More and more motorists prefer high-quality sound in the cabin of their car. This can be achieved not only by installing high-quality speakers in the doors of the vehicle and on the rear panel, but also thanks to a special device — a subwoofer, which is responsible for the distribution of sound channels and the clearest implementation of low frequencies.

In specialized stores you can find a fairly large selection of such products, but choosing such devices is not too easy. If a person first decided to purchase this product for himself, then our rating of the best subwoofers of the year will be just for him. We will not only analyze here the useful properties of each model, but also consider the main parameters that you should pay attention to when buying this gadget. Let’s start with this.

How to choose the best subwoofer?

As a rule, such a design is installed in the trunk of a car, so it is necessary to determine its overall dimensions. Typically, these products are made either in the form of a pipe, or in the form of a cube or parallelepiped. Apart from the appearance, there are no special differences. In this regard, the user should decide how exactly the subwoofer will be placed directly in the car itself, and only then proceed to consider the rest of its performance.

In general, all subwoofers are divided into two large groups — active and passive. The first type is very easy to connect, besides, it comes with an amplifier. The sound quality in this case leaves much to be desired, but this model is quite popular among users. To fully install a passive subwoofer, you will have to purchase a special amplifier, which must fully comply with this product in all its parameters. Not only will it cost significantly more, but it will also require much more time and effort to install.

Choosing a subwoofer for a car

By type of construction, all subwoofers can be divided into five groups — closed, vented, radpass, compact-sub, band-pass. The first variety is made in the form of a standard closed box, its body has no holes. Such models are quite popular among users due to the optimal ratio of price and quality.

Subwoofers, made in the form of a tube with a hole, have deep and loud bass channels, and are also characterized by high sound quality, but their overall dimensions do not always fit into a standard trunk. The RadPass subwoofer is equipped with several speakers at once, each of which operates at its own frequency. An additional column is designed to reduce the resonant frequency. Such products will cost quite expensive, so motorists who regularly take part in car audio competitions choose such models for themselves.

Compact subwoofers are small in size, but this does not affect the sound quality in any way. Such models can be placed directly under the car seat, so the entire trunk volume remains fully accessible. BandPass is equipped with a woofer located inside the case, due to which the sound is transmitted through a bass reflex. Such devices are also not too cheap, but you can connect them without a crossover. The optimal power for a car subwoofer is 12-15W

When choosing models for inclusion in our rating, we took into account not only the above points, but also took into account a number of other factors — the ratio of price and product quality, as well as user reviews. We hope that after reading the review, you will be able to choose the product that is most suitable for your car.

Compact Models

3. JBL Basspro SL

JBL Basspro SL photo

If desired, this compact subwoofer can even be placed under the driver’s seat. All connectors on this model are located directly along the long side, so no additional effort will be required during the installation process. The speaker is 200mm in diameter and is paired with a class D amplifier, which ensures high sound quality even despite the compact size of this product. low frequencies are heard clearly and energetically. The company that develops and manufactures these products has provided a line output, so the device can be connected directly to the car radio. There is a filter setting function within the range from 35 to 120 Hz.

If the user has a desire, he can equip the subwoofer with an additional external regulator of the GTO-RBC format. The sound distortion is minimal here. The device itself practically does not heat up during operation, consumes a minimum amount of electricity. You can tune the model using an external equalizer or an equalizer built into the radio, so you can achieve optimal sound depending on the interior configuration. In order to provide the greatest installation flexibility, these products have not only a line input, but also a high-level input.


  • For its small size provides high sound quality;
  • Does not need a large amount of free space, so you can install this model even in the car;
  • Very easy model in terms of connection.


  • The manufacturer did not provide for the presence of an external regulator.

JBL Basspro SL

2 Alpine PWE-V80

Alpine PWE-V80 photo

The main function of this equipment is to qualitatively reproduce both low and ultra-low frequencies in the vehicle interior, which regular acoustics and radio tape recorders cannot handle. The device is a ready-made solution for placement in the car. Wiring for connection is laid directly under the interior firmware. The subwoofer is installed both in the cabin itself and in the trunk, and it does not need a lot of free space. Connection to the on-board car radio is made thanks to a special signal level converter. It is not included in the kit, so you will have to purchase separately. An RCA cable with a length of 2.5 meters is supplied with this device.

A special amplifier is located under the subwoofer cabinet, which ensures the purity of the sound of the entire range. This allows you to listen to music of absolutely any genre, regardless of volume. The sound level will always be on top. The speaker diameter is as much as 8 inches, so the fullness of the cabin with high-quality sound will be optimal. You can adjust the subwoofer using the special remote control supplied with this unit. The remote control itself is characterized by compact overall dimensions and ergonomic shape.


  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Decent level of output power;
  • No need to install in car trunk;
  • Not too strong vibration;
  • Bass is reproduced in both hard and rather soft mode.


  • Quite a long time you have to deal with the settings of the remote control.

Alpine PWE-V80

1. Pioneer TS-WX210A

Pioneer TS-WX210A photo

The engineers involved in the development of these devices, the main attention was paid to the functionality of the device and the high quality of performance. The diameter of the active part of the subwoofer is 20 cm, given that such products can be installed both in a horizontal and vertical plane. The product does not need a large amount of free space, so it can be placed both directly in the trunk of a car, and find a place for installation in the car. In particular, the subwoofer, when located directly under the seat of the driver or passengers, will practically not be evident, and also will not require free space. In turn, this will not affect the final characteristics of this model in any way.

The maximum declared power of the amplifier is 150 W, thanks to this factor, it is possible to provide a decent sound quality of the bass lines. The device has a body made of high-quality aluminum, in addition, the cooling system is represented by a radiator, also made of this material. This allows you to achieve excellent acoustic performance without even the slightest interference. There is a programmed remote control, which greatly facilitates access and configuration of this equipment.


  • The bass range is great for extended listening to music;
  • Occupies a minimum amount of space both in the cabin itself and in the trunk;
  • Excellent build quality — there are no backlashes.


  • You will have to spend a lot of time to understand the functionality of this product, since the instructions are not very informative.

Pioneer TS-WX210A

Active type subwoofers



This model has a bass reflex cabinet, thanks to which you can achieve high-quality, deep and maximum rich sound. In many respects, due to these parameters, the impression of the music being listened to becomes much better, and this does not in the least concern the genre of the composition itself. The product is also characterized by a high power level, so no distortion of the melody will be observed, regardless of the volume level. The case itself is made of MDF, additionally upholstered with a layer of felt, which prevents the occurrence of resonant frequencies.

The subwoofer has a built-in amplifier, thanks to which you can set the most acceptable sound parameters, adjust them to the acoustic characteristics of a particular car. The maximum power of the device is as much as 300 W — not every home stationary acoustics can boast of such a parameter. This model works very confidently, no excessively sharp frequencies are observed. If desired, these products can even be connected to the radio, which does not have a separate output to the subwoofer — it can be connected to the most ordinary line input.


  • Excellent quality of study of low and bass frequencies;
  • There is a high-level input;
  • Can be connected to the radio through the line input;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Small overall dimensions.


  • After installation, the smell does not disappear for a long time, but over time it still disappears.


3. Alpine SWE-815

Alpine SWE-815 photo

This subwoofer is housed in a cubic enclosure, the rear wall is somewhat beveled, which makes it easy to install in the trunk of a car. On a vertical wall, you can find a speaker whose radius is 8 inches. It is additionally decorated with a plastic lattice. The diffuser has a concave shape and is made of high quality polypropylene. The phase inverter port is hidden under a special plug. The subwoofer itself is characterized by small overall dimensions, so it will fit perfectly in the trunk of any size, and there will still be quite a lot of free space in it. The product comes with a complete set of wires necessary for connecting not only to the car’s acoustic system, but also to the on-board electrical network.

A remote control is supplied with the subwoofer, with which you can change the amplifier sensitivity directly from the driver’s seat. The instruction is Russified, a connection diagram is attached to it. If necessary, the subwoofer can be connected to both low-voltage and high-voltage outputs of the radio. When developing, the possibility of placing a subwoofer in the trunks of even small cars was taken into account. On the sloping rear wall there is a special groove designed directly for laying wires, and it is closed with a plastic cover that will not only protect the wires, but also reliably protect them from all kinds of damage.


  • There is a possibility of remote control;
  • Does not take up too much space in the trunk;
  • For its size, it delivers pretty decent sound.


  • At low frequencies, emphasis is placed, they do not become dominant.

Alpine SWE-815

2. Pioneer TS-WX206A

Pioneer TS-WX206A photo

The body of this subwoofer is made of high quality MDF, and is additionally finished with black carpet. On the top wall, you can find a special cast cover made of aluminum alloy, besides, it is disguised as a rough plastic with a matte surface. It acts as a heatsink for cooling the device. On the cover you can find two phase inverters made in the form of inclined cylinders. The diameter of each of them is 65 mm. They are made in the spirit of exhaust pipes. All inner and outer edges have rounded surfaces, there are protective gratings at a certain depth. On the baffle Inside the case, you can find a baffle on which the speaker is located, the caliber of which is 8 inches.

A recessed panel is located on the rear side, providing all possible connections and power adjustments. The amplifier is made on the basis of a two-channel microcircuit, there is no voltage converter here. The speaker has a dual voice coil, with its help it is possible to provide a maximum output power of 60 watts. This parameter is peak, for standard sound power is used in the region of 40 watts. The sound is crisp and clear.


  • It has a fairly compact overall dimensions for its power;
  • The speaker is located deep under the body, so it will not be damaged;
  • Very original appearance;
  • Provides clarity of low frequencies, regardless of their roughness.


  • To get a clear and beautiful sound, you will have to figure out the settings for quite some time.

Pioneer TS-WX206A

1. Kicx ICQ 301BXA

Kicx ICQ 301BXA photo

This model is an isosceles trapezoid, the angle at the base of which is 76 degrees. The thickness of the side walls of the case is 16 mm, they are covered with a special vinyl film on the outside. All other elements are processed with plastic, which from the outside is practically no different from carbon. In order to protect the head from various kinds of physical influences, metal arcs made of stainless steel are used. They have not only decent protective characteristics, but also do not create additional vibration during operation. The bass-reflex diameter is 80 mm, it can be found on the right side of the case, the amplifier is on the left side. The radiators of the cooling system of this device are brought out, which makes it possible to provide reliable protection of the subwoofer from overheating.

The working head has a composite diffuser made from polypropylene materials, which are additionally treated with chromium. The suspension is made of high-quality rubber of medium hardness, its width is 25 mm. The operating frequency range is in the range from 50 to 200 Hz — quite enough to work with any genre. In the kit you can find a remote control of the power level of the product. This product is optimal in terms of price-quality ratio. The case is quite compact, while the subwoofer is active. It’s perfect for car audio enthusiasts who prefer vibration right through the body.


  • Excellent value for money;
  • The manufacturer has provided a built-in amplifier;
  • Excellent margin for low frequencies;
  • Small overall dimensions.


  • If you carry additional cargo in the trunk, then there is a possibility of damage to the diffuser.

Kicx ICQ 301BXA

Passive closed models

3. JBL Stage 1200B

JBL Stage 1200B photo

These products do not have any design originality, the same can be said about the claims in the field of extravagance. The body shape is a classic trapezoid with a body made of MDF. Carpet made in strict black color serves as a finish here. Some decorative elements are still present — on the top panel there is an embroidered manufacturer’s logo. On the front wall, the user can find a fairly decent-sized speaker with a diameter of as much as 12 inches, which is quite a decent size for a car subwoofer. There are also two removable type arcs, which are made of high quality aluminum alloy. With their help, when installing the subwoofer in the trunk, it will be possible to protect it from a variety of damage. The back wall is somewhat bevelled.

Some users think that the bass line is a bit long, but this is a matter of taste. In any case, the sound comes out powerful and quite solid, which allows you to comfortably listen to music of various genres. The maximum power of the speaker is 1000 watts at a nominal operation of 250 watts. With such compact dimensions, this is more than serious indicators. The model itself takes up minimal space in the trunk, transmits bass frequencies well into the cabin. The resonant frequency is expressed quite clearly.


  • Small overall dimensions of the device;
  • Excellent sound quality;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Provides good protection against physical damage.


  • Pretty heavy product.

JBL Stage 1200B

2. Sony XS-GTX122LT

Sony XS-GTX122LT photo

Another rather original model, characterized by excellent value for money. The rated power of this product is 300 W — with its dimensions, this is more than a decent indicator. The frequency range is from 30 to 500 Hz. The overall dimensions are as follows — 60x40x40 cm. By weight, a little more than 10 kg, the acoustic impedance is 4 ohms, the sensitivity level is around 93 dB. It can hardly be used as a professional device, but for ordinary lovers of loud music it will be more than suitable. The built-in amplifier is not provided here, so they will have to be purchased separately. In the trunk of any size, this product fits just perfectly, it practically does not take up free space.

The subwoofer is installed very simply — you do not have to contact specialists, it is enough to follow the recommendations from the instructions for this product. It is better to lay all wires under the car’s skin. It’s pretty easy to set up too. Manufacturers have thought of everything carefully when developing this device, so this subwoofer is universal for absolutely any style of music — from classical instrumental to the most modern hard rock. The unit has a reliable fuse that prevents the coil from burning out, regardless of the applied loads.


  • Another model with excellent value for money;
  • High quality production and assembly;
  • Decent sound regardless of the chosen style of music;
  • Perfectly withstands operating and peak powers;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Doesn’t perform well in low temperatures.

Sony XS-GTX122LT

1. Hertz DBX 30.3

Hertz DBX 30.3 photo

Another cabinet product that allows you to provide excellent sound quality in the vehicle interior. This subwoofer comes with an external power amplifier, which is guaranteed to transform the sound of even a standard speaker system. The main distinguishing point associated with this product is the insignificant depth of the case — at the base it is only 227 mm. At the same time, the quality of the sounds produced is in no way inferior to larger devices released by other manufacturers. The rear wall here is traditionally inclined, so the subwoofer does not have to be placed in the trunk at all — it can also be placed behind the back of the rear seat.

This model has one woofer and is 12 inches in diameter — the Dieci DS 30.3 model. If necessary, it can be purchased separately. The body is entirely covered with black carpet, which will not accumulate various kinds of pollution such as dust. The case itself is made of reliable moisture-resistant MDF, which is equipped with a damper. This allows you to protect the subwoofer from various vibrations and the occurrence of extraneous overtones. Despite the fact that the device has an acceptable cost, this model perfectly reveals the sound of low frequencies, which are as dense and uniform as possible. This allows you to comfortably use the gadget when playing a variety of musical styles.


  • Compact overall dimensions allow placing products both in the trunk and in the passenger compartment of a car;
  • The bass line is carefully spelled out;
  • The case is characterized by excellent assembly, thanks to which no overtones are observed during playback.


  • The loudspeaker’s protective mesh performs purely decorative functions; no protective capabilities should be assigned to it.

Hertz DBX 30.3

In conclusion, a useful video

We thank you for your patience and the time you have taken to peruse our roundup of the best car subwoofers. We have tried to include as much information as possible in the rating. If you still have any questions related to a particular model, then do not hesitate to ask them in the comments to this article. Our editors will promptly respond to the remark, collect additional information and provide it in the most accessible form.


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