10 best 4K TVs 55 inches: rating 2020 [ТОП 10]

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Small TVs have long ceased to be popular with consumers. They are purchased mainly for installation in the kitchen or in the country. For the living room today they buy TVs with a significant diagonal — from 55 inches and above. These are already real personal computers that are able to access the Internet, view various content, you can even play on them, and so on.

Extended functionality and a huge selection of models can lead to the fact that a person will simply get confused and will not be able to purchase the most suitable model for himself. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to write this review of the best 55-inch 4K TVs of the year. Let’s first look at what you should pay attention to when buying such products.

How to choose a 55 inch TV?

First of all, it should be noted that these products are designed for fairly large rooms — a living room, a home theater, and so on, where the distance from the viewer to the display surface is at least 3 m. The screen diagonal is almost 140 cm, which makes the useful area of ​​the TV quite large. Narrow frames help the viewer to fully immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen.

When choosing, be sure to take into account the type of matrix — usually inexpensive models are equipped with matrices like TN or IPS, but more expensive designs are equipped with OLED or QLED types.

How to choose the right 55 inch 4K TV

The OLED matrix is ​​developed on the basis of the ability of LEDs to begin to glow when an electric current passes through them. They will not need additional lighting. This technology allows you to make the TV thinner and brighter, reduce electricity consumption. Colors are very natural, wide viewing angles, blacks look deep. However, it should be taken into account that their service life is slightly shorter compared to traditional LCD models.

The QLED matrix is ​​​​based on quantum dot technology, but the backlight is retained here. So-called organic LEDs are used here, and they are installed between a layer of liquid crystals and a backlight. There is no need to use filters to achieve a natural image. It is worth noting that these matrices in terms of brightness are almost an order of magnitude superior to OLED. Screens based on the QLED matrix do not fade over time, the colors are as natural as possible, practically do not differ from the real ones.

Samsung products are equipped with SUHD matrices. In terms of their quality characteristics, they practically do not differ from those considered, however, they are somewhat cheaper and, at the same time, they are distinguished by a long period of operation. In addition, it will be necessary to analyze the TV speaker system. Due to the fact that the TV is designed for use in a large room, it should have a fairly loud sound.

When choosing models to consider in our rating, we took into account all the factors mentioned above, but relied on user reviews. We also did not bypass the ratio of price and quality of products, we tried to include models that are as affordable as possible in terms of cost, so that most readers can afford to buy such products. Well, now it’s time to start the direct analysis of products.

Best 4K 55″ TVs

10. Sony KD-55AF8

Sony KD-55AF8 photo

This TV is made with the latest technology. In particular, it is equipped with a 3-inch woofer located on the rear side, which allows the vibration of the display to be used as an acoustic surface. According to the developers, this is a very practical sound reproduction technology, it is consistent with the quality of Dolby Atmos. The front panel is frameless, the design is modernized, it looks monolithic. The front speakers on the front can not be detected. On the back side are all sockets and connectors for connecting external devices. The TV is based on the Android TV operating system, and it provides access to the Google Assistant.

This product uses X1 Extreme as a processor — it is one of the most powerful, designed specifically for image processing. The TV supports all modern image formats. A subwoofer is not provided here, however, low frequencies are reproduced quite well, neither medium nor high frequencies disappear. The total sound system power of this TV is 50 watts. Built-in memory is 16 GB with 8 GB of RAM. There are a lot of outputs, with their help you can connect almost any external device.


  • Frameless design;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Reliable protection against glare;
  • Very wide viewing angles;
  • Stable stand;
  • original audio system.


  • High price.

Sony KD-55AF8


LG OLED55B7V photo

This model has been on the market for more than two years and today is one of the most affordable among products with a diagonal of 55 inches. The screen resolution corresponds to UHD quality, there is support for HDR, HLG, Dolby Vision. The design is based on the WebOS 3.5 Smart TV operating system. This TV comes with a stainless steel stand. It looks quite attractive, besides it reliably protects the TV from a possible fall. The remote control is easy to use, intuitive, has on-screen indicators, and adds the original Netflix and Amazon Video buttons. On the back side there are 4 connectors for HDMI cables at once. The picture is high-quality and clear, the black color is being processed cleanly. The TV’s CPU automatically controls the brightness.

The design is quite simple, but at the same time it is very functional, there is not a single unnecessary detail in it. The frame around the display is narrow, and the screen has very wide viewing angles — the picture will not be distorted even if you look at it at an angle of 178 degrees. The bottom bezel is wider than the others, which was done because the speakers are installed here. The matrix is ​​made using OLED technology, which involves the use of multilayer thin-film structures. Energy consumption is economical. It is also worth mentioning the temperature range at which this technique can operate — it ranges from -40 to +70 degrees. The processor has several stages of noise reduction, so graininess is almost completely absent. There are a lot of colors and various shades in the palette.


  • High quality scaling;
  • Narrow bezels around the display;
  • The presence of a unique filter that can significantly reduce the amount of glare;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Attractive, minimalist design.


  • The anti-aliasing system does not always work as we would like.



TCL L50P6US photo

It has an original appearance, which is distinguished by severity. The frame surrounding the display is quite thin, and the back panel is one with it. This housing element is made of steel sheet, on the outside it is covered with black matte paint, which has shiny blotches. On the underside, you can find an aluminum insert, which is also painted black. The back panel looks neat and stylish. The top of the screen unit is only 9.5 mm thick. The liquid crystal matrix is ​​black and almost completely smooth with slight matting. Glare does not reflect very well, so it is advisable to install the TV in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on it. On the bottom front side there is a window for the infrared signal receiver from the remote control. The power button has an LED backlight.

The stand includes two elements made in the form of ticks. They are made from high strength aluminum alloy. Their front side is anodized, has a matte black finish. They have anti-slip pads that perform well even on polished surfaces. The legs are very rigid, the TV is quite stable on them with a slight deviation back. There are quite a few connectors — there is a jack for an Ethernet cable, HDMI, a USB input, a headphone output. There are quite a lot of pre-installed applications, the operating system works smoothly and stably. Through the USB connector, you can connect both traditional flash drives and external hard drives.


  • Excellent multimedia capabilities;
  • The output delay is negligible;
  • Minimum response time;
  • TV content is reproduced without interference and noise;
  • With an external media connected, you can record the broadcast;
  • You can control your TV with the remote control or with your mobile device.


  • At low brightness, the screen may flicker slightly;
  • The chamfer on the frame gives slight glare.


7. Haier LE55Q6500U

Haier LE55Q6500U photo

The assembly of these TVs is carried out in St. Petersburg, products have appeared on sale relatively recently. Appearance is interesting, though not too catchy. The case is made of high-quality plastic, equipped with stiffening ribs. It is painted in golden cream tones, the frames are narrow, and a glossy insert is provided at the back. The legs are metal, made in the same color scheme as the case itself, they are located at a considerable distance from each other. It is possible to mount the structure to the wall. There are no grooves for cable management that connects the TV to external devices. The power cable is not disconnected. At first, there may be a slight smell of plastic, but after a few days it disappears. The front panel has a joystick button that allows you to navigate through the menu. It also turns the TV on and off. The TV remote control has an ergonomic shape, the buttons are very conveniently located, its body has an anti-slip coating.

The model works on the basis of a VA matrix developed and manufactured by Samsung. Contrast is at a very high level, resulting in excellent black depth. LED backlighting on the sides does not give the slightest local dimming. The response is only 11 ms, so the TV can be used as a console or a full-fledged personal computer monitor. The acoustic system is represented by two speakers, the total power of which is 20 watts — quite enough for a large room. The speakers are of high quality, no extraneous squeaks or noises were found. There are quite a lot of connectors — three HDMI sockets, two USB 2.0 inputs, a Wi-Fi module and a: LAN port are provided.


  • The original appearance allows you to successfully compete with expensive models;
  • An interesting and juicy picture with a natural display of colors;
  • High sound quality;
  • Can be used as a computer monitor;
  • Insignificant response time.


  • Plastic case — for such a curious TV, a case made of metal would be better suited.

Haier LE55Q6500U

6. Hisense H50A6100

Hisense H50A6100 photo

The products of a fairly young Chinese company, which appeared on the market relatively recently. The TV itself was introduced to users in the middle of last year. In terms of appearance, it is similar to other models developed by this manufacturer. The upper part is rather narrow, the frames are stylized as metal. The legs are also autonomous, and not a classic stand. At the bottom of the TV are the speakers, the motherboard and other important structural elements, so it turned out to be relatively wide. Some inputs for connecting external devices are on the side, while the rest are at right angles to the back. The picture is quite high quality, practically no complaints — this applies even to playback of files in very high quality, including Blu-Ray. There is no shortage of black. The signal delay is about 50 ms, so it is not recommended to use the TV as a gaming monitor.

There are several options for the sound system. Its total power is 14 W — two speakers of 7 W each. Optimum audibility is achieved in not very large rooms. According to the owners of such a TV, the assembly is of high quality. The design works perfectly with streaming-type content, which is common on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. To access them, there are corresponding buttons on the remote control. The set of external interfaces is standard.


  • Very reasonable cost;
  • Perfect detail;
  • Support for the highest image quality;
  • Quality build.


  • Low response.

Hisense H50A6100

5. Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55 photos

Another Chinese product. Outwardly, it almost completely repeats the design of other smart TVs: the design is equipped with an aluminum frame, the corners have a special reinforcement that reliably protects against all kinds of damage. The profile is quite thin — the top of the model is 48 mm thick, so all the required precautions should be taken when installing in place. The back panel is completely made of high-quality plastic. Here you can find slots for heat dissipation. The front side is almost completely glass. Such a TV will look very good both on the cabinet itself and on the wall. It is able to fit perfectly into the interior of any room. The display is slightly curved, so that the viewer will be completely immersed in what is happening on the screen. It is worth noting separately the viewing angles — this parameter is almost 180 degrees.

The matrix works well with 4K image quality. It uses IPS technology, the delay here is minimal — one of the lowest in our entire review — is 8 ms at a refresh rate of 60 Hz. Even active scenes are reproduced very clearly. The display has a dynamic backlight that uses Direct-Lit technology. It will independently adjust to the dynamics of the picture and its color scheme. There is an eye protection option, but it is disabled by default, so you will need to activate it in manual mode. This model operates on the basis of the Android platform, this operating system is completely Russified, so it will be very easy to figure it out. The device is based on a 1.8 GHz quad-core processor with a Mali-450 graphics accelerator. The total acoustic power is 16 watts.


  • Supports all known video and audio file formats;
  • Fully Russified operating system;
  • Works stably with all types of external media;
  • Minimum response delay time;
  • It doesn’t take long to figure out the interface;
  • High definition regardless of image dynamics.


  • Eye protection must be turned on independently.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4S 55

4. BBK 55LEX-6042/UTS2C

BBK 55LEX-6042/UTS2C photo

The design is equipped with a liquid crystal display, the aspect ratio of which is 16:9 — a traditional option for a TV with a similar diagonal. The display resolution corresponds to the image quality of 4K, the picture is updated at a frequency of 50 Hz. This is quite enough to ensure a clear reproduction of even the most active scenes. On the sides of the panel you can find LEDs. Largely due to this technological solution, the TV turned out to be quite thin, but some users claim that there may be some light on the sides. The viewing angles declared by the manufacturer are quite consistent with reality — 178 degrees. The power of the acoustic component of the TV is 16 W: it is represented by two speakers of 8 W each. They are quite enough to form a surround sound even in a room of a large area.

The TV has a SmartTV function, which turns the gadget into almost a full-fledged personal computer. In particular, it can be used to surf the Internet: watch videos, listen to music, visit various pages. The functionality is based on the Russified Android platform, developed on the basis of Linux. There are a wide variety of applications for it. There are quite enough interfaces for connecting external devices — three inputs for HDMI and USB, a jack for connecting a classic analog antenna, an Ethernet connector, and a Wi-Fi module is provided. The case is plastic, lightweight, but with increased strength.


  • Instantly finds a network and connects to it;
  • The picture is beautiful, clear, the colors are as close to natural as possible;
  • The operating system loads very quickly;
  • There are a large number of useful and entertaining programs.


  • When using an analog signal, slight interference may occur.

BBK 55LEX-6042/UTS2C


SUPRA STV-LC55GT5000U photo

In third place in our ranking of the best 4K TVs with a 55-inch diagonal was a product that will delight even the most demanding moviegoers. The picture quality is excellent, thanks to which the viewer is completely immersed in what is happening on the screen. Viewing angles are wide, so you don’t have to position yourself directly in front of the display to see every detail. The image is bright, the colors are rich and natural. The TV has a built-in Wi-Fi module, as well as a SmartTV function, thanks to which a person can always choose the most suitable content for viewing. The user has access to all known online cinemas, streaming streaming services, as well as a large number of other features.

There is no need to purchase a media player, as it is built-in here, capable of working with all known formats. You can connect external devices through various connectors. The response time here is insignificant — about 12 ms, so the TV can be connected to a personal computer and play your favorite games. The body of the design is plastic, rather thin, the frames are narrow, they will be practically invisible while watching the programs. It is not necessary to install the TV on a stand, it can be hung on the wall. The interface here is Russified, carefully thought out, it works very smoothly, no delays or slowdowns were found.


  • Reliability and durability;
  • Long service life;
  • There are no highlights and delays;
  • Quality build.


  • Expensive construction.


2.Philips 55PUS6503

Philips 55PUS6503 photo

The latest line of TVs from this manufacturer, which went on sale last year. Users note the quite reasonable cost of this model. Appearance is typical for the products of this company. The only thing that has undergone some changes is the color of the hull: it has received a gray color. The classic Philips Ambilight backlight is not provided here, which made it possible to make the design thinner, but it was decided to replace it with Direct LED backlighting, and the LEDs used here do not burn out even after several years of regular use. The picture is quite contrasting, although an IPS matrix is ​​​​used. All scenes are bright and pronounced, nothing will distract the viewer from what is happening on the screen. Well thought out dynamics processing.

Scaling functions stably — there are no complaints about it. P5 is used as the central processor. It works stably, provides smooth menu navigation. The number of external interfaces is standard, it is possible to work with the DVB-T2 HD standard, like most TVs in our review, there is a Wi-Fi module here. The speaker system is one of the most powerful — it is represented by two speakers with a power of 10 W each. All frequencies are heard very well, including the bass line.


  • LED backlight display;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Quality assembly;
  • Convenient menu navigation;
  • Ergonomically shaped remote control.


  • Too much spread of the legs of the stand, which negatively affects the stability of the structure.

Philips 55PUS6503

1. Samsung QE55Q6FNA

Samsung QE55Q6FNA photo

So we got to the leader of our today’s rating, which was the brightest representative of the latest generation of TVs from the Korean manufacturer. The design has an ultra-thin design, the width of the frames around the display is minimal. The case is painted in silver color, which has a special anti-reflective coating. The thickness of the bottom frame is somewhat larger, since there are hidden speakers, controls, in particular, an infrared signal receiver from the remote control. The TV supports the highest resolution, so even small objects can be seen very clearly. The screen turned out to be truly unique, since here the pixel illumination occurs due to quantum dots. This technology not only makes the picture more juicy and bright, but also allows you to achieve maximum realism in color. Another unique technology is Q Contrast, which automatically adjusts the color gamut, contrast and brightness depending on the degree of illumination of the room.

The TV is powered by the latest generation of Q Engine processor, which allows stable interaction with most of the options available in the device. A Wi-Fi module is provided here, but you can also connect to the Internet using a standard Ethernet connector. You can connect to most of the available streaming services. If desired, you can connect any mobile devices to the TV and work with the content contained there in broadcast mode. At the same time, all connected equipment can be controlled using a special remote control that comes with the TV. The pre-installed Smart Things app allows you to save data from any connected gadgets that support the latest version of smart home technology to your device. The number and types of interfaces are standard here — like most of the models included in our review.


  • The most modern model;
  • High contrast and picture clarity;
  • Can be integrated into the «smart home» system;
  • Lots of original features.


  • The screen does not have an anti-reflective coating.

Samsung QE55Q6FNA

In conclusion, a useful video

The review of the best 55-inch TVs has come to an end. We tried to collect the maximum amount of useful information for each of the models so that you can decide exactly which product will be optimal for you. If you still have some questions or you can’t choose the most suitable model in any way, ask us about it through the comments on this article. We will promptly respond to each message and provide all additional information of interest.


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