An important role in the image of an attractive woman is played by the aroma of her perfume. It allows you to create a positive impression among the people around you. However, the choice of women’s perfume should be approached responsibly, since an illiterately selected scent can irrevocably spoil even the most beautiful, stylish and seductive look.

In cosmetic stores, a range of such products is presented for every taste and color, so every fashionista can choose one or more fragrances — for every day, for a social evening, for a party or for going to the theater. Our image of the best female perfumes of the year is called upon to help you understand the existing variety of smells. Here we will not only consider the most popular products among the fair sex, but also give some advice on choosing the right fragrance. I would like to appeal to men on the same topic. If you are going to give your chosen one perfume products, then you must first carefully study her preferences. Otherwise, it may turn out that your present will gather dust on a shelf in the farthest corner.

How to choose the right perfume for women?

It is natural that there are a number of universal fragrances, but still most of the perfume for a woman around the age of 40 is unlikely to be suitable for a young girl. In this regard, it is necessary to take into account age. The widest choice is presented for the age category of 18-28 years. For them, light smells with herbal or refreshing compositions will be suitable, and more saturated aromas will become quite appropriate, which over time will begin to reveal halftones and shades. For everyday use, young girls are best suited for perfumes with citrus, berry or floral notes. In case there is a solemn exit, you can use sweet, powdery smells.

For older girls, fragrances with floral notes will still be relevant, but they should be deeper and more saturated. Perfumes with notes of citrus, fruits, tea, herbs are best used during outdoor activities. For this purpose, oriental perfumes containing various kinds of incense, spices, musk or wood extracts will also be very suitable. At this age, women should take a closer look at the group of chypre odors. They are characterized by a clean and fresh sound, where additional emphasis is placed on bitter herbal or woody notes.

Choosing perfume

As a rule, mature ladies already have their own developed taste, including in the field of perfumery. If even from a young age you liked perfumes with certain notes, then with age it is not at all necessary to neglect them. It is enough just to surround them with a number of classic aromas. Perfume with an initial smell of citrus or other fruits, refreshing greens will be felt quite well. The plume and the central part of the fragrance should be more sensual and expressive, for example, it is important to use amber, resin, woody or maximally deep floral notes. Such a combination will allow a woman to look much younger, but at the same time it will not seem strange to others.

When we chose products for our ranking of the best women’s perfumes, we mainly paid attention to precisely those points that we highlighted above in detail. However, the value for money, as well as user reviews, were also taken into account. The review includes the most common flavors that will be to the taste of most of our readers.

Inexpensive fragrances

3. New Dawn Patchouli Magique

New Dawn Patchouli Magique photo

The products were developed by Nouvelle Etoile perfumers. According to classifiers, this smell belongs to the classes of oriental, woody and oriental. In the official release that accompanies the release of this perfume, it is said that in the initial notes there is an Amalfi lemon together with bergamot. The core of the fragrance includes sandalwood, incense, patchouli and French labdanum, while the base is musk and vanilla. The aroma is characterized by excellent durability — it is felt for 8-12 hours. It belongs to the universal class — suitable for both young girls and older ladies. Users claim that this is a special fragrance with a certain attraction, you want to unravel it and admire it.

A sensual combination of oriental and rather soft notes allows you to get a delicate and harmonious scent, in which shades of milk chocolate and bitter vanilla are sometimes guessed. Many note the similarity with famous French perfumes, as the fragrance has accents and classic smells.


  • Quite acceptable cost of perfume;
  • Persistence of aroma — keeps on the body and clothes for 8-12 hours;
  • A pleasant fragrance that combines many perfectly matched scents that harmoniously complement each other;
  • He reveals all his secrets far from immediately, which makes him even more attractive.


  • The design of the bottle is somewhat simple.

New Dawn Patchouli Magique

2 Armand Basi In Red

Armand Basi In Red photo

Spanish production. The company that produces these perfumes was founded back in 1948. Initially, she was engaged in the production of high-quality clothing. The first perfume composition was developed in 1997, but the perfume first appeared on the market only two years later. The presented women’s fragrance was released even later — in 2004. Products include three groups of components — aromatic, solvents and dyes. The first is responsible for the smell, the fullness of its disclosure, durability. Without solvents, the fragrance would not be able to stay on the skin or clothes for a long time. In this case, dyes are not very important, since they do not directly affect either the smell itself or its durability, but simply give the perfume a more attractive color, help them blend in with the packaging style.

The upper part of the fragrance contains ginger, mandarin, bergamon and cardamom, the latter is a spicy seasoning that will gently envelop the composition of the perfume with its warmth when opening the composition of the perfume, a little refreshing, like a gentle summer breeze on the river bank on a very hot day. The basis of the core is a lily. It is felt immediately after the top is completely weathered. The aroma is slightly sugary, some even consider it intrusive, but at the same time it is very charming. Jasmine is characterized by tenderness and tranquility. It does not stand out much from other smells, but it enters into an original combination with them. Violet leaf smells of real freshness, like after a heavy downpour on a hot day — it resembles the aroma of freshly cut grass. It is quite natural that there is also a rose here, which has become a classic for a very long time.


  • A sensual and addictive fragrance with a real Spanish temperament;
  • Not too harsh and not suffocating, although obsessive notes are present;
  • It reveals its capabilities slowly — the base of the fragrance will be felt even the next day.


  • Best suited for women over the age of 30;
  • Not recommended for daily use.

Armand Basi In Red

1 Lacoste Pour Femme

Lacoste Pour Femme photo

The world famous brand of perfumes, which produces products for both men and women. Despite the fact that this fragrance has been presented in cosmetic stores since 2003, it remains in demand and very popular among the fair sex until today. These perfumes belong to the sports or active group. It is not necessary to use it during sports, when cycling and so on. Just the smell is best for a girl or woman who prefers an active lifestyle. The aroma opens with a wonderful combination of green apple, pepper and freesia. There are no familiar citrus combinations that are usually characteristic of sports fragrances. Instead, there is a note of black pepper here, providing the required degree of activity. Freesia expresses femininity, while the apple guarantees purity and freshness.

In the central part of the smell is a truly beautiful floral bouquet, which includes shades of rose, jasmine, hibiscus, violet and heliotrope. Despite all these very strong aromas, the perfume smells quite neutral — each flower sounds like it is in a bouquet, but also slightly distant from the rest. This provides a pleasant and unobtrusive effect. The base is based on shades of suede, incense, sandalwood, white cedar, labdanum. Particular emphasis is placed on suede, as it has a noble and expressive smell. All other elements are only supportive.


  • Universal — suitable for a woman of any age leading an active lifestyle;
  • Not overly pronounced;
  • Resistant enough;
  • Convenient bottle.


  • Not detected.

Lacoste Pour Femme

Perfume with pheromones

3. HOT Tokyo Sensual Woman Pheromone Perfume

HOT Tokyo Sensual photo

New products from the world-famous Japanese firm engaged in the manufacture of intimate goods. The smell of perfume turned out to be very exciting, due to which a woman will acquire a special sensuality, will be able to win the attention of all men who are close to her. The fragrance will suit absolutely any temptress, it will fit well into any image — mysterious, meek or gentle. Here there is an extremely high concentration of pheromones, which, in combination with perfume compositions, provide notes of love and seduction. Pheromones are special biologically active substances, with the help of which it is possible to significantly increase intimate attraction and attract the attention of members of the opposite sex. The fragrance is based on traditional Tokyo creative and dynamic scents – opoponax and vetiver.

With their help, it is possible to create a feeling of lightness and freshness, which is further enhanced by extracts from orange, mimosa and tangerine. Perfume is produced in a stylish cardboard box, decorated in black and white. Top notes are woody and citrusy. The volume of the bottle is 30 ml. It is hardly suitable for daily use, since the smell, although refreshing, is quite sweet.


  • Contains a high concentration of pheromones;
  • Universal — suitable for both young girls and older women.
  • Well combines the sweetness and freshness of Japanese nature;
  • Attractive bottle and packaging design.


  • It’s quite expensive for its scent and durability.

HOT Women’s perfume with pheromones Tokyo Sensual Woman

2. Women’s perfume Sexy Life Wild Boss Ma Vie 10 ml, with pheromones

Sexy Life Wild Musk 5 Boss ma vie photo

It belongs to an exclusive collection developed by Russian and French perfumers. Musk is used here as one of the main components — a natural aphrodisiac, which already contains a large amount of pheromones. By itself, musk improves mood, enhances sexual desire and is responsible for libido. The composition of the perfume product contains a double concentration of exciting compounds. With the help of this, it is possible to further emphasize female attractiveness, as well as significantly sharpen the attention of the opposite sex. Perfume was developed on the basis of the original molecular complex, which provides a deep and very rich aroma that can be stored for quite a long time.

There are also notes of cactus flowers. They are characterized by a gentle and unobtrusive smell that can captivate. Pink freesia has a refreshing effect. Jasmine is optimally combined with the rest of the notes, so the flower composition has become well-defined, persistent, but at the same time has not acquired a sugary aroma. Perfume comes in a glass bottle, which is made in the form of a small pencil with a roller dispenser. It does not take up too much free space, which allows you to carry it all the time in a lady’s handbag.


  • They do not contain an alcohol solution, they are produced on the basis of oil;
  • High levels of pheromones and volatile aromatic compounds provide significant odor persistence;
  • The small size of the bottle allows you to carry it with you;
  • All aromatic components are made by French perfume companies.


  • Not easy to find on the open market.

Perfume for women Sexy Life Wild Boss Ma Vie 10 ml, with pheromones

1. Aedes De Venustas Copal Azur

Aedes De Venustas Copal Azur photo

This brand began production of its products not too long ago — about six years ago, but it has practically become popular with the fair sex. The fragrance of the perfume turned out to be very original, just like the rest of the perfumes developed by this company. It is dedicated to golden copal, the silvery smoky notes of which will be revealed each time in a new way, along with the rest of the aromas of this perfume. It uses a special aromatic resin of the highest quality, which is mined in the heart of the Amazonian forests. The smell of perfume turned out to be balanced, pleasant and not too harsh — it does not rush into the nose too much, on the contrary, it breathes harmony and peace.

Despite the rather high combination of pheromones, perfumes set you up more in a romantic, rather than erotic, mood. They do not have sugary sweetness and viscosity. They leave behind a barely noticeable trail, feeling which a man has an instinctive desire to turn around after his owner. The smell begins to gradually unfold with notes of incense and sea salt. The heart includes patchouli and cardamom, combined with the warmth of amber and myrrh. They are comparable to the overflowing waves of the sea at sunset on a pleasant summer day. The fragrance manifests itself in a very original way: it either sparkles, then subsides, then flares up with a bright flame, then descending to a light haze, which is almost impossible to catch.


  • Rather, a summer fragrance for lovers of a calm and measured pastime;
  • Universal — suitable for both women and men;
  • It reveals its bouquet of aromas in a very original way.


  • A bit pricey.

Aedes De Venustas Copal Azur

Classic women’s perfume

4. Yves Saint Laurent Opium Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Parfum photo

The fragrance is designed to reveal all the luxury of parties in the cottages of very rich people, to feel like the center of a secular evening, literally feel the rustle of a tailcoat and hear the ringing of jewelry made from the most expensive metals and precious stones. These perfumes have been on the market for a very long time — they have already become recognized classics among women. All elements of the fragrance organically complement each other, allowing you to create an original symphony of scents built on contrast. One of the main distinguishing points of this product is its truly extraordinary durability: just a few drops of perfume on the wrist or on the elbow will be enough for the owner of the smell and the people around her to feel it for long hours. The sillage is pleasant and unobtrusive. The perfume will not overshadow the owner — it will work with her in tandem, helping to form the image of a charming, but at the same time quite strong woman.

Perfume is ideal for the autumn or winter months, wear them during the day or in the evening. The fragrance will add elegance to any social occasion or holiday. It is universal — it will go well with young and daring girls, ladies are also perfect, it will emphasize their independence. The composition contains milk and caramel notes, there are extracts of orange and anise. They are perfectly balanced — none of the smells will interrupt the others. Perfume comes in a very stylish box made of black cardboard with a nice matte sheen. The bottle design is about the same.


  • Excellent durability;
  • Perfect for any woman, regardless of her age;
  • The balanced formula does not allow any one smell to stand out excessively;
  • The packaging has an excellent appearance, which only emphasizes the quality of the product.


  • The fragrance is not for the hot season;
  • Expensive.

Yves Saint Laurent Opium Parfum

3. GIVENCHY L’Interdit

GIVENCHY L'Interdit photo

An updated version of the fragrance, which was originally developed for the world famous actress Audrey Hepburn. The result is a new look at the classic composition, which has long been recognized by fashionistas and simply stylish women around the world. The novelty has inherited from the classics the overall shape of the bottle and the aromatic base, emphasizing lightness, grace and elegance. The key note of orange blossom was created specifically for this product using a unique technology, due to which the original scent of the perfume was obtained. A completely innovative extraction method was used here — with the help of carbon dioxide. By combining four extractions with each other (each of them is able to reveal only one facet of the fragrance of this flower), the perfumers managed to recreate its natural smell. The top notes also include jasmine and sambac, which are essentially a nod to the classic fragrance.

Perfume is produced in the form of bottles, whose volume is 35 and 80 ml. There is also a foaming shower oil in the line — it comes in a 200 ml bottle. Perfumes have retained their original durability, they allow you to create a feeling of wealth and luxury. They will be felt best on mature women aged 30 and over, bringing out their natural beauty and providing an enticing yet confident charm. Such a woman will be the center of attention at any party or social event.


  • A very complex fragrance made up of many different components;
  • The unique production technology provides unprecedented odor resistance;
  • We retained the old style of the bottle design, modernizing it a bit.


  • Not suitable for daily use or for use in hot weather.


2. Guerlain Chamade

Guerlain Chamade photo

Another classic fragrance, however, unlike the previous positions in our ranking of the best women’s perfumes, it has not undergone the slightest change since its first release in 1969. It was developed by the experts of the oldest French perfume house, investing in it the experience of generations that have been producing perfumes and other cosmetic products for hundreds of years, not only for women, but also for men. From the moment it appeared on the shelves, this unique perfumery has won the hearts of millions of women around the world, who continue to prefer the floral-oriental energy of its bouquet of fragrances. The creators were able to accurately capture the needs of women, and not momentary, but long-term.

They managed to fully convey the magnificence, passion, touchingness and seductiveness of the fair sex. The very name of the perfume is associated with a hint of unusual and boundless love, which is found only in fairy tales. The bouquet is designed for romantic, very sensitive girls who seek to find their happiness, to meet the same sincere life partner. The top notes here are represented by roses, jasmine, hyacinth. Gradually, the floral energy moves towards vanilla, which causes genuine interest.


  • It has been produced unchanged for over 50 years;
  • Persistent, changeable aroma;
  • Suitable for both young girls and older ladies;
  • Bright floral notes are later replaced by calmer scents;
  • Insignificant consumption of the product;
  • Can be used regardless of the season.


Guerlain Chamade

1. Chanel No. 5 Parfum

Chanel №5 Parfum photo

These perfumes have long been able to win the title of the best in the world — this has been verified by more than one generation of beautiful ladies. The fragrance was first obtained in 1921. Literally immediately, it became a classic in perfumery, so perfumes are produced according to the same technology, from the same materials, while maintaining all the manufacturing features. The smell is a little pungent. At first, it may even seem that it is too heavy and should cause rejection rather than attraction. Top notes include bergamot and lemon. However, the creators did not limit themselves to this, and added the smell of ylang-ylang here, which, together with neroli and aldehydes, make it possible to form the top of an excellent smell. The beginning is very light, but it causes anticipation that in the future it will be possible to feel other components.

The core consists of iris, delicate rose, lily of the valley and jasmine. The base part of the perfume includes amber, patchouli, sandalwood, musk, vetiver and civet. At the final stage, there is vanilla and refreshing oak moss that gives inexpressible coolness. All elements are specially processed and mixed in the specified proportions, and the recipe is kept in strict confidence until today, so it is almost impossible to fake such perfumes. The smell turns out to be a little mysterious, it literally envelops with luxury, attracts men to itself. In terms of durability, the fragrance is practically not inferior to modern products — it lasts from 3 to 6 hours. It depends on the weather conditions, the characteristics of the person’s clothing. The smell is different individuality — for each woman it will be different.


  • An unsurpassed classic of perfumery, which has been produced for over a hundred years;
  • Beautiful and stylish packaging;
  • The exact composition is not known to anyone — good protection against fakes;
  • Every woman sees something different in the smell.


Chanel №5 Parfum

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our rating of the best women’s perfumes is over. We have tried to tell you as much as possible about each product included in it. Of course, perfumery is a delicate matter in which it is obviously not necessary to give advice and recommend something, but nevertheless, we hope that the review was useful to you. If you tell our readers about your preferences in the comments, we will be very grateful to you for this.


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