Not so long ago, the popularity of TVs began to decline — this is not surprising, since they were replaced by high-speed Internet, where you can watch your favorite programs and do it without intrusive and annoying advertising. However, the manufacturers of this digital technology did not even think of giving up — they were able to develop a hybrid of a TV and a personal computer, which was called Smart TV. These products also allow you to access the Internet, search for the necessary information there, watch videos and even communicate on social networks. But choosing such products is not as easy as it might seem at first glance.

In today’s review of the best Smart TVs of the year, we will not only tell you about the useful features of specific models, but also pay attention to the fundamental factors that you should not miss when buying this product. Let’s start with this.

How to choose the right TV with Smart TV?

Largely due to the fact that the device is able to connect to the Internet, it has a huge advantage over an ordinary terrestrial TV. Sitting near such a device, you can check your email at any time, read the news, even arrange a video conference. When buying a gadget, it will not be superfluous to ask what platform it operates on.

There are several of them and each has its own characteristics. So, the Tizen interface has rather large buttons, with which they select the signal source and the Internet resource. This platform is open source, so the user can make changes to applications. It can connect many devices using local protocols, transmit a signal to smartphones. It also provides support for voice and gestures.

How to choose a smart TV

LG TVs run mainly on webOS. This platform is characterized by advanced multitasking, the interface is stylish and quite convenient. All options are arranged in the form of a card layout, support for gesture control is provided. Working with virtual resources is very convenient. One of the simplest platforms is Android TV — this operating system is very easy to use, voice control is provided. From the official PlayMarket store, you can download a huge number of applications for this platform, and there are both paid programs and completely free ones.

Be sure to take into account both the resolution and the diagonal of the screen — usually these parameters directly depend on the parameters of the room where you plan to install the TV. The larger the room, the larger the diagonal of the TV should be and the higher the clarity. You also need to pay attention to the viewing angles, that is, at what angle the user’s gaze can deviate without the picture beginning to be distorted. It is desirable that the interface be Russified — in this case it will be very easy to deal with the TV, find out its main capabilities and fine-tune it. The number of different ports will also play an important role, since they are responsible for connecting external devices.

When choosing models for our rating, we were guided by all these factors, however, we also took into account the ratio of price and quality of products, and also did not ignore user reviews. We decided to divide all TVs with Smart TV included in the review into three groups — by cost, so that each reader can choose the best product for themselves.

Cheap Smart TVs

3. Thomson T43FSL5130

Thomson T43FSL5130 photo

One of the newest models, which appeared in wide sale in the middle of last year. It is powered by a quad-core ARM A7 processor and is also equipped with a MALI 450 graphics accelerator. The diagonal of the liquid crystal LCD display is 43 inches. The width of the frames around the screen is only 1.5 cm. They are made of high-quality plastic. The legs are attached to the corners of the structure, which gives it maximum stability. The weight of the TV is only 7.5 kg, so it can be hung on the wall if necessary. The control panel, located directly on the TV, includes five buttons that are pressed quite gently, until a characteristic click. Here you can also find an LED indication of the inclusion of the gadget and a port that receives a signal from the remote control.

The rear part is slightly convex, at the bottom of the bulge there are a large number of different kinds of connectors — two USB and HDMI ports, an Ethernet cable jack, there is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The remote control is very light, it takes some time to process the incoming signal, so the response will be with a slight delay. If necessary, you can connect a mouse and keyboard, and they do not have to be wired — there are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules for this. The Internet on this TV works quite stably, so even an ordinary mouse and keyboard is enough for comfortable surfing the net. The resolution corresponds to the Full HD format.


  • Pretty decent TV size;
  • Wide viewing angles;
  • The Android 7 operating system works stably;
  • High image clarity, realistic color reproduction;
  • Lightweight and highly durable design.


  • Average sound quality — solved by installing additional speakers.

Thomson T43FSL5130



This TV is equipped with a 40-inch or 102 cm diagonal LCD LED display. The 16:9 screen aspect ratio is a classic solution for a device of this size. The resolution is 1920×1080 pixels — fully complies with the Full HD standard. The picture is updated at a frequency of 50 Hz, and the response time of this device is 6.5 ms. The screen has an additional LED backlight Edge LED, and all the LEDs are located on the sides of the LCD matrix. Thanks to this technology, the TV turned out to be quite thin and quite light, but because of it, slight light can occur. The viewing angles here are very wide — 178 degrees. The TV also boasts quite powerful speakers: their total power is 12 watts, the speaker system consists of two speakers of 6 watts each. There is a special signal processing that makes the sound more voluminous.

This TV is based on the Android operating system. If you install an external storage medium, then the on-air channels can be recorded directly there. The Time Shift function is provided, with which you can stop the TV program at any time, and then record it and watch it at any convenient time. To connect external devices, there are three HDMI connectors, two USB jacks, component and AV inputs, there is also an Ethernet cable port and a headphone jack. The case is plastic, the frames are narrow. The mass of the device is 6.5 kg.


  • Pretty big device;
  • Has a decent set of features;
  • Slim and lightweight design;
  • Long service life;
  • There is everything you need for comfortable work.


  • There may be some glare around the edges of the display due to the LED backlight.


1. Akai LES-32D83M

Akai LES-32D83M photo

This TV will be a great option for a person who wants to become the owner of a device with the Smart TV function for quite a bit of money. This device was released for active sale in the middle of last year. The model has an interface Wi-Fi 802.11n, there is a built-in hard drive, the volume of which is 4 GB. With the help of such a gadget, you can watch cable or terrestrial television, and the image resolution will be at least 720p. You can record video on external hard drives, flash drives, internal memory of the TV. From external media it is also possible to view videos, photos and other media content. The TV has a full set of codecs that allow it to work with all known formats.

Despite its diagonal, the TV looks quite compact, has a decent sound, and does not weigh too much. The image is updated at a frequency of 50 Hz, the speaker system is represented by two speakers of 7 W each. The interface is standard — there is a sufficient number of necessary connectors. On the sides of the display is Direct LED-backlight, which not only provides a small thickness of the device case, but also does not create light. The product has an off timer and a child safety lock.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Insignificant power consumption;
  • Light production;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly.


  • The screen has a glossy finish, which can cause glare.

Akai LES-32D83M

The best Smart TVs in terms of price and quality

4. Samsung UE58NU7100U

Samsung UE58NU7100U photo

It has a very interesting and original design. First of all, you should pay attention to the stand, which is characterized by a wide arrangement of legs. The back panel has an embossed finish, there are also several slots for convenient cable management, and there are also several clips. With their help, the cables will be fixed on the legs of the stand. The width of the display frames is only one and a half centimeters. The TV itself is quite thin. The build quality is very high — no gaps were found, there are no extraneous creaks even when pressing on the case. The stability of the TV is quite good, even though the stand is made of plastic. The picture quality is also very good, but it is best to watch broadcasts in a not very bright room.

The uniformity of gray tones is quite good, there is no so-called “dirty screen effect”. This model is perfect for watching sports broadcasts. The viewing angles are not too wide, but they are quite enough for comfortable viewing of the program and with a significant deviation from the right angle. The black color also looks very uniform: it does not become cloudy, it does not begin to shimmer with other colors. Dynamic scenes look mediocre — very fast movements look a little blurry. To make them look smoother, you can adjust the frequency down to 60 Hz, but this may cause flickering. The set of connectors is standard here.


  • Minimum input signal delay;
  • The image is quite uniform;
  • Decent screen sizes;
  • sustainability;
  • Original appearance.


  • Not too wide viewing angles;
  • There is also no full-matrix local dimming.

Samsung UE58NU7100U

3. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 photos

This is one of the thinnest TVs in our entire ranking today — its thickness at the base is only 48 mm, and at its thinnest point it decreases to 5 mm. The weight of the model is less than 15 kg. The front of the TV is almost entirely made of glass, the frame is very thin, it practically does not catch the eye, so that the user can fully immerse himself in what is happening on the screen. The back panel is made of high quality plastic. The board is structured in such a way that it practically does not take up free space. The display resolution is 3840×2160 pixels, the image delay is only 8 ms, the picture is updated at a frequency of 60 Hz. The viewing angles are very wide — 178 degrees. The display features direct-type Direct-Lit dynamic backlighting that automatically adjusts to what’s happening on the screen.

The screen has a built-in mode that protects eyesight even as a result of prolonged viewing of programs, but it is disabled by default — it must be activated through the remote control. The colors are all very natural, including black. The brightness is quite acceptable — there are no reflections. This TV is capable of playing 4K video at 60 Hz — not every device can do this, even premium ones. The TV is based on the Android platform. The TV can also be controlled by voice commands. It is based on a quad-core Amlogic processor with Cortex-A54x4, clocked at 1.8 GHz, it is complemented by a Mali-450 graphics chip. RAM is 2 GB, built-in — 8 GB. The TV has two built-in speakers, each of which has a power of 8 watts.


  • Excellent image quality;
  • Pretty reasonable cost for its characteristics;
  • Very thin bezels.


  • Some functions have to be activated manually;
  • After a certain time, the control panel starts to creak.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55


SUPRA STV-LC60GT5000U photo

This model is equipped with a screen diagonal of 55 inches (140 cm), LCD display, has an aspect ratio of 16:9. The resolution of the TV is 3840×2160 pixels, which corresponds to the 4K format. The image is updated at a frequency of 60 Hz. There is LED backlight, all LEDs are located on the sides of the matrix. Thanks to this approach, the model turned out to be quite thin. The viewing angle is significant — 178 degrees, so you can not be located directly in front of the TV. The total power of the gadget’s speaker system is 20 watts — at the bottom of the model there is a pair of speakers, each of which has a power of 10 watts.

The device is based on the Android operating system, developed on the basis of the Linux program code. There are a large number of built-in applications, a fairly decent amount of RAM and physical memory, where you can install additional programs. The set of connectors is standard here, there are wireless Wi-Fi modules. A picture-in-picture function is also provided — you can watch two channels at once on the screen — one as the main one, the second will be in one of the corners. The TV comes with a convenient and ergonomic stand, and a wall-mounting system is also provided.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Very natural rendering of colors;
  • Powerful, clear and balanced sound;
  • Support for Ultra HD resolution.


  • Due to the glossy coating of the screen, reflections and glare occur;
  • Very heavy products — the weight of the TV is about 22 kg.


1.Erisson 50ULEA99T2Smart

Erisson 50ULEA99T2Smart photo

In the first place in this part of our review is products that have been developed by a company that has been manufacturing and selling television and radio equipment for many years. The device went on sale in mid-2018. It runs on the Android OS platform and supports 4K UHD resolution. The picture is quite high-quality, bright, the colors are transmitted as naturally as possible, users could not notice any distortion. When you turn on the TV for the first time, it automatically connects to a Wi-Fi network, and you can view content on it in any format, including 24p True Cinema. The diagonal of this product is 50 inches (127 cm) with an aspect ratio of 16:9, the maximum resolution that can be achieved from this TV is 3840×2160 pixels. The picture is updated at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Viewing angles are quite wide — 178 degrees, all dynamic scenes are reproduced quite clearly. Sound power is decent: the speaker system consists of two speakers of 10 watts each. They do not wheeze, do not start to phon, the sound is balanced, there is no distortion in any direction of the range. You can listen to music, watch movies and so on on this TV. The device works with any extensions of media files, if necessary, you can connect an external storage medium. There is also a reliable child protection system.


  • Expanded possibilities of connection of external devices;
  • The highest sound quality;
  • Good value for money;
  • Natural color reproduction;
  • 4K UHD resolution.


  • The screen has a glossy finish, which causes glare.

Erisson 50ULEA99T2Smart

Most Expensive Smart TVs

3. Sony KD-75XF9005

Sony KD-75XF9005 photo

At first glance at such a gadget, it’s hard to say that it really surprises with something. The width of the frames of the order of 1 cm has long become a completely familiar solution. They are stylized as metal, but in fact they are made of high-quality plastic, equipped with stiffeners. The stand has small overall dimensions — it includes two legs located at the edges of the model. They will securely support the TV panel itself, and there will be a place under it in order to install a soundbar there. Each leg has channels for hidden laying of various kinds of wires going to the TV. The body of the TV is quite thin, but closer to the bottom it becomes somewhat wider. The case has metal elements only in the stand. The total weight of the TV is over 12 kg.

The device is equipped with a 49-inch 8-bit IPS panel with 4K support. All gradient transitions of the image here will be smoothed using special software processing. The refresh rate here is 60Hz. In the settings, you can also select a special game mode, due to which the image response time will be reduced to about 25 ms. The sound is powerful and loud due to the presence of two speakers, each of which has a power of 10 watts. They are directed downward with a slight slope so that the sound goes into the room. RAM in the device is 2 GB with built-in 16 GB, of which 8 GB will be available to the owner. The TV is based on the Mediatek MT5891 processor.


  • Advanced features of Android TV,
  • A large number of different ports;
  • Pleasant appearance;
  • There were no glare or reflections from the display;
  • Support for 4K resolution.


  • Plastic front;
  • The interface is not very fast.

Sony KD-75XF9005

2. LG OLED65C8

LG OLED65C8 photo

This product first appeared on the market at the very beginning of the previous year, but it immediately gained immense popularity. This gadget is able to offer the owner everything that he could wish for from the latest generation TV. The image quality here is at its best, regardless of which source the device will receive the signal source from. The sound is somewhat weak, although the device is equipped with a pair of speakers, the total power of which is 20 watts. Due to the fact that they are not equipped with a subwoofer, in some places the sound is quite flat, so fans of high-quality viewing of various television broadcasts recommend purchasing an additional external soundbar.

The product has a Triple-Twin tuner that is able to work with the DVB-T2 standard, which is used almost everywhere today. Most external sources can be connected to the TV via four HDMI inputs, and there are also three USB ports. The gadget is equipped with a huge number of pre-installed applications, among which there are special programs for working with the social network Facebook and the Youtube channel. It is very convenient to control the TV with a remote control that supports voice commands. The TV does not consume very much energy — only 112 W, and in standby mode only 0.3 W, there is also an electricity saving mode, due to which the consumption can be further reduced.


  • Able to work with all known formats;
  • High picture quality in general;
  • Excellent brightness and sharpness of the image;
  • There are two tuners;
  • Universal remote.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Weight with stand is as much as 25.4 kg.


1. Samsung QE65Q7FNA

Samsung QE65Q7FNA photo

A fairly new model, which has become a continuation of the previous line of TVs. This device is universal, regardless of the purpose for which the user plans to use it — games, watching movies, sports programs, and so on. Colors are reproduced very naturally and with high quality. The device is equipped with a flat display, which uses Quantum Dot Color technology. The design of the back panel is minimalistic. The quality of the picture cannot be compared to anything else. The product is equipped with HDR10 + support, so the image is very voluminous, and the colors are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones. Dark areas are clearly defined. The TV is based on the latest generation processor with a high level of Q Engine performance.

The total power of the installed speakers is 40 watts, however, in terms of level and purity of sound, they are not inferior to 60-watt systems. The refresh rate here can reach 120 Hz — a very good indicator even for a TV that belongs to the premium class. In game mode, the device produces an ideal smoothness of the image, no screen tearing or ghosting was noticed. The input lag is 10ms, and the response time is 12ms, which is enough to enjoy your time playing your favorite game. Through the HDMI connector, you can connect the system unit to the TV and turn it into a full-fledged gaming monitor.


  • Pretty high quality acoustics, although the power of the speakers is not too high;
  • If necessary, it can be integrated into the Smart Things smart home system;
  • A very convenient control panel, which, if desired, is configured to work with other equipment;
  • There is a USB port with increased channel throughput.


  • There is no output for connecting headphones;
  • Very high cost of the unit.

Samsung QE65Q7FNA

In conclusion, a useful video

So our review of the best TVs with Smart TV has come to an end. We hope that you were able to choose the best products for yourself, depending on your own needs and financial capabilities. If you still have some questions about the model you like, you can ask us in the comments — we will promptly respond to the post and provide all the necessary information.


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