, with a high content of solid and rather large foreign impurities, it can fail.

Grundfos SQ 2-55

2. GILEX Water cannon PROF 55/75 House

JILEX Water cannon PROF 55/75 House photo

This is a very interesting and functional design, which has a significant scope of use. It can be used in wells, wells and even in open water. The performance of the model is over 3 cubic meters per hour, and it is capable of providing a pressure of 75 meters. The pump is housed in a carefully insulated housing with a diameter of 98 mm. The design provides not only a pump, but also a storage tank with a capacity of 50 liters. It has all the necessary automation, which can be adjusted if desired. In particular, a pressure sensor, a filter with replaceable cartridges and shutoff valves are provided here. A similar device is used to supply clean water from a well, the diameter of which must be at least 110 mm.

The pump is designed for organizing an intra-house water supply system, for watering a vegetable garden and a garden, and so on. The device has several protection systems. In particular, it turns off in the absence of water, has a protection system against high and low voltage. The pressure in the water supply system is always maintained in the specified mode — from 2 to 5 bar. The design is equipped with a soft start system, respectively, there will be no water hammer, and all elements of the water intake will have lower loads. The manufacturer claims that the pump is able to work even if it is partially submerged in water — only 10-15 cm. The engine will be cooled during use by the pumped water.


  • Acceptable value for money;
  • It produces a sufficiently powerful pressure, and this parameter can be adjusted;
  • There are a large number of different protective systems and mechanisms that greatly extend the life of this device.


  • Some users talk about insufficient volume of the expansion tank.

JILEX Water cannon PROF 55/75 Dom

1. Aquarius BTsPE 0.5-50U

Aquarius BCPE 0.5-50U photo

This is a household centrifugal design, which is intended for use exclusively in domestic conditions. The product is versatile — water can be taken from wells, wells, open reservoirs. All systems are designed in such a way that they will function normally for a long time, and the device will not need even scheduled maintenance. The minimum internal diameter of the well from which water will be taken is 110 mm. The design has an additional set of functions responsible for the safe operation of the model — a built-in thermal motor protection system, protection against voltage surges, and so on.

The pump can be connected to an automatic water supply system, which is also equipped with an expansion tank or a hydraulic accumulator and a pressure switch, but it can also work completely in manual mode. The nominal water flow in this device is about 2 cubic meters per hour. The pumps are made from high quality materials and have excellent assembly, which almost completely prevents the occurrence of defects.


  • High performance;
  • Assembly reliability;
  • Allows you to get quite a lot of pressure at the outlet;
  • Small overall dimensions allow the pump to be used even in small diameter wells;
  • Works pretty quietly.


  • It is necessary to regularly monitor the purity of water in a well or well.

Aquarius BTsPE 0.5-50U

well pumps

3. Technopribor Brook-Technopribor 1

Technopribor Brook-Technopribor 1

It is a vibration-type design designed to work with water, the temperature of which is not more than 35 degrees. According to the manufacturer, the design is universal, but users do not recommend using it in wells, it is much better to place it in wells or in open water, where the probability of bottom silting is much lower. In a horizontal plane, water can be supplied up to a distance of one hundred meters. The design is designed in such a way that the electric drive of the product is reliably protected from overheating due to constant water cooling. The pump is equipped with a thermal sensor that can turn off the power to the device in the event of various kinds of overloads. P

If necessary, it can fully pump out water from any container — a barrel or a tank. Rotating and rubbing against each other parts are not provided here, which makes it possible to ensure a long service life of this device. The pump complies with all applicable state standards in terms of electrical safety. Water passing through the nozzle is magnetized, which has a positive effect on the yield of the garden. A fairly long warranty period is 2.5 years.


  • High level of body strength;
  • Blades and other moving parts subject to abrasion are not provided;
  • Pretty cheap product
  • Good level of reliability.


  • Due to vibration, a lot of silt will rise from the bottom — this must be taken into account.

Technopribor Brook-Technopribor 1

2. JILEX Water cannon PROF 55/50 A

JILEX Water cannon PROF 55/50 A photo

Equipped with a mechanical float switch. This model is characterized by high productivity, which can reach almost 3.5 cubic meters of water per hour, while creating a head of up to 50 meters. The body diameter is only 98 mm, so the structure can also be installed in wells. The pump can be used to create automatic water supply systems. The impeller is floating, so the product can pump even rather dirty water, in which the sand content reaches 2 kg per cubic meter. The kit comes with a capacitor and a cable. A thermal relay is connected directly to the engine, capable of turning off the device if there is a lack or complete absence of water in the well. There are special drainage channels that will reduce the load on the electric motor during start and stop.

The manufacturer says that a check valve should be installed directly on the pump. If this possibility is not provided, then this should be done at a distance of no more than 7 meters from the device. In order for the float switch to function correctly, a certain amount of free space is required — 50×50 cm. In addition, the pump should not be immersed too deep in the water column — no more than 30 meters from its surface, nor should it be too close to the bottom: you need to keep a distance though by 20 cm. If power surges are observed in the power supply system, then it is necessary to connect to the network through a stabilizer.


  • Differs in the lowest cost;
  • Works effectively;
  • Long period of operation;
  • It can normally pump even heavily polluted water;
  • High-quality system of protection against an overload and idling.


  • You will have to additionally purchase a voltage stabilizer.

JILEX Water jet PROF 55/50 A


DAB DIVERTRON 1200 photo

This is the best submersible well pump of the year. Its main distinguishing feature is the presence of a special electronic system that automatically turns on and off the model, so that the product can be used to create an autonomous water supply without installing an expansion tank. The design provides not only a thermal relay, but also a so-called flow sensor, due to which reliable protection against idling is provided. A coarse filter is located on the suction port, which perfectly protects all moving parts of the engine from the ingress of large solid particles. This feature greatly improves the reliability of the device.

The design is designed for use in wells with a diameter of 80 cm or more. Impellers, outer and hydraulic casings are made of technopolymer materials that are resistant to corrosion processes and can withstand significant loads for a long time. The suction grille and engine casing, as well as all fasteners, are made of stainless steel. The shaft is equipped with a seal, which is an oil chamber with two seals. The model works absolutely silently, it is characterized by high productivity, which can reach about 5.7 cubic meters per hour.


  • Set-and-forget design
  • Easy to install and connect;
  • No need to use an expansion tank;
  • It is possible to easily mount an automatic water supply system.


  • The first few seconds it gives out high blood pressure.


Drainage pumps

3. Makita PF1110

Makita PF1110 photo

A sufficiently productive pump that can work even with heavily polluted water — solid particles of 35 mm in size will easily pass through it. However, it should be borne in mind that this design is characterized by increased power — 1100 W, none of the previous pumps consumed such a large amount of energy. The device can pass about 250 liters of water per minute. The power of the equipment is quite enough to raise water from a depth of up to 10 meters.

The minimum level of the column at which the device is able to function normally is 50 cm. The average pressure is provided — no more than 10 m. The design includes a float-type switch, there is an overload protection system. The pump is equipped with a rather long wire — 10 meters. The weight of the product is 6.7 kg, and if necessary, it will be very easy to turn it off and transport it to another place.


  • Unpretentiousness to operating conditions;
  • The ability to work even with water, which contains a large amount of large impurities;
  • High performance;
  • Good workmanship.


  • The pipe is made of plastic, so if you plan to pump out dirty water, you should immediately replace it with a metal one;
  • Quite expensive.

Makita PF1110

2. Karcher BP 1 Barrel

Karcher BP 1 Barrel photo

It does not weigh much — the mass of the product is only a little more than 5 kg. The power cord has a length of 10 m, it has a Velcro ring, which increases ease of use. The connecting hose has a high level of strength, besides it is reinforced. If necessary, it can be removed from the pump and rinsed from accumulated contaminants. The clip that connects it to the body of the device is very massive and looks reliable. It is worth noting that the pump is able to function both in manual and automatic mode. The float cord is fixed on the body with a special slot. Its length is fixed so that when the water level in the well or container decreases, the float is at an angle of 45 to 0 degrees relative to its plane. This will allow the automation to work and stop the motor from working.

When using the manual mode, the float is placed in a special nest in the above-water part of the product, and is also closed with a special cover. The device is IPX8 rated, which allows the device to withstand complete and prolonged immersion in water to a depth of one and a half meters. The pressure is about 8 meters, the performance is also quite high, although lower compared to some other models — about 0.5 cubic meters, and this parameter can be adjusted if necessary. The bottom part of the motor is equipped with a special foam rubber filter, due to which all kinds of contaminants will linger on it and not penetrate under the body. If necessary, this filter can be removed and washed.


  • Universal drainage design;
  • It has an insignificant mass, which is only about 3 kg;
  • Can be used for watering, spraying trees and so on;
  • German build quality.


  • You have to regularly clean the foam filter.

Karcher BP 1 Barrel

1. Grundfos Unilift KP 150-A1

Grundfos Unilift KP 150-A1 photo

Excellent for pumping large volumes of heavily polluted water, including from flooded basements, cellars, pools, shallow ponds. In addition, it can be used to lower the groundwater level. The body of the model is made of high-quality stainless steel, equipped with stiffeners, so that it will retain its original shape throughout the entire service life. Through a pump of this type, it is possible to pass various kinds of solid impurities, the size of which reaches 10 mm. The engine is very powerful, which provides excellent performance — it is about 9 cubic meters per hour. Overall dimensions are small, which allows you to install the structure even in a very limited space. For the most part, users speak rather flatteringly about the quality of the production of this equipment.

The design is suitable for both stationary and mobile pumping installations. The impeller here is semi-open, made of wear-resistant materials, which just allows large particles to pass through the pump. Depending on the configuration, the pump is supplied with or without a control relay. The pressure pipe is located in the upper part of the body, also made of stainless steel. The power cable and the relay responsible for controlling the operation of the device are connected through a well-sealed plug. The motor is single-phase, synchronous, also has high tightness, in addition, it has reliable overload protection.


  • Very easy to use;
  • Made exclusively from high quality materials;
  • Consumes not very much electricity;
  • Weighs a little;
  • Reliable and durable construction.


  • The design does not provide for a filter to trap impurities, and there is also no check valve, so you will have to buy it separately and install it yourself.

Grundfos Unilift KP 150-A1

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our review of the best submersible pumps of the year has come to an end. We hope that you enjoyed reading it — we tried to collect as much information as possible on each model. If you have any questions: ask them in the comments to our article — we will try to resolve them as quickly as possible.


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