The power supply is a very important component of a personal computer, which converts the 220 V going through the mains into a voltage of 3.3 to 12 V, depending on the needs of a particular element. Many users treat the purchase of such a device negligently, buying it together with the case, so to speak, for change. However, if you plan to assemble a fairly powerful and high-performance machine, you should approach the choice of such an element with all responsibility.

The fact is that a low-quality or inappropriate power supply will quickly disable various parts, for example, a video card, motherboard or processor, the repair or replacement of which will be quite expensive. In this regard, we decided to dedicate our today’s review to the best power supplies of this year that are on the market. However, before proceeding to the analysis of the characteristics and operational capabilities of a particular model, let’s first deal with the key points that you need to pay attention to when buying such a device.

How to choose the right power supply for your computer?

First, let’s take a closer look at what voltage is intended for which elements. 3.3 V is designed to power all stages of the system logic, including the motherboard itself and RAM. 5 V is used for the logic of PCI and IDE elements, and this includes SATA devices. 12V is the busiest line, as it is used to run the graphics card and processor. The first two lines in most cases are not loaded too much, so you don’t have to pay special attention to them when buying — even the minimum values ​​u200bu200bwill almost always be enough.

The load on the last line is very high, since the most resource-demanding video card and processor are powered by it. Be sure to pay attention to the number of connectors in this device. Blocks of the latest generations are able to provide additional power to the video card, especially since they are being produced more and more powerful, respectively, the requirements for the amount of resources will be much higher.

Choosing the right power supply for your computer

Overall dimensions do not play a special role — they can be selected for the case, but sometimes they do the opposite: first they choose the device, and depending on its size they buy the case. The ATX standard is most common, but there are also more compact models on sale — SFX, TFX, CFX. They are suitable for users seeking to create a system that occupies a minimum of free space. Be sure to pay attention to the efficiency of the product. It is not very difficult to calculate the required power of the unit — you need to add up all the indicators of the elements and add 15% of the margin in case you plan to upgrade the computer in the future.

When compiling our rating of the best power supplies, we took into account user and professional reviews, the price-quality ratio of the model. In order to make it easier for you to read it, we decided to divide it into three groups — cheap, medium and expensive. We hope that after reading this review, you will be able to easily select the required equipment for yourself.

Inexpensive price segment



This is a reasonably good choice for a home or office PC that you plan to use mainly for documentation purposes. The main element is a DC-DC converter, which can provide all the elements with the necessary voltage. In addition, inside there is a special protection system that protects the device from the occurrence of a short circuit. This allows you to save the performance of the elements in the personal computer. The rated power of this equipment is 500 W, which is enough to connect a medium-power graphics card and a quad-core processor. In addition, there are several more protection systems under the case — from overload and from power surges, which can also have a very negative effect on the entire computer. The fan diameter is 120 mm — this ensures high-quality cooling of the elements and prevents overheating of the equipment. Overall dimensions are 15×8.5×14 cm — standard indicators that are suitable for most system units.

Connectors are enough to connect a large number of devices. For the motherboard, the connector type is 2-+4 pin, for the processor 4+4 pin, for the video card 6+2 pin. In addition, there are three 15 pin connectors for connecting various kinds of SATA devices (usually hard drives act as them), there is one 4 pin Floppy connector, which is used to power the drive. The device is housed in a black painted stainless steel metal case. The surface of the case is perfectly smooth, which helps to protect it from dust accumulation. The hole for all the wires is equipped with a rubber ring that prevents the braid from chafing. The cooler is covered with a thin wire grill, which provides a lot of fresh air, besides, you can get to the fan directly through it and clean it.


  • Beautiful appearance;
  • One of the lowest prices in the entire market;
  • There are all necessary connectors.


  • Tests have revealed that the real power is only 350 W, which is 150 W lower than that declared by the manufacturer.


2. FSP Group Q-Dion QD450

FSP Group Q-Dion QD450 photo

This model goes on sale without packaging, and therefore, from the configuration there is only an elastic band that allows you to keep the cables in a compact state. The case is made of thin steel, a stamped grille is located above the fan. The case cover has an unusual shape. The screws that hold it in place are installed on the sides, in addition, it has special fixing protrusions located on the same side where the cables exit. There is a power switch on the back panel. Special capacitors are installed at the input, which are able to function normally at temperatures up to 85 degrees, capacitors located at the output can withstand higher temperatures — up to 110 degrees. There are 5 cables in total — for the motherboard 20 + 4 pin (its length is 34 cm), a cable for connecting to the processor 4 pin (length — 32 cm), cables that allow you to connect a PATA hard drive and a floppy drive (its length is 28 + 15 cm) , as well as two cables for installing SATA hard drives.

This device is cooled by a fan with a diameter of 120 mm, which is capable of rotating at speeds up to 1650 rpm, it is equipped with a plain bearing. For its price, this unit is distinguished by excellent work efficiency — it can reach about 84-85%.


  • Acceptable temperature level;
  • Reliable cooling system;
  • Provides high efficiency.


  • The fan is quite noisy regardless of its workload.

FSP Group Q-Dion QD450

1. AeroCool VX500500W

AeroCool VX500500W

Despite the rather low cost, this power supply is distinguished by high power ratings and an attractive appearance. It is well suited not only for ordinary office or home computers, but also for fairly powerful gaming machines. The design provides support for C6 / C7 modules, which makes it suitable for placement in system units where such a device is located at the bottom. The body is painted black, the grille has a very original shape, which makes the unit more stylish. Despite the fact that the fan has a diameter of 120 mm, it operates almost silently. But there is a sticker on the end, which indicates all the power characteristics of this device. The weight of the block is 1375 grams. All cords are encased in a plastic sheath, which is highly durable. To connect the motherboard there is a cable with a 20 + 4 pin connector, for the processor — 4 + 4 pin. The wires are quite long — 44 and 47 cm, so they are enough even for a fairly large system unit. In addition, there is a 6 pin cable for powering the video card, a large number of connectors are provided for connecting various SATA, Floppy and Molex devices.

The efficiency level is quite high. Even with a significant load on the unit, the noise does not increase. The voltage at all connectors is stable, there are no subsidence or power surges. Power indicators strictly coincide with those declared by the manufacturer.


  • The wires have a reliable plastic braid;
  • The power supply itself looks pretty stylish;
  • It makes almost no noise during operation;
  • Several protection systems are provided — from overload, short circuit and power surges;
  • Perfectly stabilizes the input voltage.


  • Not detected.

AeroCool VX500500W

The best power supplies in the mid-range price range

3. Deepcool DQ550ST 550W

Deepcool DQ550ST 550W

For its power rating, which is 550 watts, this device is not too expensive. The model is equipped with a steel case, painted black, and its overall dimensions strictly correspond to the ATX format, which is installed in most system units, so there should be no problems with placing this device inside a computer. On the top cover there is an original grille, under which a fan with a diameter of 120 mm is hidden. There is a sticker on one of the boards — it shows all the key operational qualities and technical indicators of this equipment. A 12 V line allows you to output current up to 45 A, there are also 3.3 and 5 V lines — they give out less — up to 20 A. The power of the first is 540 W, the second — 110 W. The cables are non-removable, the protective braid in this design is not provided. A set of connectors is quite enough to form a modern personal computer.

The efficiency is very high — over 90%. For this price range, this figure is simply excellent. Accordingly, the efficiency of such equipment will be at its best. Thanks to him, the work of computer hardware will be as stable as possible even if the user decides to overclock the speed of the processor and video card. The block has a decent margin of safety so that all indicators are in the required range. According to users, at the moment this model is one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio.


  • Quite a high efficiency, and it does not change at all with increasing load;
  • Even under serious load, the noise level is quite low;
  • The device produces a stable voltage.


  • The wires are non-removable.

Power Supply Deepcool DQ550ST 550W

2. FSP Group ATX-600PNR

FSP Group ATX-600PNR

The rated power of this device is only 400W, which makes it not very suitable for powerful gaming computers. This model is distinguished by excellent reliability and a long period of operation — in these parameters it is far ahead of most products on the market. The appearance of the model is quite simple — the case is metal, unpainted. Instead of a grill type grate, there is a standard stamping. Through it, fresh air passes through the fan, and the heated air passes through the honeycombs located on the rear panel. All other edges are solid. Standard dimensions for an ATX format device are 140x150x86 mm. There is also a power on/off button on the case. The wires are made in the form of loops, but they are quite short, so this model is best suited for installation in a personal computer case with a lower power supply. The fan has a diameter of 120 mm, it is equipped with 7 blades, and the total power of its operation is 3.6 watts.

The design provides for a passive cooling system, presented in the form of a pair of radiators, which will remove excess heat from the main power elements. There is no power factor correction module, which greatly increases power consumption. Input capacitors are able to withstand temperatures up to 85 degrees, they are of good workmanship. The efficiency is not too high — at peak loads it can reach 78.5%. The cooling system works very well, so that all elements of the power supply do not heat up to temperatures above 40 degrees — this can significantly extend the life of this equipment.


  • For its price, it has an acceptable power;
  • Well stabilizes the voltage in the system unit.


  • If the load is more than 500 W, the device may automatically turn off.

FSP Group ATX-600PNR

1. AeroCool KCAS-650M

AeroCool KCAS-650M photo

This is not too expensive product, but it has a good power reserve — 650 watts. The model is placed in a metal painted case, there is a toggle switch. The metal of which the case is made is quite thin, which is immediately felt to the touch. Grill-type fan grill, it is designed in such a way that the blades take the maximum possible amount of air and direct it to cool various devices. All cables are encased in nylon mesh, which greatly increases their strength. The wires are AWG 18. The fan diameter is 135 mm. This is quite logical, given the fact that the device is quite powerful and needs an enhanced cooling system. It rotates on the basis of a special rolling bearing, the maximum speed that it is able to develop is 1700 rpm.

This power supply is also suitable for gaming computers that are equipped with only one video card. The efficiency indicator is quite high, although not prohibitive. There are practically no output ripples, which reliably protects all elements of a personal computer from burnout. The set of cables is limited, but there is everything you need. Despite the decent diameter of the fan, it works almost silently.


  • Stable voltage is maintained on all lines;
  • Almost no noise during operation;
  • A decent level of efficiency;
  • Nice appearance.


  • Not detected.

AeroCool KCAS-650M

The best models in the premium price category


GIGABYTE G750H photo

This unit features a modular design and is 80 Plus Gold certified, which ensures a high efficiency of the equipment — it can reach up to 92%. In the manufacture, high-quality Japanese capacitors are used, which are able to withstand fairly high temperatures, but at the same time they themselves rarely heat up above 40 degrees. The power of the equipment is quite high, so the fan is installed large — its diameter is 140 mm, it rotates due to two ball bearings. The cables are characterized by increased rigidity, flat and long enough, well suited for both top and bottom installation of the power supply.

The design of the model is quite standard for such devices, on one of the faces there is a sticker with the performance characteristics of the power supply. The cables are different lengths, so you won’t be able to mix them up. The maximum power of the device is 750 watts. There are several protection systems: protecting against power and current overload, from the passage of overvoltage or undervoltage. The assembly is of high quality and reliable — this is not surprising at such a cost of this equipment.


  • The real power exactly corresponds to the declared one;
  • Perfectly stabilizes voltage;
  • High rates of efficiency.


  • A little noisy.


2. Cooler Master V650 Modular 650W (RS650-AFBAG1)

Cooler Master V650 Modular 650W (RS650-AFBAG1) photo

In second place among the best power supplies of this year, located in the expensive price segment, was this rather interesting device. First of all, it is worth saying a few words about its appearance. The case is metal, looks very reliable. The grill, under which the fan is located, is made in the form of cells, shaped like a honeycomb. In addition, it is enclosed in a frame made of tinted steel. There are stamped strips on the sides of the case. All connectors for connecting cables are signed, so it will not be possible to get confused when installing the device. Overall dimensions are standard — fully fit into the ATX format. The mass of the device is also not too large — only 1.4 kg.

This model can be used to work in electrical networks, the voltage of which is in the range from 100 to 240 V. In this regard, you can not be afraid of turning off the device when the voltage drops. The maximum power of the equipment is 650 W, and the efficiency is very high — it can reach 99.7%. The power supply unit is produced using the technology of separate voltage stabilization, which ensures a long service life of the product.


  • Very high efficiency factor;
  • All necessary protection systems are provided;
  • A stable current strength is issued on all lines;
  • Modular design — minimum wires inside;
  • Long warranty period of 5 years;
  • Works pretty quietly.


  • Not detected.

Cooler Master V650 Modular 650W (RS650-AFBAG1)

1. Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W photo

The leader of our rating of power supplies of the year is this model. It is characterized by a rather interesting appearance — the case is painted black, all connectors are neatly marked and signed, the ventilation grill has an original shape — the holes are elongated, have a rectangular shape. It should be noted that such holes are located not only on the cover itself, directly above the fan, but also on the walls, on the sides of it. There is an opinion among users that they were made not so much to improve the cooling system, but to make the fan ring LED backlight more noticeable. At the bottom of the case there is a sticker with the main parameters of this equipment.

The peak output power is much higher than the one declared by the manufacturer — it is indicated that it is 650 W, but if necessary, this parameter is increased to 780 W. This allows you to use this equipment to build powerful gaming computers. The device supports input voltage within 100-240 watts. The case is made of fairly thick metal, has a black color. The main element of the cooling system here is a fan with a diameter of 140 mm at a rotation speed of 1500 rpm. Part of its area is covered with a special screen, which allows you to optimize the movement of air flows in the body of the product.


  • Very original appearance;
  • Provided RGB backlight LED type;
  • Increased number of connectors;
  • Excellent work efficiency;
  • There is an application for a computer that allows you to analyze all the processes occurring in the power supply.


  • Except for the high price is not found.

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 650W

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, our review of the best power supplies for computers has come to its logical conclusion. We hope you enjoyed reading it. If you still have certain questions about a particular model, then you can ask them in the comments to this article. We will try to clarify the points you do not understand as soon as possible.



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