Consider the most popular and modern types of fitness according to the reviews of people involved and athletes.

TOP 20 popular fitness areas for training

20. Callanetics

callanetics photo

The most effective technique for burning fat. It is believed that one callanetics session is equivalent to seven hours of shaping and 24 hours of aerobics. The direction is based on the use of static exercises that overlap slightly with yoga. In this case, all the muscles of the body are involved, which contributes to the rapid strengthening of the muscular corset.


19. Terrarobica

Terrarobica photo

20 years ago, a German trainer proposed a new kind of fitness, which is to use latex tape for regular exercises. Two ribbons are attached to the hands, and the second ends to the legs. This approach helps to increase the load. Such exercises with the help of a tape improve coordination, emotional background and endurance.


18. Tai-bo

Tai-bo photo

Turn on energetic music and start moving like in oriental martial arts, or better watch a video on the topic of tai-bo. At first, the training will seem similar to taekwondo, karate, kickboxing and boxing. But in fact, the right combination of all movements will fill the whole body with endurance, strength and energy for the whole day. It is believed that 1 hour of this type of fitness will replace a 10 km run.


17. Bosu

Bosu photo

For this direction of fitness, you need a special hemispherical ball that is fixed to the floor. Depending on the degree of rigidity of this device, the training load may increase. Watch the video what kind of movements you need to perform and how to do them correctly in order to develop agility and endurance, pump the abdominal muscles and lateral abdominal muscles. Initially, you need not to overdo it with classes and conduct them no more than 2 times a week. In the future, you can slightly increase the number of days with the boss.


16. Stretching

Stretching photo

From English stretch — stretch, stretch. Therefore, in order to perform exercises and acquire flexibility and plasticity, it is necessary to start stretching. After a couple of three months, you will be able to sit on all types of splits. You don’t need anything special for stretching — no room, no additional items, only your perseverance and desire, and you can even practice at home.


15. Kick aerobics

Kick aerobics photo

KIK is an abbreviation for cardio, intensity, condition. There are two types of Kik aerobics classes, these are: 1. Kik-SV — a skipping rope is used. Thai kick aerobics — like tai bo, but with a rope. Whichever type you choose, you will be satisfied with the result. This is a great way to reduce body fat and normalize your weight.

Kick aerobics

14. Slide aerobics

slide aerobics photo

The exercise program is designed using flat elastic mats 180 cm long and 60 cm wide. All exercises are based on the use of this special plate, which ensures perfect gliding. The training movements are borrowed from speed skating and are reminiscent of ice skating. Regular exercises can improve the tone, endurance of the lower extremities. An important advantage of slide aerobics is the ability to quickly lose weight and get a beautiful shape of the legs.

slide aerobics

13. Cycle aerobics

Cycle aerobics photo

A new direction of fitness, which is gaining more and more popularity. Such classes are carried out on exercise bikes. During training, cycling takes place in various modes, each of which has a different degree of load. Continuous pedaling for 45 minutes to rhythmic and groovy music will help you quickly lose weight and bring your body back to normal.

Cycle aerobics

12. Aquaforming

Aquaforming photo

You can do gymnastics even in the water. Aquaforming is a combination of several types of fitness, namely water aerobics, tai-bo, shaping. Additionally, various flexible sticks, mittens, balls, dumbbells, plastic plates are used. A feature of training is that first the body warms up in the gym for half an hour, and only then you need to visit the pool.


11. Fitbox

Fitbox photo

Training combines elements of fitness and Thai boxing. One intense session for an hour will save you 1000 kcal. All you need to do is beat your hands and feet for about an hour without stopping on a pear) I can do everything — both women and children and men) This type of exercise has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, muscles and joints.


10. Pump aerobics

Pump aerobics

The combination of bodybuilding with martial elements is called the next direction of fitness. To rhythmic music, you need to perform strength exercises. Barbells, dumbbells and even step platforms are used for classes. As a result of everyday training, people increase endurance, muscle tone and strengthen joints.

Pump aerobics

9. Bodybuilding

bodybuilding photo

For many, it will be a discovery that bodybuilding is also a type of fitness. This direction was founded by Frederick Müller more than 100 years ago. Bodybuilding exercises are performed using weights, weights, barbells, dumbbells. Additionally, classes can be held on power simulators that provide pumping up the muscles of the arms, legs, and back. Long workouts provide a beautiful body relief, pronounced biceps, triceps.


8. Skipping

Skipping photo

The most accessible and inexpensive direction of fitness, you can do it at home, at a party, and anywhere where there is a jump rope. Watch the video on how to jump correctly in order to tighten your calves, pump up your arms, legs and heart muscle. You can practice every day. Regular intense exercise will help you lose weight, normalize weight and become slimmer and more vigorous, just 15 minutes a day is enough!


7. Fitball

Fitball photo

All exercises of this sports direction are performed with the help of large inflatable balls. Regular exercises contribute to the development of flexibility, strengthening the back, joints, and improving coordination. In addition, the fitball will become a real helper for pregnant women. A professional instructor will help expectant mothers to choose a set of exercises that help facilitate delivery.


6. Fitness yoga

fitness yoga

This is a simplified version of real yoga. Such a modern direction will not only help to improve the body, but also to find peace of mind and improve mood. In addition, all muscles deprived of tone acquire elasticity and become stronger. The joints become flexible, which is the best prevention of serious diseases. Fitness yoga will give you good health and a beautiful body.

fitness yoga

5. Bodyflex

Bodyflex photo

The system is based on a combination of breathing exercises and a certain load. This technique was not popular until the American Grieg Childers proved its effectiveness from personal experience. As a result of intensive breathing exercises, the woman was able to lose weight from 56 to 44 sizes. Exercises can be performed not only under the guidance of a professional trainer, but independently at home.


4. Step aerobics

Step aerobics photo

The American coach Gene Miller founded this direction about 15 years ago. For training, you need a special stable platform, the height of which is about 10-30 cm. Thanks to this attribute, the entire load falls on the calf muscles. Classes are held at a fairly rhythmic pace, which allows each person to quickly acquire taut forms, regardless of age and gender. In addition to losing weight, step aerobics exercises help strengthen the musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system.

Step aerobics

3. Dance aerobics

dance aerobics

This is a popular fitness trend that combines aerobics and dance moves. Such training develops rhythm, hearing, endurance, plasticity, flexibility and coordination. Regular exercise helps to lose weight, normalize the psycho-emotional state and improve the functioning of the respiratory system. For training, you will need a fighting spirit, a collection of rhythmic music, time and desire.

dance aerobics

2. Pilates

Pilates photo

Initially, this technique was used to rehabilitate injured American soldiers. And only recently they began to use it to strengthen the muscular corset, develop joint flexibility and even lose weight. All movements should be performed at a slow, measured pace that does not cause discomfort in the body. Pilates requires a mat, comfortable clothing, and a desire to achieve excellence.


1. Water aerobics

Water aerobics photo

This is the only type of fitness that has practically no contraindications. At the same time, classes are held not in the usual gym, but in the pool. Water aerobics will help you lose weight, normalize blood pressure and improve your joints. In order for water exercises to bring maximum benefits to the body, you should attend classes three times a week.

Aqua aerobics

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