“My dacha is my fortress,” this is how every owner of a summer cottage thinks and seeks to protect his possessions from the visit of uninvited guests. However, often even strong gates with reliable locks and high fences do not save. In this case, special devices — alarms — come to the rescue. They allow you to prevent the penetration of intruders intending to steal crops or rob a house. Recently, the market for such devices has received a fairly powerful impetus for development, more and more new models have been released for sale, which differ significantly from each other in their characteristics. So that you do not get confused in such a wide variety, we decided to rank the best alarms for summer cottages in 2020.

How to choose the right alarm?

The main thing that distinguishes country security alarms from each other is the technology for transmitting information and the addressee who will receive this information. Otherwise, the principle of operation of these devices is approximately the same. The set of system elements includes sensors and various sensors installed on windows (top 10 plastic window manufacturers) and doors. The signal coming from them is read and processed by the control panel.

Scheme of the alarm device for the house

In addition to them, there are various executive systems here, including sound and light alerts, modules through which signals are transmitted to the security company’s remote control or to the owner’s smartphone (the best and most inexpensive smartphones). The security system interface is a complex that includes a keyboard, monitor, voice or fingerprint identifiers. It is most convenient to use a wireless alarm — it will cost much more, but you do not have to lay a lot of wires.

It should be borne in mind that a large number of sensors will somehow affect the cost of production. It is quite logical — a wireless system will cost several times more than a wired one. When we selected models to include in our ranking of the best home alarms, we mainly paid attention to the price-quality ratio of products, took into account user reviews and the factors discussed above.

10 best alarms for giving

10. Bradex Intruder Alarm TD 0215 / YL-105 White

Bradex Intruder Alarm TD 0215 / YL-105 White photo

Our rating opens with the most compact and cheapest device, which is perfect not only for summer cottages, but also for other objects, such as summer cottages, garages, cellars, warehouses or sheds. The product has a fairly powerful sensor based on infrared radiation. With its help, the system manages to detect even the slightest change in space at a distance of about 6 m. Immediately after being triggered, a rather loud siren starts working, which will easily scare away an intruder and also attract the attention of people around.

Products work autonomously, do not need to be connected to the mains. She does not have wireless modules, so she will not be able to transfer data to the remote control or to a smartphone. The kit comes with two key fobs for remote control — the range is about 20 meters. The product is very reliable, easily copes with the assigned tasks.


  • Long battery life;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • High-quality infrared sensor;
  • Long service life.


  • There is no way to transfer information about the operation to the owner if he is at a considerable distance from the protected object.

Bradex Intruder Alarm TD 0215 / YL-105 White

9. Atis Kit-GSM11

Atis Kit-GSM11 photo

Convenient, reliable and durable security complex equipped with an autonomous power supply system. Another important useful quality is the presence of a GSM communication module. The owner will receive text messages through it about the removal or arming. The installation process is very simple, takes a minimum amount of time. The architecture here is wireless. If at least one of the sensors is triggered, then the system of instant dialing to previously programmed numbers is activated — in total, up to six of them can be stored in the alarm memory.

The owner can switch to the speakerphone system and be able to hear everything that is currently happening in the room. It is worth noting that he can use this option not only when the alarm is triggered, but at any time.


  • Up to 50 sensors can be connected to the system, but many of them will have to be purchased separately;
  • Notification of the owner about the alarm via SMS;
  • Versatile products — suitable for both residential and commercial premises;
  • Works offline for a long time.


  • It’s a little hard to figure out the settings.

Atis Kit-GSM11

8. Guardian Sensor GSM

Sentinel Sensor GSM photo

Many owners of country houses prefer this particular model, which was able to earn the trust of consumers due to its reliability and balanced price. Products are quite suitable for office space or country houses. The kit comes with contactless keys, with which you can put the room on the alarm and turn it off. In this case, the owner will always know exactly who exactly entered the protected premises — his own person or an intruder.

To put the object on guard, you will definitely have to create a closed contour of the room. In other words, it will not work to activate the alarm with an open window or door. The wireless sensor system will notify the owner in a timely manner if the batteries are about to run out. At the same time, only the owner or a trusted person who has the appropriate access code has access to the settings and configuration of the device.


  • Increased degree of reliability;
  • Excellent workmanship and assembly;
  • Long service life;
  • Includes wireless dongles
  • To turn on the system, it is necessary to form a protective circuit.


  • The settings and configuration protection system has a number of flaws, but it will not be possible to use them without special equipment.

Sentinel Sensor GSM

7. GSM alarm Mega SX-300R Radio

Mega SX-300R Radio photo

At first glance, this system may seem quite simple in appearance, especially for a not very informative base station. However, in reality, everything is completely different. In particular, all elements communicate with the central module via a dedicated radio channel, which saves the owner from the need to lay wires. In addition, under the outwardly simple design, a fairly large number of different possibilities are hidden.

For example, the alarm system is able to control up to ten security zones, if necessary, it can measure the temperature in the room. By sending SMS messages, the design notifies the user of a change in the power source, since a backup emergency battery is installed here. The owner has the ability to perform remote audio analysis of the object.


  • Easy to install and set up even for a beginner who has never dealt with alarms before;
  • You can control the system through the voice menu or by sending SMS;
  • You can also configure the device through a virtual service, but you will first have to register.


  • It is unlikely that you will be able to get any information through the main unit.

GSM alarm Mega SX-300R Radio

6. Sititek SHIELD TOUCH 2 GSM WiFi

Sititek SHIELD TOUCH 2 GSM Wi-Fi photo

The products are characterized by a very original appearance, and also have an extended set of functions, due to which the protected object will be reliably protected from any emergency situations. If necessary, up to 99 sensors can be connected to the central unit, which can be triggered by smoke, power outages, opening windows and doors, and movement. If at least one of them worked, then the sound and light siren is immediately activated. In addition, the unit starts dialing the numbers stored in the memory and sending alerts to them — in total, up to eight phones can be stored in this device.

With the help of such an alarm, you can even form a smart home system, for example, provide remote control of household appliances if you connect them through the so-called «smart» sockets. Many users appreciated this feature, and if necessary, you can listen to what exactly is happening at the protected facility in real time.


  • There is a Wi-Fi module;
  • Allows you to work with a large number of sensors;
  • A very sensitive model;
  • Convenient and easy to use.


  • You will have to configure each sensor individually.


5. Rexant Watchman GSM

Rexant Watchman GSM photo

This device is able to work offline for a record time — up to 5 months. The main thing is that the alarm itself is in the zone of a stable cellular signal. Works products on the basis of standard finger-type batteries. If the alarm is triggered, it will emit a sound signal, the power of which will be about 130 dB, while the products will not react to moving small objects weighing less than 15 kg. Such a constructive solution allows you to install this device around the perimeter of the suburban area in order to reliably protect it from robbers, the alarm will not work on domestic or wild animals.

The sensors here are very sensitive — they can detect movement at a distance of 15 meters, can operate at temperatures from -15 to +55 degrees, are placed in a waterproof case, so they can be installed outside. When setting up the device, you can save up to 3 phone numbers in its memory, which will receive an alert if someone breaks into the protected object.


  • Long operating time from one set of batteries;
  • Can be used outdoors
  • Does not work on small items;
  • Notifies you of all emergency situations.


  • The lower temperature threshold is only -15 degrees — our frosts are much stronger.

Rexant GSM Watchman


ALFA G50 GSM photo

A very functional model, which is distinguished not only by reliability, but also by ease of use. It is optimally suited for the protection of not only summer cottages, but also commercial objects of various kinds, private houses, cottages and even apartments. You can connect sensors in different ways — through wires or using a wireless option. The main unit is capable of working with 99 sensors. In the event that an unauthorized person entered the object, the alarm will work: the siren will turn on, and dialing will also be carried out to the phone numbers stored in advance in the memory.

According to users, the main distinguishing feature of such equipment is the extreme ease of operation. In particular, you can use the manual mode, which is carried out through touch buttons and a backlit LCD display. Settings can also be set via the remote control, as well as remotely through a special application. The product is powered by a standard power supply. The user will receive a short message about a power outage, but the built-in battery will last for about 10 hours of operation, so the room will still be under reliable protection.


  • Several customization options;
  • Ability to connect wired and wireless sensors;
  • Long service life;
  • There is a built-in battery.


  • The equipment works exclusively from the network.

home alarm system ALFA G50 GSM

3. Ginzzu Hs-K07W

Ginzzu Hs-K07W photo

In third place in the ranking of the best home alarms is the first model equipped with a full-fledged ip camera. Only two sensors are supplied with this device, the first of which is triggered by movement, the second by opening. The motorized camera is capable of producing a picture in HD format, and it is integrated into the control panel, there is also a remote control.

If necessary, the number of sensors can be increased to 62. The alarm signal is transmitted via the Internet. Through a special application, the owner can see in real time what exactly is happening in the room, and also through the built-in microphone he will hear what the intruders are talking about. All settings are very easy to set up.


  • There is a built-in high-definition camera with a microphone;
  • Very easy to set up;
  • About 62 sensors can be connected to the system;
  • The video is saved on the memory card.


  • Entries are deleted automatically as the memory fills up.

Ginzzu Hs-K07W

2. Xital GSM-4

Xital GSM-4 photo

The model is characterized by an acceptable cost and fairly large functionality. In particular, with its help it will be possible to achieve not only access control to the premises and timely informing the owner about the penetration of an unauthorized person, but also to control the operation of various kinds of devices. In order to notify the owner, there are two GSM channels — the first SIM card is used to send SMS, dialing is activated on the other.

The device is capable of using about 40 controllers, among which there can be up to 5 temperature control sensors. If you use smart sockets and switches, then through a special application it will be possible to turn on the light, start the operation of electrical appliances, and so on.


  • Extended functionality;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • The presence of two SIM cards at once;
  • Long service life;
  • Ability to manage multiple appliances


  • Offline mode is not provided.

Xital GSM-4

1. Rexant GS-115 GSM

Rexant GS-115 GSM photo

The leader of this rating is able to keep under his absolute control not only unauthorized entry into a country house or cottage, but also temperature, gas leakage, open fire and the presence of even the slightest smoke. If necessary, the user can activate up to 97 security areas, set them selectively under protection. The kit comes with several wireless sensors, while additional ones can be purchased separately. The signal reception range is significant, therefore, with the help of one central unit, it will be possible to provide reliable protection for several objects located at some distance from each other.

There is an autonomous power supply here, but most of the time the device operates from the central power supply system. When one of the circuits is triggered, the alarm turns on light and sound alerts, dials and SMS alerts, the message will also come if the electricity is turned off at the facility. The equipment has multi-zone programming of security modes, it can be controlled remotely via SMS messages and voice commands.


  • Wide functionality — there is even a gas content counter;
  • Convenient remote control;
  • It is possible to ensure the protection of several objects at once;
  • Supports communication with 97 sensors.


  • It’s worth it.

Rexant GS-115 GSM

In conclusion, a useful video

Well, here we are ending our review of the best alarm systems for summer cottages. We hope you find it useful and informative. If any questions or wishes remain, you can always express them in the comments to this article.


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