Every car enthusiast strives to keep his car in its original form, but this is far from an easy task. It is possible to keep the car body clean all the time, but this will not help solve the problems associated with the daily use of the vehicle. This applies to the gradual reduction of resistance to the occurrence of foci of corrosion of metal parts. Such areas are formed, as a rule, as a result of the formation of microscopic damage or visually noticeable chips in the paintwork.

The reason for this is both the negligence of the driver himself, and the most common emission of gravel, which scratches the paint. To reliably protect the body from the occurrence of such defects, there are special compounds under the general name of anti-gravel. They form a special resistant film on the surface of the body, the thickness of which is several micrometers. On sale you can find a significant range of such tools, in which even an experienced master can get confused, there is no need to talk about beginners.

We decided to help you in choosing the best products and developed our own rating of the best anti-gravel compounds of the year. As part of the review, we will analyze in detail the performance characteristics of the best products, as well as give some useful tips on choosing these substances.

How to choose the right anti-gravity?

So, anti-gravel is a universal coloring composition for metal body parts of a vehicle. This is a fairly convenient product, as it can be used by both specialists at service stations, specialized services, and ordinary motorists. For independent use, it is best to give preference to formulations in cans. This form is convenient to use, and also does not require special skills.

Anti-gravel allows you to significantly improve the noise and vibration isolation characteristics of the car body. The substance reliably closes damage, both microscopic and quite noticeable, preventing them from increasing in size. The compositions carefully protect bumpers, sills, bottoms and other body elements of the machine from the negative effects of the external environment. In particular, anti-gravel does not allow various kinds of reagents, which are sprinkled on the road surface in winter, to adversely affect the paintwork.

There are many types of compositions. Anti-gravel can vary in texture — it can be smooth and textured. The chemical formula of the product can be designed for subsequent painting or for use on specific elements of the vehicle. Textured anti-gravel is best suited for plastic elements. When choosing models for inclusion in the rating of the best anti-gravity, we were guided mainly by the compositions listed above, and also took into account the price-quality ratio, user reviews.



Antigravel AUTON

The formula of this product contains a decent concentration of zinc. This metal is one of the best materials for protecting surfaces made of steel. It reliably protects against the occurrence of corrosion processes, accidental impacts. As a result, the coating is quite reliable and durable. The composition is quite fluid, so it can completely cover all thresholds, including various kinds of bends and hard-to-reach areas. One bottle is unlikely to be enough for all the elements that need protection, you will have to use up about 3-5 bottles — this is unlikely to hit your wallet hard, since the products are not too expensive.

To use this product, you do not need to have special skills and experience. The composition is of high quality, reliably protects the paint layer from damage — both from small and from very significant ones.


  • Acceptable cost;
  • Ease of application;
  • The tool can be used by a person without experience;
  • Well covers the entire metal surface of the body element.


  • Only black aerosol is commercially available;
  • Significant consumption of products.

Antigravel AUTON

3. Liquid anti-gravel Liqui Moly 6109

Liqui Moly 6109 photo

The formula was developed by German chemists. Today, this anti-gravel compound is one of the best on the market, largely due to its excellent protective characteristics. The formula is such that after application, the aerosol hardens literally within a few seconds. The result is a fairly elastic and durable film. When applied, the product foams and increases in volume. On sale there is an aerosol only in black. It is easily combined with almost all types of paints — water-soluble, alkyd, acrylic.

The bottle is equipped with a very convenient sprayer, which can significantly reduce product consumption. The surface of metal elements, including the paintwork, receives reliable protection. The products turned out to be of very high quality, it is in great demand both among professionals and motorists.


  • Carefully thought-out formula of means;
  • Forms a film that protects metal and paint from damage;
  • Convenient spray;
  • Insignificant expense;
  • Easily resists any negative external influences.


  • Quite expensive;
  • Must be applied in several layers.

Liquid anti-gravel Liqui Moly 6109

2. Anti-gravel Hi-Gear

hi-gear photo

The effect of using this composition is quite comparable with the characteristics of liquid rubber. The formula has excellent adhesion regardless of the type of surface, so it can be used to preserve the entire car body. Many users also note such a quality of this substance as absolute transparency, so it can be used on the body, regardless of its original color. The composition is very expensive, so you will have to spend a decent amount on the processing of all body elements. One bottle is enough to process one not too large part.

Before using this compound directly, it is advisable to carefully verify the quality of the paintwork, because a thin layer of paint can come off with anti-gravel. Using anti-gravity is simple, the main thing is to clean the metal surface from dirt and thoroughly degrease it before application.


  • The absolute transparency of the composition allows you to work with body parts, regardless of their color;
  • Reliably protects the body from gravel;
  • Easy to apply.


  • It is very expensive.

Antigravel Hi-Gear

1. Body 950

Body 950 photo

A fully synthetic substance that was developed by renowned Greek experts in the manufacture of chemicals for cars. It is intended exclusively for processing the wheel arches and sills of the car, that is, the areas of the body that are most vulnerable to gravel impacts. After complete drying, the substance forms a characteristic bumpy layer on the treated surface. There are not too many colors of this composition here — anti-gravel is sold in only three versions — gray, white and black.

One bottle is enough for a not too large area, so it is advisable to immediately purchase several pieces. Before surface treatment, the element must be thoroughly cleaned of any contaminants so that not the slightest trace of dirt or dust remains on it. Next, the surface is degreased and treated with sandpaper, since the formula is characterized by not very good adhesion to smooth surfaces.


  • The bottle is not very expensive;
  • Found in almost every automotive chemical store;
  • Reliably protects metal surfaces from gravel impacts.


  • Significant expense of funds;
  • The surface must be carefully prepared before treatment.

Body 950

Film type anti-gravel

3. Solarnex Extreme ppf film

Solarnex Extreme ppf photo

The composition of South Korean production, which combines excellent quality and quite reasonable cost. The material is inexpensive, but very reliable among all presented on the modern market. It can be applied with your own hands, without resorting to the help of specialists. It is produced in the form of a film, the inner side of which is characterized by the presence of a very high-quality adhesive layer. Due to this, when working on the surface of metal elements, air bubbles or flaws of a different kind do not occur. The structure of the coating is multilayer. The top layer is only 20 microns thick and is self-healing. A similar effect was achieved largely due to the use of active rubber.

After hitting the coating, after a while it returns to its original shape. The film itself is absolutely transparent, but has a glossy sheen that imitates car varnish as closely as possible. If only the thresholds are covered with a film, then they will not be completely different from other body elements. The top layer repels any reagents, including road bitumen.


  • High quality composition;
  • Contains active rubber;
  • Self-healing film;
  • Easy to apply to car parts.


  • Nevertheless, when pasting this film with thresholds, you will have to tinker a little so that the layer is of high quality and even.

Solarnex Extreme ppf film

2. Film Hogomaku PRO

Hogomaku PRO photo

Products of a very well-known Japanese brand, which specializes exclusively in the manufacture of various types of protection. The film came out quite expensive, but the length of one roll is 15 meters with a width of 1.5 meters. This is a very large canvas, so one roll will be enough to cover the entire body of the vehicle. To work with thresholds, a couple of running meters of products will be enough.

One of the key performance qualities is the thickness of the protective layer, which is 200 microns. This is the best indicator on the market, so the film will qualitatively protect the paint layer from any, even very serious, impacts. The service life is about 10 years, but everything directly depends on the specific operating conditions. The film is made on the basis of polyurethane, it is completely transparent, has excellent adhesion to any surface.


  • The thickness of the layer qualitatively protects even from strong impacts;
  • Polyurethane well withstands aggressive environments and severe temperature changes;
  • Long service life.


  • Very high cost;
  • Not too flexible products — some efforts will have to be applied when gluing.

Film Hogomaku PRO

1. Suntek PPF film

Suntek PPF photo

Today, this American-made product is the most popular and in demand in all world markets. The company produces both decorative and protective materials. The thickness of this anti-gravel coating is 200 microns, which allows for optimal protection of the vehicle body, even from very serious damage. The film is made on the basis of natural rubber, so it is easy to apply, bubbles do not form under it, and when glued, it does not burst or tear. The composition perfectly withstands even significant impacts, additionally protects the paint layer from the negative effects of reagents, salts, and so on.

The service life is at least five years, but in reality much more. The film is reliable and durable, after the resource has been exhausted it is very easy to remove, and no traces remain. It is sold not only in rolls, but also in running meters, so it will be possible to purchase only the right amount of products.


  • Rubber-based products;
  • Easy to apply and remove from the surface;
  • Long service life;
  • You can buy not a whole roll, but running meters;
  • On the thresholds is absolutely not noticeable.


  • High price.

Suntek PPF film

Anti-gravel for spray application

3. HB BODY PRO 951 Autoflex

HB BODY PRO 951 Autoflex photo

It is made on a rubber basis, after drying it becomes very durable and elastic. Adhesion is high — the material easily adheres to any surfaces, including paints and varnishes. The substance is absolutely colorless, so it can be applied both before painting and after it.

Spraying of means is carried out by means of the gun and compressed air. The working pressure should be about 5-6 atmospheres, it is desirable that a narrow nozzle be installed in the gun. The layer will not be very thick, but the application will be uniform.


  • Excellent quality;
  • Rubber-based products;
  • Apply in a thin layer.


  • It is very expensive.

HB BODY PRO 951 Autoflex

2. Dinitrol 479

Dinitrol 479 photos

This product allows not only to prevent the occurrence and development of corrosion processes, but also to significantly increase the sound insulation of the body. This substance is used to treat external and internal surfaces — the bottom, the body itself, wheel arches, sills. The composition has a fairly high quality characteristics. Adhesion is very high — the composition is reliably connected to metal and plastic bases. The formula is developed on the basis of synthetic rubber — when applied, it does not begin to drain from the base.

Products will easily withstand severe frosts, hot weather. After drying, an elastic layer is formed, tightly enveloping all body elements. With it, even minor scratches can be tightened.


  • Produced on the basis of synthetic rubber;
  • Does not drip when applied;
  • Adheres well to any bases;
  • Covers minor scratches.


  • When applied, a decent pressure should be created — up to 9 atmospheres.

Dinitrol 479

1. Novol Gravit MS 600

Novol Gravit MS 600 photo

In the first place in this section of our review of the best anti-gravel compounds is Polish-made products, which were able to combine excellent quality, reasonable cost, a significant amount of one package — the product is sold in 1 liter cans. The composition is medium-grained, easily adheres to any kind of metal surfaces.

The applied substance turns into a strong and elastic film. It qualitatively protects the metal and the paint layer from chips and bumps, does not dry out over time, it becomes not so noisy in the car interior.


  • Easy to enjoy;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Decent volume;
  • Compatible with any paint and varnish compositions.


  • Have not been identified.

Novol Gravit MS 600

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best anti-gravity has come to an end. We have tried to collect as much information as possible for each product so that you can choose the optimal composition for yourself. If you already have experience with similar tools, please share it with other readers in the comments to this article.


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