Literally at the very end of last year, Tromsmart launched its original wireless headphones, Spunky Beat, on the digital market, which literally immediately became one of the best-selling products of this brand. This is due to the fact that they are quite affordable cost and excellent sound quality. It is quite natural that the management of the enterprise decided to develop another similar product — it was called Onyx Ace and will appear on the market within the next couple of weeks.

The model has absorbed all the advantages of existing analogues. As a basis, a fairly powerful, productive Qualcomm processor is used here, which, at the same time, is characterized by low energy consumption. The headphones received an updated noise reduction system, which also had a positive effect on their sound.

Onyx Ace

The Qualcomm QCC3020 chip is capable of working with AAC, SBC, aptX codecs, and due to the latter, you can play uncompressed audio tracks. The headphones are connected to the signal source via a high-speed Bluetooth 5.0 channel; on a single charge, the products can work for quite a long time — about 7 hours, if the volume does not exceed 50% of the possible.

Tronsmart Spunky Beat Wireless Headphones

If you use a charging case, then you can use the headphones without interruption throughout the day without connecting to the mains. The case of wireless headphones is reliably protected from drops of sweat and splashes of water — the degree of protection fully complies with the IPX5 standard. Such a solution allows you to use this model during intensive training in the gym, while jogging or walking in the rain, without fear that the headphones will fail.

The headphones are equipped with an original array of four microphones, which allows you to quickly get rid of extraneous noise, provide clear sound and voice transmission. Can be used as a headset, if desired, one of the headphones will work in mono mode, saving battery.

Tronsmart Spunky Beat Wireless Headphones

Design and ergonomics

Unlike most similar models on the market today that use in-ear playback, the engineers who developed these headphones decided to turn to the in-ear format. Most people prefer this format — in this case, the products do not create additional stress on the ear canal, the sound penetrates through the shell, and does not immediately go to the eardrum. This allows you to keep your hearing.

Unlike vacuum headphones, which are held by ear cushions, whose quality directly affects the sound quality. Headphones weigh not too much, have an attractive appearance. A system with four microphones and built-in software allows you to instantly identify the voice of the owner. This solution allows you to suppress noise not only while listening to music, but also during telephone conversations. The sound will be excellent even in a fairly noisy environment.

Tronsmart Spunky Beat Wireless Headphones

Processor, codecs and battery

As we already mentioned, Onyx Ace headphones are based on an audio chip from the Chinese company Qualcomm. With its help, it is possible to provide a stable and reliable connection, the sound is transmitted almost instantly, there are practically no delays. With the help of such a processor, it was possible to achieve support for aptX technology. The headphones are equipped with very powerful speakers, the diameter of which is 13 mm. Using this approach, it was possible to provide truly studio-quality sound without any loss. When working with devices on the Android platform, the headphones reveal their qualities to the full, however, the owners of smartphones based on iOS were quite satisfied with both the design and the product format.

Onyx Headphones

The earbuds are able to work for quite a long time, they are charged via the USB Type-C connector, which provides a quick battery charge. The case has a built-in battery that allows the headphones to work for quite a long time. There is a voice assistant that allows you to answer calls, switch tracks, turn up or down the volume.

General impressions

According to the manufacturer, a sufficiently high-quality, reliable and functional product should be obtained, which is distinguished by an acceptable cost and a huge set of characteristics. Due to the reliable battery, it was possible to achieve excellent autonomy. The headphones look very attractive. We hope that in the near future it will be in our hands, then we will be able to supplement this review with our own impression of their sound and other properties. Stay tuned for updates on our resource — we always provide only the most relevant information.

Onyx Headphones


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