In order for the fuel in the vehicle engine to burn completely, it needs a properly selected ignition source. In a gasoline-powered engine, a special spark plug acts as such a device; it ignites the fuel with an electric discharge. This detail directly affects the durability of the engine.

Therefore, we decided to devote our today’s review to this particular product. In it you will find information on the main characteristics of candles, the key rules for their selection. Before proceeding to the consideration of models, it is necessary to understand what exactly should be paid attention to when buying such products.

Rules for choosing spark plugs

For the first time, such products were released more than a hundred years ago, today the design of candles has been greatly improved, and there are several types — each for a certain type of engine. Spark plugs are designed for gasoline engines, glow plugs are designed for diesel engines.

How to choose spark plugs for a car

Spark plugs differ in the number of electrodes — single-electrode or multi-electrode, there are also torch products. One of the most important parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing spark plugs is the heat rating. It allows you to display the ability of products to provide ignition and combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinder.

If the candle is not able to warm up to the required temperature, then the fuel does not burn out completely, because of this, carbon deposits appear on the candle, due to which its period of operation is significantly reduced. If the candle heats up too much, then ignition will not occur from a spark, but from a high temperature. Because of this, the engine valves can burn out, change their geometric shapes. Eventually the motor will fail and will need to be overhauled.

For engines with a small afterburner, hot plugs with a glow number of 11-14 are most suitable, cold ones (a value above 20) are optimal for powerful engines. Unified candles are characterized by a semi-open structure, due to which they practically do not clog during operation.

Another important point is the spark gap, that is, the distance between the electrodes of the candle, in the very place where the spark occurs. It is strictly forbidden to change this parameter manually. This can lead to the fact that the spark will not occur at all. Overall dimensions are very important, because if the candle has a different thread, diameter and other parameters, then it simply will not be suitable for this engine.

Pay attention to what materials these products are made of. The side electrode is made of alloyed steel, nickel or manganese is used as an alloying material — these elements are characterized by a long period of operation. The central electrode is made of nickel or an alloy of copper and nickel. Such candles well resist the formation of soot and the formation of other contaminants, which also prolongs the life of the structure.

When compiling our ranking of the best spark plugs, we took into account not only these factors, but also value for money. Feedback from users and professional motorists and service station workers was also taken into account. We hope that after studying our review, you will be able to choose the most optimal spark plug option for your vehicle.

Top 10 Good Spark Plugs

10. Bosch FR7DCX

Bosch FR7DCX photo

Our rating is opened by candles of domestic production, developed by qualified German specialists. This product is characterized by the fact that it is made of a rare alloy of nickel and yttrium, due to which the central electrode acquires high reliability. This ensures a sufficiently long period of operation of the product. Alloying of steel takes place automatically, due to which the build quality of each model is at its best. Yttrium allows you to increase the efficiency of ignition, in addition, this element allows you to reduce fuel consumption.

These spark plugs will not need to be changed too often, so they are best suited for vehicles that have difficulty accessing these products in engines. The model is perfect for many domestic and foreign brands, with its help you can fully unlock the potential of the engine. The electrode is quite thin — this allows you to reduce the wear rate and make the performance of the plug much higher. The distance between the electrodes is 0.9 mm — this is quite enough to ensure a stable spark and complete combustion of the fuel mixture in the cylinder. Not very suitable for automatic transmissions, the candle shows itself best in a manual gearbox.


  • Durability;
  • Versatility;
  • The spark is stable;
  • Good value for money;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • They do not show their capabilities very well in engines with an automatic transmission.

Bosch FR7DCX spark plugs

9. Beru Z193

Beru Z193 photo

These are quite popular spark plugs, which are distinguished by a fairly low cost. They are able to confidently last from one maintenance to the next. One should not expect particularly high results from them, however, these products are characterized by stable operation, including at high engine speeds. For fans of fast driving, they are unlikely to be suitable, but for the average motorist they will be optimal. This is a single-electrode design, so it will serve a little less compared to multi-electrode ones. Due to the low price, they are not faked, so you can be sure of purchasing the original.

The spark gap is not too large, due to which it is possible to start the engine even with a dead battery, but this leads to a decrease in spark power. If the gasoline in the engine is not of very high quality, it will eventually lead to sporadic misfires, especially if the engine is heavily stressed. The central electrode is somewhat recessed, due to which the ventilation of the spark gap is difficult, respectively, soot will begin to appear there.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • You can start the engine even if the battery is dead;
  • There are no counterfeit products on the market;
  • Well suited for motorists who do not allow peak engine loads.


  • Low spark power;
  • The electrode is recessed, which causes carbon deposits.

spark plugs Beru Z193

8 Denso K20TXR

Denso K20TXR photo

These candles are made in Japan, have a nickel coating, due to which they are resistant to erosion and have a long service life. The side electrodes have even stamping, they are soldered perfectly, there are no distortions. This allows you to ensure the stability of the formation of a spark, reduced fuel consumption. The high quality of workmanship allows the candles to work up to 40 thousand kilometers, even if not very high-class fuel is used.

The gap between the electrodes is not too large, which makes it possible to ensure the formation of a good spark even when the voltage in the car’s electrical network is not very high. Candles, together with an iridium coating, are treated with platinum, they are distinguished by a simple design.


  • The cost is quite acceptable, even though precious metals are used in their manufacture;
  • The service life is much longer compared to cheaper products;
  • On sale you can find modifications suitable for most models of vehicles running on both gasoline and diesel fuel;
  • Candles are automatically cleaned at high engine speeds;
  • Very tight sealing ring, which reduces oil consumption;
  • The carving is reliable.


  • It is better not to keep the engine idling, soot begins to form on the candles;
  • You have to adjust the standard gap before replacing the candles.

Denso K20TXR

7. NGK BKR6EK (2288)

NGK BKR6EK (2288) photo

These spark plugs have two electrodes in their design, which is optimal for most types of engines. They are universal, that is, they are suitable for both automatic and manual gearboxes. However, some drivers of cars with automatic transmission complain that the momentum is not gaining too quickly. These are Japanese-made products, some car owners are not very flattering about them, but this is due to the fact that there are a large number of counterfeit products on the market, which is often almost impossible to distinguish from the original.

The cost of such products is quite acceptable, however, such spark plugs are characterized by a very long period of operation — about 30 thousand kilometers. Products have an iridium coating, this allows you to normalize the consumption of gasoline, regardless of its quality. If you fill the gas tank with high-octane fuel, the mileage can be doubled — up to 60-65 thousand kilometers. This option is optimal for drivers who seek to ensure stable and proper engine operation, especially at medium speeds.


  • Can be found in almost every auto parts store;
  • If the products are original, then the quality is on top;
  • The spark is very stable;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Great option for a relatively new engine;
  • Possesses a reliable insulator of the central electrode. Even with high mileage, it will not crack.


  • There are a lot of counterfeit products on the shelves;
  • These spark plugs are quite sensitive to fuel quality.

NGK BKR6EK (2288)

6. Bosch Platinum WR7DP

Bosch Platinum WR7DP photo

From the point of view of the design of the central electrode, these spark plugs are unique products. The core is quite thin, it is made in such a way that it is almost flush with the insulator made of ceramic materials. This makes it possible to give the spark the appearance of a plasma discharge, which will behave stably even under conditions of low voltage in the electrical network of the vehicle. Candles are characterized by durability — from one replacement to another, a car can drive up to 55-60 thousand kilometers. Such indicators can be achieved largely due to the presence of platinum plating.

The quality of production is on top, like most German-made products. Due to the fact that these candles are quite popular on the market, they are often faked, but counterfeit products are very easy to identify — by the quality of the insulator, the reduced distance between the electrodes and a number of other factors.


  • Original design of the central electrode;
  • The spark has the form of a plasma arc;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Works well even at low voltage;
  • On sale there are modifications to various makes and models of cars.


  • Slightly increased fuel consumption;
  • There are quite a lot of counterfeit products on the market.

Bosch Platinum WR7DP

Brisk Extra Dr15Tc-1 photo

In our review of the best spark plugs of the year, this is the first product that has multiple electrodes, which greatly increases the efficiency of the product. Unfortunately, this product will not be affordable for all vehicle owners. However, these candles are characterized by excellent performance in the field of operation and originality of form. This model is distinguished by an interesting shape of the side electrodes, which are slightly lowered in relation to the rod cut. As a result, the generated sparks pass to the central electrode along the entire length of the open part, so the fuel-air mixture supplied to the engine cylinder will ignite quite quickly.

Such candles can significantly save fuel. They have an excellent insulator that will not crack during operation. Thanks to the original design, these candles are almost never counterfeited.


  • Excellent production quality, no defects can be found on the candles;
  • Quite acceptable cost;
  • Excellent spark erosion protection system;
  • Candles well resist the occurrence of corrosion processes;
  • The nut has fairly wide slots;
  • Sufficiently long service life for products that do not have a coating of precious metals.


  • It is not very convenient to adjust the gap, since the side electrodes have increased strength;
  • If the engine is running on LPG, the engine is not running at full power.

Brisk Extra Dr15Tc-1

4 Denso PK20PR-P8

Denso PK20PR-P8 photo

They are among the best in terms of wear resistance — the manufacturer managed to achieve this effect largely due to the use of plastic soldering. It is present on both the center and ground electrode. The manufacturing technology is fully automated, spark plugs are made in Japanese factories. Quality control is very strict. The design provides for two electrodes, due to which the engine can be ignited even in the event of a low level of positive charge. Such candles are perfect for Russian conditions, as the engine will easily start even at low temperatures.

The use of platinum coating allows you to achieve another important positive effect — candles resist well the occurrence of erosive and corrosion processes. Platinum increases the resistance to mechanical stress. Such candles can reduce fuel consumption; on sale you can find products designed for many makes and models of engines.


  • Long period of operation;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • For Renault cars, the gap between the electrodes is not very suitable.

Denso PK20PR-P8

3. Spark plug Beru Ultra-X 79

Beru Ultra-X 79 photos

In third place in our review of the best spark plugs is this model, which is characterized by excellent consumer qualities, which is reflected in the positive feedback from consumers. These spark plugs are perfect for both gasoline and diesel engines, as well as for vehicles running on liquefied gas. It is worth noting that the manufacturer initially stated that these products would not function in engines where gas is used as fuel, but users claim the opposite.

The candle has four electrodes, which are differently removed from the core: two of them have a gap of 0.8 mm, all the rest are 1.2 mm behind it. This makes it possible to achieve spark stability under various vehicle operating conditions, in particular, it will be quite stable even when the insulator is heavily sooted. The result is an imitation of a surface discharge in the standard version.


  • Among the multi-electrode products, this product is the most economical;
  • Exhaust toxicity is minimal;
  • Even if the electrodes are heavily soiled, the spark is very reliable;
  • A running engine starts to make less noise;
  • They showed themselves well in engines running on liquefied gas.


  • It is not possible to set the required clearance depending on the specification of the vehicle.

Spark plug Beru Ultra-X 79

2. NGK BKR6EIX (6418)

NGK BKR6EIX (6418) photo

These are products with iridium sputtering, in terms of their quality, it largely surpasses most of its counterparts. The interelectrode gap here is 0.8 mm. Such spark plugs are optimally suited for a new engine in which oil consumption is practically not noticeable. The reduced gap allows you to get a stable spark, so the engine will start even if the battery is almost completely discharged. The resource of work is quite long — it can reach about 50 thousand kilometers. If high-octane gasoline is poured into the gas tank, then this figure can increase up to 65 thousand. There is no particular difference compared to inexpensive candles in terms of fuel economy, but this model has a much longer service life.

There are two electrodes here — one central, the second side. This option is well suited for motorists who are interested in the engine running stably and properly. The build quality is very high, and the product resists erosion and corrosion well, which allows for even longer service life.


  • Can be found in almost every parts store;
  • Long service life;
  • The electrodes are coated with iridium;
  • The workmanship is high.


  • High cost, but it is more than offset by the quality of production and service life.

NGK BKR6EIX (6418)

1. NGK B9Eg-3530

NGK B9Eg-3530 photo

A recognized leader among all spark plugs available on the Russian auto parts market. Today, such products are installed on most new cars that just roll off the assembly line. There are no defective products at all. The spark is powerful enough to ignite the fuel-air mixture even of low quality. The electrode has a nickel coating, thanks to which the candle works stably during its entire period of operation.

The manufacturer recommends changing the spark plugs every 30 thousand kilometers, however, when using gasoline with a high octane number, this figure can almost double. Candles do not accumulate carbon deposits on the surface, withstand physical and thermal loads well, fit tightly, which significantly reduces oil consumption, and it is also possible to achieve some fuel savings.


  • Long service life;
  • High quality workmanship;
  • spark stability;
  • Saving oil and fuel.


  • Except for the high price is not found.

NGK B9Eg-3530

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best spark plugs has come to an end. We hope you were able to decide on the most suitable product, especially since we tried to provide as much information as possible for each model considered. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments to this article. We will try to respond to them quickly.



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