Snoring is a very unpleasant and unaesthetic state of the human body during sleep. It not only greatly interferes with others, but also represents a certain danger to human health. This irritating sound occurs due to the relaxation of the palate and uvula. Snoring itself can lead to disruption of lung ventilation, preventing tissues and organs from being fully saturated with oxygen. In the most severe cases, it even causes respiratory arrest during sleep. If you do not pay attention to this problem in time, it will significantly worsen the quality of life: it will cause daytime sleepiness and negatively affect your working capacity.

To cope with snoring, in some cases it is enough to get rid of excess weight. Unfortunately, it is far from always possible to eliminate it without the use of special medications. In pharmacies today they have a very wide selection, but before purchasing it is necessary to consult with a specialist. We decided to rank for you the best snoring products of 2020, which are the most popular among users. The review includes funds with an optimal price-quality ratio, which also have a large number of positive user reviews.

Snoring sprays

4. Spray Avamis from snoring

Avamys photo

This drug is available in the form of a white suspension, packed in a dark orange glass bottle, the volume of the product can be 30, 60 or 120 ml. It is often used not only to combat snoring, but also to treat other breathing problems, both during sleep and while awake. The main active ingredient here is micronized fluticasone furoate, whose activity is enhanced by certain auxiliary compounds: disodium edetate, dextrose, cellulose and polysorbate. The drug is a hormonal preparation of local action. When the substance enters the nasal mucosa, it is absorbed, but not completely. A small amount is metabolized in the liver. If you take the medicine in small doses, then it is almost impossible to detect it in the blood plasma. Almost in full, the substance binds to proteins, does not break down in the body, is excreted through the intestines and bladder with human waste.

Often, the drug is prescribed to combat allergic rhinitis, it goes well with various other drugs, especially if they are used as part of complex therapy. With caution, you need to use the remedy if the patient has severe liver disease or a violation of its functions, there are frequent cases of individual intolerance to individual components. Children under six years of age are prohibited from using the drug, as well as lactating women, pregnant women are allowed to use the medicine, but under the close supervision of a specialist. It begins to act approximately 8 hours after use, a positive effect can be achieved in one to two days. The drug is dispensed solely on the prescription of a specialist.


  • Very convenient to use;
  • Does not cause drowsiness;
  • Not addictive;
  • Allows you to actively fight inflammation in the nasopharynx;
  • Low consumption — one bottle lasts for a long time.


  • There are certain contraindications;
  • Hormonal agent;
  • It is quite expensive.

Spray Avamis from snoring

3. Silence Forte from snoring

Silence Forte photo

It is one of the latest medical developments in the field of snoring, almost immediately after its appearance on the domestic market, it gained wide popularity among users. The drug is highly effective. Its action is aimed at stopping snoring, but a positive result is achieved only if it is caused by physiological causes. If a person snores due to diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction, a deviated septum in the nose, then the drug can greatly alleviate the symptoms, but not fully cope with the problem, since it will have to be addressed comprehensively. The drug is most effective if the patient has chronic inflammatory processes occurring in the mucous membranes in the nasopharynx, with flabbiness of the palate, as well as with a decrease in elasticity and low muscle tone. The drug is absolutely safe, as it includes only natural components of plant origin. The spray also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The tool has a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane of the nose and larynx. It starts the process of active cell regeneration, relaxes the walls, prevents their spasms. The composition contains extracts of cinnamon, eucalyptus, cloves and lavender. The use of the spray does not cause the slightest discomfort, it does not take time to adapt. There is still a slight inconvenience — after direct use, a slight dryness in the mouth occurs. The spray is characterized by a pleasant taste with orange and mint notes. The positive effect is noticeable immediately after the first use. If you use this drug correctly and regularly, then soon you will be able to completely get rid of snoring.


  • Absolutely safe to use;
  • Efficiency proven by clinical studies;
  • It is pleasant to use — there is not the slightest discomfort;
  • With regular use, the problem of snoring is solved in the shortest possible time.


  • If the patient has an allergic reaction to peanuts or soy, then it is strictly forbidden to use such a drug — anaphylactic shock can be caused;
  • High price.

Silence Forte for snoring

2. Snorex anti-snoring spray

Snorex photo

A biological type spray with a high concentration of active compounds, which are a two-phase colloidal solution with juice micelles, as well as oils and extracts of medicinal plants. It should be noted that this drug is not a drug, it is rather a dietary supplement. It was developed and tested by pharmacists, taking into account absolutely all modern technologies in this field. The propolis extract contained here has excellent immunostimulating and antibacterial properties. The substances contained in it have a positive effect on the tone of the soft palate and larynx, act as a prophylactic, preventing the development of apnea. Calendula is characterized by a very powerful antiseptic effect, it quickly removes inflammation, swelling that has developed in the larynx and nasopharynx. The sedative qualities of calendula can reduce emotional stress, make sleep more restful. Sage extract is characterized by antimicrobial properties — it can effectively fight microbes and pathogenic microflora. It slows down inflammation, relieves swelling and restores blood circulation.

In general, this spray has a balanced composition, so the positive effect of its use is achieved within the first few days. After a week of use, sleep becomes much better, stronger and longer, fatigue and nervous excitability decrease. The components of the drug, regardless of gender and age, have a positive effect on the general condition of the body, start regenerative processes. This drug has no side effects and contraindications, since it uses only natural substances, in addition, it can be used even by pregnant and lactating women. The components of this spray will not accumulate in the gastrointestinal tract or in the liver.


  • A positive result is observed after several days of using such a drug;
  • Produced exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients;
  • There are no contraindications and side effects;
  • It has a good effect on the whole body in the complex;
  • Gives a person cheerfulness, he becomes much more active.


  • There are quite often fakes on the market that do not give a positive effect at all.

Snorex snoring spray

1. My Sleep Good for Snoring

My Sleep Good photo

A very convenient and effective drug that allows you to quickly get rid of insomnia and snoring. The principle of its action is based on the fact that the tissues of the soft palate cease to actively vibrate. It is due to this that it is possible to ensure a restful sleep. The spray is quite pleasant on the palate, has the aroma of citrus and mint. The preparation contains a large number of natural ingredients, so it turned out to be absolutely safe and as effective as possible. According to the manufacturer, with this spray you can quickly get rid of snoring. The products have all the necessary safety certificates, are not addictive and have no age restrictions. Experienced specialists in a narrowly focused profile who are engaged in the study of health problems arising from prolonged snoring took an active part in the development of this tool. They carefully studied the very physiology of the process, especially if snoring arose due to improper functioning of the oropharynx. This usually led to poor sleep, short-term cessation of breathing, and headaches.

In many ways, thanks to their participation, it was possible to select products of natural origin. They restore tissue tone, providing support for weak breathing, which is mostly characteristic of sleep. Regular use of the drug helps either completely stop snoring or reduce its intensity. The spray calms the nervous system, which facilitates falling asleep and makes it as comfortable as possible, does not allow even a short pause in breathing during sleep, removes headaches, dizziness. The tool is completely safe, it does not contain dyes and chemical compounds.


  • Helps very quickly;
  • Normalizes sleep;
  • Restores the tone of the muscles of the oropharynx and nasopharynx;
  • Snoring either goes away completely or is minimized to very little.


  • If you stop using it, then after some time the situation will return to its original course.

My Sleep Good for snoring

Snoring pills

3. Doucenuit Anti-Snoring Dual Action Anti Snoring Mint

Doucenuit Anti-Snoring Dual Action Mint Photo

Products belong to the group of homeopathic medicines that allow you to quickly and in a short time to cope with an unpleasant ailment. They are usually used in the earliest stages of the development of such a disease. Tablets have a dual effect: their active ingredients have a positive effect on the general condition of the throat, remove even severe swelling, thoroughly clean the airways, removing phlegm from them. One tablet should be taken per day, and this is done at bedtime. After taking it, it is strictly forbidden to eat or drink. Products are made exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients with the addition of menthol. After several days of taking such pills, sleep and the quality of life of a person become much better: a sufficient amount of oxygen begins to flow to all cells of the body, the tone of the muscles of the back of the throat returns. Patients claim that their health becomes much better, and the drug itself has a long-lasting effect. No wonder users claim that these pills are among the most effective among all drugs on the market.

The active substances are extracts of acacia flowers, grape seeds, sage and menthol. Together, their action helps to quickly restore the tone of the tissues of the throat. The tablet does not need to be washed down — it dissolves in the mouth on its own, and the active ingredients quickly reach the site of action. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you need to be careful when taking this drug — be sure to consult your doctor.


  • Produced on the basis of various natural ingredients;
  • Long-term effect of use;
  • There are no pronounced contraindications and side effects;
  • Sleep quickly normalizes;
  • Throat muscles are toned.


  • They are not found in every pharmacy;
  • They are quite expensive.

Doucenuit Anti-Snoring Dual Action Anti Snoring Mint

2. Tablets SnorStop from snoring

SnorStop photo

This drug has been on the market for about 20 years — for the first time it appeared on the shelves of pharmacies back in 2000. It is also a homeopathic remedy that is suitable for absolutely everyone except for pregnant and lactating women, as well as people with individual intolerance or hypersensitivity to the components of this drug. The products are made exclusively from natural products, it has a very reasonable cost. It should immediately be noted that the drug is a symptomatic agent that does not have a therapeutic effect. Best of all, tablets are suitable for combating uncomplicated cold-type snoring. If a person has excess weight or problems in the functioning of the thyroid gland, then the effect of the drug will be either minimal or completely absent. The duration of action of the tablets is from three to four days.

You can use the drug for a maximum of 40 days, after which they take a short break. If it is noticeable that snoring becomes weaker, the dosage and frequency of administration are reduced. When it is possible to reach the minimum values, the pills are completely stopped. Products are sold without a prescription, especially if you follow the dosage and frequency of use. The tablet is placed under the tongue at bedtime and kept there until it is completely dissolved. The positive effect of using the drug will be noticeable already on the first night. In addition to fighting snoring, the remedy has a pronounced anti-allergic effect, reduces swelling of the nasopharynx, increasing air permeability through the respiratory tract, and stabilizes the cardiovascular system.


  • The effect is shown already after the first reception;
  • Extended functional effect of the drug;
  • There are no side effects and contraindications;
  • Acceptable cost of funds;
  • It has been on the Russian market for a long time.


  • It is not able to have a therapeutic effect on the problem, it only relieves unpleasant symptoms.

SnorStop tablets for snoring

1. Rhino Pront Anti Snoring

Rhino Pront photo

It is produced in the form of capsules with a natural composition, due to which the products are highly effective. Snoring can be eliminated almost instantly, regardless of the reasons that provoked its occurrence. The capsules contain only natural substances that work according to the synergistic principle. All together in the patient’s body, they act in a directed way, which greatly increases their effectiveness — a positive result is not long in coming. The drug is not addictive even with prolonged use, it has no contraindications and side effects. Experts do not recommend taking such a drug in only one single case, when a person has intolerance to its individual components. The safety of the product has been proven by a large number of clinical trials and various laboratory studies. All substances have a complex effect on the entire body, improve overall well-being.

The active compounds contained here allow you to correct the nasal septum without surgery, which facilitates the passage of air during sleep. The heart rate during sleep becomes more stable, the nervous system calms down, it is possible to overcome insomnia, restore the state of the endocrine system. The general well-being of a person becomes better, he has less pain and dizziness.


  • It is made on the basis of only natural substances;
  • Even with regular use, it is not addictive;
  • There are no side effects and contraindications;
  • Wide functionality of the drug;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Not detected.

Rhino Pront against snoring


3. Anti-snoring Dr. Snore-ex

Anti-snoring Dr. Snore-ex photo

This is an innovative drug designed to ease breathing and get rid of snoring. It comes in the form of a nasal spray or patch. The products are completely natural, therefore they do not cause allergic reactions and other negative manifestations. The active substance here is a complex of the following substances — lecithin, glycerin, nicotinic acid, many natural essential oils (sage, mint, olives, almonds, sesame, eucalyptus and some others), a number of vitamins. The patch is not only able to eliminate snoring, but also has a pronounced antiseptic effect, the substances contained in it normalize the water-alkaline balance, refresh the oropharynx. The patch is placed in the nose just before bedtime. It is worth noting that the location of the patch is of fundamental importance. If you stick it on the bridge of your nose, the expected effect will not be. it is necessary to place the patch in the immediate vicinity of the wings of the nose. At the same time, make sure that it does not interfere with free breathing.

One plate is designed for single use. One package can contain from 10 to 30 patches. Despite the fact that this remedy has no contraindications, you should definitely consult a doctor before using it. The fact is that some people still have intolerance to certain components of this remedy, pregnant and lactating women need to use it with great care under the supervision of their doctor.


  • Convenient to use;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Works well even with heavy snoring.


  • In some cases, it can cause coughing fits;
  • There is intolerance to some components;
  • It has only a masking effect.

Anti-snoring Dr. Snore-ex

2. Breeze Wright for Snoring

Breeze Wright photo

As the manufacturer himself calls his products — strips for expanding the nasal passages. They help to greatly facilitate breathing during sleep, weaken snoring. Before using them directly, it is advisable to thoroughly wash and dry the nose from the inside. One of the main positive aspects associated with this tool is their excellent compatibility with any other drugs. The strips are perfect for people who have a pathological curvature of the nasal septum. The plaster makes breathing much easier, nasal congestion is eliminated. No side effects were found during use, there are no contraindications either — even pregnant women and nursing mothers can use such patches. The strips instantly expand the nasal passages, reduce snoring, oxygen enters the lungs in sufficient quantities, which helps a person to become much more cheerful and energetic.

The patch is made from natural rubber latex, to which some people are sometimes allergic, resulting in skin redness or a rash. By and large, these strips are springy plates that will mechanically push the nasal passages apart, restoring breathing. Available in flesh-colored strips — they are designed for normal skin, a transparent patch designed for artificial skin.


  • High efficiency without the use of pharmacological agents;
  • Helps to fully saturate tissues with oxygen;
  • Snoring weakens or disappears completely;
  • Acceptable cost.


  • Allergic reactions may occur due to natural latex.

Breeze Wright for Snoring

1. Nose Plaster for snoring

Nose Plaster photo

The most effective remedy among similar plasters presented today in pharmacies. It is fixed on the bridge of the nose, and it starts working immediately. With the help of special impregnation, it is possible to significantly expand the nasal canals and normalize breathing within a few minutes. The patch is impregnated with special herbal ingredients. They are selected in a complex in such a way as to protect a person from apnea syndrome and save him from rhinitis. The result is fast and long lasting. Starting literally from the first night, sleep becomes much calmer, snoring initially decreases, and then completely disappears. There are no side effects or contraindications. Before use, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the nose, wash it and dry it, stick the patch to the wings of the nose, press it firmly for a thorough fixation. It should be kept on the bridge of the nose for no more than 12 hours, then carefully removed, the skin area is well washed, moistened with cream.

The fabric material is safe, does not cause allergic reactions, it works well for any form of snoring. In addition, the patch helps to get rid of severe nasal congestion, eliminates headaches, copes with swelling, and prevents suffocation during sleep.


  • Actively fights snoring, nasal congestion and headaches;
  • Hypoallergenic composition;
  • Fabric base;
  • Impregnation based on herbal extracts.


  • Somewhat more expensive than other similar products.

Nose Plaster for snoring

In conclusion, a useful video

Our review of the best snoring remedies has come to an end. As you noticed, the rating is divided into three parts, and each of them includes only the best drugs that allow you to get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon as snoring in the shortest possible time. If you had to use something similar, tell us about your experience in the comments to this article, there you can also ask questions of interest if some points seemed to you not fully covered.



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