The functional side of modern TVs is no longer limited to standard viewing of programs. Technology is developing quite quickly, so even the field of home appliances is undergoing significant changes from year to year. In the past few years, products equipped with the Smart TV function have become increasingly popular.

On the shelves of stores there is a wide selection of similar products, so it is easy for the buyer to get confused in such a variety. In order to make it easier for you to choose similar products, we decided to write this article. It will present a rating of the best 32-inch smart TVs, but before proceeding with a direct analysis of their useful characteristics, we decided to offer you tips on choosing such a technique. Let’s start with this.

What do you pay attention to when buying a smart TV?

In general, the first attempt to create a TV with computer-like functions was made about 20 years ago, but then there was no technology that provides high-speed access to the Internet. Today, this possibility is available, so more and more models are equipped with a smart function.

The happy owner of such a device acquires the ability to directly connect the device to the Internet, with the help of which he can search for his favorite films, work in social networks and simply go to any sites. Another important feature of such a product is that it is not tied to the release of episodes of your favorite series — the TV can easily record the broadcast of the channel so that the owner can watch it at any convenient time.

Choosing the best 32-inch smart TV

In addition, full-fledged computer or console games can be installed on smart TVs, and on these gadgets the realism and the gameplay itself become much brighter. When choosing this device, first of all, pay attention to the diagonal of the structure. Our today’s review will focus on devices with a display diagonal of 32 inches — such a screen will not work very well for a large room, but in a small kitchen or a compact bedroom it will come in handy.

In this case, an unbreakable rule applies — the smaller the diagonal of the TV, the smaller the distance must be observed between the screen and the viewer. TVs of this size are available at a minimum of 1080p, which is Full HD, but there are also products that support 4K — this resolution is by far the highest. Be sure to pay attention to the viewing angles. Ideally, they should be as close to 180 degrees as possible. In this case, the colors and the picture itself will not be distorted even if the viewer watches TV at a decent angle.

Another important factor is the refresh rate, which refers to how regularly frames are updated. It is advisable to give preference to products in which this parameter is in the range of 200-400 Hz. The type of matrix can be liquid crystal, liquid crystal, equipped with LED backlight, which allows for compact dimensions of the device, there are also plasma ones — they have the highest cost, but at the same time they are characterized by a long service life.

The more connectors of various kinds on the TV, the better, since with their help it will be possible to connect devices of various kinds to the device. When choosing models for compiling our rating, we were guided by all the considered principles, but we decided not to limit ourselves to them, but also took into account the price-quality ratio, as well as user reviews. We hope that after carefully studying our 2020 rating, you will be able to choose the best model for yourself.

Top 10 32″ smart TVs

10. Erisson 32HLEA18T2W Smart

Erisson 32HLEA18T2W Smart photo

Our rating opens with a model that went on sale less than a year ago. The products are characterized by rather narrow frames, which allows the user to immerse themselves in what is happening on the screen, the diagonal of which is 31.5 inches. The entire body is made of high-quality plastic with a matte finish, except for the front frame framing the display — it is glossy. No foreign odors were found. The front itself looks very stylish, but it can collect fingerprints, dust and other contaminants. The set includes reliable and attractive legs that will firmly hold products on any horizontal surface, and stability is also ensured by rubberized stands. They will not allow the device to slide on the base. There are sockets for hanging on the wall.

The Smart TV option functions quite stably, without slowing down or freezing. Connecting to a Wi-Fi network is very simple — just enter the password of the router, after which the connection is established within seconds. The device operates on the basis of the popular Android platform, the menu is simple, accessible and intelligently understandable. The picture has decent clarity and brightness. The volume is high, the memory contains a selection of animated films, popular films, and so on. The remote control has a plastic case, has good ergonomic characteristics.


  • High image quality;
  • Decent sound;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • Before purchasing, you should definitely ask the sellers to turn it on, after which the model is carefully checked for dead pixels, since this defect occurs regularly in the model.

Erisson 32HLEA18T2W Smart

9. Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 Pro

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 Pro photo

Stylish appearance and attractive price ensured great popularity of this product among users. The display diagonal is a full 32 inches, and the model is distinguished by narrow frames, the width of which is only 1 cm. The lower frame is slightly wider — 2 cm. made in the form of a cross and several buttons designed to work in the system. The body of the TV is made of high-quality plastic, the owners say the same about the assembly. The plastic itself looks quite expensive, all the elements of the case are fitted tightly, no gaps or backlashes were found. The new TV is devoid of foreign odors. Two special elements act as legs, fastened to the body with two screws. They provide excellent stability, the TV will not stagger.

It should be noted the excellent workmanship of the screen, which has an anti-reflective coating, and the TV itself visually looks quite thin. There is only one button on the TV panel that is responsible for turning the product on and off. On the bottom panel, you can also find speakers that are directed downwards. They have a decent size, the power of each of them is 5 watts. To watch TV shows and movies, they are quite enough, it is not necessary to connect an external audio system, especially in a small room. There are quite a lot of connectors here: in addition to the Wi-Fi module, the Ethernet port will be responsible for connecting to the Internet, there are also sockets for VGA, AV, USB, HDMI and some others.


  • Excellent screen quality, although you can see the pixels up close — from a distance of about 20 cm they will not be noticeable at all;
  • Decent built-in acoustics;
  • Color reproduction is as close to natural as possible;
  • The image will not be distorted regardless of the viewing angle.


  • With an Internet connection, you will have to tinker a bit.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32 Pro


HARTENS HTV-32R02-T2C/A4/B/M photo

Despite the fact that this brand is not very well known to the Russian consumer, we still decided to include this model in our rating. The fact is that the manufacturer at a very reasonable cost offers customers quite decent functionality, as well as good graphics. The TV has rather thin frames, the stand has a certain elegance, which allows the products to fit perfectly into the interior, regardless of the style of the room. The diagonal is slightly less than 32 inches, but this does not affect the quality of the image, which supports Full HD resolution. The design is equipped with a powerful Wi-Fi module that can catch the signal of the router at a considerable distance. You don’t have to buy any additional tuner here.

The TV has 2 connectors for connecting external USB drives, it is also possible to work with hard drives, the volume of which can reach 1 TB. In addition, three HDMI sockets can be found on the rear panel at once, with the help of which the products are connected to a personal computer, game consoles and other similar devices. The response time is minimal, so the TV is quite capable of replacing a personal computer monitor.


  • Natural color reproduction;
  • Good contrast and brightness performance;
  • Interesting and attractive appearance;
  • Acceptable cost of the TV;
  • Powerful acoustics.


  • Weak bass line.


7. Akai LES-43D99M

Akai LES-43D99M photo

This model has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which corresponds to one of the most popular Full HD formats today. The aspect ratio is 16:9, which is also quite the standard in which most films are released. There are options for blocking and setting parental controls, the latter allows you to select channels and programs that children and teenagers of a certain age can view. The TV uses Android software, which has stable operation, is characterized by a decent number of pre-installed applications. USB ports even support connection of external hard drives, the maximum volume of which can reach 1 TB.

Like all modern TVs, there is a Wi-Fi module, which is complemented by an Ethernet jack that provides a cable connection to the Internet. The interface is clear, easy to set up, fully Russified, which facilitates the use of this product. The TV is equipped with two speakers, the power of each of which is 8 watts. Overall dimensions are not very large: together with the stand they are 971x616x203 mm. The appearance of the device is quite standard, nothing special stands out, however, it allows the model to organically fit into any interior of the room.


  • Sufficiently wide functionality;
  • The interface responds to the remote control signal almost instantly;
  • Low cost;
  • Decent picture quality.


  • Absolutely not original appearance — the manufacturer did not provide for a single zest.

Akai LES-43D99M

6. Kivi 32FR50BR

Kivi 32FR50BR photo

The first model in this ranking, which has HDR support. The TV is based on the Android operating system, you can control the device using a special application for your smartphone, which can be downloaded through the official Play Market store. The appearance is very interesting, the case is made of snow-white plastic, and the back side of the panel is made of high-quality aluminum — there are also slots for fresh air access so that the central processor and other structural elements do not overheat. The bezels on the front have the same width around the entire perimeter of the display. There is only one leg, it is attached to the central part of the product. There are several mechanical control buttons on the bottom edge, they are not marked, which makes their correct use at first somewhat more complicated. The buttons themselves are plastic, they are quite tight, they are pressed until a characteristic click.

There are quite a lot of connectors — there are two sockets for HDMI, USB and RJ-45 ports, as well as a slot for installing a CI interface card. At the same time, the TV is able to work with several signal sources at once. It connects to the Internet either via Wi-Fi or using an Ethernet connector. The remote has excellent ergonomics, there are not too many buttons, but they are all very functional. It also has a microphone to control the device with voice commands. The model is equipped with a display with LED backlight, which does not light up the side edges of the screen. Viewing angles are very wide, contrast and brightness can be adjusted if necessary.


  • A fairly large set of ports and connectors;
  • Convenient and easy to set up and operate;
  • Good picture and sound quality;
  • Stylish and modern look.


  • The price of a TV with such a diagonal is somewhat high.

Kivi 32FR50BR

5. Thomson T32RTL5131

Thomson T32RTL5131 photo

In the very middle of our rating is a TV equipped with a liquid crystal screen with LED backlighting, thanks to which this product turned out to be quite thin. The aspect ratio is 16:9, the device has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, which corresponds to the HD format — not the best, but quite worthy for a gadget with such a diagonal. Users note that the LEDs that make up the backlight system are located around the entire perimeter of the equipment, so it is possible to ensure uniform brightness, as well as get rid of even the slightest light. The viewing angle of the screen is high — 178 degrees (the highest figure that the developers of such products could achieve). The maximum sound power is 10 W due to two speakers of 5 W each. This parameter will be quite enough for comfortable viewing in a medium-sized room.

The model is provided with all the necessary set for connecting external devices. There is even a 3.5 mm jack for connecting to headphones or a simple speaker system. In addition to the Wi-Fi module, there is also Bluetooth, which provides pairing of the model with mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.


  • original appearance;
  • Compact overall dimensions;
  • Affordable cost with wide functionality;
  • The small size of the frames framing the display.


  • Brightness dims somewhat in direct sunlight.

Thomson T32RTL5131

4. Samsung UE32N5300AU

Samsung UE32N5300AU photo

It is characterized by quite decent picture quality, the resolution corresponds to Full HD, and the display is equipped with LED backlight. The contrast is at an average level, so in a sunny room it is unlikely that you will be able to fully enjoy what is happening on the screen. Appearance is quite strict. The case is made of high-quality parts made of plastic or metal. All elements are tightly fitted to each other, no protruding protrusions were seen here. The power supply is built-in here, not external, which makes the design even more attractive. All connectors for connecting external devices are located on the rear panel, but there are no niches for laying extra cables, so you will have to hide the wires yourself. The frames around the display are made of plastic, have an average width, but this will not affect the quality of the perception of films and TV shows.

Color reproduction is quite natural, and this applies to both shades of gray and full black. No screen blur was found. The image response time is short, so the TV is quite suitable for use as a monitor. Even dynamic scenes are reproduced with decent clarity. The volume is average, but the entire frequency range is heard well. The interface of the platform is clear, even a novice user will not get confused in it, no stuttering or slowdowns were found. The remote control is easy to use.


  • Acceptable picture quality;
  • Significant viewing angles;
  • Good for small spaces;
  • A decent set of codecs allows you to work with most known video and audio formats.


  • Weak speaker power.

Samsung UE32N5300AU

3. Polarline 32PL13TC-SM

Polarline 32PL13TC-SM photo

In third place in our review of the best smart TVs with a screen diagonal of 32 inches, we decided to place a model that is very popular among users, which is characterized by not very high image clarity (belongs to the HD format), but has an acceptable cost, high quality production and components, and many others. positive traits. At this price, the manufacturer was able to provide support for wide viewing angles, reaching 178 degrees. Direct LED backlighting is installed here, and the LEDs are located on the TV not along the perimeter of the frames, but directly behind the screen. They are distributed as evenly as possible, which makes it possible to provide a backlight devoid of overexposed areas.

The sound power is quite decent — in total, the speakers are capable of delivering 16 watts. The TV has digital signal processing, which allows you to achieve surround sound regardless of the size of the room. Smart TV features are characterized by decent functionality. In particular, with this TV you can quickly browse any Internet pages, watch movies and other virtual content online. The device is based on the Android platform. If necessary, a television broadcast can be recorded on external media. There are quite a few connection interfaces here — they are all standard.


  • High power of the module responsible for receiving the Wi-Fi signal;
  • Decent picture quality;
  • Adequate cost;
  • Natural rendering of colors.


  • Some applications downloaded from the Play Market may not work correctly.

Polarline 32PL13TC-SM

2.BBK 32LEX-5048/T2C

BBK 32LEX-5048/T2C photo

At its cost, this smart TV is quite comparable to an ordinary model. It is made on the basis of a plastic case: the front frames are made with a glossy finish, the back panel is made of matte plastic. Despite this, the appearance is in no way inferior to the flagship models. Products are characterized by a small frame width, which is only 1.5 cm. For this price category, this is quite a worthy indicator. All curves are elegant and stylish, no sharp corners and protruding details were found here. On the left side there is an infrared signal receiver, on the right there are three physical buttons: power on, menu access, source selection, volume change and channel switching. All connectors and interfaces are located on the back of the device. The length of the power cable is about 1 m, so it is not necessary to place the TV in the immediate vicinity of the outlet.

The display resolution is 1366×768 pixels — full HD format. At a distance of only 50 cm from the eyes, individual pixels can no longer be distinguished. The response time is average, so it is not recommended to use the TV as a monitor, especially for gamers. The TV has a surround sound function, parental control is provided.


  • Very easy to set up;
  • Pleasant, juicy and very high quality picture;
  • Good resolution.


  • Still, the speakers could be set and louder.

BBK 32LEX-5048/T2C

1. LG 32LK540B

LG 32LK540B photo

Well, here we have reached the leading position of our review of the best smart TVs with a diagonal of 32 inches. Products work on the basis of IPS matrix, which is characterized by low manufacturing cost, but at the same time has acceptable quality and long service life. The backlight is LED, located directly behind the screen, no glare or other defects in the picture were detected by users. Viewing angles reach almost 180 degrees. The display surface is additionally covered with a special anti-reflective filter, which allows you to comfortably watch TV even under direct sunlight falling on it. The design is traditional, but this does not affect the overall style of the device. WebOS is used as the operating system. The speakers are decently sized, but they are located quite deep into the TV cabinet, which can make the sound sound a bit dull.

The connectors are all standard, the Wi-Fi module, of course, is available. The TV has a set of DVB-T2/C/S2 tuners. The picture does not flicker even when playing very active scenes. The brightness level is average, the color reproduction is as close to natural as possible. The response is fast, you can even use it as a gaming monitor. The frames are of medium width, but due to the good image, you practically do not pay attention to them during the viewing process. The TV also has a power saving function, there is reliable protection against surges and power surges.


  • High speed of the operating system;
  • For its functionality, the TV is characterized by a very reasonable cost;
  • Decent picture quality both in terms of color reproduction and in the field of dynamic scenes.


  • There are various applications that do not want to be installed the first time, so you have to resort to reinstalling.

LG 32LK540B

In conclusion, a useful video

Here we come to the end of our review. Before saying goodbye to you, I would like to express the hope that you have managed to choose the best model for yourself. If you suddenly have any questions or wishes, then you can always express them in the comments to this article. If necessary, we will collect and in an accessible form provide you with additional information on the model you are interested in.


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