Yes, you can reprogram your subconscious mind. We were all programmed when we were very young. And the programs even started before we were born. We were programmed already in the womb. So the program happened before you were born, and therefore you cannot tell me what all the programs you have are. You weren’t even conscious at the time.

Then how do you know what these programs are?

You don’t have to go to a psychiatrist to find out. The reason for this is simple and is that 95 percent of your life is in the subconscious program. So, by definition, your life is a printout of your subconscious programs.

So the things that you love that come easily into your life are there because you have a program that allows them to be there. Unlike anything you have to work hard for, put in a lot of effort into, or fight for, this is the result of your programs not supporting it.

So if you are trying to find a relationship, or you can never get into a relationship and you think it’s not in my destiny to be in a relationship, then that’s not true. This is because whatever programs you have about the relationship between mother, father and family do not help you with this.

And the second reason is that you play these programs 95 percent of the time and don’t see them, so that means at least 95 percent of the time you sabotaged yourself and didn’t see it. And that’s why you never understood why your relationship didn’t work.

Iceberg in the human brain

So if people want to know what their programs are, I say it’s easy for you in your life to do that because you have programs to support it. Everything you’re aiming for is because you have programs that don’t support it.

Life programs

So, you ask, where are the problems in your life?

For example, if they exist in a relationship, you know that you must change your beliefs about the relationship. And then you can work on yourself. So, first it’s about recognizing that patterns come from programming. And then you can change them.

There is a belief that you can talk to your subconscious. And people try it, and then they start playing their programs again. And they are angry with themselves. And they’re upset because they think, «I keep talking to myself, but the situation doesn’t change.»

You must remember that you are as an entity in the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind is like a machine, it records, it presses a button, it plays back. So if you’re trying to talk to the subconscious as if there was someone there, it’s frustrating because there’s no one there to listen to.

It’s not how the subconscious mind changes and that’s why most people have a lot of problems and get mad at themselves when it doesn’t change. Well, that’s just not how the subconscious mind learns.

The subconscious is learning

Two minds learn differently.

The mind is called creative and can learn by reading a self-help book or attending a lecture, watching a video or reading an article. It’s creative: «ah, I have an idea, now I’ve changed my mind.»

The subconscious is a habit of the mind. And the most important thing about a habit of the mind is that you don’t want it to change very quickly, because otherwise the habits would fall apart. So it is resistant to change. This is the first thing we must realize. It is not as easy to change as the creative mind.

So how can I change my subconscious? How is it to learn?

Learning in the brain - how to learn correctly

  1. For the first seven years, the mind works at a low vibrational frequency, such as hypnosis. So that’s one way to change the program. Often used hypnosis for weight loss.
  2. After you turn seven, you form habits by repeating things over and over and over. Practicing, repeating, practicing.

Example: If you read a self-help book, the conscious mind understands this, but the subconscious mind hasn’t learned anything from it because you only read it once, and that’s not how it learns. If you repeat the message of the book over and over again, then the subconscious mind will learn new behavior.

So it’s about habituation, when you make a practice out of something, repeat it over and over again every day. So those are the two main ways, hypnosis and addiction.

How to change the subconscious

  1. There is a third way which is new and which is called energy psychology. And it activates the brain to be in a super-learning state. If you are super learning, you can rewrite your subconscious programs in about 10 minutes. Everything that you have lived in your entire life can be rewritten in just 10 minutes! Now there are many different techniques, and they work about the same.


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