When working with metal products both at home and in industrial production, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do without welding. With their help, it is possible to obtain a reliable one-piece connection, which in terms of its strength level will not be inferior to the base metal. In building stores today there is a fairly large selection of such products, ranging from inexpensive to elite ones for several hundred thousand rubles.

It is easy to get lost in such a variety, especially if you are buying your first such unit. To help you in this difficult matter is our today’s review of the best welding machines of the year. Before proceeding to a direct analysis of the performance characteristics of this product, let’s see what you need to pay attention to when buying such a device.

How to choose the right welding machine?

By and large, this product is an advanced energy converter. The voltage decreases, but the current strength increases significantly — it can reach 100 or even 200 A. Often, the current frequency also undergoes changes, becoming constant. The most popular today are inverter devices, which have been mass-produced since the 80s of the last century. This is a fairly compact and lightweight product, equipped with a special transistor inverter. The device has a very high efficiency, it can work autonomously for a long time. Adjustment of tension and other parameters is carried out smoothly.

Transformer structures have a significant mass, while they are simply arranged and very reliable. Products are not too expensive, besides, if necessary, they can be repaired independently. The efficiency here is not too high — about 80%. It should be borne in mind that such devices greatly reduce the voltage in the network, so they must be used as carefully as possible so that other electrical appliances do not deteriorate. There are several more types of welding machines, but they are not suitable for domestic use either due to design features or because of the very high cost.

How to choose the right welding machine

When choosing, be sure to check that the device is capable of operating from an ordinary power supply with a voltage of 220 V. You also need to ask what the idle voltage is. The lower this indicator is, the easier it will be to light the arc and get to work. As with any other device powered by electricity, the power of the product is very important. The real power of the structure in this case is determined by the highest current that this device can produce.

In particular, for general construction or domestic needs, structures capable of delivering 200-250 A are quite suitable. This will allow 6 mm thick steel to be completely welded using a standard electrode with a diameter of 4 mm. Be sure to take into account the time of work without interruption, since with prolonged use the device may overheat, respectively, its useful resource will be reduced much faster.

When choosing models to be included in our today’s rating, we first of all took into account all the characteristics of the equipment discussed above, and also paid attention to the price-quality ratio, took into account user reviews. We tried to include not too expensive devices in the review. We hope that after reading our article you will be able to choose the best welding unit for yourself.

10 best models of welding machines


RESANTA SAI-190 photo

A very reliable DC source, which is quite acceptable for use in networks with significant voltage drops. If we compare the device with a traditional transformer, then this equipment surpasses it in many parameters. In particular, due to its compact overall dimensions, it can be conveniently located in the area where work is being done, and its low weight also facilitates transportation. The kit has everything you need to start cooking right away — a wire with a holder, a wire with a grounding terminal. In domestic conditions is just perfect. The cables are covered with a frost-resistant braid, so you can work in conditions with fairly low temperatures. There are a number of useful functions here: hot start, system that does not allow sticking of the electrode, the function of forcing the electric arc.

The device produces up to 220 A, which allows you to weld even thick channels. The mass of the device is only 4.3 kg. The maximum electrode diameter is 5 mm. It will be possible to work continuously with such a device for about 7 minutes, if the unit has a maximum load. The design is well suited to ordinary users who are just starting to master the wisdom of welding. The device has a fairly powerful cooling system, which does not allow the device to overheat even in case of active and prolonged use. The current value is measured smoothly, so it will be quite easy to adjust it to certain conditions.


  • Compact and lightweight design;
  • Reliable protection against electrode sticking is provided;
  • High power for home appliance;
  • Warns of possible overheating;
  • Resistant to voltage drops;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Long cables with frost-resistant insulation.


  • Sometimes it’s not the first time to light a thick electrode.


9. Aurora Inter TIG 202

Aurora Inter TIG 202 photo

Effective for home use. It provides reliable overvoltage protection, a well-functioning cooling system that prevents overheating of internal elements. If the mains voltage is low, the machine will still work quite reliably. In particular, it will work even when the voltage drops to 160 V, while other similar products turn off even at 180 V. It is quite acceptable to use electrodes with a diameter of up to 5 mm. If you work for a long time, the device does not overheat. Electricity consumption is negligible — about the same as a microwave. The arc is stable and powerful. Even when working with thin metal, strong splashes do not occur. Perfectly suited not only for professional welders, but also for beginners.

The kit comes with reliable welding cables, their length is about 3 m, so you will rarely have to move the device from one place to another. The holder is very comfortable, the electrode clamps tightly, no wobbles are observed during operation. The device can be used to perform construction, plumbing and even decorative work. According to users, it is also suitable for welding the car body. The arc ignites easily, burns stably and softly.


  • Pretty soft arc that does not create metal spatter;
  • Can be welded with a 4 mm electrode at 120 A in the lower position;
  • If necessary, you can connect argon;
  • Does not heat up;
  • Suitable for a range of household jobs;
  • Reliable and durable housing;
  • Quality cables.


  • Works at temperatures up to -15 degrees.

Aurora Inter TIG 202


RESANTA SAI-250 photo

One of the latest models developed by this manufacturer, whose products are widely known not only in our country, but also in many European countries. The mass of the device is only 5 kg. There are fastenings for a belt on the body, so you can cook without lowering the device to the floor. The current consumption can reach 35 A. It should be borne in mind that household networks cannot withstand this parameter, which allows the use of products in industrial production. The adjustment range of the welding current is in the range from 10 to 250 A. At the maximum current, you can continuously cook for 4 minutes, after which the machine must rest for 6 minutes. It is permissible to use electrodes with a diameter of 5 mm. The open circuit voltage is 80 V, and during operation it drops to 29 V, which makes the operation of the structure safer.

The case of the device is reliably protected from ingress of drops of water, dust and other foreign objects. The product is optimally suited for harsh operating conditions. The arc ignites instantly, the metal, even at high current, does not begin to flow and splatter. The case is metal, reliable, well resists physical influences, including shocks and falls. There is protection against sticking of the electrode — if this happens, the arc immediately goes out, which allows you to get rid of excessive load on the device.


  • Allows you to get the most reliable weld;
  • Small weight and overall dimensions;
  • Carrying strap — you can cook without lowering the device to the floor;
  • There is a warning system for possible overheating;
  • All necessary parameters are easily adjusted.


  • The cables are a bit short;
  • Poor protection against fine dust.




This device was developed specifically for the production of arc welding with coated electrodes in domestic conditions. The maximum section of consumables is 4 mm. The device is suitable for both beginners and experienced welders. For the first, a system was installed here that prevents the electrode from sticking to the metal, as well as facilitated ignition of the arc. These options will be quite useful if there is not enough experience in welding work, as well as when welding in hard-to-reach places. The welding machine will automatically increase the amperage if the arc length becomes shorter. Thanks to this technology, the metal will acquire the required fluidity. The device is unpretentious in terms of operation, and is also insensitive to voltage drops. It is quite easy to set up, it is characterized by a high efficiency.

The body of the structure is metal, a forced ventilation system is provided, and there is also protection against overheating during operation. The voltage during idling is 80 V, during operation, the indicator can drop to 26.4 V. The device is able to function even if the voltage in the network is about 140 V. This design should be stored only in a dry room, where the humidity is not more than 70%.


  • High reliability;
  • Significant operational resource;
  • Small weight of the device;
  • Can weld even thin metal without burning through it;
  • The electrodes do not stick during operation;
  • The compactness of the equipment;
  • Pretty nice looking.


  • The electrode holder is a little flimsy, so users immediately recommend replacing it with a new one.


6. Svarog REAL ARC 200

Svarog REAL ARC 200 photo

One of the lightest devices in our entire review, which makes it very convenient to use. The case is quite durable — it is made of metal, there are plastic inserts. It is able to work from a network, the voltage of which is in the range from 160 to 270 V. This is very convenient if you have to cook in a summer cottage or in general in a village, where the exact 220 V is very rarely received. The open circuit voltage of the device is 60 V, the operating voltage is from 20.6 to 26.4 V. The ventilation holes are located on the bottom of the case, which is not very convenient. If the device is placed on a dusty or damp surface, then it will begin to suck in dirt — this will greatly reduce the period of operation of the device.

It is allowed to use this device at temperatures from -10 to +40 degrees. Another ventilation hole is located on the back of the product, it must be kept open at all times. Do not use the machine if it is unstable or on a slope of 15 degrees or more. The length of the cables is decent — 3 m each, and they are of sufficient quality, with dense insulation, so they can be used in the cold. The length of the power cable is 2.5 meters, so you can use the device without using an extension cord. The current regulator is smooth, indication of operation and overheating is provided. Connectors are quick-detachable, if necessary, the user can change the polarity, which is very convenient when working with stainless steel.


  • Has a significant power reserve;
  • Confidently works with an electrode with a diameter of 4 mm;
  • Compact overall dimensions and low weight;
  • The current strength is sufficient to weld through steel 6 mm thick.


  • The location of the ventilation hole on the underside of the case.

Svarog REAL ARC 200

5. Eurolux IWM-220

Eurolux IWM-220 photo

One of the cheapest models on the market today welding machines. At the same time, the device turned out to be quite reliable, capable of delivering up to 220 A of power, due to which it will be possible to weld steel up to 7 mm thick. However, in domestic conditions, such a significant load on the device is unlikely to be experienced. The weight of the product is a little more than 4 kg — it is convenient to carry it from one place to another. The device reacts quite calmly to low voltage in the network. Built-in dust protection is not provided here, so you should first consider the storage conditions of the device. Welding is quite stable, there were no complaints from users in this regard.

Power wires are of high quality and reliable, they are not afraid of dirt, water, or low temperatures. The device itself is capable of operating at temperatures up to -15 degrees. There is an overheating protection system here, the user is notified in advance about its operation. It is advisable not to cook them without a break for more than 8 minutes, and after welding, you should give the device some time to rest. Subject to this rule, the device can be used all day without interruption.


  • Really easily ignites the arc and keeps it burning throughout the entire process;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Reliable and durable;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The design is able to last for many years;
  • High strength metal body;
  • Well cooks electrodes 3 and 4 mm;
  • When working with stainless steel, it does not allow the metal to spread.


  • Short cables;
  • Very afraid of dust and dampness during storage and operation;
  • Short wires.

Eurolux IWM-220

4. Wert MIG 200

Wert MIG 200 photo

A semi-professional device that can be used both for standard manual arc welding and for work in a gas environment — oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide. The maximum current that this device can produce is 200 A. It does not consume too much electricity — 4.2 kW. The model withstands power surges and drops calmly, it is able to operate at mains voltage from 136 to 264 V. The manufacturer decided to place the device in a compact case, this is another ultra-light device — its weight is only 2.5 kg. The design can be carried on a strap or a special plastic handle. The cost of production is low. On the case there is an indication of operation, there is also protection against overheating. The ventilation system is forced here. The ventilation holes in the case are small, so dust will not penetrate under it.

In addition, the device is equipped with protection against splashing of metal, a hot start is provided. Some users claim that they have adapted to semi-automatic cooking — for this you will have to purchase a special device that feeds the electrode wire. The current strength is smoothly adjustable, for each specific case, you can set the most appropriate value. Using this device, it is possible to weld both rather thick metal products — up to 6 mm, and very thin ones, for example, stainless steel sheets.


  • Excellent quality of welded joint;
  • Insignificant mass;
  • Extended functionality — semi-automatic welding, gas welding;
  • Smooth adjustment of current strength;
  • Well thought out cooling system.


  • Short supply wire and cables;
  • The clamp for the mass is weak, it is better to replace it immediately.

Wert MIG 200

3. Wester MIG-110i

Wester MIG-110i photo

The top three is opened by a semi-automatic inverter, which can also be used for manual welding. The design is original, you can even install a coil with medium-sized wire. The device can be used not only in domestic conditions, but also in industrial production. The product is also intended for metal surfacing in a gaseous environment. It is possible to set the device to automatically adjust the current strength, which will greatly facilitate the workflow. The wire feed speed is adjustable, it enters the weld pool evenly, which allows you not to interrupt the process and not waste extra consumables. At the maximum current value, the efficiency of the device is approximately 88%, so you can use the device at a professional level for a long time.

Despite such wide functionality, the device is characterized by low weight and compact overall dimensions. It has been designed with the latest IGBT technology to provide reliable thermal protection for this equipment. In addition, there are several performance indicators. On the edges of the case there are special pads that protect the unit from negative external influences. The case has a carrying handle.


  • For a budget device, just the perfect build;
  • For semi-automatic welding, you do not have to purchase anything additionally;
  • Can be welded in reverse polarity mode, which allows welding stainless steel;
  • Sophisticated wire feed mechanism.


  • The sleeve of the semi-automatic torch is somewhat short.

Wester MIG-110i

2. Fubag IN 176

Fubag IN 176 photos

Equipped with very convenient quick-release connectors, due to which you can almost instantly change the polarity. Welding cables are reliable in themselves, they are tightly connected to the device, which eliminates even the slightest loss of current and heating in areas that are in contact with each other. The cooling system here is natural — there are minor slots on the case that help to remove warm air. It works almost as efficiently as a forced one, due to it it is possible to provide a long time of continuous operation. This model is equipped with a digital LCD type display. It displays the welding current indicators in real time, so it is possible to quickly set the required mode and keep it under control during operation.

The device turned out to be not too heavy, it has an adjustable strap, so it is very convenient to carry it. The overall dimensions of the device are 430x180x380 mm. The kit comes with a handy case with compartments for cables and the device, which simplifies storage of the device, in particular, it does not allow dust to penetrate under the case. The minimum input voltage is 150V, the maximum device can consume up to 6kW of electricity, making it suitable for professional use. This equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • It is possible to carry out welding even with a non-consumable tungsten electrode;
  • The arc starts very easily;
  • Compact overall dimensions and low weight;
  • A case for storage and transportation is provided;
  • Warranty period — 2 years;
  • Convenient holder with ergonomic handle;
  • Long service life.


  • There is no forced cooling system.

Fubag IN 176

1. Aurora Speedway 175

Aurora Speedway 175 photos

In the leading position of our rating was a semi-automatic inverter, characterized by excellent performance in terms of continuity of operation. The device has a carefully thought-out protection system, and the efficiency is 80%. The strength of the welding current is in the range from 20 to 175 A, and the unit itself is universal. It can be used for welding coated electrodes with a diameter of 2.5 to 5 mm or special wire 0.6-1 mm. The key distinguishing feature of this device is that the wire is fed automatically, and the device independently regulates the voltage. The design has a built-in power unit, which is actually a special filter. The lower input voltage threshold is 120 V, and for semi-automatic welding a little more — 140 V. The device can also work in a gas environment — argon or carbon dioxide.

The burner connector fully complies with European standards. The design perfectly withstands voltage fluctuations in the network, the control is carried out thanks to a special microprocessor, however, all settings can be adjusted manually.


  • Pretty compact device for its functionality;
  • Possibility of automatic adjustment of all necessary parameters;
  • Brews at a professional level;
  • Qualitatively assembled;
  • There are several protection systems;
  • Fully complies with all applicable European standards;
  • Does not overheat for a long time;
  • High device reliability.


  • Except for the high cost was not found.

Aurora Speedway 175

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best welding machines designed for domestic use has come to an end. For each model, we tried to collect as much information as possible. If you have any questions regarding the model you like, you can always ask us in the comments. Here you can share your own experience of using such products — it will be interesting for us and our readers.


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