Every woman dreams of being charming, attracting men, regardless of her age. Therefore, women work very hard to create their image, in which eyebrows are far from the last place. Unfortunately, their correct form is extremely rare, the situation is similar with color, so you have to work on these moments — special paint will be a good helper here.

The shelves of cosmetic stores in our time are literally bursting with an abundance of such products — the range is very wide, so it is quite easy to get confused in it. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to rank the best eyebrow paints. Here we will tell you in as much detail as possible about the most popular representatives of this product and give some useful tips regarding the choice of paint.

How to choose the right eyebrow dye?

One of the main criteria for a product is its shade. Eyebrows that are too dark will make your face look rougher, and they can add a few years to your age. Professional makeup artists are advised to purchase paint with a color as close as possible to natural, a difference of a maximum of one or two tones is allowed. The color type also plays an important role. For example, sandy or light brown tones are suitable for owners of blond hair, brown or dark chocolate shades will suit brown-haired women, brunettes should pay attention to black or dark brown products.

Before buying, you must carefully study the composition. Ideally, it is necessary that, in addition to giving an attractive appearance, additional care is also provided. They select paint with a minimum content of artificially synthesized components, it is best to buy products with oils and vitamins. The composition of the paint should not contain lead or heavy metals, as they will adversely affect the entire body as a whole.

What is the shape of the eyebrows

Consider the cost, as the price range is very wide. Too cheap compositions can cause some harm, do not last too long, and the actual shade can be very different from the declared one. If you are going to dye your eyebrows for the first time, then paints of increased durability should be discarded. In this case, preference is given to tint gel or henna. When there is already some experience and there are no allergic reactions to the selected composition, you can proceed to the direct use of paint, but at the same time all precautions and safety requirements must be observed.

Dermatologists recommend using henna-based formulations — this option is the best for coloring eyebrows. These paints do not contain chemical compounds, so there will be no harm to the body — a woman will not have to deal with such troubles as rashes, redness or itching. However, she also has a rather serious minus — she does not stay on her eyebrows for too long. When durability is required, they turn to paints, due to which it is possible not only to give a certain color, but also to adjust the shape, width, and make the eyebrows more expressive. As mentioned earlier, the use of paint requires some skills, because in the future it will be very problematic to correct the error.

When we chose products to include in our ranking of the best eyebrow colors, all of the above factors were taken into account. However, we also took into account the value for money of products, as well as user reviews. The review was compiled from not the most expensive paints, so that each of our beautiful readers could choose the right tool for themselves, regardless of its cost.

Inexpensive price segment

4. Fara Cream-paint for eyebrows and eyelashes

Fara Professional photo

Despite the very low cost, this composition is recommended by makeup artists not only for home use, but also for salon use, as it belongs to professional products. Paint is widespread — it can be found in literally every cosmetic store. The consumption of the composition is insignificant, and the shelf life is long, so one package will last for a long time — on average, with regular use, a tube is enough for about one year. When used at home, you will not have to spend too much time on coloring: it will take about 20 minutes. The kit comes with a measuring cup and a special brush for mixing and applying, making the whole procedure convenient and easy. The emulsion does not remain on the skin, which also makes the paint even more attractive to users. Eyebrows after dyeing look as natural and natural as possible.

At the same time, the composition has a rather pleasant and not sharp aroma, with proper preparation, the paint will not spread. The durability of the product is phenomenal — it can last about two to three weeks. Please read the instructions carefully before use. The manufacturer warns that in some cases allergic reactions may occur, so you should check before use if your body is allergic to this composition. How to do it correctly is also written in the instructions.


  • Very low cost;
  • Excellent result;
  • Professional composition, which is used both in salons and at home;
  • Persistence is amazing — at least two weeks;
  • Easy to prepare and apply on eyebrows;
  • Does not stain the skin;
  • Pleasant, not too strong smell.


  • There is a possibility of allergic reactions.

Fara Cream-color for eyebrows and eyelashes

3. Lucas Cosmetics CC Brow Eyebrow Dye

Lucas Cosmetics CC Brow photo

The company involved in the production of this composition develops its products exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients. She achieved worldwide recognition just a few years ago. However, today it produces a wide range of cosmetics. For women, it offers seven different shades at once that will suit any type of hair — black, brown, red, light brown, dark, light and gray brown. Paint is produced in the form of a fine powder, which looks like powder or flour. Dilute it with clean water at room temperature. The result should be a pasty consistency that resembles sour cream. Adding various chemical compounds such as hydrogen peroxide or an oxidizing agent is not recommended. Mix thoroughly so that there are no lumps or grains. The paint is suitable for both home and salon use.

When using at home, the eyebrows should first be given the necessary shape, remove excess hairs. The skin around the eyebrows is thoroughly cleaned of all traces of cosmetics. Otherwise, henna pigments can get on the skin and remain on it. The shelf life of the composition is long — in a jar or sachet, it retains its original characteristics for three years. Despite the fact that the products are made from natural ingredients, the manufacturer strongly recommends testing for a possible allergic reaction. If there are skin lesions on the eyebrows, unhealed irritated areas, then staining should be postponed for a while.


  • Attractive and stylish packaging;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Very easy to use;
  • It is made exclusively on the basis of natural ingredients;
  • The smell is practically absent.


  • It is not recommended to apply on the eyebrows if the skin under them or around them is irritated;
  • There is a small chance of an allergy.

Lucas Cosmetics CC Brow

2. Kapous Professional Fragrance free Magic Keratin Tint for eyebrows and eyelashes

Kapous Magic Keratin photo

It is manufactured by a Russian company that has long firmly taken its place in the hairdressing cosmetics market. This paint is designed exclusively for professional use, although it comes in a very convenient and ergonomic package. The composition does not contain ammonium and phenylenediamine, but there is a sufficient amount of keratin, which ensures the preservation of color stability for a sufficiently long time — about 6 weeks. The paint perfectly resists the effects of water, is not sensitive to sunlight, normally tolerates cosmetics such as creams, mascaras, tonal compositions. The formula contains modern coloring compositions.

Mixing and applying it is very convenient, on sale you can find products in four colors — blue-black, black, graphite and brown. The best result will be obtained if the eyebrows themselves are slightly lighter compared to the eyelashes. It should be diluted with a special Cremoxon oxidizer, which will have to be purchased separately. Mix with it in equal proportions. On the eyebrows, the composition is not kept for too long — a maximum of 10 minutes. Before use, be sure to test for skin sensitivity. In some cases, unwanted reactions occur — burning, tingling or irritation. If this is found, the composition is immediately washed off with warm water.


  • High-quality staining, the color retains its durability for one and a half months;
  • Pretty easy to use;
  • If desired, you can apply the composition at home, although the manufacturer says that the paint is only for professional use;
  • Does not absorb into the skin;
  • There is practically no smell.


  • Certain adverse reactions may occur even if the allergy test was normal.

Kapous Professional Fragrance free Magic Keratin Tint for eyebrows and eyelashes

1. Essem hair Studio for eyebrows

Essem hair studio photo

This is the most useful hair dye in its price range. It contains a minimum of synthetic chemical compounds, but it contains valuable oils — castor, olive and burdock, several extracts of medicinal plants, essential oils, as well as a complete nutritious vitamin complex. Together, these substances not only give the eyebrows an attractive color, but also additionally nourish the hairs, start the growth of dormant bulbs, so that the eyebrows become thicker and more beautiful. Using the composition is very simple — the whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes, and 10 of them you just need to keep the paint on your eyebrows. The composition does not stain the skin, it is easy to clean it from the surface if it accidentally gets on it. Consumption of products is economical — one package is enough for about 7-8 months.

The kit comes with the paint itself, a measuring cup so that you can prepare the required amount of the composition, an oxidant for dilution. The shade stays on the eyebrows for three to six weeks, does not require additional staining. It is gradually washed off with water, but evenly enough — spots or bald spots will not be noticeable on the eyebrows. The intensity of the tone is different, this factor depends on the exposure time. The paint is evenly distributed over the eyebrows, does not flow down. The composition does not contain harmful components that can cause an allergic reaction.


  • Well and evenly stains each hair, starting from the root;
  • It is produced on the basis of mainly natural compounds;
  • The shade lasts for a long time, washed off evenly;
  • economical consumption;
  • Can be used at home and in salons.


  • Still, the skin under the eyebrows slightly stains, but it is almost not noticeable.

Essem hair Studio for eyebrows

Average price range

4 Ollin Vision

Ollin vision photo

Another product suitable for professional use. She is able to return the eyebrows to their natural shade or slightly correct it. The kit comes with the paint itself, an oxidizing agent, an applicator, protective pads and small volumes of a container for mixing products. It is applied very easily on the eyebrows, quickly distributed along the entire length of the hairs, does not cause burning, allergic reactions and skin irritation. The consumption of products is economical, the skin does not stain at all. The color palette is very rich, so you can choose exactly for your eyebrow color. The composition is prepared very simply — the paint and the oxidizing agent are mixed in equal proportions so that no lumps remain. The mixture should be similar to sour cream in consistency, mixes easily.

The composition has a pleasant smell, it is applied with a special stick that comes with the paint. It has a kind of thread on one of the ends, which helps to easily distribute it along the entire length of the hairs. The composition is washed off after about 15 minutes with ordinary cotton pads.


  • Fairly affordable price;
  • Mixes quickly;
  • Easy to apply;
  • Domestic production;
  • Economic consumption of funds;
  • Long shelf life.


  • Persistence leaves much to be desired — literally after 10 days the procedure will have to be repeated.

Ollin Vision

3. ESTEL Enigma

ESTEL Enigma photo

Paint is also a product of domestic manufacture. Its formula is such that it is perfect for any type of skin. It contains shimmering trace elements, there is also a perfume oil, which, when absorbed into the eyebrows, will give them a healthy glow. The palette is very rich: black, blue-black, purple-black, traditional brown, copper brown, emerald green, light brown, graphite and so on. The product is absolutely hypoallergenic, it is easy to apply, the color declared by the manufacturer strictly corresponds to the one that is ultimately obtained. After use, there is no tattoo effect, the composition itself is not absorbed into the skin, and a positive result will be observed for 3-4 weeks.

Together with the products, everything necessary for work is supplied — the paint itself, which develops the emulsion, a bowl for preparing the composition, a stirring stick and a spatula for applying, protective films for the eyelids. Before using this product, you need to thoroughly clean your face from the remnants of cosmetics, dust and dirt. Otherwise, the paint will not be able to fix. Mix the paint with the emulsion in a ratio of 3 to 1, keep it on the eyebrows for a maximum of 15 minutes. When staining, keep a container of warm water nearby in case the paint accidentally gets into your eyes.


  • Absolutely safe product that does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Huge selection of different colors;
  • Doesn’t take long;
  • Can be used at home.


  • The stick for applying is fragile — you need to use it carefully, otherwise it will break.

ESTEL Enigma



Products of an Austrian company that has been producing its professional hair care products for almost a hundred years. The paint allows you to get a rich color, restore their healthy look to the eyebrows, make them more expressive. They acquire a clear and defined contour, make the eyes attractive, and reduce the need for mascara. If necessary, the color of the eyebrows can be completely changed. The paint is completely hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for contact lens wearers. If you regularly use this composition, the durability and color depth will increase significantly. It is quite acceptable to use this product at home, and many professional cosmetologists also prefer it. It gently affects every hair. There are a lot of shades, so even the most capricious fashionista will be able to choose the most suitable composition for herself. In general, you can experiment with paint — mix different ones, choosing a certain unique tone. This product stays on the eyebrows for a month.

The color declared in the palette will not differ at all from the actual color received. The paint is easy to dilute and apply, so it will be easy to use even for those people who do it for the first time. The products are characterized by economical consumption — one tube is enough for approximately 30 stains. The paint perfectly copes even with gray hairs, their shade will not differ at all from pigmented hair. Some makeup artists use this composition on men, transforming the color of mustaches and beards.


  • Economical products — one package is enough for a very long time;
  • Many different colors and shades;
  • A positive result lasts for about a month;
  • Quickly diluted and applied.


  • It costs more than analogues.


1. Bronsun Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye Innovation Cosmetics

Innovation Cosmetics Bronsun photo

A very popular paint developed by domestic cosmetologists and released to the market in 2018. The company itself, which manufactures it, is quite young — it was founded only in 2012. The composition of the product does not contain ammonia, but there is a small amount of resorcinol. The palette includes a large number of natural shades, ranging from blond to deep black. The texture is gel, slightly transparent, there is a greenish tint, which should not be alarming. The oxidizing agent is semi-liquid, due to which, when mixed, a light texture in the form of a cream is obtained. Colors eyebrows perfectly — the color lasts for a month or even longer, does not wash out and does not fade even in direct sunlight. However, it should be borne in mind that along with the hairs, the skin will also be colored, but the color does not last too long on it and disappears after about a week.

According to its principle of action, the composition is very similar to henna. In this regard, after application, it must be allowed to dry a little. It is best to apply this product in a thin and not too dense layer, do it as evenly as possible. If too much composition is applied, it will dry unevenly, which will cause the coloring to be uneven.


  • Developed on the basis of natural ingredients;
  • Wide choice of colors and shades;
  • Acceptable cost;
  • Easy to breed;
  • The color on the eyebrows lasts a long time.


  • You’ll have to get used to this paint;
  • A certain amount of artificial substances that can cause irritation is still present here.

Bronsun Eyelash and brow tint Innovation Cosmetics

Premium eyebrow tints

2. Eyebrow dye EYLURE Dybrow Dark Brown

Eylure Dybrow Dark Brown photo

An excellent absolutely hypoallergenic composition that is suitable for even the most delicate female skin, which, in full, in combination with other positive characteristics of this composition, makes it possible to justify the considerable cost of this product. Manufacturers were able to develop a unique paint formula and earned very high customer ratings. The thing is that this paint will remain on the eyebrows for a very long time — about one and a half to two months. In general, the products belong to the professional segment, but with a certain skill and skills, you can dye your eyebrows with the composition at home. Moreover, this process will take only a few minutes. The consumption of funds is minimal, so one package is enough for about a couple of years, even with regular use. The kit comes with a convenient applicator brush, with which the emulsion will be applied very carefully, therefore, you do not have to resort to the help of a professional.

After the completion of the coloring procedure, the eyebrows look natural and very expressive. No one will even guess that they were painted. The composition is applied and distributed as evenly as possible, there are simply no unpainted areas left. Rinse off the product after about 10-15 minutes, depending on how intense the color needs to be achieved.


  • Shades fully correspond to the declared ones;
  • The accompanying products are also quite high quality;
  • Easy to apply on your own
  • The color is as natural as possible, it lasts for about one and a half to two months;
  • The skin is not dyed.


  • High price.

Eyebrow dye EYLURE Dybrow Dark Brown

1 Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom

Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom photo

As many women note: after starting to use such eyebrow paint, you have to spend much less time on daily morning makeup. The products are also suitable for use in a salon, they can also be applied at home, and the process itself does not take too much time, no special skills are required either. The creators of this paint have thought through literally every little thing, so that it would be convenient and comfortable for women to use the composition at home. Instructions for it are as detailed as possible with a step-by-step description of each process. There is a container for mixing paint with a lotion that activates color pigments. All components are natural, so irritation or allergic reactions do not occur even in women with very sensitive skin. However, the manufacturer still recommends a compatibility test.

The paint stays in its original form for three weeks, and then begins to wash out barely noticeably. The funds will last about six months if you use it once a month. When diluted in the dye, you will need to add only two or three drops of lotion. The palette is quite rich, so choosing the right color is very simple. If desired, the paint can also be applied to the eyelashes, but their tone should be much darker than that of the eyebrows.


  • Sufficiently stable composition;
  • It is made only from natural materials;
  • If diluted in strict accordance with the instructions, then it will not drain;
  • You can also color eyelashes;
  • The tube lasts for quite a long time.


  • Very expensive for such a product.

Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom

In conclusion, a useful video

This concludes our review of the best eyebrow paints that can only be found on the domestic market today. We have tried to describe each product in as much detail as possible so that readers have a clear idea about it. If you have some experience in using such compounds — share it with us and other users in the comments. It will be very interesting.


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