The belt mounted on the gas distribution mechanism, in other words, just the timing belt, is a rather important part on which the correct and stable functioning of the valve group and engine elements will directly depend. If it breaks, pistons and connecting rods can fail, and repairing these parts can cost a pretty decent amount. The replacement belt itself is not too expensive.

In specialized spare parts stores, you can find quite a lot of such belts, but not all of them are of high quality. For novice motorists who do not yet know how to choose this part correctly, this article is intended. In it, we will tell you about what timing belts are, what you should pay attention to when buying them, we will also give a rating of the best timing belts in 2020 so that you can decide which product will be most suitable for your vehicle.

How to choose a timing belt?

In modern cars, only three main types of gas distribution mechanism are installed. The gear drive is found in fairly old cars, this design has long been recognized as obsolete. She was replaced by chain and belt drives. In the first case, a special chain is installed that is excellently resistant to wear, but it is quite noisy, so car manufacturers do not use it too often in engines. Much more often, a belt drive is used, which operates quite quietly. The belt itself is inexpensive, weighs little, if necessary it is easy to replace, but due to lack of tension, all engine power is not fully realized.

How to choose the right timing belt company

A timing belt can fail for a variety of reasons. First of all, during installation it was overtightened, as a result of which there is excessive pressure on the rollers. The whole system functions quite stably, but the resource is exhausted much faster, as a result, the belt may simply break. When operating the car in a hot climate, the belt begins to crack, which ultimately will also lead to its rupture. Another cause of failure is dirt or dust that has entered the gas distribution mechanism.

The most suitable products can be found in several ways — by the VIN code of the car. This is the simplest operation, as you can be completely sure that the product will fit exactly to this car. They are also looking for a belt according to the car’s data — make, model, year of manufacture and other related parameters. When purchasing a belt, be sure to look at its packaging, where the marking should be indicated regarding the time of its manufacture. The newer the product, the longer it will last, on old belts that have lain in the warehouse for a long time, you can even visually detect delamination traces. Most car masters recommend installing not the original belt on the vehicle, but analogues from well-known manufacturers.

The motorist should take into account several points — in the car, you should carry at least one spare belt with you. They change it at intervals of 50-80 thousand kilometers. Together with it, the belt tension roller must also be replaced. So, let’s summarize some intermediate results: problems with this part occur only among motorists who are conniving about the condition of their vehicle and do not undergo regular maintenance. If the resource of the part is completely exhausted or close to it, then it is necessary to replace it as soon as possible, because in the future this problem can lead to more serious breakdowns.

Most products are made of neoprene or saturated vinyl. The first is a fairly popular material, however, at peak motor loads, when its temperature reaches 120 degrees, they begin to lose their elasticity and wear out faster. Saturated nitrile is not sensitive to moisture, temperature, fuel or engine oil, which positively affects the life of the part. Not surprisingly, they cost significantly more than neoprene products.

When compiling our ranking of the best timing belts, we took into account the reputation of the manufacturer, the ratio of price and quality of products, as well as reviews from users and car repairmen. We have tried to find the best product in terms of cost so that it is affordable for most of our readers. Now let’s analyze the performance characteristics of each model in detail.

Budget products and products of the middle price segment

5. AMD Belts

AMD photo

Quite an interesting product of the South Korean company of the same name, which directly cooperates with such car brands as GM, SsangYoung, KIA, Hyundai, and a significant part of the finished belts and related items are delivered directly to the factories. Experienced motorists recommend buying not the belt itself separately, but a whole timing kit, which includes a bypass roller and a tension roller. All these elements are made from high-quality materials, characterized by versatility — they are suitable for many brands and models of domestic and imported cars.

Separately, users talk about the rollers and their high quality, in particular, they do not have backlashes and other defects that can be detected during operation. As users note, this belt functions quite quietly throughout its entire service life, does not emit extraneous hums or noises. The products have a high level of strength, which greatly reduces the likelihood of a sudden rupture.


  • Easy to install;
  • High quality materials;
  • Versatility;
  • After installation, the engine runs very quietly, without extraneous noise and beating;
  • Sold complete with all necessary rollers.


  • It is undesirable to use in a climate with a rather low temperature.

AMD belts

4 Hutchinson

Hutchinson photo

It is a French-made product, which is distinguished by high quality indicators and a long service life — even more than 100 thousand km can pass between replacements. The company that manufactures these belts is one of the world’s leading enterprises in the production of rubber and metal products. At the same time, the products have been on the domestic market for quite a long time and are deservedly popular with motorists. The timing belts produced by this company are installed in new cars of the brands Ford, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, Citroen and many others. This already speaks of the excellent quality of the product. It should be noted that all belts have certificates confirming compliance with all European and international standards.

According to their characteristics, they are in no way inferior to more expensive products. Timing belts are versatile, they can be installed on domestic brands, including cars manufactured by the VAZ concern. The elasticity indicators are average, which greatly reduces the load on the tension roller, respectively, during operation, the belt will not stretch. The material from which the belt is made reacts quite calmly to the ingress of oil or fuel — it does not begin to delaminate or deform. No slippage on the pulleys was noticed by users, even after prolonged use it does not start to squeak or whistle.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Reliability;
  • Good resistance to wear and other physical stress.


  • Counterfeit products are often found on sale.


3. Lemforder

Lemforder photo

Belts of this brand are manufactured by a German company, which is part of the fairly well-known ZF concern. The companies that are its components produce a wide range of components for cars, it is quite natural that the company produces timing belts. Korean, Japanese and American automobile brands act as customers. Belts are optimally suited for Russian cars. In the assortment you can find both fairly cheap and very expensive products. At the same time, even cheap products are distinguished by excellent German quality, which ensures a long service life of the belts.

They are made of a material that is able to withstand significant loads, it has a moderate stretching index. This allows you to be in a tense state all the time, but at the same time not create additional loads on other elements of the engine. The belt wears out for a long time — for this the car must travel about 90-100 thousand km.


  • Wide price range;
  • Large selection of belts for a variety of criteria;
  • All products in the store are brand new.


  • Often, when under the logo of this manufacturer comes across products from another company.

timing belts Lemforder

2. Balakovo

Balakovo photo

Despite the rather conflicting reviews regarding the belts of this domestic manufacturer, he deservedly took second place in our ranking. The fact is that the products of this company are often faked, but the quality of fakes leaves much to be desired. The main distinguishing point associated with this company is that it is not part of any automaker’s concerns, but specializes exclusively in the production of rubber technical products.

The quality of the original belts is in no way inferior to foreign analogues. Although the declared service life is about 75-80 thousand km, in fact it is much longer. Like most of the products included in our review of the best timing belts, they are universal — they are suitable for Renault brands, the entire model range of VAZ, UAZ and other domestic manufacturers. There are products designed for trucks. During operation, the belts behave well, do not create additional noise, have an average tension, providing a high efficiency of the engine and not leading to abrasion of the rollers.


  • Original products of fairly high quality;
  • Suitable for many vehicles;
  • Experts give positive conclusions;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Finding a belt actually produced by this company is not too easy.

Timing belts Balakovo

1. Bosch

Bosch photo

Timing belts from another German company are also of fairly high quality, although the company’s specialization is quite wide and includes the manufacture of a huge range of household appliances, tools, and so on. The material from which these parts are made does not cause the slightest criticism. When installing the belt, even on domestic-made cars, there is not the slightest complaint — no extraneous noise, squeaks, squeaks or taps. The belt itself does not heat up at all during operation due to friction on the pulleys, as is the case with cheaper products. During operation, it stretches, but not too much — this does not in the least affect the quality of work of both the engine itself and the gas distribution mechanism.

Almost all users respond in the same way about this product: at a very reasonable cost, the quality of the belts is simply excellent. For cars with low or medium load, this will be the best option.


  • Can be installed on almost all relatively modern machines;
  • It is almost impossible to find counterfeit products;
  • With moderate loads, long service life;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • After installation, some lapping to the pulleys should take place.

Bosch Timing Belts

Premium belts


INA photo

The company that produces these belts acts as a supplier of many conveyors where the motor group is produced, and not only these parts are installed, but also hydraulic compensators, phase shifter clutches and other similar spare parts. There is not a single complaint about the quality of the belt, since it is produced in compliance with all available international technical standards, and is additionally reinforced with reinforcement. The rollers supplied with the belt also have a long service life and a good margin of safety — during operation they will not begin to loosen or crumble, regardless of the applied loads.

During the manufacturing process, all processes are under the strictest control, so even the slightest chance that a defective part will come across is completely excluded. By production of belts the special most modern technology which is not allowing them to be torn is used. In case of wear, their teeth will simply be erased, which will enable the motorist to get at least to the nearest service station and install a new spare part.


  • Reliable protection against gusts;
  • Long service life;
  • All additional elements also have decent quality.


INA Timing Belts


contitech photo

Like other manufacturers included in this section of our roundup of the best timing belts, this company has a wide range of products. It can be used not only in cars, but also in some areas of industrial production. These belts are sold in many countries of the world. According to consumer reviews, not only Russian, but also foreign, the products of this company are the best among European manufacturers. According to the developers, the belts are able to provide high grip with the elements, which ensures a high efficiency of the car engine, which increases to 98%. Another important point is that the motor starts to work almost silently, even the slightest vibration goes away. The products are manufactured in compliance with all necessary technical requirements, due to which they are designed for any climatic conditions — both for extremely low and for fairly high temperatures.

There are also universal belts on sale that can be installed on cars of many brands, including cars produced by domestic factories. You can run into a fake, however, if you know how to distinguish the original belt, this will not happen to you. First of all, for products, the dominant color of the packaging is yellow, if any other, you are holding a fake in your hands. It also does not provide information on which brands of machines are allowed to install this product.


  • The motor stops vibrating during operation;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Good wear resistance;
  • The motor does not make noise, does not make any extraneous sounds.


Timing belts Contitech

3. Dayco

dayco photo

The American company that manufactures this product is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of a wide variety of belts for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, including agricultural and industrial equipment. The company itself has been on the market for over 100 years. During this time, many products have been created that are significantly superior in quality to analogues from other companies. Belts fully comply with international quality standards, and they also meet environmental standards. The company manufactures more than 200 timing belt options that are optimally suited for cars manufactured in European countries. Their stretching during operation is minimal, which ensures the quietest operation of the car engine. They are made from materials that are excellent at resisting friction.

The top layer of the belt is a polychloroprene blend that can withstand very high temperatures. The basis here is a fiberglass cord that is resistant to tensile loads. The fabric layer does not allow tearing, and another textile layer located in the depth of the belt prevents damage to the product from various abrasive materials.


  • Strength, resistance to loads of any kind;
  • The teeth not only mesh well with the pulleys, but also have excellent elasticity;
  • A car on one such belt can drive up to 110 thousand km.


  • Do not bend or twist the belt as the fiberglass is quite brittle.

Dayco Timing Belts


Optibelt photo

These belts are made from quality chloroprene with a certain amount of polyurethane added. They are durable and strong, so that the maintenance costs of the engine become much lower. Products are able to withstand significant physical exertion. Products come to our auto parts stores from various European countries, since the production facilities of this German company are located in many countries. The belts are of universal length, making them optimal for all standard engines. They are narrow and have several streams in their structure, which can significantly extend the service life of these products. This provides a serious reduction in the costs required for timely maintenance of the motor. In the production process, modern materials are used, due to which it is possible to obtain sufficiently solid and flexible products.

In many ways, due to this approach, it is possible to increase power transmission. On sale you can find round belts, the diameter of which is in the range from 3 to 15 mm. They are equipped with a polyester cord, excellent resistance to abrasive materials, insensitive to solvents, gasoline and oils.


  • A large assortment;
  • Modern materials and technologies are used in production;
  • Long service life;
  • The coefficient of friction is minimal;
  • There are practically no counterfeit products on sale.


  • Not very easy to find in stores, often you have to order.

Optibelt timing belts

1. Gates

Gates photo

The belts of this American company have been recognized by specialists as the best in the world for more than a decade, especially since the company has been on the market for over a hundred years. It has its own research and development center, where new models are developed, which are designed to provide the highest efficiency of the car engine. The products are subject to very stringent requirements from the quality control department, they are even tougher compared to existing global requirements. The composition includes nitrile, which is a modern polymer material with a high level of wear resistance, neither oils, nor gasoline or diesel fuel are sensitive to it, it feels great even in rather aggressive environments. Also, fiberglass is used in the manufacture, which is twisted into a spiral inside the belt.

The toothed profiles are precisely aligned with the gears, which allows for the tightest possible engagement of the belt with them, which reduces noise during operation of the motor and greatly increases efficiency. Products are perfectly protected from fakes, so only original belts can be found on sale. There are quite a few varieties of products — ordinary, reinforced, with rollers included. There are also extended kits on sale, equipped with various kinds of sealing elements.


  • An excellent anti-counterfeit protection system, counterfeit products can be distinguished very quickly even by an inexperienced person in these matters;
  • Produces the entire declared service life even in fairly aggressive environments and with sharp temperature changes;
  • Ideally resists wear and other physical stress;
  • Provides almost one hundred percent efficiency;
  • The engine starts to work absolutely silently.


  • Not detected.

Gates timing belts

In conclusion, a useful video

So we end our review of the best timing belts of the year. In conclusion, I would like to express the hope that now you have a fairly complete understanding of the products available on the market and will be able to purchase the optimal product for your vehicle. If not all points seemed clear to you — ask us a question in the comments, we will try to give you an exhaustive answer as soon as possible.


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