Most experienced anglers claim that carp lures, properly selected during carp fishing, significantly increase the chance of catching a really worthwhile trophy. To date, there is a fairly large selection of baits that are designed for catching such large fish as carp. However, most anglers, using old-fashioned ways of catching fish or due to their inexperience, have a very limited number of carp lures in their fishing arsenal. Which in most cases, of course, negatively affects the number of trophies they catch.

How to choose bait for carp fishing

Probably, for every fisherman, carp is a desirable trophy because of its size. It is hunted by both experienced fishermen or anglers engaged in sport fishing, as well as beginners or amateurs in fishing. It is worth noting that catching a fish like carp is not an easy task. After all, carp is one of the most intelligent, cautious and at the same time cunning underwater inhabitants.

In order to catch a carp, you need to stock up not only with good tackle, but also have a certain skill, know everything about the habits, diet and taste preferences of this fish. Therefore, properly selected bait for carp fishing increases success by almost 50% when catching this big fish.

baits for carp - choose the best

It is worth noting that the taste preferences of such fish as carp may change from time to time. This, first of all, directly depends on various factors, for example, such as the temperature of water and the environment, the time of year, and so on. In addition, the same bait for carp in one reservoir can perform very well, but in another reservoir, the fish can simply ignore it. This is due to the fact that in each individual reservoir, the taste preferences of fish can differ significantly from each other.

There are several types of baits that are actively used by the vast majority of fishermen to catch carp. According to their origin, they are divided into:

  • baits of vegetable origin;
  • baits of a special type;
  • various animal baits.

For baits of plant origin, in terms of their effectiveness, first of all, corn, bread, cottage cheese, well-boiled potatoes or pearl barley, well-known to every angler, should be attributed. Among the baits of animal origin during carp fishing, the most effective were: dragonfly larvae, maggots, dung worms, bark beetles. In addition, adult dragonflies, caddisfly larvae or maggot chrysalis are perfect as animal bait for catching carp.

Baits of a special type, which are often used during carp fishing, include the so-called boilies. It is worth noting that boilies are quite catchy baits, which in most cases are capable of surpassing baits of both animal and vegetable origin in their effectiveness.

The best animal lures for carp fishing

Animal bait for carp is best suited for catching fish when they are at their most active. After all, it is in the spring and throughout the summer that the carp feeds mainly on insects or small crustaceans, which make up its main diet.

1. Common Worm

Worms for fishing

Perhaps the most popular bait for catching not only carp, but almost all types of fish is the most common worm. This bait for carp is quite often used by many anglers during carp fishing. After all, the worm is not so difficult to get, and most importantly, it is quite easy to bait it on the hook. During carp fishing, it can be used as a bait for earth and dung worms. An earthworm is much easier to find. It can be found almost anywhere where there is a well-saturated soil. Therefore, in most cases, many anglers use an earthworm as the main nozzle.

But, despite the fact that the dung worm is much harder to find, nevertheless, if possible, it is best to give preference when choosing a bait to him. This is due to the fact that the color of the dung worm is much brighter. It is also much longer active when hooked and has a special smell that is attractive to fish. You can find a dung worm in a manure or compost heap.

Worm regular

2. Maggot for fishing

maggot photo

An excellent nozzle for catching carp is an ordinary maggot. For more productive and successful fishing, several maggot larvae must be hooked at the same time. In order to attract the attention of carp to such a bait, some fishermen, in combination with maggot, actively use its pupae. They have a special specific aroma that is able to attract carp even being at a considerable distance from it.

Maggot for fishing

3. Bark beetle larva

Bark beetle larva photo

If there are many trees near the reservoir, then in this case it is possible to successfully use the larvae of the bark beetle as the main nozzle. They can be found in the trunks of fear trees. Such a larva has a yellow color, and its length reaches a mark of 2 centimeters.

Bark beetle larva

4. Dragonfly for fishing

Dragonfly for fishing photo

For carp, a dragonfly is a rather rare delicacy. Sometimes only this bait during hot weather can provoke a carp to bite. In the summer, it is quite easy to catch it. To do this, you need to stock up on the most ordinary net. In addition, carp can also be successfully caught on dragonfly larvae. In most cases, it is used as an additional bait when catching this fish on boilies.

Dragonfly for fishing

Lures of plant origin for carp fishing

1. Canned corn

canned corn photo

With the advent of summer, when fishing for carp, it is best to use plant-based lures. Sometimes you can use even the most ordinary products bought in advance in the store as bait. One of the most successful baits used in carp fishing is canned corn. You can buy it at the store or make your own at home.

Canned corn

2. Green peas

Green peas photo

Also one of the most famous vegetable bait among anglers is green peas. As a nozzle, it can be used both in canned and well-cooked form. In order to make such a bait yourself, you need to take green peas and soak them briefly in a soda solution. The proportions of the solution are — 1 teaspoon of soda per 1 liter of water. It is recommended to take water in the reservoir where it is planned to fish for carp with this bait. After the peas swell, they must be strained and placed in a bag made of cloth. The soda solution in which the peas were soaked must be brought to a boil. Then a bag of peas should be placed in this solution and boiled.

Green pea

3. Boiled potatoes for fishing

Boiled potatoes photo

The classic carp bait of plant origin is boiled potatoes. It should be noted that this lure is great for catching not only carp, but also bream, chub, crucian or roach. In addition, boiled potatoes, combined with homemade mixtures, can be used as bait during carp fishing.

Boiled potatoes for fishing

4. Wheat or barley

Wheat or barley photo

The most suitable grain bait used when fishing for carp is wheat or barley. As a rule, these baits are used as independent bait. However, they can be used in combination with baits of animal origin. In order to cook barley, it does not need to be boiled, as most anglers do. It will be enough to steam it in a thermos for one hour. But the preparation of wheat, which will be used as the main bait, will take a little more time to catch carp. First you need to soak it in water and wait until it swells. Then the wheat must be boiled until it becomes soft.

Wheat or barley


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